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538663444_Inactive (New Admin) 6/2/2007 4:31 AM EST : Welcome Message Help

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I'm trying to add custom information to a welcome message, but I don't want to have to re-type or Cut/paste the default welcome message, is there some way I can use code to display the default welcome message in other access level welcome messages?

something like $block[Default_Welcome_message]

I want to display the same message to EVERYONE, plus a custom message to my members, officers etc


Default welcome message here.

If Member: display member message here.

if officer: display officer message here.

if assosiate: display assosiate message here.

Something along those lines, if anyone can help that'd be great.


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genghis gan (Guild Admin) 6/2/2007 6:55 AM EST : RE: Welcome Message Help

genghis gan
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well, you there's an option that says "member access" or "officer access" like that. just go though each access thing and write what message you want for your members, officers, etc.
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538663444_Inactive (New Admin) 6/4/2007 5:23 PM EST : RE: Welcome Message Help

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And if I do that then I have to rewrite them EVERY time the welcome message changes I have to change EVERY copy of it. and that would eat up alot of my time (we have a quote of the week) so thats why I'm trying to find some kind of code to make my life alot easier, otherwise I'll have to spend hours everyday keeping the website straight and I wouldn't have time to actualy play the game......

Neways thats my problem, and why I'm asking for help. thanks.

The Site is at if you would like to take a look at the setup, maybe theres something I'm missing...

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