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Torin17 (New Admin) 9/4/2008 1:25 AM EST : Multi-Game Guilds...
Posts: 1441
Zomgawsh Poster

Greetings All,

We, the BCK, just moved here from  We are a multi-game guild with members active in DAoC, LoTR and WAR Beta.  I really like the roster but the only characters that show up there are WAR characters.  I understand that this is because we chose WAR as our game when the guild was created.  I would rather have been able to choose multiple games instead of just one but I was limited to one game.  This makes the Roster feature on this board awkward for us to use.  We are having each person prefix their character names with the game abbreviation (WAR, DAoC or LoTR).  This works in a limited way.

I was unable to find a search feature for this forum (I did look but being new I may have missed it) so I am wondering if anyone has ever raised the idea of supporting multi-game guilds?

I would gladly pay an extra $10.00 every six months per game that my guild could have if such a feature was available.  So instead of $30.00 each six months I would happily pay $50.00 if we could have characters for DAoC, LoTR and WAR all display in our roster.

Has this been considered in the past?  Was it shot down?  Is it something that is being planned for support?

Any and all insights are greatly appreciated!


Ironhand (Guild Admin) 9/23/2008 9:26 AM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds...

Posts: 1328
Zomgawsh Poster


I don't recall if it has been raised or not, but I to would love to see the ability to support multiple games with one site.  Our Guild is now in 4 games, and our guildportal site only relfects DAoC and now starting to support WAR.

I would love the ability to have one sign in site that allows for specific pages be desginated for certain games.


1) Sign in Site page
    Links to game specific pages for DAOC, WAR, GW and WOW.
2) Game specific pages that allow for game content, ie rosters and such.

I think this would require a second tier of pages to be allowed.

I know how I would like to see it, it's just hard to describe.

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   Ironhand Dasha (Cleric, L50, ML10, CL10)
 World of Warcraft
 Guild Wars
   Ironhand (Zealot, R11)


Phamcar (Guild Admin) 9/24/2008 12:43 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds...
Posts: 375
Fingers of Fury!

There used to be a sticky for this very subject.

I have posted and reposted to it for the past 3 or more years. It was talked about as an up and coming feature, but I guess the project got dropped.

I even sent a PM to Aaron with no reply. Like Torin17, I even suggested an additional charge would be appropriate and I would gladly pay to have one site with customization options for multi-game guild support.

I will keep asking for this feature until I decide to take my guild to another host or I get an answer.

This could be an additional revenue generator for GP, so you think this would be a top priority.


Phamcar (Guild Admin) 9/24/2008 12:47 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds...
Posts: 375
Fingers of Fury!

Ah, found the original post where Aaron asked for feedback, back in 2004.

Many pages of comment and support for this, with no results or answers.


Venus Moonshadow (New Admin) 10/2/2008 9:24 PM EST : RE: Multi-Game Guilds...

Venus Moonshadow
Posts: 3839
Zomgawsh Poster

I agree, my guild Stormhaven (SH) has over a dozen GP websites and it is a real hassle for our clan members who play more than one game with us. We NEED support for multi game guilds!!!

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