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Forums : Alliance Open Role-Play Forum > Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip) Take Two
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Points Deway (SuperAdmin) 7/29/2010 7:09 AM EST : Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip) Tak...

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((As I was preparing to reply to posts for the RP thread on the Fellowship's Forum, I realized that I was neglecting what these forums were for.  Namely, RP interaction between the Allied guilds.  I humbly apologize if my mental retardation in any way offended any of my friends by thinking they were unwelcome to contribute to this thread.  I am reposting the partially edited thread through its current point.  This thread has been in existence almost two days but all of the relevant posts are included.

I have also added my responses to the other posts interspersed where possible.  If a previous poster has asked Points a question that has not been covered, please ask again and we'll treated as the first time.  My apologies again...  All are welcome, please come have fun. 

As a favor to help in editing, please make your posts in present tense as all of these things are happening now, not in the past.


Points of Departure


Points checks the boarding ramp knot again.  It still had not come loose like the other eight times he had checked it. “Never hurts to be sure…” he mutters to himself.  He looks back at his vessel and moves to the far rail.  Looking down on the Stormreach harbor he wonders yet again if this is smart.

Hoch’s warnings echoed in his ears.  He too had misgivings but he needed to try.  The delays week after week, the untrained elemental, soarwood rot, crew demanding higher pay, we have come through a lot to get to this point but at least we are finally ready.

“My previous two ships had both been destroyed by a dragon.  Well, his mother masquerading as a dragon… or was she really a dragon?”  He doubts that.  Nothing other than those two incidents made that seem probable.  Despite that though, he knows he has to try to reason with the Dragons.

His exploits in Gianthold for Cydonie had even begrudgingly impressed Genecia.  His crew could handle almost anything thrown at them, save a dragon.  So with his ‘in’ through Cydonie, he had established communications with some Dragons in Argonessen.  His hope is to create greater understanding between them and the people of Xendrik, Stormreach and most especially his ships.

His ships can provide a discrete method for the dragons to come to Stormreach and also keeps them close so he can determine their purpose.  Their mysterious ‘prophecy’ seems near at hand and the spymasters of Phiarlin are paying well for more information.

He has spent millions of gold building the base as close to Argonessen as possible.  A medium sized Aerenal island nearest to Argonessen, the dragons could easily fly across the straight and shape change before boarding his ship.  The last report he got from ‘Points’ Landing’ was that all was quiet but some of the locals have been restless…

A floating crane arrives with a load of provisions.  He watches as his crew hops to and begins the loading process.  The Thastolia (Elvish for ‘Family’) is a stout ship, crewed by able air-men.  Their Captain, Cirrus, an experienced old salt with a life time of airship experience.  Points enticed him out of retirement to command this ship.  He is only here for a handful of runs and then he is returning home a wealthy man.  A very wealthy man…

The crates have all been removed from the deck and the crane is already moving off.  His crew nowhere to be seen.  Thankful for that ‘courtesy’ he refuses to get to close to these men.  Considering what happened to his last crew, he thinks it for the best. 

Points watches the sun rise and wonders who will be first.  He moves across and checks the knot on the boarding ramp again. “Never hurts to be sure…”

Points waits for the first passengers to arrive at the top of the spire. Anxious… “My family is on this flight.  Have I done everything I can to keep everyone safe?”




"I am sure you have Points."  Nklos speaks with out coming out of the shadow.  "Besides your family is strong.  Your stronger when your with them."  The halfling smiles and toward his friend to give him a hug. 


On top of that I think you will have more friends in your company than even you might be expecting.




Points returns the hug.  "Welcome aboard my friend... I didn't think you were coming on this one."




Zoltando slowly walks up the ramp to the airship while making a last minute check to his weapons, a pack of necessities slung across his back. "Greetings Brother, Where should I put my things and how much violence is actually allowed on this trip?"




Looking squarely at his brother Zoltando.  "Any violence on any person or part of this ship without cause will see you tossed overboard... one piece at a time.  This is a pleasure cruise so let's have some fun."



Hoch dumps two huge sacks of scrolls, weapons, armor, and supplies into the lift leading up to the airship docks.  He doesn’t take this much when he goes to Shavarath, but this trip and its purpose has caused him great angst.

Once all of his gear is loaded he gives a nod to the lift operator to let him know that he is ready.  As he ascends upwards to the airship all of the problems with this trip flood his mind.

‘What could Points possibly think to gain from this adventure?  A deal with the dragons is he insane?  Why would the dragons agree to this – what other sinister motives do they really have behind this?  And if the Draleus Tairn ever find out about this and report that he is involved, would he ever be allowed to return to Aerenal?’

He pondered that thought for a few moments before the obvious answer came to him. ‘No, if they really found out about this they would simply burn the ship out of the sky.  What about the Aereni outpost used to search and report Argonnessen attacks?  Points would have thought of all of this I’m sure.  He’s a rogue, sneaking is what he does best…everything will be fine...calm yourself and relax.’

As the lift reached the top he saw Points and Zolt standing by the gang plank.  He reached down and hefted his sacks onto his shoulders and walks up to the pair.

 “So, where have I been assigned?”




Aluatris hurries through the Marketplace to the airship tower, at least as quickly as she can with a heavy pack and heavier mind, hoping she's not too late. Relief passes through her as she notices a brilliant airship that could only be Points' docked at the top.

'After finally making up my mind to accompany them, if I had showed up too late... I knew I shouldn't have gone back for the soap. But it is my favourite

Expecting to be the last to arrive, she was prepared to sneak over to the group, even if her stealth skills were passable at best. However she could see only a few people had turned up yet and so with a small smile, she came up behind Hoch, shrugged off her bluging pack and asked, "Where do we put our things?"




Nklos smile as he watches other begin to come toward the ship, and smiles at their words of greetings, not wanting to interrupt Points as he greeted people.  When there was a pause in the arrivals he hoped up on a ledge and took a seat.

"Oh how could I miss this?  The city has been far to dull for me lately, no one abducting or killing me.  No devil invasions or trials.  I was going to go mad if I had to wait much longer." He speaks the words without realizing he is running a hand up and down the scar running the length of his forearm.  When his actions click in his head he adds in.  “Just let me know when were a little more than a nights out of Dragon territory.  So I can change into robes a little more fitting for our destination.”  He cracks a smile.  “Went all the way to Zilargo to have them custom made for the trip.”




"Welcome, welcome my friends.  I am happy to see you today." He motions to the line of smartly dressed air-men.  "These gentlemen will see you to your quarters.  Please make yourselves comfortable.  The Galley is open if you did not have time to break your fasts."

Taking in Nklos' Dragonscale robe, "Yes, I think that garment might be counter production for good relations.  Also I would appreciate it if the purpose for this mission, be keep more... between us.  Loose lips, burn ships.  I have bought all of the 'assurances' House Lyrandar had to offer and some more.  They are, however only effective outside the ship.  Having an upset client transform or set fire to the insides... this would be most unfortunate."

Points notices the bulging sacks and comments, "Hoch, Aluatris... I had not expected either of you after your... comments.  I know my history on these voyages has been expounded upon at great length but..." Spreads his hands to indicate the extra armor and bags filled with scrolls.

Points' purple Coin Lord robe and long white hair flutter covering his face as a rogue wind blows...




Hoch’s eyes narrow and a wry smile creases his face as Points gestures to his luggage. ‘It is not you I am worried about Points’ he thinks to himself.

“What? Just because I think this venture is pure luna….” He pauses as he searches for some more polite words to use.  “It seems a large number of the Fellowship will be here.  It is my duty to accompany you.  If my presence is not wanted I will disembark.”

Points shakes his head.  “You are most welcome my friend.  Please make yourself a home.”

“You there” he says to one of the airmen tersely as he hands him his heavy sacks.   “Take these to my cabin, and be careful with them.”




With some difficulty, Valianna finally persuades Tyrael to leave the pool in the Marketplace and allows her to dry him off.  She chatters to the toddler as she wraps the towel around him and pats him dry.  "We have to get to the ship now, sweeting, otherwise daddy might leave without us and we don't want that, do we?  Are you looking forward to going on an airship again?"


Ty wriggles in her arms and grinned broadly.  "Ship!" he announces, bobbing his head eagerly.  "Dada ship go fly!"


"That's right, daddy's ship can fly.  Won't that be fun?"  Vali checks that the Featherfall-enchanted bracelet is still secure around her son's wrist as she dresses him, tapping it to bring it to his attention.  "This is very important, sweeting... it keeps you safe.  Okay?"


"I safe," the child beams, wrapping his arms around her neck and hugging her.  "Mama safe?"


She smiles softly and hugs him tight.  "Yes, mama and papa are safe too."  She sighs as she tries hard not to worry about the vast sum of money they have sunk into this latest venture, and especially tries to avoid thinking about the fate of the Mos Kali.  She gives herself a little shake and smiles wider at her son as she ruffles his white hair gently.  "Let's make sure we have everything, shall we?"  She opens the two large packs that sit nearby and checks the contents for at least the fourth time that morning.  Ty's blue eyes gleam as he spots one of his favorite cloth rabbits in the pack nearest him, and he dives for it eagerly.  Vali chuckles and lets him take it - there are others hidden away for emergencies.  "Keep him safe too, huh?"  The boy nods solemnly and clutches the toy to his chest as he waits for his mother to finish her preparations.


Feeling that she must have allowed enough time to pass for the ship to be loaded, and there is no need to keep out of the way any longer, Vali stands and hoists one pack over her shoulder.  Picking up the other, she holds out her free hand to Tyrael.  "Come along, then... let's go find daddy."


"Dada!  Fly!!"  Ty grabs her hand and happily trots along beside her as they make their way slowly across the Marketplace to the Spire.


Vali pauses and looks up at the ship gleaming in the early light, sleek and beautiful.  "This had better be worth it..." she mutters to herself, as she takes a deep breath and asks the spire keeper to take them up.


Stepping out by the ship, she smiles as Ty waves the rabbit happily at Points and looks around wide-eyed at the ship.  She glances around and is pleased to see a number of people already gathering on deck... and very surprised to see Hoch there.  Before she can comment, Tyrael gives a little squeal and pulls his hand away, running across the deck towards Nklos to wrap his arms around the halfling's legs.  "Unca Nikkos!"  He grins up at the rogue, then looks around and beams up at Zoltando.  "Unca Zol, I go fly!”


Shaking her head and smiling, Vali nods a greeting to the others and favors Nklos with a stern look.  "Don't let him fall..."  She gives Points a kiss on the cheek and heads towards the cabins.  "I'll just dump this stuff, then I'll be back - how soon are we leaving?  Is Jeatra here yet?"




Points smiles as his family arrives.  He is leaning over to catch his running son who completely bypasses him and runs instead to Nklos.  Mildly disappointed he watches as Tyrael greets one and then another of his friends and fellows.  Valianna breaks his wistful thoughts with a kiss.


“Hello Saeresi…  We are in the bigger cabins, not the Royal Suite this time… the airman can show you.  The crib is already set up.  I have criers going throughout the wards and harbor announcing departure at 9 bells… so about an hour.  I haven’t seen Jeatra or Lyricca yet.  They have time.  No one will be left behind.”




Hoch frowns as he sees Ty run across the deck to Nklos and he gave a barely audible ‘hummm’.

He looks back at the others and gives them a gentle nod.  “I think I will go and find the galley.”  With that he walks across the deck and goes below.




Nklos purses his lips, knowing not to make any jokes, or comments when it comes to the safety of his friend's son, not now at least.  Instead he picks the small boy up and sits him down on his shoulder.

"Hey Ty.  How's it going?"  Without waiting for the boys reply he goes on.  "You learning all the parts of a ship from the toy I got you?  Helps to know names of the parts."

Nklos begins to point to various areas of the airship and name them, more confirming his own recent studies.  "Port, Starboard, aft, stern, upper restraining arc, lower restraining arc.  Hey Points, this ship have a wind elemental or a fire?"




Points looks up at the elemental ring.  “Kind of hard to tell from this angle but it is an air elemental.  They told me her name, but it just sounds like a sneeze to me.  I know it’s a her though.  We have one of her offspring running the pinnace.”




Zoltando smiles to Ty, hearing his exited exclamations about flying, "Yes Ty, we will be flying, for quite a while in fact."

 Zoltando then turns to Points, "Brother, I agree with Hoch that this is lunacy, when you said pleasure cruise to Argonessan I assumed that we were going to accept a contract from the elves to kill a bunch of dragons to satisfy our boredom with killing devils. How can this be a pleasure cruise without at least some kind of deadly enemy to fight?"


Points shakes his head vigorously. “This is about business with the Dragons, not killing them. Really brother, please stop going straight to the violence.  They will hopefully be our guests on the return leg and I want them to feel welcome, not hunted.  Besides, between the pirates, rogue elementals, and other assorted wild threats I am certain you will have your fill of fighting before this trip is done.”


Zoltando sighs and lets his pack fall to the deck, thinking he will pick it up sometime later. "Ah well, I suppose I can find some pleasure in attempting to honor the ancients in Aerenal without challenging someone to a duel to the death."

Moving to the side of the ship, zolt gazes out and hopes to himself that we will at least get some kind of enemy attacking the ship en route.




Aluatris shrugs when, after a moment of thought, she remembers what comments Points had been referring to and simply says "I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. Spend some time with the Fellowship, possibly meet a dragon or two, fun times."

"Think I'll go show myself around.. if you don't mind." She gives a quick nod to each assembled member of her 'family' in turn, and a soft smile at Ty, and then makes her way onto the ship. A moment later she pauses; she shrugs off her pack and motions for one of the crewmembers to grab it "Take this for me, please, will you? Right then.."

As she wanders about the airship ('I should really ask what it's called sometime' she thinks, with a silent chuckle) her mind wanders too. Was it going to be 'fun times' after all? Sure, they were here for business, though she couldn't for the life of her remember the purpose of it, but could she have underestimated the danger this trip presents. From what she'd heard of Points, he wasn't exactly known for the safest plans. She reaches her room - the airmen who'd begrudgingly lugged her luggage about the ship with her drops off her gear by the door and grumbles a "G'day ma'am." and then leaves - and she flops down on the bed, I guess her bed for the next few days. But no, he wouldn't have brought Tyrael along if he believed they were in any great danger, assuming she could trust in his judgment of danger. She sighs. It wasn't like she had much choice but to. She was here already, and that wasn't about to change.




At first Jaggie thought she would not have the time to go on this little venture, for you see there were some things taking place that would be occupying most of her time for at least another week or two. But after hearing an Orien post box was on the ship, and being able to hire a few Orien couriers for the next few weeks to handle her affairs in Stormreach, the 'forged was quick to grab her things and head to the airship tower.

She packed light. Her backpack was lightly stocked with a dozen random scrolls, loose sheets of paper and some writing supplies. At her hip she kept several wands and just a few potions. Most were for healing should they be needed, others were for more complex magic. Jaggie has no idea if she will be with the ship for the whole duration of the trip and so a wand of teleportation was needed in case she has to get back to Stormreach in a hurry. She hopes she won't need it, for the thing was slightly damaged and the magics within it a bit stale and worn out. It was all she could do though for now.

Happily Jaggie climbs aboard the ship, her lute slung over her back and her right hand idly checking to see that her whistle was still in her vest. "Only home for two days and back on an airship again. Gods I think I'd live aboard one of these if I could." The 'forged looked around for a familiar face. "Has anyone seen Deriaz yet. I thought he said he was coming with me."




The heavy sound of footfalls clanked up the ramp from the spire. "Sorry about that," Deriaz called, once he came within view. "They asked me to walk up. Not sure why, but I suppose I don't want to interrupt their work with questioning. I didn't mean to be the last," he added, seeing a group already on the ship.

For all appearances, it looks like Deriaz hasn't packed at all. The only change to his armory was a switch of the two bastard swords on his back to two massive greatswords, each sheathed and tied carefully around his chest as always. He wears his minotaur helmet, though as expected, a small orange piece of cloth peeks out from under the helm.

He does, however, carry under his arm a rather long box. "I figured…" he says, shrugging it to adjust it under his arm, "…that in case things turned south and we needed more weaponry. . . I packed along a few extra blades. A couple daggers, one or two shortswords. . . They aren't anything special, mind you, but I figured any little bit helps."

He approaches the airship deck hesitantly, though stays planted firmly on the tower. His gaze drifts to the elemental ring around the ship, mind racing and wondering how an elemental ring keeps a ship afloat. Staying on the spire, his eyes fall on the group again. "Am I the last one? Or are we waiting for more?" He takes a few steps forward slowly on the spire, a touch nervous at placing his feet upon the flying ship.



"Not sure Der.  Honestly I don't think we had a boarding list.  I can always run to the Phoenix and the hall.  See if anyone else is desperately packing?"  Nklos looks to Points, his expression asking Points if he thinks it is a good idea for Nklos to do this.




Valianna returns to the deck in time to hear Nklos' question and gives a nod, glancing to Points for confirmation.  "I thought Jeatra said she wanted to come along, and I don't know if there were any others... I'm happy for you to go and check."


Moving across to the halfling to lift her son off his shoulder if he is going to leave, she smiles a welcome to Jaggie and Deriaz.  "I wasn't expecting you two to join us, but I'm glad you're here!"  Privately, she wonders to herself if Deriaz realizes they were going to be flying over water...




Points again shakes his head. “The criers will find them and hopefully bring some more business our way.  No need for anyone to leave the ship.  Relax for a bit, we have some time.  No need to be rushing things this time.”




A small blond haired halfling rushes up to the ship, grinning brightly while trying to keep a hold of both her luggage and the ball of fur wrapped up in one arm. "I made it! I slept in, and was worried everyone already left!"


The cat in her arms meows lightly as she drops him down. "Lyrica should be here soon too. I ran ahead to make sure you didn't leave!"  Jeatra beams as she looks upon the ship that her kitty is now boarding.




Chestnut tresses bound back from her face with a silver and gold wire wrapped ribbon, her own tunic sleeves matching the tie with intricate braided borders over the rich dark reddish brown cloth, Lyrica pushes an errant curl out of her eyes as she hoists her pack, several thin cases attached to its leather sides with a multitude of straps, as she weaves in and out through the teaming crowds about the busy towers. Tucked in her belt, as if passengers themselves were two small cloth puppets, of a finer quality than her normal stitched work, one with cotton yarn dyed a brilliant sunset yellow and intricately crafted dark suede like armor, a second with more somber dark brown tresses but flamboyant clothing, stitched in with yellow and grey white embroidery.

After being jostled by a large man carrying a heavy barrel, she paused to cast a mocking look at the man who vanished into the crowded streets, but the expression was marred by a brief flash of pain, which vanishes almost as soon as it appeared. She shifted the pack on her right shoulder and shook her head, as she raised her eyes to find the platform she sought, then with a quick precise step she danced her way past the crowds and ascended to the correct platform, her bright hazel eyes glancing about, taking everything in, her mind already working the adventure into manageable chapters in her mind. She paused at the gangplank to the ship, "Ahoy.. if that is the correct terms, does this simple puppetmaster and pipesmith have permission to come aboard?"




Jeatra turns to Lyrica, grinning brightly. For a brief moment she simply just admires her companion before blinking back to reality. "Of course you can come aboard. I invited you!" She giggles, running over to Lyrica and embrace her then glances over to Points. "Umm..she can come with us, right? I never really asked, but two halflings are better than one!"




Points looks at the two Halflings. “Why of course Lyrica can come.  Frankly I’m more concerned about your cat.  You see there are live animals below… livestock and other… well I am concerned for her safety.  I would hate to see anything happen to her.  Are you…?”  He leaves the question hanging for a moment.




Lyrica grins as she pulls the two intricately embroidered cloth puppets from her waist. "If the captain and his lady need a gift of surety, I brought two for the enchanting Ty." Shows Jeatra the two new cloth dolls she had crafted, as she kisses Jeatra with much love. "Plus, how could I miss this, one of the Dawnswords must chronicle this adventure.”




Jeatra blushes heavily as she returns the kiss, happy Lyrica is here. Quietly she whispers, "I think that will good enough for Points. It's good enough for me...Though I have no idea where we're going to sleep."


Her observant eyes scan over her love's luggage. "Look like you brought a lot more than just puppets!" Jeatra breaks away, eyeing the suitcases curiously.




The chill of co-terminous Risia hangs heavily in the harbor, the waters that normally gleam underneath the summer sun were grey and murky; coated in a thin sheet of slush as the powdery snowflakes continue to fall, each of them chilling passersby to the bone and refusing to stick to the ground.


This must be what hell feels like...Only nastier... Lyrick Dandelion shivered visibly, whether it was from the stark wintry blast of Risia or his own brooding demeanor was unclear.


What was clear is that he was engaged in what some might term, "sinful" and others "illegal" action with one Lysander Whisperwind. "Which cup is the ball in pally? Take a guess and get two for your one, you game?"

"Of course i'm game." The bard replied a bit harshly
, I've been game for the last half-hour you dolt. And if you didn't keep out-cheating me I would be out of here already with my winnings...Well, like momma always said; "If you can't beat a cheater at dice, pick up the cup and board and throw 'em across the room."

With a smile, Lyrick Dandelion, bard, begins to sing softly under his breath...


The sun shines bit a brighter upon the Marketplace than the Harbor, the air unobstructed by falling snow provides a clear view from the top of the airship tower. In fact one can see clearly enough that if they look towards the harbor gate they could see a fair number of guards buzzing about like a nest of angry bees, undoubtedly preparing to pursue some common thief who had naively kicked the veritable hornet's nest of the Stormreach Guard.


But even as the guard begins to assemble the people aboard the Thastolia are busy preparing to board the airship and set sail. And one new, an unexpected, crewmember begins the steady climb up the airship tower's staircase. It is the one and only Lyrick Dandelion, a hastily geared up pack over his shoulder; he has been in some hurry from the looks of it as several of the straps are undone and few of the items inside are poking out.

And, oddest of all, the bard is soaking wet, and shivering as if he had taken a plunge into the harbor's (currently) icy waters.

Looking over his shoulder at the commotion around the harbor-gate Lyrick grimaces before moving up towards the boarding ramp of the ship, "Hail the ship! I don't reckon you could use another hand aboard? I feel the need to be away from Stormreach for a short while and stretch my legs."




Points looks at the Halfling questioningly. “Lyrick, do you need a job or are you looking to buy passage?”




A few hisses of metal upon metal came from the box as he turns it on its face to use as a post to lean against. The blue construct seems content where he stands on the spire's dock, still running his eyes along the ship in a mix of confusion and awe. The sound of more footfalls approaching make Deriaz heave the box under his shoulder again, however.

"So I am not the last one after all," Deriaz noted, watching more people arrive. "Good to know. . . I was concerned I was the one holding us up."

His orange eyes pulse as he scans the group once more. "You would think the whole guild is up and leaving town by the looks of us," he comments, aimed at no one in particular. With that, he turns to the ship again, this time taking into account the size and trying to imagine the interior of the ship.

Prompted by a pair of workers carrying a heavy barrel onto the deck, Deriaz asks, "Should I move my stuff inside?", a question directed towards Points yet leaving the question open by keeping his gaze on the ship and the loading crew. "Or would you like me to take a place on the, um. . . Deck? That's the right word for it, yes? If I would take up less space on the deck, or if you would rather me keep watch as we fly, or whatever you wish, I can do that too."




Deciding to settle in, zolt grabs the attention of a nearby sailor and asks, "So where’s my room?"


Snidely looking Zolt up and down the sailor responded tersely, "Well we don’t have any rooms here, but if you want a cabin they're down that way" jabbing a thumb towards the insides of the ship.


Memorizing the sailors face in case he finds a chance to toss him overboard later, Zolt picks his bag up from the deck and moves into the bowels of the ship. Picking the first room he finds with a bed in it, Zolt tosses his pack into the corner and begins to make himself some tea.


Remembering past trips with the fellowship as he waits for the tea to boil on the small brazier he set up, zoltando sighs and mutters to himself, "There is no way this trip is going to end without us being tossed out of both Aerenal and Argonessan."




Finally realizing that Deriaz is about to board and what that actually means, Points jumps to the boarding ramp with both hands extended.  “WAIT!”  Looking rather panicked, Points calms as Deriaz stops.  “Deriaz, do you have a Featherfall Ring or some other magic that will offset your… um… weight?”





Noghri_Sloth (Applicant) 7/29/2010 8:24 AM EST : RE: Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip)...

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(( Lyrick is human, Lyrica is the halfling.  I know its confusing (it makes every single point of my 8 int hurt just thinking about it) but all the good names at the Bard Shop were taken already.  ))

"Well a bit of both, i'd wager." Lyrick replies as he mounts the final steps of the tower, standing at the base of the boarding ramp beside the two halflings.

"Don't reckon I could exchange a few songs and dances for a ride, per chance? If that ain't exactly your cup of tea I know some old dwarven operas and a few soliloquies from the Vodi os si Valaes Tairn." Waiting to gauge Point's reaction to his request, the human let his eyes wander across the graceful curves of the airship; admiring every inch of it.

Only a few soliloquies Lyrick? Did you already forget mother snapping her old riding crop at you if you missed the right inflections and postures more than once in the three acts she would have you recite?...Gods look at this thing! Points must have spent a fortune on it; I don't think I've ever seen anything so magnificient...

"Points," Lyrick began to add, a childlike enthusiasm spreading wide across his face. "Your ship is...Well it's awe inspiring. This is truly incredible." Grinning from ear to ear like a school-boy in a candy shop, Lyrick unconsciously took one step closer to the boarding ramp before he caught himself.

Jeatra (Associate) 7/29/2010 10:12 AM EST : RE: Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip)...
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Jeatra (Thelanis)

Coldin Torrence
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Jeatra looks back to Points with a serious look. "He will be just fine. He can even go catch the mice that have made it on the ship." She tilts her head curiously. "Just what kind of animals are you bringing anyway?"

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Deriaz (Officer) 7/29/2010 10:16 AM EST : RE: Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip)...

Deriaz (Thelanis)

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"My weight?" the juggernaut echoes, tilting his head slightly. The concern seemed to not even register with the warforged. "I don't believe I do. Never seen a need for it. I'm pretty good at taking a fall, so long as someone doesn't mind repairing my legs a bit, depending on the height."

He gazes at the ship again for a few seconds before looking back to Points. "Your ship is huge, though -- I don't think I need to worry about being carried off by the wind, do I? I can take shelter in one of the rooms below, if that's your concern."

His shoulder shrugs and the chorus of metal cries out from inside the box as Deriaz adjusts his grip on it. "Or is that how we get off one of these flying things? Are there no docks where we're going?" His mind wanders for a moment, wondering how they would get back to their ship if they had to disembark at some point in that fashion.
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Lanaliathe (Officer) 7/29/2010 11:48 AM EST : RE: Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip)...

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Valianna looks at the dripping bard and rolls her eyes.  "Lyrick..." she sighs, wondering - not for the first time - how she had managed to get stuck with mentoring this foolish human.  Why couldn't they have assigned her an archer?

She sighs again, knowing full well why not.  There are no archers coming to the Fellowship these days, and she thinks she knows why.  There is no real glory in her trade - no powerful spells at her command to send an enemy to flaming death or snuff them out of existence, no mastery of the blade to bring victory with sweeping steel, no sheer brute force to bash in heads.  The best she can manage is to imbue her arrows with minor magics to help them strike true.

Hers is a quiet skill, and few seem to appreciate the satisfaction of precision, the dedication to accuracy, the usefulness of picking off enemies others could not reach or sometimes even see.  She doesn't much care for glory herself, but she knows many adventurers come to the city seeking just that... and no bards sing tales of the prowess of archers to encourage anyone to seek that path.  All an adventuring archer has to look forward to is the derision of those that are more skilled with other weapons or magic.

She looks out at the birds wheeling about the docked airship, knowing that she could shoot any one of them out of the sky mid-flight if she wished, and shrugs before turning back to the soggy human on the gangplank.

"Dwarven operas, Lyrick?  I really hope that won't be necessary..."  She glances at Points with a kind of 'what are we going to do with this one?' expression, and her shoulders droop a little as she wonders how to keep the bard out of trouble on this trip.

((Since the 'mentoring' (which has pretty much always been OOC) is being brought IC here, I figured why not have an IC rant about ranged combat too... *grin*  Dunno where it came from, it just popped into my head this morning.))

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Lyrica Songstep (Applicant) 7/29/2010 1:10 PM EST : RE: Points of Departure... (The Aerenal Airship trip)...
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::Chuckles as she pats the boxes attached to her small pack, "Oh, this, is not much, just a couple changes of clothing, my different pipes, my woodworking tools, my needles and spare cloth for crafting and such. The pack holds more than it appears." Her bright hazel eyes sparkle, "Plus some choice beverages and food for the Captains table, special treats and such for all." She glances over at the ship and its passengers.

"As for sleeping arrangements, I am good on any spare piece of floor or even in a hammock if needed, though sleeping in netting might be a bit complicated if one has company. They flip easily. " She winks at Jeatra and extracts herself carefully, heading towards the toddler and his mother ((couldnt figure out if Ty was still in Nklos's arms or Vali's so I guessed)), hiding the two hand puppets behind her back.::

Nklos (SuperAdmin) 7/29/2010 1:56 PM EST : RE: Points of Departure...

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Nklos sits on the ledge of the air ship dock and watches as more friends arrive.  He smiles as the sip fills up more and looks as so many bring large bags and trunks full of gear, and all he did is buy some new clothes and restock on the scrolls he always carries.

"So right now the only healers aboard are Hoch and I?  I know I know, it is a pleasure cruise.  No violence, no need for doctoring, life is going to be happy and simple.  I would still just feel better if Spindoctor was around, or Eopia.  Maybe a wizard or two."  By the end of his speech Nklos is clearly talking more to himself than to anyone around.  "I guess I could just be paranoid, fact of the matter still remains that most dragons don't get along with me very well for very long.  And there is still at least one family of elves that want me dead living in Arinel."  As he speaks the words a smile crosses Nklos lips.  Seeming to show that the idea of trouble that could come makes the trip more enjoyable to him.
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Points Deway (SuperAdmin) 7/29/2010 4:14 PM EST : RE: Points of Departure...

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((My apologies Lyrick.  Either I have completely spaced your description or missed it along the way.  Poor excuse for this writer, but I had it in my mind that you were a Halfling Bard like Lyrica.  My sincere apologies.  Obviously Perfect Points, ain’t.  ;-))

Points looks at the dripping Bard and thinks.  “We do have a stage for performances…  I had anticipated that it would be more of a communal ‘jam session’.  However I have hired Bards on occasion for specific plays.  Are you familiar with Flad’s Tale?  Nevermind… we can get to that.  You are dripping all over the landing there.  Come aboard and we will work out the details of your passage.”

Thastolia is a beauty to be sure.  Later tonight I will gladly tell the tale of how she became mine.  For now, go to a room and change into something less… likely to make you slip off of her.” Points motions for one of the crew with a smile.


Points looks at Jeatra.  “Well, HE had better not go a wandering or something might just catch him.  We’ll gather everyone on deck shortly.  In the meantime, please do not wander into the locked portions of the ship.  I have bought all of the ‘assurances’ that House Lyrandar and others could offer. There are many potentially dangerous and unstable things aboard her right now and until we have had a chance to explain some of them to you… Well I just don’t want anyone getting hurt.”


Turning to again stop the Warforged, “Deriaz, as I recall you weigh almost as much as a small castle.  Even with all of this Soarwood and a strong Air Elemental providing the extra lift, I’m afraid you might sink the ship.  Please… I can get you something if you need it but don’t step off the platform…”


As he tries not to appear to be ignoring Jeatra and Lyrica’s byplay, Points worries for a moment about Valianna’s emotions.  Is this further sign of her displeasure with me?” He elects not to try to explore their link again.  “We will talk more in private shortly.” At least he thinks they will…


Wincing at his friend’s musings, Points struggles not to deny the lack of heavy sorcery or the need for more Healers.  He wants to say that Hoch is far more than they will need.  He wants to believe so, not because of his faith in his new found friend despite his obvious prowess, but because he doesn’t want there to be any large enough problems to need that kind of attention from Healers.  He specifically insisted on having a Hospice built into the vessel and the Jorascans staffing it are supposedly the best, but having some more wouldn’t hurt.  He knows that Versatillas or any of the other heavy hitters in Stormreach are but a call away.  “I just hope that we have time to call.”


Lyrica Songstep (Applicant) 7/29/2010 5:51 PM EST : RE: Points of Departure...
Lyrica Songstep
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::Pauses in her attempt to reach Valianna and Ty, Lyrica bites her lower lip a bit, as she overhears Nklos' words, and steels herself as she pipes up in a clear voice, her words almost musical. "I can aid in the healing, Master Nklos, I have both songs and soothing spells that mend the flesh, and heal the mind." A small flash of fear crosses her features as she offers up the knowledge, that is quickly vanished by her brilliant smile and proffesional face. "Just thought you should be aware."

Turns back towards Valianna and Ty, hesitating now, a bit concerned the elven archer doesn't want company at the moment. Turning to look at Jeatra with a cocked smile, "Has someone been teasing Vali lately?" in a soft voice, toned perfectly to reach only Jeatra's ears.::

Jeatra (Associate) 7/29/2010 5:59 PM EST : RE: Points of Departure...
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Jeatra is still blushing brightly while she follows Lyrica towards Vali. She quickly shakes her head no. "I don't believe so, but then I haven't seen her as much lately either." She lowers her head to hide her persistent blush.

Her cat meanwhile is pacing back and forth on one of the railings of the ship, watching down on all the activities. As Jeatra looks back a little more composed, she catches sight of him. "You heard Points! Stay where we can see until we know what else Points managed to sneak aboard the ship!" A faint meow comes down in answer.

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