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Grace Diamond (Guild Admin) 3/20/2011 4:24 PM EST : Site in need of pimping!
Grace Diamond
Posts: 197
Posts With Wolves

Something makes me want to link to this video...

Aaaaanyway, with the last bit of code generally out of the way to make the site pretty much operational, I wanted to take this chance to get the views of the people for likes/dislikes/comments/improvements. Anything that comes to mind really. Unlike other sites that I've built after the launch of a game, this is one I have a chance to develop and enhance to a really nice standard before the game has even been released.

Couple of things of note:

1. There's a few site pages that are currently members only. That doesn't mean if you don't see a feature we have it somewhere. So suggest away.
2. There's a lot of media available for this game, all of which I ended up removing from our own gallery in favour of embedding the official media page. This was because I found the old gallery to be a bit unclean in style and the silverlight gallery (although nice) had god awful loading times due to the high quality nature (and therefore file size) of a lot of the media. So that's where I am on that. Feel free to suggest alternatives
3. Although some features will probably be really useful after launch, there's a lot of blank holes in information for actual gameplay that results in (for now at least) some features to be a bit redundant. My main aim is to create a solid site that can be added to further down the line.
4. Going against general website 101, the higher the resolution of your screen the better for this site. 

Apart from those general points, feel free to go completely nuts.

Game: Star Wars the Old Republic
Guild Site: Guardians of Light


cameltosis (New Admin) 3/22/2011 12:57 PM EST : RE: Site in need of pimping!
Posts: 2644
Zomgawsh Poster

Only had a brief look but a couple of comments:

1) First page has awesome background image and is very visually vibrant (if a little messy). But, its too big. Im on 1980x1024 and it made me scroll down, really took away from the appeal of that page.

2) After clicking "enter site" you are faced with blandness. It seems to have the functionality you want but no style or finesse to the design. You also dont have a banner at the top, just pictures of lightsaber forms that change upon refresh. It lacks consistancy. Consider sprucing up the design of your website. Im pretty crap at image manipulation and am in the process of updating my guild's website so I know how hard it is, but it will pay off in the long run. One particularly nice way to do this is defining the widget borders/style. It defaults to just having a background image for the header and a background image/colour for the content. In your case this is black for content and green->black for header. GP actually has a way for you to define much more about the style of your widgets by splitting the widgets into a 3x3 grid. You can then place images in each of these grid spots to make up a really funky / unique widget style.

For an example of what is possible, take a look at my site.

The graphics on the site were designed in 2005 so are out of date and a bit old fashioned but like I said, im in the process of redesigning them! I'm fairly certain that simply putting in the effort to design a decent banner and then a decent style for your widgets would improve the look and feel of your site immensely.
TopBottom (New Admin) 3/26/2011 1:30 PM EST : RE: Site in need of pimping!
Posts: 7
Getting Started!

hey your site looks good how did you make the first page like that, oh i didnt have to scroll like that one dude but i have a 42 inch tv as my monitor and have a 1920 1080 res so thats why. and the next page is kind of blan. i would put a picture in the back ground and costumize some colors your self. and some costume term and your site will look really good.

        the reason why i comment on this is becuase i was wondering how you make the center widget bar wider? and the left and right if i wanted to your help would be great 
                        Thank you for all your help, Jonathan

pinstripesc (New Admin) 3/27/2011 5:20 AM EST : RE: Site in need of pimping!
Posts: 4895
Zomgawsh Poster

Nice work. Just some general opinions.

- The splash page could be downsized. While it's nice to have giant things there, my smaller monitor required some scrolling, and something as "introductory" as a splash page, which is really just there to look good, shouldn't really require you to move down it. Perhaps consider sizing down that big SW:TOR logo.

- There's a lot of green and it's pretty potent. Maybe add a secondary colour to help differentiate the separate boxes, ie. Welcome, Login, Twitter.

- It actually took me awhile to find the page navigation on the left. Again, maybe consider changing the colour of the box, the size of the text, or moving it to the top (horizontal nav).

- There's a lot of stuff on every page. For instance, when browsing the forums, is it necessary to have Game News, Twitter, Shouts, etc etc, all packed around the posts? Also, items are getting pushed off the left side of the page on the lower resolution monitor (also happening on the Media page). I know it's annoying to have to scale things down for older computers, but you want to keep accessability in mind - it really pisses people off when they have to scroll left and right to get at content.

- It's a bit oldschool to have the site take up the entire webspace left to right. If you have a large monitor, line length can get really long and make reading large documents a chore. Maybe set the site to a % of the monitor, or a set pixel width?

Again, all my opinion - good stuff!

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