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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Fate of Nero. PT.1
NeroBloodfire (Applicant) 4/23/2007 5:43 PM EST : Fate of Nero. PT.1 (Updated)
Posts: 103

    Nero was sitting around the guildhall talking kindly seeking his next big attempt at accoplishing his lifes dream. A Gruff Superiour Black warforged carrying a scroll walked in. Naturally in Nero's eyes this would be nothing to be concerned about since warforged are nothing more then elaborite dolls made for enjoyment. This warforged named Ragyr started talking insultingly to a female by the name of Uxor. Oh course holding to his personal values of (Must protect beautiful women everywhere) Nero had to stick his nose where it did not belong. Since Uxor seemed to be unconcerned Nero let it go for a moment. When the Warforged left Nero concluded that this mighty warforged might be interesting to watch. 
    Nero pursued the Warforged to the House D apartment complex. This seemed odd to Nero since as far as he knew warforged do not require rest. After the Warforged entered an apartment Nero quarreld with what to do next. He concluded that barging in was not a good enough reason. So he did what any person would do... Hired someone to do Nero's bad idea.  
    Nero payed a Mercenary who happened to be nearby on hand to go and expel the "theif" from Nero's home. (This was not Nero's home in fact Nero had no idea whose home it was.) After the thief went in Nero listened closely to the following conversation for important tid-bits. Not hearing any other then the Warforged yelling how it was his home and that the poor fleshie mercenary (Redshirt) was about to be forced to leave. Nero Concluded that it may actually be the Warforgeds home and nothing more to worry about other then how strong this warforged actually was. The last known words of poor Redshirt were 'THE PLATINUM PEICES AREN'T WORTH IT"
    Nero Decided to leave to warforged to his humble abode and was about to leave to do some mindless brawling in the lobster tavern when he heard some loud crashing noises coming from inside the house. Trouble seems to be a-foot.
    Nero peeked into the doorway and seeing the Warforged throwing things around decided that this could be what he has been looking for. The Warforged stormed off in the direction of what appeared to be a bedroom.
    At this point Nero flung open the door and walking in seeming to not have a care in the world stating: Hello anybody here? I just moved into the neighborhood and thought I'd come by to say Hi. I even brought snacks! 
    Not hearing an answer Nero proceeded into the befroom. "So Mr. Warforged been doing some redecorating?" At this comment Nero calmly plopped himself down into a chair and got comfortable.  
    After a short conversation that Nero blotted from memory. (Too many cross racial jokes for poor little halfling ears) Nero found himself with a powerful warforged. Not getting the answers he seeks. Nero seems to give up. Before he raises to leave the warforged prompts him with the question of why Nero is here anyways. Nero never being one to be "completely" dishonest and quite willing to tell a tale to pass the time. Starts to inform the warforged of the real reason Nero is there.
    Nero: Well the story starts like this. *Hands some oil to Ragyr*
    Nero: Back in the days of my Warmage academy I have been obsessed with finding a challenge. In th eAcademy I quicly sailed through the ranks seeking fair fights and winning all. This began to bore me so I started seeking fights I would likely lose on equal footing. I went straight for the headmaster. I Beat him barely but the fact is I won.
    Nero: Since I beat him I sought a higher challenge. I went for what the headmaster couldn't beat. I took down and epic gargoyle immune to magic with might and my twin bastard swords alone.
    Nero: So after that I went to the arena's attempting to find a challenge to beat me. I never even got close to being defeated because each time it seemed that I would meet my doom my power level would compound and increase to a higher tier.
    Nero: After a few decades of trying to find a greater challenge and cound not find one I sought the right to die. I could not find this nor could I simply allow myself to die.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr swirls the oil around.* Poor you so strong and no-one to kill you.*Ragry continues to drink from the oil.*
    Nero: I decided that I must continue to look for an equal or greater power then myself. I figured out the only way for me to Die was to create a clone of myself. An exact duplicate. So I sought the help of fellow mages and created a son.
    Nero: Unfortunatly the ritual was tainted. One mage tried to cheat and duplicate my power in himself. The end result was unexpected. The mage gained fragments of my power that killed him. In addition my power was sealed and my son was born with no magic ability what-so-ever. I decided that maybe raising him could be my new purpose.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr silled the oil around like a noble with a glass of wine* Oh' I feel for you. I really do. *He was looking obviously bored, now, and took another drink from the oil.
    Nero: *Coughs to clear his throat* I have been slowly re-unlocking my powers to try it again and mage a difference. I seek death maybe YOU are a worthy challenge.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr Laughed.* Alright two things: *Ragyr liftes one finger,* One, that was a horrible story.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr lifts another finger.* Two, I deal more in ambushes. Not a straight fight.
    Nero: *Magic begins to crackle in the air at Nero's obvious displeasure.* Then you aren't worthy.
    Nero: *Pauses a moment* Nothing more then another useless rusting bucket of lead.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr stood up, and started to finish the oil, but stopped.* ...Useless?
    Nero: *As Nero's agitation builds so does the air of dangerous magic* Yes completly pathestic if you can't even deal in straight fights then you have no real worth in this existance.*Nero had an idea at this point* Maybe I should just summon a rust monster to finish you off.*Getting a feeling this warforged may have some usefull information in his floating through his tin skull. Nero activates a minor mind reading spell which adds to the air of cracking magic.*
    Ragyr: *Ragyr started to drink again, but froze at the mention of the rust monster. He set the small amount of oil down.* Now, let's not get hasty here...
    Nero: Whats hasty? I've waited almost a hundred years. I can wait another hundred.
    Nero: *Grins evilly* Besides... I've been itching to test this out.
    Ragyr: *Ragyr took a step back.* Hasty as in summoning something you don't have to... *His mind begins to race. 'Think of something... FAST.'* What... If I said I may have someone you can fight?
    Nero: *Realizing that this warforged is useless and seems to be bluffing. Nero decideds to entertain himself * *As Nero stands the magic around him seems to reach a crescendo and his eyes begin to glow.*
    Ragyr: *Ragyr holds up a hand.* Someone who's a MUCH better fighter then me?
    Nero: *Nero feeling that this warforged is probably still bluffing. Allows to magic to die down* Hmm?
    Ragyr: *Ragyr nodded. 'Deriaz, of course.'* Now, He's more of a physical fighter, mind you, but what if I could get him to fight you?
    Nero:  I'll fight him. *Thinks to himself... God these warforged really are as dumb as they look...*
    Ragyr: *Ragyr claps his hands together.* Perfect! Now, mind you, he may not be up to the idea at first, but truuuuuust me. He's a cold-blooded killer. Worse then me, if I dare say so.
    Nero: You are up to something I can tell by the stress. *Eyes Ragyr coldly.*
    Ragyr: *Ragyr shrugged.* What? Stressed? Me? Noooo. I'm just helping you out here you want to die, I know just the Forged.
    Nero: *Giving up finding anything usefull on this warforged.* Who and where?
    Ragyr: Trust me! He's a cold-blooded killer. Killed an old halfling in broad daylight once...
    Ragry: *Points to the door.* His name's Deriaz Ironfist. Can't Miss him. Tall, big, blue, orange eyes, stupid orange mase. Wears four bastard swords on him and a Tower shield. Usually you can find him in the harbor.
    Nero: *Thinking back to the old days of his four trusted bastard swords. Starts to be intrigued.* I'll seek him out. Expect rust monster Mucho' Grande' if your lying to me.
    Ragyr: *Ragyrs mind began to picture it, but he shut it down. Another deep laugh.* No worries. Completly honest. You can trust me, can't you?
    Nero: *Stating Calmly* No, I can't.
    Ragyr: Ragyr frowned.* And I listened to your whole story. Now I'm just crushed.
    Nero: You made fun of my story as well.
    Ragyr: *shrugging* Minor technicality.
    Nero: Remember warforged... Technicalities have a habit of ending lives. *Leaves the room*
    Nero: *Chuckling to himself well out of earshot* Yet another warforged falls for the rust monster bluff. Man I really need to work on finishing that spell.
    Thus Nero heads off in search of this Deriaz person. Nero remembers seeing the name before he just can't seem to recall where.

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