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539456897_Inactive (New Admin) 1/20/2008 2:45 AM EST : Embedding Code For A Noob ** EDIT Solution Within**
Posts: 17
Becoming Adept!

Trying to embed a WoW Gem finder into my page.  Thought I was getting kind of handy with this whole web site thing, until I tried doing this.  

I'm sure you real web builders are/will LOL but hopefully throw me a bone to.  How do I embed code to show things on my site?  I've tried adding content embedded page but it only ask for a URL and does not all me to post all the code? 

If I can be so bold I'll flat out lay out what I'm trying to embed.  It's a Gem finder for WoW and the guy who did it even as much as gives you (ME) the code on his page to paste?   Yeah I know, web creation 101 I missed.  Cheers to anyone with tips, suggestions!

Here is what I'm trying to embed/show up on front page of site.  WoW Gems

My site (just started work in progress) is here: Spite Club

539456897_Inactive (New Admin) 1/20/2008 3:16 AM EST : RE: Embedding Page / Code For A Noob
Posts: 17
Becoming Adept!

Just wanted to update any other noobs like myself looking at my post...I found the solution to my problem within this very site - go figure! 

Thanks a ton to " Cyndrax  " for her/his post and clearly explaining how to post custom HTML code.  Here is her/his post that I found quoted below.

Cyndrax RE: Custom HTML Content 10/18/2007 6:01 PM

Posts: 268

Youneed to put this code into a Free Form Text/HTML Content Object (SitePages -> Home -> Add Content -> Content Type = "Free FormText/HTML).

Once you have the object created, click EditContent.  This will bring up the inline HTML editor for GP.  You do notwant this.  Click the button on the bottom of the editor, second fromthe left (<>).  This will put you into straight HTML mode.  Thenpaste that code in, and you should be fine.



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