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-Abandon- (New Admin) 6/18/2007 11:09 AM EST : Guild Forums Not Working

Posts: 1020
Zomgawsh Poster

So earlier today my guild mates and I were all getting a message when we tried to post to our guilds website that there was a problem using iFRAMES. A security issue. While we've input some CSS for color, style, formatting, etc. we haven't done anything in the way of the site as far as forums go. Yesterday evening none of us had a problem posting to the forums (it is only as of this morning).

I sent a support request to guildportal and shortly afterwards we were no longer receiving the pop-up error message, however, now our forums posting box (the little white box you type in) contains the background to our site (which is dark) making it impossible to type anything. The box appears but it is not white, it's filled with the background to the whole site. There is also now a huge black border around the entire posting box extending from it to the end of the page. The posting box appears to be the right size though.

I've sent several messages to guild portal to ask if they can fix this problem. They haven't replied. I didn't know first, if anyone else is having this issue, and second, if it is fixable without having to wait and if anyone knows how to fix it, and lastly what the cause of this is? Since we were last able to post to our forums we haven't touched the site itself So it's not really like we tweaked it and put in some bad code...just one day able to post the next not able

Thanks in advance anyone who helps or has any answers.

Bullarky (New Admin) 6/18/2007 11:15 AM EST : RE: Guild Forums Not Working
Posts: 969
Zomgawsh Poster

Yep, everyone was experiencing this issue.  A promised fix should be coming shortly.

Please see other thread for full details.

Forum Fix

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