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Forums : Pimp My Site! > Changing username (New Admin) 12/18/2007 1:06 AM EST : Changing username
Posts: 1

For some reason on my GP page it says my username is My actual username is TheRatedRGuy- is there anyway to go into GP and change this so my username is not my email address?

TankProbie (Guild Admin) 12/18/2007 1:38 AM EST : RE: Changing username
Posts: 207
Fingers of Fury!

Honestly with only one post behind you, it might be easier to just make a new user name.

I've made a few different user names for different games and have yet to see this happen to anyone.

Kind of odd....


Tripodnukem (New Admin) 12/18/2007 1:43 AM EST : RE: Changing username
Posts: 123
Posts With Wolves

For Theratedguy it might be easier for him to start a whole new name, but This question has come up before within my guild as well.  Where an officer of ours had multiple game accounts.  Due to finances, let one of those accounts lapse.  And then had their officer responsibilities transfered to the other toon they played.  Now their login name doesn't match their in-game name at all, thus causing some confusion.  Sure would be nice to know if this is something that can be done or not without having them suffer the loss of their posts.

TankProbie (Guild Admin) 12/19/2007 12:09 AM EST : RE: Changing username
Posts: 207
Fingers of Fury!

Now that I reread my post I seem kind of negative, didn't mean it that way at all.

I agree it would be nice to not lose your post count (some people look at that as participation). Personally with me I could care less. Now if money were involved or I got something special for having "x" number of posts then yes .


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