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Brennig (New Admin) 2/13/2007 9:52 PM EST : Help with embedded pages (I think)
Posts: 210
Fingers of Fury!

ok, I'm brand new to this, so please bare with me.

I would like to have a site page/window open from within an existing site page (so that I don't have to have page tabs for every bit of content at the top of the main page). I don't know how to create a site page that doesn't show up anywhere until I link it in another part of the site. 

An example of what I am thinking of would be a DKP tab  on the main page, then having the DKP page give links that opened (within the same page if possible) the DKP pages for the different raid instances.  I've seen stuff like this on other Guildportal guild sites but haven't the foggiest idea of how to do it myself.

I've read through the admin guide, and it's pretty vague.  I also looked here on the forums, but I don't see anything that seems to address what I am looking for.  Plese help.

538149821_Inactive (New Admin) 2/14/2007 1:23 AM EST : RE: Help with embedded pages (I think)

Posts: 413
Fingers of Fury!

I'm not 100% sure what you are looking for, but I'll see if I can help.  If I'm understanding correctly, you basically just want a list of links that will each open up in a new window.  The easiest way to do this is to make a free form html box and insert the links.  In order to get the links to open in new windows, use this code:

<a href="URL of page here" target="_blank"> Text Displayed for link here </a>

The target="_blank" is what tells it to open the link in a new window.

Go to my page (in my signature) and check out the DKP tab.  I have an example of this for the part pointing to the explanation of our DKP system.  I also have just a normal embedded page showing our DKP.  If that is what you are wanting, just add an embedded page section where you want it and enter in the needed info.

Best of luck!

Brennig (New Admin) 2/14/2007 3:13 AM EST : RE: Help with embedded pages (I think)
Posts: 210
Fingers of Fury!

That is the idea, but your link sends the user to a whole new page.  I'd link to send the user to an otherwise hidden part of the main site, or to have that particular content box replaced by a different one.

HERE is a perfect example.  if you click on any of the links in the content windows it open in the same page, but replaces the window.  Everything stays within the Library tab, but the content links to various  other content containers.

538149821_Inactive (New Admin) 2/14/2007 4:31 AM EST : RE: Help with embedded pages (I think)

Posts: 413
Fingers of Fury!

Awww...I misunderstood.  I read wrong and thought you did want it to open in a new window.  Reading comprehension first thing in the morning ftl. 

I have absolutely no idea how to do that.  I'm guess they are using some sort of javascript for it. 

538219156_Inactive (New Admin) 4/21/2007 11:29 AM EST : RE: Help with embedded pages (I think)
Posts: 546
Zomgawsh Poster

If you want to check out my sight to see if this is what you are kind of looking for let me know.


I had to make a 1*1 dot image that allowed me to make the links on the top left still show the main images on my link if you highlight all the buttons from left to right you will see the dots otherwise normal members have no clue they are thier.


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