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Kalorea (Member) 2/4/2011 5:15 PM EST : Kalorea - Draenei Survival Hunter

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Character Name: Kalorea    
Class: Hunter
Spec: Survival
Off-Spec: Anything the guild needs. I can play all specs equally well.
Armory Link (Please log out in your PvE gear):
Professions: Leatherworking/Skinning
Name of Alt Characters: Sinastria, Doublethefur, Sashalicious, Ishikana, Bronzean.

Do you have a working mic? How vocal are you during raids?

I am vocal when I need to be or when I need to ask a question. I tend to just focus on raid issues though.

What past guilds have you been involved with?

Since Wrath I have been in several guilds. For most of wrath I was in kingsguard which was a pretty casual guild. I got kingslayer around april then we moved on to hard modes. They stopped raiding in August of 2010 so I joined another guild, divergence.

In divergence I got 11/12 hard modes down in ICC. I left the guild when cata came out because I felt the people there were not friendly and I didnt get along with them. No hard feelings its a new expansion.

After divergence I joined conviction. I raided with them for 4 weeks and pretty much felt like they were solid. However they were thinking of transfering horde side and I didn't want to do that. I left because they never reviewed my application even after 4 weeks so I didnt want to stay a trial forever. Some people in the guild were trials for months.

After conviction I joined Smiley Junction. With this guild I cleared all normal content in Cata. 12/12 bosses dead. However for unknown reasons they replaced my raid spot with another hunter even though I was doing great dps and not messing up at all. I was later told the people in the guild didnt like me. Hmmm oh well what can you do? I have high functioning autism and I guess some people don't understand my abnormalities at times.

The guild I am right now is just a casual guild. I wish to join a more serious guild.
Why are you seeking to join <Honor Face>?

From reading what you expect of members I can say its the kind of guild I like. I seek to perform to the best of my abilities and I want to raid with a guild focused on progression and downing bosses, simply put.

Can anyone in <Honor Face> vouch for you?

I don't know anyone in Honor Face I'm afraid.

- Raid Experience -

Please name all raids you have done in WotLK. Please be specific of the character and server you did them on (if you happened to re-roll or transfer). Note what bosses you have and have not downed. Your armory should accurately reflect your statements.

I started in BC. I raided kara, gruuls, SSC, TK, hyjal (except archimonde) and black temple. I never did sunwell. (This was when my main was my warrior, Xanbull who is now retired and on a different server. This was all done on Sargeras however on the horde side)

In wrath I full cleared naxx, malygos, and OS.on my warrior before retiring him. I then switched to my hunter for my main. I full cleared all the hard modes on 25 man ulduar and most of them on 10 man. I full cleared TOC except for hard mode anub. I also went 13/14 hardmodes in icc25. Everything except lichking hardmode.

In cata I have completed every normal mode boss with smiley junction on my hunter. (Alliance, Sargeras)

- Your User Interface -

Please list out all addons that you use for raiding.

DBM, Omen, Recount, Bartender, JS Hunter Focus Bar, Miks scrolling battle text, needtoknow.

Please provide a screen shot of your UI in a raid. (You can use TinyPic for quick hosting.)

- Knowledge -

For everyone:
1) What stats do you look for on gear? (Please list them in order of priority)

Hit (Until capped which I am), Agi, Crit, Mastery, Haste (post 7%)
2) What is your rotation (and/or priority list)

Assuming suffecient focus priority is

Explosive shot>serpent sting>black arrow>arcane shot (If i have excess focus other wise I usually only use during rapid fire and after a lock and load proc)>cobra shot.

If a lock and load procs I use explosive>cobra>explosive. If I am in danger of being focus capped during a lock and load proc I will use kill command.

3) What buffs are you able to provide to the raid or debuffs you can place on mobs? Do any other classes share your buff(s) or debuff(s)?

I have 5 raid pets. A corehound for heroism in case I need to go BM for whatever reason. A wolf for 5% crit. A cat for the 512 agi. A wind serpent for 8% magic debuff. And a ravager for the physical damage debuff.

As MM I could spec into trueshot aura which may be the best spec when the patch comes.

My current spec survival has hunting party which provides 10% melee and ranged haste.

For tanks that are applying:
4) Do you fully understand all the fights from a tank's perspective, to include but not limited to; taunts, add pick up, rotational CD's?


For DPS that are applying:
4) When is sacrificing personal DPS to increase raid DPS worth it? How can your class (if possible) accomplish this?

When it increases survivability to the point of not dying or helping another raid member not die or whether the sacrifice of dps is due to surviving or avoiding a raid mechanic. Simply put if its needed to sacrifice dps to down the ecounter I can do it.

Some ways I can do this at least personally is popping deterrence. Or bandaging or using gift of the naaru such as during chimaeron during fued. I also have the raptor strike glyph for the 20% reduced damage taken which is immensly helpful for chimaeron during fued.

5) Should you understand a fight from a Tank's and/or Healer's perspective? Why/why not?

It couldn't hurt. If you know what a healer or tank has to do it could affect what you may do such as knowing if the tank is about to die during the last 10% of Nefarion and dropping an ice trap where the tank is.

For healers that are applying:
5) What are your thoughts on healing meters? (BE HONEST! We look at them)
6) If a tank is topped off and you are assigned to heal that tank, do you start healing the raid?
7) If the raid is topped off and you are assigned to heal the raid, do you start healing the tanks?


- Personality -

How old are you?


What do you do (student/work)?

I am currently a student at GMU. I am taking off this semester to work 40 hours a week at Home Depot for some extra cash. I am a hardware sales associate at the home depot.

Are you able to speak and understnad (fluently) proper English?

Yes. I am a native English speaker. If I somehow miss hearing something I hope its not a problem if I ask a question during raid so I know whats up.

What's the differene between a trampoline and a pile of dead babies?

Well for one thing you would never jump into a pile of dead babies.. I hope. =/

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

No clue!

Is there anything else you want to add or think we should know about you?

Characters: Kalorea

Poundur (Applicant) 2/6/2011 5:37 PM EST : RE: Kalorea - Draenei Survival Hunter

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