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Welcome to the Nektulos Raid Alliance Website.

The Nektulos Raid Alliance is an alliance of people on the Everquest II Guk (formerly:Nektulos) server that have joined together to Raid.

Raiding is both exciting and rewarding and there are some Heritage Quests and other Quests in Everquest II that cannot be completed without a Raid.

The Alliance was created with the sole purpose of giving people who are members of small guilds (or who might not even be a member of a guild at all) the opportunity to join one of these Raids that they might not otherwise ever have the chance to attend.

Members of larger guilds may also join the Raid Alliance in order to raid more and to offer their assistance on raids.

Being a member of Nektulos Raid Alliance is a little different from being a member of a Raiding Guild.

Raiding Guilds normally have a very limited membership consisting of exactly the right combination of classes to form a raid (with possibly a small number of extras). They will normally raid at least 4 or 5 nights per week and expect their members to attend the majority of raids. Non attendance is often penalised in some way, and persistant non attendance on raids can result in a member being kicked from the guild.

The Nektulos Raid Alliance on the other hand has a large membership consisting of a varied mixture of people of different classes and levels from many different guilds. Members are not required to attend any minimum number of Raids with the Raid Alliance and you certainly won't get kicked out simply for non attendance.

Joining the Raid Alliance

Before you can join Nektulos Raid Alliance, you must first create an account on the Guildportal web site. This is done by clicking (New User) at the top of this page. You will have to select a username and password and enter an email address.

If you already have a Guildportal account, you can log in and then click Join Nektulos Raid Alliance at the top of this page. You will be asked a few questions. Please also use the Characters / Settings link at the top of this page to enter full details of all of the characters that you would like to bring to raids. This will help raid leaders select people for a raid if there are any requirements in terms of classes and levels.


Most Raid Alliance raids are listed as Open. This means you can sign up for a raid on the Calendar page even if you are not a member of Nektulos Raid Alliance. You do still need to have a Guildportal account though.

Raids are usually planned ahead of time and you need to sign up early to increase your chances of being selected to participate. If you are unable to attend a raid that you have signed up for, please remove your name from the sign up list and add a comment to say that you cannot attend. This will enable raid leaders to select someone else to fill your spot.

If you would like to Raid a particular zone and it is not listed on the Calendar, please post a suggestion in the forums. If enough other people are interested in the same raid, a Raid can probably be organised.

What to read next

Please read the NRA Looting Policy, information on Gearing Up and Raid Participation, and the Selection Policy before signing up for any Raids.

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