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Lady Zeana (New Admin) 8/17/2008 12:07 AM EST : A question for a New Commer:
Lady Zeana
Posts: 56
Posts With Wolves

Good morning, I would like to tell the tale of my long night working with my Guild Portal site.  I have spent most of last night and tonight whipping up my site, and its 99% ready to go.  I now have one last idea to add to my site, and that is a page where members can list their Skype ids and a button to show their online status with Skype.  Alas, to my disappointment, I have found that I have frustrated myself till four am my time trying to figure out if we are allowed to use a Text/Java Script on the site which is hosted by Skype.  Are we allowed to (my site is a free account)?  The line I suppose I have a question with would be:

script type="text/javascript" src=""

Any advice or directions would be most appreciated.  Thanks for your time for viewing my post.

Everdark (MVP) 8/17/2008 3:47 AM EST : RE: A question for a New Commer:
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3954
Zomgawsh Poster

Just create a Free Form Text/HTML content box on your page. When you edit it, make sure to switch to HTML mode first ( in the lower left corner of the editor) before pasting your code.

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." 

Everdark (T), Evadarr, Nevinn (AC), Soninn, Croninn, Zakarr, Avirded (SC)

Lady Zeana (New Admin) 8/17/2008 8:40 AM EST : RE: A question for a New Commer:
Lady Zeana
Posts: 56
Posts With Wolves

OOhhh... so thats what that lil doodad in the corner of the box is for *^-^* -  See, an old wolf can learn new tricks   Thank you so VERY much.  Now I can also put in other stuff that I didnt think I could put in before. 

My only next question now is I am having trouble with a guild member who cannot register, it says that his username has already been registered but it has not.  Could anyone instruct me on how I can (again on a free account) manually register him to the guild website?

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