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Forums : Feature Discussion > Whats missing for your game [EVE Online]?
Jackel159 (New Admin) 5/10/2011 10:07 PM EST : What's missing for your game [EVE Online]?
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I'm surprised there wasn't a topic posted for this. 
Anyway I was adjusting settings in my guildsite when I noticed outdated information when setting characters for eve online. Firstly with the selection of ships.
I suppose eve hasn't been taken seriously early on as a demographic to design a guildsite for but in recent years it has established a large player base and according to demographics its ever rising. 

Refer to this link for proof of over 357,000 accounts in eve since 2010:

Eve online also uses a very powerful api system to pull data from CCP Servers for various types of information and tracking. A lot could be done with this website in regards to eve online with much more power and detail than what you could do with the XML system and WoW.

Anyway first off I hope to see guildportal update some basic settings for Eve oriented guildsites like the ship selection for instance. Here's a reference for updating the list, however I would recommend a filtered drop down box since the list would be huge otherwise.

Got any other features and ideas for people who use guildportal for eve online? Please make sure to post about it here!

Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 5/11/2011 12:21 PM EST : RE: Whats missing for your game [EVE Online]?
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
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Alright, first, I made this post a sticky. Surprised it was missed, myself. I used to play that game a lot (you can get a lot of support done while mining!).

It's been quite a while since I've visited their API documentation, and I have to say it's really filled out. When I first looked at it, there also wasn't a way to simply get a list of members in the corp (the first thing we'd likely do) without each member giving their API key to us. I mean, it's not like the information they'd be disclosing would be the most critically private stuff in the world, but some folks are a bit on the paranoid side, so that was a no-go.

Now, with things like the /corp/MemberTracking, that problem goes away. Further detail on each character could then be obtained through the individual volunteering of their API key (which we'd guard closely), but it would be optional.

Really very impressed with the amount of work they've put into the API.. It's come a long way. Sorry I haven't been poking my head in more often to see how it's come along.

It's true -- we don't have a whole lot of EVE Online corporations using us for their web hosting. Not keeping up to date is probably a big part of it, but then they're also not creating a lot of new sites, so they're not getting to the point where they would see that it's outdated. I guess the best course of action for us would be to build the functionality and then hope word of mouth does its thing.

As far as the list of ships goes... Well, that really needs some work. When we put together the character fields for Eve, I didn't know anything about the game. I didn't know, for example, that a player could own multiple ships. Updating the current list might be the way to go for now, though; we could just have that field represent the player's "main" ship, I suppose.

Also, I clicked on the link to eveonlineships and McAfee warned me away, so I'll need to find another source for the list. Know of one?
Aaron Lewis,

Jackel159 (New Admin) 5/11/2011 3:49 PM EST : RE: Whats missing for your game [EVE Online]?
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Thats odd that your protection warned you away... mine didnt 0_o... 
Well Eve online's wiki has literally everything about the game readily available so I suppose you could use that for anything you need.

In the case of the community using guildportal it just so happens that Eve Radio is the number 1 largest gaming community with thousands of listeners. So with word of mouth you could also impress the folks that DJ Eve radio and have them shout out about guildportal or even talk about it, they are pretty easygoing and friendly so right there thats free commercial advertising.

In any case you would be the first guildsite host to have a support for Eve Online. Most corps have websites hosted and maintained by a web developing savvy member so often enough you either have something fancy home made corp site or no site at all if not a basic forum somewhere. I would imagine it would be more popular once it takes off to use guildportal.

Now I have seen sites that offer eve themed hosting but none of them are anywhere near as good as guildportal

Btw Aaron you should get back into Eve online, you'll be surprised by how much its changed since they introduced carbon technology. Pretty soon the game is going to have players walking in station with the most realistic generated full bodied characters.

There is also a consol fps game in the works called Dust 514 which will have planet side battles taking place effecting the eve online universe.
Think of it as Eve players are the Air Force and Dust 514 is the Army. Corps can form in that game as well and interact with eve players. Right there is another market for guildportal to allow consol gamers to setup their corps.

Anyway 2011 is an exciting year for us Eve Players and I'm hoping to make the best out of my corpsite for when the players start pouring in from the new updates!

Jackel159 (New Admin) 5/14/2011 12:22 AM EST : RE: Whats missing for your game [EVE Online]?
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Hey Aaron, If you happen to go about any updates to guildportal regarding eve online and you need somebody to test it, like API data and such feel free to use me as a test subject and I'll help you get results. On a side note my CEO has been working with eve's api for a long time now currently making her own website apps. I could ask her to assist you on any of the programming as well, im sure she'll be eager to help.

Also regarding the roster and how it shows the ship that you fly. It is possible with limited api input to show the current ship you are flying so the information regarding ships on the roster could be a dynamic element and would change as the user changes his/her ship. Just a cool idea.

Jackel159 (New Admin) 5/23/2011 8:58 PM EST : RE: Whats missing for your game [EVE Online]?
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Is there an ETA for any updates to Eve Online content? 

I also happened to notice the roster lets you pick Jove as a race, there is only 4 playable races and Jove isn't included.

Jackel159 (New Admin) 7/10/2011 2:19 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [EVE Online]?
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wow spam really? I hope nobody buys isk from the above site its not worth it, just buy Plex from battleclinic or through your ccp account and sell it in game market. its the only way to not get scammed... i hope somebody deletes those posts -_-

537737802_Inactive (New Admin) 2/2/2012 10:21 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [EVE Online]?

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Getting Started!

Now that Eve Online received the "Game of the Year" award, you really need to start giving it the attention it needs, if you want to start capturing your share of the market.  

They added a corporate API the end of last year. All of the documenation is available through  Killboards are a pass/fail criteria for most of the eve online community. 

We are looking to move our corp site to another host from  I had used guildportal for other games several years ago and was hoping you guys would fit the bill for Eve.  Unfortunately, you're not there yet.


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