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Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Replacement (ic rp dragon run thread)
538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 3/14/2007 7:58 PM EST : Replacement (ic rp dragon run thread)

Posts: 632

*She could manage only to stare up at Varro's porch. For some time, the door had been looming above her as she stood there on the walkway, turning a key in her hand over and over again. There were many possible outcomes of choosing to try and get inside. Mekari had told her that she'd been 'opening doors she was told to leave closed.' None so directly as this door however. Vividly, Uxor could hear his words. "Know that if you ever try to come here again, you’re going to need a lock-pick. My door is closed to you." This was off set by the need to know if what Mekari had said was true. She weighted the potential results of her actions.

If she left, right now, and went to the guild or friends for help, it would be respecting Varro's desire to be left alone. However, if the attack was recent enough, if there had indeed been an attack, he could be in there in need of help. Delay could cost dearly. Leaving now also gave Mekari further time to regroup from the earlier frey at the Phoenix.

Perhaps, however, going inside was what Mekari wanted in the first place; a clever means of luring Uxor out in the open, alone, with fewer witnesses. Or perhaps she was bluffing to try and trick her into this very situation, to put a rift further between she and Varro. After all, if she managed to get inside, and he was there unscathed, how would she explain trying to get in uninvited? It wouldn't matter what she said then, he wouldn't listen, her actions would speak louder than anything she could write.

She could always knock - but what if he was still mad at her and wouldn't open the door? Should she assume that if she got no answer, he was there and being spiteful, or lying slaughtered in his bed?

What would she do if she DID walk in to find a bardic corpse? "Get him to a priest, that's what" she thought. Then she found herself thinking of Mekari's mention of "Lord and Lady Velox." No one had been able to revive Endaria. In retrospect, there was a strong possibility that Mekari had been involved in that death, even if it were only indirectly. Uxor had never really considered before that it was quite possible they had killed Endaria as a warning or punishment for Varro. If the same ones had a hand in Varro's death, if he was infact dead, then ressurrection might not work on him either. She had to keep telling herself 'if' he was dead.

Momentarily, it crossed her mind that letting herself into Varro's home was going to be something she'd have to explain to the guild. After all, being covert and taking matters into her own hands had brought down Hope's punishment on her once already. This was not about hurt feelings or double talk however. This was a guildmate's life... She'd atoned for her actions, and if doing this warrented further punishment, then so be it. Her mind was made up. She would rather be scourged than hesitate and learn later that 'had she acted quicker  he could have been rescued'. She would rather he hate her forever for charging in unannounced to find him whole, than turn away when he could be bleeding out on his floor.

She walked up the steps to the porch and reached for the door knob. She stopped though, and corrected her hand up to knock on the door instead. At least the courtesy of attempting to knock she could afford.
Uxor pressed her ear against the door, listening for any sort of sound from within.
No movement.
She reached for the doorknob. Locked.
Uxor wriggled her mouth, trying her key in the lock. He'd given her a key to his home some time ago, welcoming her to use his spare room if she needed to, or simply wanted to. Uxor guessed that having someone staying over helped him deal with his loss. She didn't remember what it was like to be married, but going from always having another person around to complete solitude in your home must be hard, she figured. The familiar click of the lock openning was both comfort and doom bringer. On one hand, she felt releaved to see that he'd not changed his locks. She thought they had been already, hence his lack of request for her key back when he threw her out. To know that her key still worked lifted her spirits tremendously - it meant that just maybe, he was still open to reconsiliation. On the other hand, the open door meant she had to prepaire for what was waiting on the other side. Lots of mental pictures stirred up as she pushed the door open. . . a wreck; signs of struggle; pools of blood; an angry Varro burning a hole in her head with his gaze; him lying motionless in a variety of death throws...
How completely off the mark her thoughts were in some ways.

The place looked very much in a usual state of affairs. There was evidence that he'd been home at some point... and he'd apparently been busy. There were papers and drawings on his desk. Uxor looked to the bedroom, where the door stood open. She hesitantly made her way towards the bedroom, knocking on the threshhold as she got close enough. The bed was empty. She walked round and found no bard, living or dead. Then she happened to notice what the papers lying about were. Diagrams of traps and map drawings of some kind of structure. There were studies of the red dragon in sketches, and notes scrawled off to the side. There was a roster copy with little marks next to certain names, and lines through others...

Uxor realized that this was the planning of the excurtion into the Vault of Night to drive back Velah for the Coin Lords. With their recent fight, she'd all but forgotten the matter, save the part she'd taken hand in. She saw among the papers her own writing... the notes and other pertinant information on how to find Velah. An alarming thought came to her as she read the details of some of the more recent writing.

First off, she noticed some correspondance already having been done between Varro and their allies concerning help. Then she saw among the names list one that she recognized, but knew to not be from among their fold or allies ranks. Festering Wounds, and the word 'guide' was written next to the name. This name was crossed out however, and instead she saw another name written under that. There was a note of reply of some kind, and skimming it, Uxor determined that there was an arrangement for this person, this Twiggy, to be a guide into and through the Vault of Night. Based on the documentation, Uxor estimated that they intended to set off on the journey the next evening. Then she saw something that drove her heart to sinking again. An unfinished document of instruction there on the desk. The words of this parchment left off awkwardly, and Uxor frowned in knowing that he had been writing something, and stopped entirely. The ink was well dry, as was the quill still lying there. Now Uxor felt her pulse quicken at the notion that something had interrupted the writing, and that he had not come back to it.

Then, she realized with much horror that if something had happened to Varro, that eleven folk of guild, alliance, and commission, would be awaiting his meeting with them. Not to mention, that if Varro didn't take the troupe there, the Coin Lords would not tolerate delay. The right to be asked to the undertaking was a sign of respect on their part. To turn it down would spell trouble for them. What could she do? Not really knowing of any other way to handle the matter, Uxor started to gather together all the notes, drawings, and anything worthwhile into a bundle, which she loaded into her pack. No matter what the trouble, the raid upon the dragon had to go through... Uxor thought long and hard. Someone was going to need to take Varro's place as ambassador for this. She was that someone. But could she really even visualize herself standing before the gaping mouth of flame? There was no way round it however. Varro had contracts, correspondance... it was already set in motion. Then Uxor reached a conclusion that angered her more than frightened.

This was it. This was what Mekari wanted. To disrupt the raid. By taking out Varro, she could completely disjoint the efforts, and thus, leave the Fellowship to insult the Coin Lords. Mekari, if she had killed Varro, probably had also taken his body to cause them to deviate from their efforts and devote their manpower to searching for him. Uxor was not going to let her get away with it. She needed to find Varro, she needed to determine whether or not he was safe. But before she flew off the handle and assumed that Varro had indeed perished, this matter had to be resolved. She scooped up the last of the materials and made for the guildhall*

*When Uxor arrived at the guild hall, she wasted no time writing a note, and sought out the first available person to express her trouble. This was no time for choice words or semantics. She handed a note that read:*

"We have an issue. One of great trouble. Varro is gone. Mekari came to me to proclaim that she's killed him, but I'm not certain if this is fact or not. I've gone to his home, and there's some evidence to support that something has happened to him in some way or another. But what's more, the raid cannot be interrupted. I will act in Varro's stead - if we abandon our service to the Coin Lords, then any hopes we have of their future cooperation are dashed... what's more, the Coin Lords might go out of their way to make trouble for us to repay a snubbing. What they would view as such, knowing how they are. I've gathered together all that I could find of Varro's notes. He had a roster of who is to set out on this raid. I will study these materials tonight and learn all that I can to act in Varro's place. I believe this was Mekari's intent - to disrupt us by putting one of our own in danger or worse, and trying to get us to devote our attention to getting Varro back instead of serving the Coin Lords. Send word to Hope of this turn of events."

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 3/15/2007 8:28 PM EST : RE: Replacement (ic rp dragon run thread)

Posts: 632

*It had been a rough eve. Trying to fill the shoes of Varro, who had a way with people and event planning, was quite the task for Uxor. Several of the names on Varro's roster were folk who had been called away on other business around the land. New faces had been acquired in their absence, but getting them together in one place at one time had proved quite the workout for her. He had made it look so easy. No, he MAKES  it look so easy. No past tense, she kept telling herself.

She had detailed the trouble of Mekari, Varro's disappearence, and the impending venture into the Vault of Night to her guildmates. All were concerned, and many had come forward to offer their help to her. This was reassuring. She needed reassurance now.

The trip had gone in some ways as expected, but in others, completely awry. Fortunately, all had been bound with Brothers for when the eventual mishap thwarted the party. In a way, Uxor was thankful. It had taken every fiber of her will, every meditative technique, every precious bit of focus she had, just to be able to move about in that place. The lava... the flames... twice she'd nearly fallen down into it! When the time came, and she was there before Velah, she almost didn't come when their guide Arrien called for her to cross the bridge. It was being hit with a beholder's stone ray, except she knew she COULD move, she just had to make herself do it. But seeing Velah there, hovering menicingly in all her firey glory, was enough to crumble Uxor's resolve - almost. Uxor had forced herself to go only by staring directly at the ground before her feet, and not looking up to where she knew that dragon was. The untimely demise of the entire party had spared her of having to drive herself forward to be face to face, sword to scale, with terror incarnate.
Still, despite the failure to vanquish Velah from the vault that night, Uxor felt a certain sense of pride knowing that failure - while not ideal - at least showed the Coin Lords that they had tried. So long as they continued to try, the Coin Lords would be appeased. Thus, for now, if Mekari's plan had been ruining their chance to get to the innards of the Vault of Night by causing a distraction, it had not worked. The only thing left to do now... was find Varro.

A search party was going to be necessary. Mekari might be able to keep an eye out and prepaire for Uxor, but a mass force of searchers? That was a different story. She was determined. She would either find where he was being kept, or find his remains and see him ressurrected. No thought went to 'if' he could be ressurected. He would be. He had to be.

That night, she didn't sleep in her room at the guild hall. She didn't retire to her room at the rusty nail. Instead, she slept in Varro's guest room in his home. If he came back, she didn't care how mad he got. Not after she'd faced a dragon for his sake. There she would wait. If he returned, that was all she needed. If Mekari showed, she would waste no time killing her. She had gone toe to toe with her before unarmed, but she doubted very much that Mekari could function blinded and down on the ground. Uxor eyed the mysterous sword as she stretched out in the bed, thinking on its abilities. There was still no way to know who had sent it yet. Whoever sent it, she thanked with all her being. Repeatedly it had served to aide her. If the blade was a work of evil, it certainly had an odd way of being incredibly useful and beneficial to have around. She kept the weapon within reach while she slept.

Morning found her alone in his home, with all things exactly the way she'd found them when she let herself in initially; absolutely no indication that he, or anyone, had been there. She returned to the guild hall to see if anyone had heard any news. It was useless to ask though; Uxor knew that finding him was not going to be a matter of happening upon him by chance. A man hunt was needed.*


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