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Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Ambassadors' Abduction: Aftermath Part 1 (The Events) 6/27/2007 3:14 PM
the truthseeker (Applicant) 6/27/2007 1:11 PM EST : Ambassadors' Abduction: Aftermath Part 1 (The Events)

the truthseeker
Posts: 107

[My interpretation of my character's Monday night's chat roleplaying session...]


Such a word was subjective. Some beings believe that "safe" means away from harm, others think it means not subject to harm again or protected from being harmed whether previously or not. 

One thing Cerulean had learned since his arrival and his....upgrades is sadly appearing confirmed...

Safety is nothing more but an illusion...   

The previous 30 hours have been  pure inner. "....hells of an alternate plane," as his creator had said. Never did he think since he had obtained (apparently) fully working emotions he would ever see and be forced to endure such horrors in so short a time. Even what had happened to Nero and his "petrified" friends paled to the events just unfolded..and then the unloading of emotional of bricks being told about Liyra.....

Many times today, he internally screamed at his avatar to remove these emotions impeding his duties to no response. All he wanted now was to forget the pain he was feeling as to what just happened....

At first when Tyr explained the seriousness of Uxor's missing status, her obvious bait designate for Varro and Varro's ordering Tyr not to look for her (but the loophole allowing a party to be assembled to look for Varro,) Cerulean was seriously concerned but not in any state of duress. After all, most villains and their sizable egos needed days to set their master plan in motion, brag to their captors, and subconsciously leave some method of escape/rescue open.

However, the time and protocol needed to "resolve" such an issue was too long. He would not risk either of their lives for the sake of "required" steps. Sometimes laws needed to be bent if not broken to save lives. 

When Ingram was mentioned by Ruse, Cerulean knew he had a way of quickly finding them. Few beings could escape the pull of the Inquisitor's metaphoric dragnet, or the influence they had with...permissions on resolving issues often marred by bureaucracy.

And Cerulean was no simple patron of the Flame's Favor. Three times he had served the Flame's interest for the greater good--twice aiding Baudy and Ingram saving the city financially from ruin, once saving the Silver Flame from its own internal corruption from the Mockery...even after its....less than cordial reception to non flesh humanoids, lycanthropes, and other non "normal" races.  His brooch of blessing was a testament to his level of influence, but his actions whispered in the inner circle were more than simply that reward.

So when he and a small group of Fellowship members assembled at the Lobster, Cerulean called in a marker to part of "his eternal gratitude."

Hearing that neither the organization nor the Inquisitor branch were  able to locate them was predicted....He had expected this contingency since NeroGodFire's unknown status, and had planned accordingly for this. All he needed was the permission for him to use the banned spell for the sake of innocent lives.

After a quick meeting (and a 'donation' to Ingram for the council of 1 million gold for the...non pious members of the committee,) Ingram granted the request due to "the potential threat to the ambassadors' of Stormreach's lives.
"Locate 'Monster'" was immediately cast targeting an enhanced level he decided to leave out details to others....
Casting the spell, Cerulean still wishes to this moment he never saw the images. If he were flesh, he knew he would have retched until the contents of his stomach were empty....

Images of Varro and Uxor, chained to chairs, maimed, limbs and digits severed or barely connected, bashed in, bleeding, seemingly dying....Several defenders nearby inert...

a tunnel heading to a portcullis....exiting to a very familiar looking hall...exiting the all-too-clear frescoes of the lesser used wing of House K....

"Without a word spoken, Cerulean reentered the Lobster, emerging a few moments later, prepared as best as he could in the short time with the needed spells. He said in somewhat of a commanding tone not heard of him before,

"Gather and link hands for a teleport, you have five minutes before this spell goes off to prepare spells and return linked..."

Five minutes and one second later, the group was teleported to the wing, Cerulean not wasting any time with finesse lockpicking by any rogue, wrenching the bar from the gate with a knock spell almost thrust like his signature rapiers.
The gate open, and Darkvision cast on himself for the blackness ahead, Points took up point, leading the way..the others treating this like it were some game...ignored. At this time, he shared quietly what he knew was going to inevitably be seen to Dhali...her look of playfulness sunk like a stone as she prepared little used scrolls and received  quiet scrolls donation as a "last resort."

Of all the beings accompanying the was Ruse who (ironically considering his previous dealings) surprised him. It was she who held Tyr together, keeping her strong, not the expected other way around. Such...morale even for a bard of her ability was surprising...

Such an observation's reflection was interrupted as he heard the near-silent but all-too-clear sound of a "click" of an armed trap. His quiet communication with points to replace and/or disarm was waved off as unintelligible voices were heard...then comprehended at the moment it was too late....


Points and he had no issue avoiding the released fog backflipping and jumping away respectably for him. Almost by tradition rather than training so fluidly it would have looked to outsiders, he cast a dispel magic on the mist thankfully succeeding before anybody was touched by the vapors.

An order to teleport the two ex-captives out was immediately followed by an order from him for Dhali to get by his side for teleport, almost impeding as she literally clung to him.

Again, all too soon, (this time Dhali the medic not victim) his rapid fire barking of the teleportation to House J's (when did he start thinking abbreviations...for things such as House Jorasco...) Master Healer's shrine was done arriving perfectly by the shrine.

As his friends were placed on the shrine's augmented healing power focus, for the Second time in as many weeks, cerulean screamed,


Healers rushed in all but a couple of aids shooed away by the now franticly working Dhali.

Suddenly having no use here and the impact of their lives literally hanging by a thread of life energy hit Cerulean, and he began to weep.

Others of the Fellowship in and not in his party soon after rushed to the house hearing the "news" of the ambassadors' deaths. Asking (morbidly but needingly) if they died who was responsible...the reply of Uxor speaking (as Varro's jaw was detached and needed re-setting first,)  did not fully register with him as the name had far more impact....


If even anything could stop his tears and build a level of cold rage in him, that name was enough.

Since yesterday when he saw that forged in a drunken stupor of revelry...he knew...just knew his mission was starting...and it was involving somebody he cared for.

His promise was not forgotten to himself spoken aloud,

"I promise, he will never ever hurt anybody this way again when I am done."

All emotions seemed gone like the old Blue...except for an imperceptible chill emanating from him....

He watched helplessly for hours, politely refusing a "suggestion" from Points he was not needed here and if moved they may have to wish the beings attempting to move him back into existence.

Dhali looked near collapse, totally drained, reaching for...those scrolls, which meant there was a chance of loss and a chance there of no return....when she muttered so softly even Cerulean only heard the part "...Monic."

Thrusting those 17 Major potions carried on him to her, fighting the return of his emotions (he would not cry, first recovery, then retribution...,) he was ignored as Dhali reached for a small glowing blue vial on her...the immediate consumption and subsequent healings saving both Varro's and Uxor's lives (and resuming the curse-spewn threats of Varro shortly thereafter. No way was his love for Uxor going to be hidden now [as if a fellow seeker of joy by ending pain missed this "coworker" relationship.])  

The bitter irony of Cerulean recognizing the Vial was a gift From Juryrig was not lost..little did he understand its full impact until later...

Seeing the two eventually mostly stabilized and regenerated of body lifted some burden on his presence..but the weight of the images and the subsequent pain still remained.

Afterwards the normal questions about why and who and what caused this were asked by all...the impact of Uxor...talking...finally hit him as in the metaphorical ton of bricks....this was not the time to complement her on her breezy beautiful voice...

Hearing the orders to "gather information about a possible threat" and this was centered on the Dreaming Dark, a certain Fellowship member's...undisclosed true race to the general public, and the Dark Lanterns all but caused the non-human warforged to reel. The Brelandian thought those days and that....intelligence detachment...was long behind him since being a free forged....


the truthseeker (Applicant) 6/27/2007 1:13 PM EST : Ambassadors' Abduction: Aftermath Part 2 (The unexpec...

the truthseeker
Posts: 107

The next day was not any better. He had questions of scuttlebutt about Juryrig's designation identification (why was it he kept hearing it end in 2 or 1 but never could get a straight answer? Was his sister truly dead?) Speaking how he would be made to pay for his crimes, a cry from Sprue was unexpected. 

"No, he's my friend, you're wrong!"

Cerulean was initially with little tact to start, but not wearing his charismatic cloak made his answers even more cruel-sounding. He left no minor detail out as to the image of their binding and obvious torture and the dual confession of Juryrig. 

The reaction he received was totally unexpected for him. 

Sprue went insane, touched, "bonkers."

Screaming to get away, and eventually running into pillars and throwing weapons at him nearly hitting others (as if she could hit him at her ability level...but an innocent hurt by her or hurting herself , he could not ignore.) He tired of this game and would end this right now one way or the other.

Stacking mind fog and dominate , he got Sprue to stop throwing and to (if not reluctantly) approach him and Jaggie whom he was talking about Juryrig in the first place. Quietly whispering that he was in no way actually going to hurt her and he wanted her to be the good forged in "Good Forged Bad Forged,"
he and Jaggie eventually got Sprue to mention who she was working for and even blubber some of her personal fears (which he made Jaggie take an oath to never reveal both things ...especially the group she mentioned...again jabbing a shard of memory into his side.)

Seeing that this went beyond this event and had a...deeper damage to her psyche, he attempted to get Sprue's consent to contact this mental injury  asking for her to ending her pain along with Jaggie's amazing diplomacy and calming/fascinating skills. They would be needed as he now released the dominate and the held back emotions rushed in like a breached dam.

As expected, she reverted to her old screaming they were monsters self-inflicting mode...but amazingly as always, Jaggie's calm tones...and calming strummed tones put Sprue in a more passive state.

Using his...talents...Cerulean offered to end the pain she felt, if she would share her pain...promising it would cause it to end..and find joy again in her life...if she would just let him...

Sprue finally muttered something to the words of "end pain" as Jaggie had her in a calm...or calmer state again. His thoughts linked with her thoughts...their minds became one, as he shared the trauma of what caused her to try to harm everything including herself.......

Some things Cerulean would never share with another soul...and the...intimacy he had with sharing those thoughts and the deep slumber he caused in finally ending her torment singing an long forgotten lullaby rocking her to sleep when emerging from his trance...he never would share those experiences  unless asked by her until the day he no longer functioned permanently.

Just as he had began to build some...resolve, the experiences nearly shattered him again. No being should have to experience the things she did. No being...

An oiled tear unnoticed rolled down his optic and splashed on the slightly blooded floor.

For the rest of the world, they saw Cerulean holding Sprue cradled in his arms lifted on air, wink out, then seeing him return later to clean up the Phoenix Tavern mess, mentioning he put her to bed, she had too much to drink before....

To one however, he knows the rest of the story, and wonders why duty and honor always carry such a high cost......


(IC/OOC replies to the two posted chapters welcome.)

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