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Forums : Public Access - Sticky and Archive > Eberron Lore 1 101: House Deneith
Nklos (SuperAdmin) 9/18/2010 4:03 AM EST : Eberron Lore 1 101: House Deneith

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House Deneith

The House was formed by a family of warlords in the area of Karrlakton where they still live today. They were the first humans to manifest dragonmarks and theirs' was the fourth Dragonmark to be discovered. They were skilled warriors and warlords and with the mark they became even more powerful. House Deneith was essential in forging the current Kingdom of Karrnath.

House Deneith has its seat of power in Karrlakton, across the river from the Mournland and has deep roots in Karrnath. This make it difficult for them to not get in trouble with the Karrnathi as the House has their loyalty to the kingdom of Galifar and its ruling line.

Sentinel Tower is Deneith's ancestral estate. The Tower is the seat of the Sentinel Marshals and the structure is an ancient Keep that is older than Karrnath itself and as been expanded and improved upon many times.

The Blademarks Guild is the mercenary arm of House Deneith, offering their services to cities, nations, and wealthy individuals alike.   For centuries, House Deneith cornered the market on mercenary forces in Khorvaire. The Blademarks Guild has done business with every major militia and town watch in the Five Nations, as well as provided security forces for other dragonmarked houses, private citizens, and expeditions across Khorvaire and beyond. The Last War changed all this, drastically reducing the available pool of experienced soldiers and mercenaries. It was an unpleasant surprise, then, when House Tharashk entered the mercenary market in the dying days of the war. Deneith had never before encountered competition for its services on any meaningful scale, and for another house to engineer such a challenge with the help of the monstrous races of Droaam was a bitter insult.

The Defenders Guild specializes in bodyguards and offers the best in personal security. The Defenders Guild is a mercenary branch of House Deneith. It consists of veterans of the Blademarks Guild, most of whom have at least one year of successful service behind them. The Defenders Guild contains a far greater percentage of dragonmarked heirs than either the Blademarks or the Sentinel Marshals. Its members are well respected within the house, and considered to be a vital part of Deneith’s mission to defend Khorvaire. The daily cost of hiring a Deneith bodyguard depends on the dragonmark the character possesses.

The Sentinel Marshals are the elite of House Deneith, contracted under the Kingdom of Galifar to pursue criminals across international lines, this service was reaffirmed with the Treaty of Thronehold.   The central philosophy of House Deneith is built upon fulfilling the letter of the law, with contracts and codes governing every action its members take. The Sentinel Marshals serve an ideal of justice, chasing down criminals no matter where they might hide

The number of characters Deneith hires without house affiliation is at least equal to the number of true heirs in the house. Although differences in status and benefits divide hirelings from full members, Deneith respects its hirelings and treats them well. Those who stay with the house through long years of service are often granted honorary house membership in the end. Honorary membership gives an individual the same rights as a regular member of the house, but does not confer that status to the individual’s spouse or children. However, an honorary member who is single and well respected has a greater chance of marrying into the house than a common hireling. Nonhumans can achieve honorary status, but almost never successfully marry into the family line. Members of House Deneith serve in one of its guilds at some point in their lives, almost without exception. This obligation ensures that every member of the house is familiar with the day-to-day life of a soldier or bodyguard, and makes it unusual for a house member to not have levels in rogue, fighter, or paladin. Even Deneith spell casters learn martial skills and tactics during their time in the house.

Baron Breven D'Deneith is the current patriarch of House Deneith. Breven is a an honorable man who helped his house maintain a neutral stance in the Last War, despite his house and personal connections to Karrnath. Though some within his ranks whisper of rebellion and of House Deneith using its military might to take the throne, Breven considers such ideas to be utter madness as it would compromise all he has worked for in the name of his house.

Mithas is a scion of House Deneith, though he does not bear the dragonmark. He is a sorcerer, and is very ambitious. He holds a moderately high rank within the command of the Blademarks. He was once the lieutenant under Robrand d'Deneith, but was later replaced by Singe*. He holds a grudge to this day, and when given the opportunity he interferes in Singe's affairs. He also uncovered the fact that Ashi d'Deneith bears the Siberys Mark of House Deneith.

Etan Bayard*,prefers his nickname Singe. He is from Aundair, but joined the Frostbrand company of the Blademarks, under Robrand d'Deneith's command, at a very young age. He specializes in both fire magic and swordsmanship. He was with his company in Narath when the city was massacred by attacking soldiers.

*Not a member of House Deneith

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