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Laume Elon (New Admin) 5/11/2009 1:52 PM EST : Calendar Issues?
Laume Elon
Posts: 19
Becoming Adept!

Hi there, for our website the calendar has been acting a little funny. 

All of our Saturday raids and Sunday raids display on the same signup page.  For example if you click on the date for Saturday it displays Sunday's raids on the bottom of the page, by the same token if you click on Sunday it brings you to the page for Saturday and you have to scroll to the bottom once again. 

We've noticed this error for about a week and were wondering if this is a known issue, perhaps we are doing something wrong?  Our calendar has never done this before.

Has anyone else had this happen on their websites?

IkkyCubed_ (New Admin) 6/2/2009 3:49 AM EST : RE: Calendar Issues?
Posts: 510
Zomgawsh Poster

Actually I've noticed that my Calendar is also acting funny and showing Events on the wrong dates.

What's actually happening is that if you aren't signed in the calendar isn't recognizing the Time Zone and therefore giving improper dates.

It wasn't doing this originally, then it started, then they fixed it and now its back to it again.

So you have to sign in and remember to check the SAVE box.

This is HIGHLY annoying, especially since not all of my members or our friends are signed up for Guild Portal, we just want to be able to see the calendar without having to sign up!

Ms. Nyrin (New Admin) 7/11/2009 4:20 PM EST : RE: Calendar Issues?

Ms. Nyrin
Posts: 4
Getting Started!

I've noticed this as well. If you're not signed into GP and you visit the calendar, events marked as public, show on different days then if you're logged in. So my Monday raid is showing on Tuesday, if I'm not logged in. My Tuesday raid as Wed. etc.  The raid times on the calendar are 6:30 pm pst so it's not due to different time zones bumping it to the next day (unless GP is set to a time zone that's in Europe or east of that). Is it?

If the problem is GP is set to some EU time, I'd prefer not to adjust my raid times to an incorrect time just so public members can view events.

Anyone have a fix to this or way I can make sure public viewers are seeing the same thing as members for the exact same events?

EDIT: Based on the post time GP is 7 hours ahead of US PST. That would explain why it's showing my raid times on the next day. Is there a way to set the time zone for your guild site? Thanks.

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