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Forums : Pimp My Site! > OH BOY!!!, where do I start?
Goon K&M (New Admin) 10/29/2008 10:31 PM EST : OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Goon K&M
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!

Hello all, I am desperate to learn and get the, "I know how" to make an appealing website, I have visited many sites posted here on the Guild's, and I must say, "WOW awesome work!". I am an artist and I have a good imagination but translating it to my web is like learning another language, I have read much here on the forums but I havent learn too much. What is, CSS?  Is it a program I can download, I tried visting sites on it and I see introdutions and tutorials so this have me wondering if this is a network language I must learn to type that will edit, change, add and remove size, colors and etc.?

Also, I need to know what programs must I have to begin making changes to my guild. If there are anyone out there that can help me will be totally awesome and tears of Joy, I am a coleader of my SG and I am anxious to get us going further more into expressing ideas, goals, events, task, awards, rewards and much much more and I would LOVE to represent an awesome, appealing guild. 

If anyone have good ways that will help direct me to where I need to go to achieve this will be great.


Goon K&M (New Admin) 10/29/2008 10:51 PM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Goon K&M
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!


Mottie is a Web Design, Hottie!!

I must say WOW to the very well expressd and detialed info that I have seen throughout the forums and how well, Mottie has responded. I may become a, Web-Designer-Young-Jedi after I review a bit more here on the forums.



Kaysi (Guild Admin) 10/30/2008 3:53 AM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?
Posts: 445
Fingers of Fury!

Hello there!

And yes, Mottie is the best and we all love him dearly for it too.

I think the best place for you to start is here on Mottie's Test Site. He has just about everything he's helped us out with here laid out really nicely on his site I linked.

Oh- and CSS is short for "Custom StyleSheet" and it's part of your Control Panel Options already when you use Guild Portal.

Best of luck!


Goon K&M (New Admin) 10/30/2008 7:52 AM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Goon K&M
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!


I have a stupid question, I have a very vivid imagination for I am a, 'pencil and ink' artist but I lack the technique to translate that language into the PC's visual monitor, how can I capture A VISUAL that I like? where can I find the alphabets to edit, resize and transport to my banner? How do I paste a visual from a web or guild? And most importantly, what external software is a, "MUST HAVE" that will best suit convience to making these these things happen?

OK, that was moe than 1 question 'o.0', I have read but not quite captured the full understanding of this system but so far, what I have gathered is the Web or Guild is the, "Canvas", the mouser is the Pen or Pencil and the CSS is the Easal?

Ok, one more question, pretty-pleeeeeeaaaaase? How do I copy from one's guild? I dont think its a simple, "Trace, Copy and Paste" 


ThornnarShandris (New Admin) 10/30/2008 12:04 PM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Posts: 290
Fingers of Fury!

are you asking if you make a drawing on paper and you want it to go into your banner?

If so you will need the scan the pic to get it as a digital format. after that there are 100s of different software interfaces that you can use to make banners with. photo shop, corel draw stuff like that though most of them can be pricey depending on what you are looking at doing.

Goon K&M (New Admin) 10/30/2008 12:52 PM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Goon K&M
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!

Thank you, ThornnarShandris!

I will not be using my own hand-sketch work to add to my guild but I do wish to know how to trace another's part of his/her guild to edit and copy to mine. That there I believe is vital. Also I want to custoise my guild but I do not have any ideas to make any kind of design or where to get it from, any ideas on how I can proceed to add to my, "Easal" ( photoshop, photobucket, or ect..)  the elements to play around with?

Thanks again in advance!

Mottie (MVP) 10/30/2008 6:12 PM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

Hi Goon K&M!

Welcome to the wonderful world of web site design (and frustration LOL).

I don't have a good analogy to describe HTML and CSS. But think of it this way.. HTML is like the frame work (or wire mesh) of your design and the CSS is the instructions on how to color and texture this framework.

To learn some basics on what is needed to make box borders, I'd start by reading through this post... you don't necessarily have to use CSS to design your box borders because you can use the built in page designer. Personally, I wouldn't use that HTML code or CSS in that post, since it is a little outdated. There is a more update and better way to add style to your web page and you can learn about it in this post.

I wouldn't say that there is "must have" software. It's nice to have photoshop, but you can use online image editing as provided by photobucket (an image hosting site), or another recent find called "Sumo Paint" which is pretty much an online Photoshop.

If you find a site that you'd like to look at their box borders, then you can use the brower to "Save As" or "Save Page" to your desktop. Then choose "Webpage, complete". Most of the time you'll get a copy of all the box border images along with the page. You should be able to piece together the images from there.

And by the way... WOOO HOOOO, I just hit 1000 posts!!! o.O

Goon K&M (New Admin) 10/30/2008 7:27 PM EST : RE: OH BOY!!!, where do I start?

Goon K&M
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!

Hello Mottie!

Fisrt!, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1,000 post, GRATZ! that is TOTALLY AWESOME!

And second!, Thank you ssooooooooooooooooo much, I have spent unnecessary hours today trying to established some sort of photoshop which was a success but that, "Sumo Paint" looks much funner, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you, I feel some much better now. Feels like I lost 500 lbs. of stress. Now the fun part, I will now go on and start making some changes starting with the intructions you have listed and posts.

Last but not least, I hope to have an appealing guild too, that I can share and diplay with you good Admins.

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