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Forums : Pimp My Site! > CSS issue: Some links have underline on hover, others do not?
537238993_Inactive (New Admin) 12/15/2007 8:36 AM EST : CSS issue: Some links have underline on hover, others...
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I am rather insane today. I think it's all the coffee. BUT you benefit from my insanity.

I was getting really picky about how links appear on this site when you customize a style (without using your own complete custom CSS), and it was driving me nuts.

It seemed that, randomly, some links would have an underline when you hover over them, but some links would not have an underline when you hover over them!

So I did some testing and found that only visited links lost their underline ability. New unvisited links such as this one (don't click this!) have the underline when you hover, but visited links like this one (click it then reload this page to make it visited) don't get the hover underline.

I sent off this email to guild portal as a feature change request, so hopefully now I can get some sleep tonite:

Currently, the css for anchors in custom site styles is ordered like this:

A:active {COLOR: #CCCC00; text-decoration: none}
A:link {COLOR: #A454BC; text-decoration: none; font-weight:600;}
A:hover {COLOR: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: underline;}
A:visited {    COLOR: #A840C7; text-decoration: none}

However, because the A:visited is last in the list, this means that "A:visited" overrides all other states when a link has been visited. Therefor, visited links will no longer show an underline when you hover over them! The text-decoration:none for A:visited overrides the text-decoration:underline for A:hover.

To make it apply the "text-decoration: underline" when you hover over visited links, you must declare A:hover only after you declare A:visited, like this:

A:link {COLOR: #A454BC; text-decoration: none; font-weight:600;}
A:visited {    COLOR: #A840C7; text-decoration: none}
A:hover {COLOR: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: underline;}
A:active {COLOR: #CCCC00; text-decoration: none}

(I've also put the other states into a preferred order: link, visited, hover, active.)

Can you please make this change?


Rosary_KT (Guild Admin) 1/7/2008 9:02 AM EST : RE: CSS issue: Some links have underline on hover, ot...
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Zomgawsh Poster

This is already a feature -
You have the ability to re-order the list in the custom stylesheet area.
No alternate text supplied.

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