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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > (april 9th)Monday night chat 1/3
Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 4/17/2007 2:08 PM EST : (april 9th)Monday night chat 1/3

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

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Around town   - Market place

<Jaggie> *Leaves House K, once more covered in paint.*
<Qizilbash> *points and laughs*
<Jaggie>*Growls and walks off* *Grumbling* Children...and thier paints...Last time....Swear..It's the last time... *Makes her way over to the Phoenix*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz sighs from where he's sitting on the side of the bridge between the Marketplace and Bank. He doesn't seem to be doing much else other than sight-seeing.*
<Uxor> *The figure of Varro is seen walking purposefully through the Market. Frequently, as he tries to continue, he is stopped by folk who either talk to him, or try to touch his face, which he scawfs at openly.* Am I suddenly the town's good luck trinket?? *He grumbles*
<Uxor> *He looked up on the bridge, seeing the unmistakeable outline of a warforged perched abouve, and called up.* Ah good. I see not EVERYTHING has changed...
<Deriaz> *He looked down and waved, but got up and moved out of sight, seeming to head towards the bank.*
<Varro> If the view is not good enough for you, I can keep to the center of the road where you can see me better. *He wrinkled his nose*
<Jaggie> *Having thought she heard a voice, Jaggie looked about. She noticed Deriaz, frowned, and continued on her way.*
<Varro> *Varro watched Deriaz slip oof. But he was not going to get away so easily. Not after the ordeal at the graveyard. Varro took down yet another flyer that crinkled in the breeze on the wall...another 'missing' flyer with his likeness on it.*
<Varro> *Varro fussed his sell componants and was moments later wisking along on a persuit for Deriaz.* *Varro was hot on Der's more ways than one considering unless Deriaz was using magic granted to him from one of the generous Houses, Varro was faster at that point.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz stoped, hearing footsteps coming up fast behind him. He sighed again, and turned around, not trying to avoid him anymore.*
<Varro> *Varro decelerated* Ah good. I was going to point out that you must be slacking in your skills... I've a few choice words for you.
<Deriaz> *He shook his head.* Go ahead. Yell at me all you want. Let's hear the choice words. *He crossed his arms.*
<Varro> *Lifted his chin a little bit. He didn't expect a reaction like that from Deriaz, and he eyed him suspiciously for a moment.* Where's your better half?
<Deriaz> Around. I don't know. Something about a meeting last night. I've  only seen him once after that.

<Jaggie> Cog, I need another bowl of water please. *Jaggie wandered into the Phoenix and took a seat next to the bar.* *Cog smirked at her brightly coloured face.* Stop laughing Cog... *Jaggie smirked*

<Varro> Well, Deriaz, in any event...I want you to tell me what is going on. Everything. If anyone owes me the truth, it would be you. Why is everyone touching my face? What did Mekari do or say?  I spoke with Points a bit... but he was more or less in the dark. I figured you and Uxor were still on good terms and hence you'd know better. *He crossed his arms likewise*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head.* The last thing I heard was from Uxor. She said she heard from Mekari that she had killed you. Well, from there, Uxor set out a search party, which pretty much mobbed you. But we forgot to check your face to make sure you weren't Mekari. You know, to make sure you weren't wearing a mask. *He pointed to his own.* I guess people are just trying to make up for that, making sure you're really back.
<Varro> *Rubbed his brow in irritation.* Insane...completely insane. *He looked up from his contemplation.* Well... for future reference, NEVER believe her. Mekari is a practiced liar.
<Deriaz> * He sighed.* Sure, sure. Any more choice words you want to throw at me?

<Old Blind Hermit (OBH)> *OBH sits outside Phoinex Tavern in his usual spot, facing the FotGN guildhall. He was completelu covered in his brown robe so that none of his body showed.

<Varro> *Varro podded a finger out towards Deriaz* Yes. I want to know where Uxor is. She never came by my house after you lot went trapsing back out the graveyard.
<Deriaz> *He shrugged.* I don't know. I haven't seen her since the event. I've been. . . Busy. Haven't heard from her since.
<Varro> haven't seen her? What, she gone missing to pay me back now?

<OBH> *Sticks his staff out in front the tavern door so people will trip*

<Deriaz> Wouldn't know. *He takes a step around Varro, back in the direction of the bank.* Good luck finding her, though. *He began trying to avoid him, again.*
<Varro> What is up with you man. *He stepped directly in Der's path* You're acting like I have the plague/

<OBH> * A victim falls as they trip over the staff* *OBHermit chuckles*

<Deriaz> It's nothing, forget it. *He slightly pushed Varro out of the way, while taking a step around him again.* I just. . . Nevermind. *He started moving off again towards the bank.*

<Jaggie> Thank you Cog. *Jaggie tossed a few silver coins to the bar tender, now that she was a little more presentable and went for the door. She didn't notice the hermit's stick*

<Varro> *Grabbed hold of Der's wrist.* Not that simple I'm afraid. See, I'm a little more adept at minding folks manerisms than our other 'ambassador' so you can't put me off with a simple 'oh its nothing' and ESPECIALLY not in light of the events that have transpired of late.

<Jaggie> Son-of-AH! *Smack* *Jaggie face planted*
<OBH> *chuckles again* You 'forged are so clumsy
<Deriaz> *He sighed.* Choose your words, carefully. That's all I'm gonna say. They might be the last you say to me. *He wrenched his wrist away, and began moving again, but this time in the direction of the sound of Jaggie falling.*

<Jaggie> Get! *Jaggie pulled herself to one knee, shoeing away the hermit with one hand.*
<OBH> *Jaggie recognizes the voice, but can't place it*
<OBH> Help! Help!

<Varro> DER! I've not gone through all of this to be blown off by someone who is SUPPOSED to be an ambassador. *He gnarled his nose.* What is going on.

<OBH> Warforged attack! Help!
<Jaggie> What?!
<Jaggie> Go away you crazy old fart!

<Deriaz> I'm just--*he trailed off, hearing someone shouting* Duty calls. *He grinned, and slipped away again, turning the corner towards the Phoenix.*

<OBH> *Wacks Jaggie with stick over and over* Leave me alone evil being!
<Jaggie> Oww! Knock it off! Gezz! *Jaggie whiped the dirt from her eye* What's wrong with you?...
<Deriaz> *He slid to a halt, and stared in confusion at the sight of Jaggie being hit over and over.* Oooook. . . *He grabbed the hermit's stick, stopping him.* What's the big idea, here?
<OBH> Evil Warforged hit me!
<Jaggie> Wah? No I didn't. You tripped me up with that bloody stick of yours.
<Deriaz> *He looked down at Jaggie with an amused look on his face.* She did, did she? *He looked back at the hermit.* Not quite what I'm seeing here.
<OBH> I'm just a poor 'ol man sitting minding my own business when she attacked! I only had to defend myself.
<Jaggie> Your a crazy coot... *Jaggie patted the dirt off her entertainers gear* Gezz...Now I gotta get a new one...
<OBH> But I can't fight well o more, I can't see, it is evil!
<Deriaz> *He eyes the hermit carefully* Alright. . . So, you're saying that Jaggie. . . One that I don't think I've ever known to just randomly attack someone. . . Decided out of the blue to attack you?
<OBH> *Chuckles* Yes dear hero, and give back my staff, I need it, please kind sir.
<Deriaz> *He winced* Hero's the last thing you could consider me. . . But still, I'm not buying it. You got any marking from her attacking you, then?

<Varro> *Varro stalked over towards Jaggie* Well, I dare say I've not known our folk to be much for beating up on blindmen and beggars. Though this one IS a little new to me.
<OBH> *Smiles* Is that Varro the Minstril's voice I recognize?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie eyed Varro* Glad they found ya-..
<OBH> So they found you.
<Deriaz> *He sighed, and handed over the staff, and began to slowly back away, slipping away from the crowd.*
<Qizilbash> Found who?

<OBH> Where were you, off drunk and sick?
<Varro> No. I had personal business to attend. Apparently it is the afair of the city when I don't 'check in' for a few days.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie smirked Have fun peeling all the flyers off the walls... I must have made a good 200 of 'em..

<OBH> *OBHermit heard Deriaz start walking away* Wait *This voice was very familiar, and stern.*
<Varro> *Varro's eyes followed Deriaz. He was not giving this persuit up easily.* If you'll excuse me, I must continue to spread word of my return to the word of the living as it were. *He gave a formal bow before he swifted off again in persuit.*
<Deriaz> *He stopped, and looked back at the hermit.* What? Why does everyone want to talk to me?
<OBH> Don't leave yet kind forged.
<Deriaz> *He laughed to himself, upon hearing the word 'kind''*

<OBH> Now, mister Varro was talkig to you, you don;t just turn and leave, you listen.
<Varro> *Gave the hermit an odd look*
<Qizilbash> *Qizilbash sits on a barrel nearby, listenign and observing, keenly takind it all in.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie backed off from the crazy hermit and looked at Deriaz.*
<Deriaz> *He glanced over at Varro.* I . . . Look, I'm on a bit of a time schedule here, alright? I've got one day to do what I need to. And I'd much appreciate it if I could actually get it done.

<OBH> *Stands up, useing staff to pull himself up, showing his black hands of a drow.* Correction kind forged, your schedule had changed.
<Qizilbash> *Smirks*
<Deriaz>  *He glanced at the hermit.* What? Ragyr already said it did. Don't tell me it's changing again. . .
<OBH> *Gives a quiet laugh*
<Varro> *Passed his gaze between the two.* Well good. Then that will leave you and I more time to carry on ambassadorial discussion, yes?

<Jaggie> *She sighed* Why do I always show up at the weirdest moments?...

<OBH> No, it did not change again, but appearantly Ragyr the Great did not tell you all.You have as long as Ragyr the Great has a job.
<Deriaz> *he looked at the hermit, confused.* Didn't tell me everything of what? And who the hell are you, anyway?
<OBH> Just an 'Ol blind hermit, young Hero, that is also known for his wise tellings. People listen to me, and so should you.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz growled* HE has as long as He has a job. *He was talking a little faster, seeming to say anything that came to mind.* I don't have to wait for HIM. I paid good money for those tickets, and I swear on my Karma, I don't plan on just letting them go to waste!
<OBH> *Laughs*

<Jaggie> and for being a crazy coot... I know that voice from somewhere. *Jaggie reached for the man's hood*
<OBH> *Smacked the hand out of the way with staff* DON'T touch my robe, clumsy one.
<Jaggie> Oww. *Jaggie grabbed the stick.*
<OBH> HE has the tickets young Hero, and they are gone.
<Varro> *Varro looked at him flately* Tickets...going somwhere?
<Jaggie> Give me that. *She shoved at the drow*
<OBH> *Breaks staff at where Jaggie was holding on, and broke what he had left on her head.*
<Deriaz> *He ignored Varro, focused on the hermit. A hand went down to his pouch.* What are you talking about? I still have it here in my pouch. You don't honestly think I'd lose something as expensive as a ticket Khor--- As a ticket, do you? *he laughed.* Maybe you should get the story first before you go around saying wahtever comes to mind.
<OBH> hehe, yes I do, to Ragyr the Great I do.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie rubbed her head and backed off from the dow hermit* I swear I know that voice....
<Deriaz> What, you're saying he lost his ticket? Pff. Fine. I'll leave without him, then. With him or without him, I gotta get out of here.
<Varro> *Spoke very softly* Der...might I have a moment with you.. privately...
<OBH> And mister Varro the drunk yet great minstril, have you heard the news?
<Varro> News? What news? I am afraid I have been in the dark now since my return.
<Deriaz> *He glanced at Varro.* I'd rather not, sorry, friend. *He saluted, and moved to leave again.*
<Varro> Advies Der...ADVICE! *He tried to call after him*

<Qizilbash> *Having less and less idea whats going on removes his spell book from his pack and begins to study one of it pages*
<OBH> All the news, on what happened when you were off drunk and such.
<Varro> For the last time, I was not 'off drunk'....I'm only drunk when I'm HERE
<OBH> *Laughed*

<Jaggie> Deriaz is going back... *Jaggie looked at the man holding a spell book untop of a barrel*

<Deriaz> *He stopped and looked backm looking torn between leaving and staying.*

<OBH> Miss Uxor was quiet upset.
<Varro> *tries to follow the strings of conversation* Yes well little missy has some explaining yet to do for me.
<OBH> *Using magic to binf Deriaz's feet to floor.*
<OBH> You, have more to explain than her.
<Varro> Perhaps. That will come as it comes. It would require her to actually talk with me first.

<Deriaz> *He glanced down at his feet, and growled at the hermit.* Why can't you people just let me see the sights of the city one more time before I leave off to Khorvaire, hm?--*He shut hus mouth, realizing what he had said after he said it.*
<Jaggie> Thank you, Deriaz... 'cause I was about to spill.
<Deriaz> *He sighed* It wouldn't have mattered if you did. . . I'm beyond caring, really.
<Varro> *He looked Deriaz over* Thought so. Deriaz, considering I used to live there a time ago...why pray tell are you going there?
<OBH> Because it is a great place for forged. The mournlands.
<Jaggie> ...hell no it an't...

<Deriaz> To get away. I'm done causing problems. I'm done trying to find a place I can call home. I'm done trying to actually get somewhere in this damned city. . . I'm . . .I'M DONE!

<Liyra> *Liyra was almost to the Pheonix as she saw the strange crowd gathered outside. Curious as to what was happening, she quixkened her pace and headed toward the entrance.*

<Qizilbash> I just came from Khorvaire and I wouldn't bother going back for a few years to be honest.
<Varro> Where did you plan on landing... you wont find a ship to set you down at it... because in that casem that was what I wanted to talk with you about. But, in your interest, not out among so many reas. Personal matters.
<Deriaz> I dunno. Just landing anywhere. Like I said, I'm beyond caring. Now if you people would just let me go!

<OBH> Listen all!!! Silence!
<Varro> *Glanced down at the blind fellow.*
<Deriaz> *He growled, but went quiet.*
<Varro> Indeed, coming from one who was screaming for help with evil forged but mere moments ago.
<Jaggie> *pointed around* Could we be somewhere with less ears?
<Varro> your name is what?
<Jaggie> Me? Jaggie...

<OBH> Tomorrow, Noon, when all is quiet, and all are resting and in fun, comes danger by sea, where it will seal Stormreach's DOOM!
<Varro> Ah good, blind old prophits. Good to see we've had a fresh shipment of those arrive. *He rolled his eyes*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz blinked a few times.* And this has some relation to Ragyr. . . How?
<OBH> I am the Wise, the Soothsayer, your ally, and your enemy! I have no name at this time!
<Jaggie> I'm calling the guards on this loony.... *Jaggie turned around*
<OBH> No. Shut up clumsy one!
<Jaggie> *She noticed Liyra coming up the road*

<Liyra> Ello Jaggie. Um... who's this guy *She nodded towards the hermit.* a new friend of yours?
<OBH> The armies will be in the Harbor and will spread quick.
<Varro> Armies..of?

<Jaggie> The crazy coot? *SHe gestured at the hermit.* Call the guards for me.

<OBH> They know the weakness of each house.

<OBH> The armies Clan Scorpion
<Jaggie> Who? *SHe began to leave. Little to much crazy for her day.*
<Liyra> *She blinked at the request.* He's a bit crazy, but he looks harmless enough...
<Jaggie> That's just 'cause he broke his stick on my head...

<OBH> Clan Scorpion Imperial will make their second try to conqure Xen'drix, and they will succed unless you prepare!
<Deriaz> *Deriaz struggled with the vines at his feet. He mumbled to himself.* If I can just. . .
<Jaggie> Ya want me to take that hood off..

<Qizilbash> Want me to try and burn off those vines- I been practicing this burning hand spell a few times- might be able to get it right... Are your clothes flamable?
<Deriaz> *Deriaz grinned.* Only if I'm coasted in oil, will this metal burn. Give it a shot.
<Qizilbash> *ponders the various implications of firing off some burning hands in the middle of a crows in a downtown street in Stormreach.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz sighs* If you don't mind, I'm in a bit of a hurry. Sights to see, crate to pack, ship to catch.
<Varro> SOunds like your ship might be caught by the 'armies' *He said with quote fingers, rolling his eyes.*
<OBH> Deriaz, wait. Be patient friend.
<Deriaz> *He shot a look at the hermit.* Well, I'm sorry, but I do have a time to keep.
<OBH> *Laughs a sad laugh* Your ship is gone, you will take another, the day after. You leave in two days.

<Olenga> *Starts making free smush for all the homeless Fleshbased people.* *Hangs up a sign stating WE DONT SERVER 'FORGED*

<Varro> *Varro was about to protest again, when he stopped and grew quiet looking at something behind Deriaz.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz eyed the hermit carefully.* What? *He groaned.* I swear, I got everything packed up, and all I wanted to do today was just relax, see the sights one more time. . . You know, things most people do before they leave.

<Jaggie> ...Here's how we solve this. *Jaggie turned back around to face the hermit*

<Varro> *Varro was making 'cutting' gestures across his neck, and tisking slightly at Der.*

<Qizilbash> *decides against using burnign hands unless it becomes necessary, trusting in those who know more of the situation.*
<Points Deway> *A fairly young elf comes trotting around the corner and slides to a stop at the group gathered outside the Phoenix. His eye quickly surveys the people and you notice a slight relaxation in his stance as he hands move away from his weapons into a wave.*

<Deriaz> *Deriaz eyed Varro, confused.* What? I'm not goot at hand games.

<Points> Haul and wel met everyone! What is this all about?

<Varro> *Varro shakes his head, and Deriaz hears someone walk up besides to the gathering.*
<Deriaz> * Deriaz twisted around, trying to see who was approaching.*
<Qizilbash> *Notices the new arrival but pretends not to, apparently engrossed in his spellbook.*
<Uxor> *Uxor was looking at Deriaz with a very worn look on her face.*

<OBH> *Turns to Jaggie* How?
<Jaggie> *Being so close to the drow she simply allowed herself to fall on him.*
<OBH> Stupid Clumsy Forged! Get off me!
<Jaggie> Not tell I know who owns that voice.

<Deriaz> *He shook his head at Uxor.* Mind helping a guy out, here? *He pointed at the vines.*


<Olenga> *Starts making free smush for all the homeless Fleshbased people.* *Hangs up a sign stating WE DONT SERVER 'FORGED*
<Varro> ((*Cog the bar tender scratches his head at the sign.* When did I stop serving myself??)
*Pages in a book*
I don't make the rules, I just follow them... Because it makes you angry.

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