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Forums : Pimp My Site! > GuildPortal CSS Styles (Bookmarklet) - Feb 2010
Mottie (MVP) 2/11/2010 2:30 PM EST : GuildPortal CSS Styles - Feb 2010
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GuildPortal CSS Styles

With the addition of the Standard CSS Classes list, I got an idea to combine it with something like SelectorGadget's functionality (just not as complex). So, I came up with a bookmarklet that will open a styles selector window. The bookmarklet can be used on any page. All you need to do is drag the following link to your browser's toolbar or into your Bookmarks:
[ GuildPortal CSS Styles ]
It's still a work in progress, so if you find any problems tell me. Oh.. and it'll work with IE, but I've found it works a LOT slower, so I'd recommend using a different browser.

Click the link above, or from your bookmarks and try it on this site now! 

The Help-Site Home page with the GuildPortal CSS Styles window


 GuildPortal CSS Styles Layout

  1. Selection Tree
    Select a CSS name from the list. The class/ID will then be highlighted in the main window, if it is visible.

  2. Currently Selected CSS Style
    After selecting a CSS name from the list, it will be marked as selected. The name will also appear in the right panel under "Selected CSS"

  3. Number of Selected Classes Found
    This value, next to the "Selected CSS" title, shows the number of currently visible selected CSS classes or ID found in the main window.

  4. Theme Selector & Reset
    Select the dark theme (black bullet) or light theme (white bullet) as desired. Your selection will be saved for the next time you open the window. To reset the options, click the red bullet.

  5. Selected CSS class/ID and Description
    This area contains the currently selected CSS name and a short description.

  6. Highlight Options
    Choose the highlight box style to include the border and/or background. You can modify the style and include the selected class' defined margin, border and/or padding.

  7. CSS Layout
    Get a visual idea of the currently selected CSS class/ID's margins, border size and padding. All values are in pixels.

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