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Denu of Sar

Ssra Keys

Access to Emperor Ssraeshza:
Ring of the Shissar
(compiled by Nolt)

Go to the Basement
Kill Taskmaster (Kavamezh, Keuzozh, Mikazha, Revan`Kezh, Vezhkah, Zerumaz, Zhe`Voxh) or Warden Mekuzh until a Taskmaster's Pouch drops.

Go to the First Floor
Kill Commander Zazuzh to obtain the Zazuzh's Idol.

Go to the Second Floor
Kill Commander Zeruzsh to obtain the Zeruzsh's Ring.

Go to the Imperial Guard Chamber
Kill the guards in the imperial guard chamber until (Advisor Zekuzh, Arbiter Korazhk or General Kizuhx) spawn. They drop the Ssraeshzian Insignia.

Combine all three components in the bag and hit combine and bamo... ring.

Depending on the make up of your group you should be able to single group all of these MOBs with the exception of the named that drop the insignia.


You will find a longer run down under Tactics & Strats forums, but here is a brief one for each zone and what mobs to look for.

Scarlet Desert- A sun revenant and A sun reaver

The Grey- A sun revenant (near the lake) and A stone beast

Sanctus Seru- A legionnaire of the hand, An intervallum guard, Named Legionnaires in the upper level of SS, and various Katta centurions

Dawnshroud Peaks- Sambata tribal worker/hunter, A rockhopper, and A rockhopper ravager

Maiden's Eye- Seer, Battlemaster, Prophet, Forager/Savant (named gorangas, with scouts as phs)

Ahkeva Ruins- A shadow reaver, A shade golem, A rubble rouser, and Shaded stones

The Deep- A thought horror spiriter, A thought horror, and A horror guard

Acrylia Caverns- A grimling prison guard, A grimling deathguard, A sanctum bloodguard

Fungus Grove- Shik`nar Warrior and Shik`nar Royal Guard

Ssra Temple- A poxed soriz, A soriz corpse, and A soriz drudge

Officers of Denu

Guild Co-Leader:

Guild Co-Leader:

Raid Leader:

Main Looter/Banker:

Scribe/Member Relations:

(Last Updated: 5/1/07


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