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Aglamir (Member) 2/18/2011 10:24 PM EST : Aglamir, Knight of Gondor
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I) Character Information:
Character Name: Aglamir
Race: Man (Has some Dunedain blood, but it's pretty watered down)
Age: 29
Homeland: Gondor (Belfalas)
Class: Captain
Level: Currently 14, but leveling goes quickly at the lower levels.

Brief Personal Description: Aglamir is a haughty sort, with a sort of arrogance due to being a distinguished knight who has fought against the Corsairs of Umbar and the Haradrim countless times. He often pushes people he deems lesser than himself out of the way in a fight on account of it being "Knight's work". Not to say that his attitude isn't completely unjustified. He has impressive fighting skills and physical prowess, and can leap onto his war horse in full plate armor without the aid of stirrups. Aglamir also fiercely believes in chivalry, and he will do what he can to be honourable, protective of the weaker, and gracious to women. 

He also tends to seek simpler solutions to problems with his weapons, so he doesn't think unconventionally very often. However, he is by no means stupid.

Aglamir keeps himself clean shaven (though this changes when he's on campaign for a long time). His black hair is long and swept back, and his blue-green eyes stare coolly out of a closed helmet often times. His plate armor is very clean and conspicously shiny. He has a weapon at all times, usually a hand and a half sword sheathed on his left hip. In battle he also uses a rather nasty looking pole-axe and a short arming sword. He lost his lance fighting brigands in Rohan. He wears a small pendant in the shape of the White Tree. A small calvary shield is slung on his back or on his horse.

Aglamir's squire, Berelach, follows him wherever he goes, and carries spare weapons, and helps Aglamir suit up and fight in battle (the usual squirely duties). Berelach has somewhat of a caustic sense of humour, but doesn't talk often. When he does speak, it's with a sharp wit. Berelach wears a surcoat over mail, with leather boots and carries the banner of Siriondil, which is blue with four fleur-de-lis on it.

Detailed Character Background: (I'm still working on this, so it may change in the future) Aglamir was the son of a knight who served the Lord Sirondil, vassal to Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth. Aglamir was given knight's training and often sparred with the squires. During this time he became a friend of Berelach. Aglamir went out with his father on campaigns in his late teens and early twenties. His father was killed fighting Corsairs on the coasts of Belfalas, leaving behind Aglamir and his wife. Aglamir retrieved his father's body from the battlefield, gave proper burial rites, had his armour and weapons repaired, and took his place serving Siriondil.

Aglamir proved a good knight, and gained distinction in his service against the Corsairs of Umbar (whom Aglamir hates with a passion) and the Haradrim in Belfalas and Lebennin. Later on, three rival lords falsely accused Siriondil of accepting bribes from the Corsairs and giving information about Gondor to them. Siriondil, who had no other lord to vouch for him at the time, was indicted for treason and exiled swiftly. The other knights and soldiers serving him quickly deserted and joined other lords. Aglamir and Berelach alone remained loyal.

Aglamir volunteered to escort Siriondil to Eriador, where the lord could live the rest of his life in peace. They travelled through the Pelennor, through Druadan forest, and into Rohan, where they stayed briefly. They then moved on, of course encountering the odd band of brigands, and sometimes orcs. They finally arrived in Eriador and Siriondil bid farewell to Aglamir, telling him to go back south and return to the service of Gondor. It is not known where Siriondil resides or what has happened to him since. Aglamir then proceeded to go south, but bad luck befell him.

Aglamir had lost his only map of Eriador and the north lands, and became lost wandering the Lone-lands, Trollshaws, and Eregion. This has led to many long-running jokes about his lack of navigational skill by Berelach. Aglamir returned north to Bree-land, and bought another map. He then attempted to move south again, but then was turned back by a blockade of the Gap of Rohan by orcs of the White Hand. Now he wanders about, trying to figure out what to do, and asking every once in a while about the Gap of Rohan...

II) Application Questionaire:
If Gondorian, Why did you Leave Gondor ?
Aglamir's lord, Siriondil, was indicted for treason on account of accepting bribes and giving information about Gondor to the Corsairs of Umbar, which is untrue, but rival lords sought to oust Siriondil, who had been investigating their own suspicious activities. The other knights deserted Siriondil, but Aglamir stayed due to his loyalty and volunteered to escort his lord to exile in Eriador.

Would you be interested in helping the Guild Leader recruit and run things administratively as a kinship officer in the future ?
Sadly, no. I'm already managing a part of The Grey Dawn, and I have limited time as it is, so I probably can't help much.

How familiar are you with Tolkien Lore, specificaly the history of the race of man ?
I've read the trilogy, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion (though that was a long time ago). I don't have much knowledge about specific cultural aspects of the different races of man, but I have the general idea down and I know more about Gondor than other lands.

Do you roleplay ?
I was a newcomer to RP a year ago, and pretty terrible at it back then. But I've improved since then and gotten a more solid grip on the concepts of RP.

What timezone are you in ?
Pacific. I'm three hours behind most of you!

How often do you log in ?
Usually on the weekends, though my time is constricted even then. But I'll try to make it up to you by putting all my effort into the RP!

Is this character your main character ?
Aglamir is the secondary character to Ereden, my 65 champion. I have other alts, but they're for occasional RP purposes (I.E. I have an Angmar Hill-man character and a wraith character for when antagonists are needed or when I feel like being bad. >:) Which isn't often. But sometimes.)

Are you in any other kinships and if so, which ones ?
The Grey Dawn.

This kinship is a strictly disciplined military style kinship, does that bother you ?
Not at all. I've always wanted to try that sort of thing. A lot of my family has also served in the military so they often told me of their experiences. (The war veteran ones kind of freak me out though.)

Characters: Ereden Aglamir Karshh Sardun Arelaith

Thewhitetree (Member) 3/12/2011 3:02 AM EST : RE: Aglamir, Knight of Gondor
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Hello my name is the Whitetree, Interesting personal detail, although some of it can go into the backround I enjoyed reading the information that was given. You seem to be good although the time management you say is bad, do not cut necessary things for RP we enjoy all our kinsmen/women to be there but not on the expense of something else more important. I am speaking behalf of Isilene who is absent for a while on personal terms. but this seems to be alright so your application is apporved and welcome to the Seventh Legion, hope your stay is an enjoyable one.


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