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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)

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Geona the Rose (Applicant) 5/1/2007 8:45 PM EST : Return of and old friend.

Geona the Rose
Posts: 28

This night of all nights it rained as if it were the last it ever would. A lowly worn down freight hauler limped into the docks of the arguably pirate run city of Stormreach. The mood was of fear, and distrust. The captain had his men on full alert, and he sent a prayer to the gods that all would go well, and he could be rid of the man that paid for the trip here.

Usually the Captain only made a trip here with his ship loaded down with supplies to sell and barter, but when the gold was laid out before him, even rot-got of scoundrel as he would not turn his employer down.

As the captain looked out at the docks a deckhand come running up. Giving a half salute, and greeting. ”Capt’n.” With a nod of acknowledgement the man put his hand down. ”Capt’n, the boys are almost ready for dock, should we tell “him” that we are about to dock at Stormreach?”

”Be my guest, ol’boy.” Came the deep husky voice of the captain as he looked down at the puny man.

With another salute the deckhand moved to below, and headed to the quarters of the man that had bought the ship for this trip. Knocking on the door, the man jumped back when he heard the sound of a sword being drawn from its scabbard.

”Its me! It’s me sir. Ol Rutty! I’s just commin to tell ya da we be making port at Stormreach now.” With that his heart started beating again as he hear the sword placed back in its sheath.

The next moment was shattered as the sound of armored footfalls could be heard coming to the door. Rutty cringed and tried to become one with the wall as the door swung open. Lightning flashed, and the sweating man’s face was illuminated in the light even more so than the candle light could show. The man’s face was pale, and though he was strong physically, you could tell weariness had set upon him for quite some time. Still in full dress armor the sight struck fear in Rutty’s old black heart like as if he had seen a wraith.

The man’s voice was a shadow of what it once was. Raspy, and between labored breaths he spoke. ”Dock… you… will be paid for your haste." With that he pulled a helmet upon his head hiding the dulled cursed eyes that had looked into Rutty’s very soul.

Stumbling and moving to a trot he made his way back to the captain. “Cat’n. He said for us to dock fast, and that we’d be paid for our hurry. Orders?” With that a grin came to the captain’s face. ”Move your sorry excuse for a arse, you maggot!” He roared at the man who was already scrambling to his post. ”That goes for the lot of ya. Move like your been paid for it!”

With that the deck became a frenzy of action, normally disorganized and crazy; this time it were as each sailor were part of a some naval fleet. Orders were given, sails dropped, and so forth. The ship swung around, and came to a well planned, but scary stop as it entered a port. The ramp went down, and lines were secured. Sure enough some dock officials come running up.

“What is the meaning of this? I dare ask. Who is the Captain of this vessel?” The ragged dockmaster looked around nostrils flaring.

’That be me, mister dockmaster.” Replied the captain as he headed to the man. “Sorry bout the scare ol chap, but you’s sees my men nd I be paid for our swiftness of sail and foot. So a little scare was necessary.”

“Well your going to be fine so much that they will have to throw you in the stockades.” Roared the man as the guards standing around him started to look nervous.

“Sir, you do realize we be pirates nd all, scallywags, and scoundrels of the like.” The captain’s voice now teeming with blood lust as his hand slowly slipped to his rapier by his side.

“I don’t care if you were drow savages, this is my dock, and what I say goes. You almost damaged the docks coming in so fast. It’s a wonder you didn’t. Men? Seize him and take him to the harbor master.” At that moment the men started growling, and drawing blades.

The guards drew there weapons, and readied themselves for battle.

“You should care, dockmaster. For just a few more coin I could have these me deliver your heads to the harbor master.” Came a powerful voice, but coughing soon followed.

“What? How dare you? Who was that? Show yourself. Speak your name as I would have it for my report.” The dockmaster headed for the door where the voice was emanating from.

“Howellett. Jhiames Howellett.” With that the Jhaimes stepped forth from the shadow, as the rain poured down. Another flash of lightning cracked across the sky followed by thunder. Seeing this armored man towering over him, the dockmaster slipped and fell as he tried to back away from Jhaimes.

“Well, Mr. Howelett, sir. Then I will have you to speak with the harbormaster for this!” The man said as he scrambled back.

With a couple of steps forward Jhaimes lifted the man up off his feet with one hand, showing all around just how powerful he was. ”That’s Sir Howelett to you, boy!” With that the guards started forth, but came to a skidding halt as Jhaimes removed a massive, and brilliantly glowing bastard sword from his side.

“Stowe, your weapons! None of you need die here today.” He said as his voice boomed over the rain. Slowly he pointed the Sunblade to each of the guards, and after they put away their weapons so did he.

Pulling the man to his face he spoke again. “If Knighthood is not enough for you to stand down, then being a founder of when Stormreach reopened its gates should suffice, unless you wish to take our troubles up with the coin lords?”

The dockmaster turned white as a sheet, and nearly fainted. After being set back down he apologized profusely, and soon had his men off the ship. As soon as they were gone, Jhaimes stumbled to the mast, and start to lean against it, but fell.

Looking up through his helmet he was shocked to see the captain pulling him back to his feet.

“Far be it for me to care about a Paladin, but you look hardly better than the walkn dead, mate.” With that he slowly looked over the man’s battered armor, and found the wound that was draining him of life.

“Normally, I’d see ya dead before anything. One less pally on this ol world is one off my back, but I like your money more… nd they idea of you lookin for my services gives me a bit of ironic satisfaction. However, for as much as your paying me, nd my men. Could I atleast send for a priest, or Cleric?” With that he looked down at Jhaimes waiting for an answer.

“No! there isn’t time.” Again his strength was waning. “I.. must find my friends. The Fellowship…of the Golden Night. Must return to tomb, and destroy it.” With a labored breath he grunted as he pushed back up to his feet. Waving the Captain back, Jhaimes pulled from his belt another pouch, and dropped it into the pirate’s hands.

“For you troubles, resupply and what you need, and be gone.” With that Jhaimes slowly started for the ramp.

Looking into the pouch, the captain grinned from ear to ear. “Say ye be returnin, eh?” Shaking the pouch for the coins to jingle he continued. “Get your friends, nd come’on back, my ship nd boys be waitin for ya.”

Looking back to the Captain, Jhaimes gave a nod, and then stumbled down the steps.

The rain was relentless, and cold as it poured down. But he couldn’t feel it, between the wounds he had sustained, and the curse laid upon him he was too cold, numb and tired to feel it. It was a testament to his willpower that he had made it this far. However, as he roamed through the streets he could find the pain and weariness clouding his mind, and memory, and soon the next step seemed to be a fight.

Turning down an alley way, a rat ran across the cobblestone looking for shelter. It was then that he felt the eyes upon him. Continuing into the alley he let his shield slip from his back, and he hoist it up upon his arm. Stopping finally, his breathing difficult as it was, and made more so by the armor was ragged. Pulling the sword from its sheath, he slowly turned to face the hooded figured.

”So the rumors from the docks were true. You have returned. You’ve got some nerve returning after disappearing as you did.” The voice was female, but dark. Still anger laced it like fire waiting to erupt.

“Jealous? Your not the only one… that can disappear.” With that he took a step forward, only to find his legs give out. Dropping his shield and sword he sank to the ground.

With the quickness and grace the dark woman dashed to Jhaimes’s side. Pulling his helmet off, she reared back slightly as she looked at him. “By the gods, Jhaimes! I haven’t seen you this torn up since the war.” Reaching into a pouch at he side she pulled a bottle from it. Opening it, she helped him drink the draught. “I don’t know if it will cure you, but least it will help.” Sighing she took off her cloak and wrapped it around him. Slipping his arms into his shield, and taking his sword, and laying it upon him she started to drag him.

“Geoana… need Fellowship… I must… must kill him. Need help… need… Ahopiana.” With that he found darkness of unconsciousness over take him, as he found himself wondering if she would still be here.

Though he was heavy, Geoana was not without her own strength, and as fast as she could she dragged him back to the guild hall.

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