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Forums : Pimp My Site! > HTML help body content background
flyingman (New Admin) 12/28/2007 6:37 AM EST : HTML help body content background
Posts: 360
Fingers of Fury!

Im trying to put an image into the content block of my website. ProblemIm having is it titles the image. I like it to resize the image to fitthe content area. Im just drawing blank on how to do this.

Rosary_KT (Guild Admin) 1/7/2008 8:45 AM EST : RE: HTML help body content background
Posts: 1072
Zomgawsh Poster

GP is not a photo editing software so if you don't have one to edit the photo the alternative is to specify the width and height when you post the image. After adding an image to a post right click the image and set the properties to resize it. Be sure and mark the tiny chain link to constrain proportions otherwise your image will be skewed.

Original Image:

No alternate text supplied.

Without Proportions constrained:

No alternate text supplied.

Image resized with constrained proportions:

No alternate text supplied.

The only drawback is that you lose some of the image quality when resizing this way. Its more noticable with a photo than with text.
No alternate text supplied.

Ebenthorin (Guild Admin) 1/7/2008 10:34 AM EST : RE: HTML help body content background
Posts: 1274
Zomgawsh Poster

It should also be noted that resizing an image in this way is not actually resizing the image. If you right click on any of those images, they are all the same size in Bytes, so your visitors are still downloading the full image. The resizing is being done in the browser (IE/FF), not the server.


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