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What is expected of me as a member?

Have fun and be respectful.  We are a very low-drama group of role-players that merely wish to enjoy the game in a fully immersive environment.  IC drama is encouraged.  We want characters to question their leaders and not necessarily get along with members of their fellowships.  It is our hope that, as adults, we can seperate the IC and OOC.

We realize that RL is the priority and, in fact, encourage this.  If you need to miss a scheduled night please post in the Shout Box if you can.  If you miss a night or two, we will come up with IC reasons for your character's absence (sleeping, scouting ahead, etc.).  If you disappear for an extended period without letting us know, we may remove you from the kin.  We merely ask for the courtesy of  informing us you'll be gone so that our characters' stories can move forward. 

Do I need to be a Tolkien expert to participate?

No.  We gladly accept those that are new to the Tolkien universe.  For those players, however, we will recommend playing a non-Ranger human character at first. 

How do I apply to the Jade Rose?

Our application system is designed for simplicity.

1. Please contact a Jade Rose officer via in-game mail or tells, our forum, or by GP Mail if you have any questions.
2. Fill out and post your application.
3. Speak to a Jade Rose officer about joining a new or ongoing fellowship.

Once we get a feel for your RP style and whether or not you are a good IC and OOC fit for our kin, an officer will contact you about your membership.   Please note, while we all make typos from time to time, proper grammer is important to us as a kin.  We do not use L33T speech or ignore capitalization/punctuation in our RP or OOC conversations. 

To apply please fill out the application (found HERE) and post it in the applications thread with your Guild Portal Name as the thread title. 


What makes the Jade Rose unique?

At the heart of our role-play is the notion of fellowship-based storytelling.  Small teams of characters traveling the world with a specific goal in mind, much like the Fellowship of the Ring.  The goals of these fellowships may be epic in scale, or more mundane.  For the most part, these goals are simply plot devices to facilitate the assembly of a variety of characters who wouldn't normally work together.  We believe that interesting characters and character combinations yield great stories.   

How do you main fully-immersive RP?

We treat the world of Middle-Earth the way we believe Tolkien intended it.  It is vast, mysterious and dangerous.  To emphasize these aspects we use the rich visual environment of the LoTRO world, but we ignore many of its MMO conviences. We also favor a table top model where one RP session picks up where the previous one left off.  The isolation that the Fellowship of the Ring faced was vital to their story.  We strive to recreate that feeling and encourage the creative RP and character development that comes out of it. 

Are you a good/evil kinship?

Fellowships are based on need, not on the viewpoints of characters.  We strive to maintain the lore as set forth in the novels, but understand the human experience is a varied one.  Story is our greatest concern and we want the most interesting, dynamic, and diverse characters possible.  As a result, characters from all points on the alignment spectrum are welcome.  

Are you only recruiting soldiers/warriors?

No.  We highly encourage characters that have limitied or no fighting experience.  We believe that great story-telling focuses on the growth of a character.  Whether your character is a veteran of the Breeland Watch or a young teen that has never held a weapon in his/her life, we will find a place for you.

We also hope to provide a place for specialized characters to grow and prosper.  We will work hard to ensure that your characters receive the respect they deserve in acknowledging their skills and flaws so that you have the opportunity to play the type of character you wish.

What is the Jade Rose's viewpoint on Tolkien lore?

The Jade Rose treats Middle-Earth as it's depicted in the novels.  Rangers and elves are mysterious and rare.  Hobbits keep mostly to the Shire and Bree-lands and Dwarves to their mountain lairs.  As our story grows we will slowly, as a kin, discover the extraordinary places of Middle Earth: the hidden Ranger city of Esteldin, Rivendell, Thorin's Hall, Moria, etc.  We will attempt to restore some of the mystery and awe these places should be afforded.

Furthermore, our interpretation of Tolkien lore is that Middle-Earth is fragmented, with each region concerned only about its own well being.  The history of the ring is mostly unknown and the actions of the Fellowship of the Ring are shrouded in secrecy.  The kin will respond to events in the game world as the laymen would.  It is not our intention to engage the ring tale.  However repercussions from that story will be felt in ours.

How will the Jade Rose be using the LoTRO epic story?

Much like the Fellowship of the Ring story, we do not intend to engage the LoTRO epic story.  We hope to create our own kin lore as to the actions of enemy and ally alike while staying true to Tolkien lore.  That said, if there is a compelling reason to utlize epic story quests in our RP, we will.  

Are you a Bree-based kinship?

As a kin, we do not play exclusively in the starter areas or the housing neighborhoods.  Our adventures will eventually take us into the darkest corners of Middle Earth.   However our characters are real people, when not on fellowship missions they will be living their normal lives, wherever that happens to be.

Is there a level requirement?

There are no level requirements of the characters in the kin, but we are a healthy mix of RP’ers and PvE’ers.  We especially enjoy combining the two.  High level instances are fodder for story and at times the story will take us into areas that will have level requirements.  That said, it is our goal that the Jade Rose story will move slow enough that new characters/players will be able to primarily  level in-character.

How are new members and recruits treated in the kin?

Our goal is to get new members and recruits fully involved with the kin from day one.  That means that when you apply to the Jade Rose we will work closely with you to include your character in a new or ongoing fellowship mission.  We understand the frustrations that come with joining a new kin and feeling left out.  We are as excited to get to know you as you are to get to know us.  Also our Fellowships will be constantly shuffled, to encourage players to interact with new players and characters.  As the kin grows, it is our intention to reward participation with IC and OOC leadership positions as they are available.  The kin belongs to the members, all members.

Who develops the fellowships and stories?

Members of the Jade Rose are encouraged to work with the kinships officers on establishing new stories and fellowships.  Have you always wanted to run a certain instance or quest IC?  We can help you build a fellowship, populate NPCs and design a story.  Your stories become part of the Jade Rose lore.

What types of characters are you looking for?

The vision of the Jade Rose is to treat Middle-Earth as it is depicted in the Lord of the Rings novels and create a place for  more specialized characters to thrive and grow.  As such we do have rules for characters that we accept:


1.     We are currently only recruiting non-Ranger men and potentially a few Hobbits.  As our kin story expands we will allow a small number of Dwarves, Rangers, Lossoth, Hillmen and Elves to join.  Because the regions of Dale, Rohan and Gondor are not in game yet, characters hailing from these areas will only be accepted if there is a compelling and lore appropriate reason for them traveling in the existing landscape.  This policy will continually be adjusted.

2.     We will never accept characters with close ties to any of the named characters in the Lord of the Rings lore.

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