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539580892_Inactive (New Admin) 5/13/2008 10:38 AM EST : Event Calendar Individual Day Colours
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Hope someone can help me with this, the problem has only just come up in the last few days.

Basically I've designed my guild site to have a black background for all of the content boxes, with a dark grey font for standard text, and almost white for links. However, the numbers that represent individual days on the Event Calendar are now coloured black, and therefore can't be seen unless they're mouse selected.

Is there any way to change the colour of the days via CSS? (Or indeed via any method) I can change the colour of the 'Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat' bar using this code:

color: #FFFFFF;


selecting the table's individual id to change the font colour, but I have no idea how to change the color of the actual hyperlinks for each individual day.

If anyone can help me with this, I'd be extremely grateful.

Grumpy_Warrior_01 (New Admin) 5/14/2008 1:31 AM EST : RE: Event Calendar Individual Day Colours
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Zomgawsh Poster

I'm having the same trouble with my calendar, dark site background here also.  Looking at the source code, every cell in the calendars is hard-coded with style="color:Black" so it's going to be nearly impossible to get the days to show up.  Why are the calendar dates hard-coded black?  I have no idea.

The developers have changed the display to use bold italics for event days, which is an aesthetic improvement over the old asterisk.  The calendar also uses the same container style as the other containers, which I guess was done for a more consistent look, fair enough.  Too bad those of us with dark-colored sites can't enjoy the improvements until somebody removes the style="color:Black" from the back end.

I'll tell you it's a bit embarrassing to invite new members to join your guild, and the first thing they see when they join is weird mess-ups like this.


539580892_Inactive (New Admin) 5/14/2008 5:03 AM EST : RE: Event Calendar Individual Day Colours
Posts: 131
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Looks as though this has been fixed in the last update. If I'm honest I dislike the new italic style indication, doesn't seem to be easily apparent. But that's not much  of a problem, at least the days are easily visible now.

Grumpy_Warrior_01 (New Admin) 5/14/2008 5:40 AM EST : RE: Event Calendar Individual Day Colours
Posts: 1956
Zomgawsh Poster

Hmm, well I'm glad your calendar looks correct now.  Mine is still black on black, with the same HTML code preventing me from adjusting it.  I temporarily removed my CSS definitions hoping that would somehow fix it but it did not.

I notice a lot of the old CSS calendar items (like .CalendarEventTitleText) no longer exist, which I am sorry to see gone.  Hopefully the changes will result in a better calendar control for everyone, but in the meantime it would be nice to not have black text forced onto it.


Ciannon (Guild Admin) 5/14/2008 5:44 AM EST : RE: Event Calendar Individual Day Colours
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Zomgawsh Poster

Go to the Control Panel, and then Content Boxes. Adjust the BOX/TITLE AREA and MAIN BOX BODY AREA colors. For some reason it will change the colors of the calendar without changing the borders throughout the rest of the site even if you have CSS enabled.

Nevermind. Doesn't work anymore

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