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Forums : Pimp My Site! > applying a background and making it fit
deshund (New Admin) 3/2/2009 4:46 PM EST : applying a background and making it fit
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so i am trying to add a background, the catch is that i use a CSS so i think i have to change it on the CSS, i did it and it worked..sorta. you can see what i used
the problem lies in how do i get it to fit full screen and not repeat. i know how to stop the repeat..background-repeat:no-repeat....but i dont see how to enlarge it.

what am i doing wrong, and am i just no capable of the endevor know as web design?

Ortahr (Guild Admin) 3/2/2009 8:53 PM EST : RE: applying a background and making it fit
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Zomgawsh Poster

Hi Desmund,

stretching a bckground image seems not to be possible,
but if you look here :

and manage to transform the code into your guildportal templates, it might work,
 though i think the best option is just to make your background image
 a larger image yourself and forget about the stretching.
 (or try and create a repeatable one)..



Mottie (MVP) 3/3/2009 5:19 AM EST : RE: applying a background and making it fit
GuildPortal MVP
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Zomgawsh Poster

Hi Deshund!

Ortahr is right, you can't stretch background images with CSS. Looking at your background image, you actually need it to repeat... the background color

Though, I was looking through your CSS and found three places in the CSS that need editing. I highlighted the changes in blue. The first part is in the custom CSS:
body {background: #4b565d url('') top center fixed; text-align:center; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }

.ContentBox {background: transparent url(; border: solid 1px #dbbf95; color: #dddddd;}
This part is in the free form text/HTML progression box:
.bossCount { color:#cccccc; vertical-align:middle; width: 50px; }

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