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Forums : Feature Discussion > What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
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Velaxi (Guild Admin) 1/17/2012 4:25 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
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Fingers of Fury!

Sandy Lewis said:
We are looking at the other DKP systems out there and are working on how best to update GuildPortal.  Any specific things you would like to see added?   

I would very much like to see an EP/GP loot system support.
OR at the very least, a system which can be manipulated to become one.
(With the ability to link loot from TORhead, and additionally assign it values beforehand, so that it will automatically deduct.)

This would entail the ability to select and update single or multiple characters (from the roster) at once.
(For Decay, adding EP).

Re: Roster:

Currently, the roster looks like this:
Charname | Username | Race | Level | Class | Advanced Class | Spec 1 | Spec 2 | Spec 3 | (edit icon)

There are no multiple specializations in SW:tOR. Spec 2 and Spec 3 need to either disappear or be able to be hidden.
(Actually, it would be nice to be able to choose which columns to display, so I can hide useless information like Race).
An added bonus -- Specialization trees are specifically for a particular role --> Tank, Heals, rDPS, mDPS.
Would it be possible to have that added to the list?
(Failing that, the ability to add it as another column as a selector or note field?)
Another thing that I'd like to see is "show only MCs (main characters)" or "Show All", et c.
Which means of course that the ability to designate main characters in the character profile should be (unique) in a particular game/server combination, and untoggled by default (it is currently checked by default).
ALSO.. (I know, a lot of "also's")
Would it be possible to list the Username only Once, and all associated characters next? (unless sorting by another column).
And... like someone else, I would like Guild Rank displayed (which is User Access Level on GP, and I would really, REALLY like to have more -- that's a point below).
So, with all that...
The preview/updated roster would then look like this:

 Username  Rank  Charname  Level  Class   Advanced Class  Specialization  Role Main?  
 Velaxi   GM  Velaxi  50  Jedi Consular  Sage  Telekinetics  rDPS Yes [edit]
     Viduus  26  Jedi Knight  Guardian  Vigilance  mDPS No  [edit]

Another point regarding the roster:
Unassigned characters were all added to my roster, not just the ones that were actually IN the guild. Including characters from other games/sites on GP. I had to go manually block them, which took some time. I found this to be particularly annoying.
Is there a way to have *only* manual additions to the guild? (Even better, have it be a required field in the application process, a single selection from existing created characters --- with Game+Server filtering options?)

OK -- off the roster topic.

Last thing, I promise: (well, last thing in this post).

Why the severe limitations on Access Levels?
Currently, I am the GM, I own the site.
However, I have 2 WebMasters working on the guild page. (one for design, one for images; they work together well).
Which means (yes, that's right) I have to have 3 Super-Admins.
I don't like this, and I'm absolutely positive that I am not unique in having a separate owner/gm from the web designer.
Besides being able to create more than 4 in-house ranks (member, council, officer, Super-Admin (why SUPER?)), I am also positive that I am not alone in wishing to have custom rank designations and access levels, such as:
Raid Member

Further, Why can we not have the Access Level (Read: RANKS) display as custom ranks? (as per list above).

That's all for now (and hopefully for a while, since I've started a manifesto by the looks of this post), and thank you very much for (a) asking us and (b) reading, replying, and doing what you can to accede to our requests.


Sandy Lewis (Blue Collar) 1/19/2012 5:04 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
GuildPortal Support
Sandy Lewis
Posts: 1153
Zomgawsh Poster

I think the 1st new loot system to come out is going to be a suicide king type thing.
EPGP would be soon after.
I added the spec 1,2, and 3 due to requests from this thread and tickets.  I think Mottie has something about removing info off the roster (I could not find it maybe I made it up!) .  
I do think one day  we will have the ability for admins to block info from the roster or add a custom field, I just don't  know when that will be. 
I totally agree a site should have a few admin as possible.  If it was me -- once the site was done (since the other 2 admins are for design) I would lower the access ASAP.
"Another point regarding the roster: Unassigned characters were all added to my roster, not just the ones that were actually IN the guild. Including characters from other games/sites on GP. I had to go manually block them, which took some time. I found this to be particularly annoying."
 I will user the example of  user: "Albacca" with the characters "Aeor" and  "Ieor".   The users had set up all these characters marked "swtor" character, That is why they showed up on your roster, had they been marked as say WOW they would not have. If you had a character that was not a member of your site on your list let me know, that should not happen.
       I am also positive that I am not alone in wishing to have custom rank designations and access levels, such as.
The only place these ranks are seen are in the "Control Panel" one day might be able  twist Aaron are enough, and he might change this. 
Sandy Lewis, GuildPortal Support
Admin Community - FAQ - Videos - Support Tickets

Veriss (Guild Admin) 5/25/2012 2:19 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
Posts: 1234
Zomgawsh Poster

Since SWTOR does not support guild roster import, we've found that the manually updated roster is chronically out of date and not very useful anymore. Some officers have asked me to remove the page but I keep it, even if out of date, as a marginally useful recruiting tool to show visitors how large and diverse we are. 

That said, in hopes of SWTOR supporting guild import soon (tm) I have some comments on the practicality of some of the data fields. 

User Name: Please show their forum alias in (parenthesis) as you do in other widgets. Or, their alias as the primary field and the GP acct name in parenthesis. 

Rank: Moderately useful but we just use the in-game guild roster (member notes) to find officers or members mains/alts.

Level: Without guild import, this is chronically out of date for our guild we aren't willing to make a huge issue out of forcing our members to keep it up to date. Perhaps the ability for leaders to manually update these fields until an import ability is supported by SWTOR would make the entire roster more useful. 

Race: Totally useless to our guild but I see how it could be important for heavy RP guilds. The option to hide or show this field or exclude it from certain views would yield more room to include other fields. 

Advance Class 1, 2 and 3: Some of our members currently have multiple gear sets and manually respec for specific events. SWTOR plans to release dual templates which will make this much more common. The ability to show primary and alternate roles will be even more useful in the future. I don't think that for most guilds the exact template needs to be indicated (ie: Arsenal vs Pyro for mercs) but roles, such as tank, mDPS, rDPS or heals, are the essential elements of information for leadership. We are a more casual raiding guild however so perhaps corporate style progression guilds want more extreme levels of template details to manage their rosters.

Main?: Very useful. Please do not supply a default answer and force the members to actually select yes or no. 

Views: The ability to show only lvl 50s or characters with a certain guild rank (such as raiders) would be useful. 

Veriss (Guild Admin) 5/25/2012 2:26 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
Posts: 1234
Zomgawsh Poster


We had planned to use a type of DKP system in SWTOR but the current in-game looting systems meets our raiding guild's needs for the foreseeable future.  We have removed all references to DKP from our website. 

Of all the features GP is working on, an updated DKP system for SWTOR has zero priority for our particular guild though other guilds may still value it.

Giolon (New Admin) 8/20/2012 6:29 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [SWTOR]?
Posts: 17
Becoming Adept!


I have a small request that would make my life planning Operations (Raids) in SWTOR much easier.  In the Raid Calendar sign ups, when showing the signed up character's "class", please show their Advanced Class instead.

For example, me seeing that I have a Level 50 Trooper signed up is useless.  I need to know whether that character is acutally a Commando (Healer/Ranged DPS) or Vanguard (Tank/Melee DPS).  As it is, I currently have to memorize what characters are actually which advanced classes, and when I can't remember, click through to the Character detail popup.

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