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About Us
Tribute is a competitive gaming guild centered around skill, friendship, and teamwork. Having left quite an impressive legacy in City Of Heroes and WoW, we plan on taking our experience to other games. We are currently focusing our time in SW:TOR.
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Guild Wars 2 this week GET READY!!!

Banjal, Aug 20, 12 4:12 PM.
Some Members of Tribute are going to join forces with Chosen in Guild Wars 2.If you are interested in playing with us,we will be playing on Fort Aspenwood.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

Gravity Havok, Nov 9, 11 6:50 AM.
The Dils is what gives a Tribute Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds Tribute together." -Unknown

We are back! After a brief 4 year hiatus from gaming under the Tribute banner we are rallying the troops as we prepare for the midnight launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic... New or old, small dils or huge dils, we welcome you to post in the guest section of our forums if you are interested in joining us as Tribute starts a new chapter in a galaxy far far away.

Changes to site

mwghost, Jul 12, 06 9:58 PM.
For some wierd reason, Brad decided to mess up the site so that it looks really gay.  We'll see where it ends up in the next few days.

After a week or two of knocking out the details and giving admin to Davidian, the site is looking great!  Thanks guys!

PvP In Atlas Park!

537208061_Inactive, Jun 14, 06 3:03 PM.

Well, we were bored one day and decided to have some fun. The group who pulled this off were about half Tribute, half some other people, the only Tribute to get suspended was me, glad "Ry Aggro" also works on the devs and managed to take it for the team so no one else got suspended ;) Anyway, I'm suprised the devs would have such a cow about this, but at the same time think it's ok to put PvE shit in our PvP zones. In either case this was a lot of fun, and the whines coming from AP noobs and them getting debt was well worth the 72 hr ban. see you all tomorrow :)

Here's the video, it's about 30 Megs

Johnny Priest Retires, Tribute still here to stay

537208061_Inactive, Jun 4, 06 3:33 AM.
Well, to crush the rumors of Tribute being history after the HVND match, I'm  happy to report that it's not true. I apologize if I was one of the ones helping spread the rumor, but the players who have returned for the SG battle have decided to stay and play. I don't know what the future is in store for us as far as SG battles, no plans at the moment, and we will have some regrouping to do after losing Johnny Priest, who was not only a great player, but Tribute's motivational leader. However we will still live on, for the power of the dils runs strong in us all, son. Though I'd personally like to say thanks to JP for all the fun times. Since the old days in TT it's been a great ride man :) I wish you best of luck wherever life takes you, and your dils will forever be remembered in COH history. cheers dude ;)
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