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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
Nklos 11/20/2014 1:16 AM
-*Warms hands by the fire.*
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)
Lanaliathe 9/23/2014 10:22 PM
*sneaksneaksneak* *waves* *random tacklehugs* *flees*
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:24 PM
Below the Charter, Calendar, Mail tabs
Intayazz 8/8/2014 1:23 PM
In a tiny little bar above the forums, you should have the line of 'Forums: Search * Change Handle * Your Active Topics * Subscriptions * New Activity'
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:25 AM
hrm.... Struggling to figure out how to change the character associated with the account, since only a couple of people ever met Kara. But this is Red / Spellfury.
Karathinel 7/30/2014 3:21 AM
*wave* I realize I kind of vanished a year ago and it's likely no one really remembers any more, but I actually have a bit of time for gaming again and figured I would see what people are up to?

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Archie (Member) 5/14/2011 12:37 AM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: Slawler

Posts: 223


After a night of pacing, worrying about Shurjra's failure to return earlier that evening, Arachan leaves his fortress to take a walk through the nearby woods. When he leaves the area protected by enchantments, he senses an odd, undead presence. Slowing his pace and tightening his grip on his staff, he looks around the fringes of the forest before entering.

He goes not twenty feet before a ghoul drops from a tree and onto his back. Five more ghouls, and two wight-priests, drop down from more trees nearby. Arachan smirks slightly, "What fool would think to send such weak undead after a Necromancer?" The ghoul on his back has begun to bite him, and rips out small chunks of his flesh, but Arachan pays him no mind. Speaking several words of power, Arachan casts Undeath to Death, and the ghouls crumble to dust around him. The first wight-priest raises his focus and speaks a prayer to the Devourer, casting Searing Light, but before it can hit Arachan, it rebounds apon the priest, outlining it in a halo of light before it is destroyed.. Arachan turns to face the remaining priest, and taps his staff to the ground. A bolt of lightning leaps from the head of the staff, and the wight is destroyed.

 Arachan then turns around, headed back to the fortress, where he can send messages to his children and grandchildren, and warn them of the potential threat.



Daisliv exits the Catacombs, having dealt with an infestation of undead there. Upon doing so, he finds that he is surrounded by yet more undead, blocking him into the doorway. "They must have found a different way out, and came to head me off." Before he is able to react, the two ghouls nearest to him grab at his feet, trying to pull him to the ground where they can bight him to death. Daisliv feels the chill of their undead hands through his robes, but, having lived with a lich, they are of little bother to him. He kicks one in the face, sending it sprawling, but the wight and the other ghoul have been advancing, while the ghoul left on his other leg is now trying to climb up the side of Daisliv's body. Temporarily overwhelmed, he retreats into the doorway, where the sounds of battle have begun to attract priests of the Flame. Seizing the head of the ghoul climbing on him, he speaks a word and casts Chill Touch, impressing upon it that he is powerful enough not to be bothered. As it turns to flee, it, and the other undead, are cut down by beams of light from the hands of the Flame priests. He gives them a curt nod before activating a pendant keyed to a teleportation circle in his father's keep.



As the cleric of the Host leaves the home of one of his parishioners, he senses a faint aura of undeath. Murmuring a prayer to Dol Dorn, he pulls his longsword from its sheathe and places his back to a wall, that none might come behind him. A trio of ghouls, led by a wight, comes scampering out of the alley, ignoring the common people, though sending them into a panic, and heading directly for Starach. Starach concentrates on finding the power of the Host, then channels it through his body, destroying two of the ghouls, but having no effect on the others. He speaks another prayer, feeling the strength of the Host that is leant to him, and brings down his blade upon the head of the remaining ghoul, cleaving it from head to navel. It lays nearly in two pieces before crumbling into dust. He turns to make a similar attack on the wight, but is forced instead to block its ferocious attack at his midsection. Starach strikes the wight in the head with the flat of his blade, knocking it over, then speaks a final prayer and extends his hand, casting Searing Light. The wight has joined its fellows in destruction. He frowns at the piles of dust, now beginning to blow away, and pronounces, "From dust they are, and to dust they shall return." Thinking that his father will be interested in the undead in the city, he speaks his Word of Recall and is behind the alter in the temple to the Sovereign Host in his father's fortress.



Ohtar is on patrol in the marketplace when the Banelord's attack finds him. He appears signifigantly older than he did even a few days ago, as if the years of his life are quickly catching up with him.

When he reaches a narrow street, ghouls burst out of an alley in front of him. He turns to flee, but finds himself face-to-face with a wight. The wight knocks him over before he can remove the shield with the characteristic emblem of the marketplace on it from his back, trapping it under his weight. The wight goes for his throat, but narrowly misses and is turned away by the mail covering the lower parts of Ohtar's neck. Ohtar desparately draws the shortsword from its sheate at his waist, being unable to reach the hilt of his hand-and-a-half, its baldric having been knocked askew in the fall. He tries to stab the wight, or knock it off of him, but he is unable to do so in his weakened state. The ghouls grab at his face, and he is paralyzed with fear. The wight readys its blade for another strike, then drives it into his neck, severing his spinal cord. Mercifully, he cannot feel the pain. As his brain begins to shut down from lack of oxygen, he thinks he hears an evil laugh, and the words, "You fall, son of my enemy.  You will rise my slave."

The last thing that Ohtar thinks is, "If such must be the price of vengance, so be it. That he slays me for my treachery will only cause people to lend greater credence to the lies I have fed them."



Having lain to rest a horde of undead in House Jorasco's graveyard, Adrialae is heading to the Open Palm Inn for a drink before returning home when she recieves her grandfather's message. Sure enough, as the message concludes, she sees a three ghouls and a wight coming from between the crypts. Before they can get close, she points a finger at the wight, speaking a word of power and drawing a symbol in the air. Command Undead. The wight looks as confused as is possible for an undead, and stops walking. "Kill the ghouls!" Adrialae commands, and before waiting to see what happens, she pulls a scroll from one of the cases at her waist, and reads it, teleporting to the great hall of the keep.

Archie (Member) 5/14/2011 3:21 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: Slawler

Posts: 223


Aeole is walking to the Wayward Lobster after a day of clearing kobolds from the sewers when he hears a message in his mind: "You are unsafe. Myself and your elder siblings have been attacked. Return immediately." The magic notifies him that he may send a short return message, and he takes the option to do so. "I have seen no such trouble, but- In harbour, attacked by undead. Will return when possible."

The Banelord's team has been lurking in the shadows by the warehouses. While Aeole was responding to his father's message, they slipped towards him before leaping at him. Aeole ended the message just in time to pull his khopesh and large shield from his back and hold the shield in front of him, causing the undead to bounce off.

Aeole sets his feet. In the ancient code of war that he follows, retreat is dishonour when the odds are even, but still frowned upon when outnumbered. The three ghouls leap at him as one, and though he parries one with his shield, another with his blade, and strikes the third with the elaborate hilt structure of the weapon, the wight has snuck around him. It stabs him in the back, the blade finding a chink in his armour. Aeole spins around, tearing the blade from the wight's grasp, and cuts of both of the wight's arms in a butterfly molinello before thrusting the blade into its chest. The ghouls, now jumping on him from behind, knock the warrior down, and they try to bite him through his armour. Having retained his grip on the shiled, but not the sword, he bashes one of the ghouls, causing a sickening crunch. The ghoul drops to the ground, but the other two have now moved towards his head, which is not protected. "Forgive me for my errors, and know that I strived to live an honourable life."


Aeole politely declines the halfling's help. His face is rather bruised, and the wound in his back could be serious, but he would rather return to the fortress, where his brother can heal him, than go to a priest of the Flame. After thanking the halfling for saving him, he twists a ring on his right hand and dissapears.

SickleYield (Applicant) 5/14/2011 4:02 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
Posts: 384


Xymorel Trannyth pushes hard at the manhole cover, trying to achieve leverage while clinging to a rope with her knees and one arm.  She is not strong - the arm with which she is now shoving is toothpicklike in its diameter and muscle tone - but the covers in the Southern Marketplace tend to be often used and seldom stuck.  Presently she succeeds.  The disc of metal slides up and away, and fresh air pours down into the sewer.  

Xymorel clambers out onto the street, inhaling gratefully. She is not a racist person, possessing prejudices of a very different sort, but at this moment she would not be sorry never to see another troglodyte. This time, at least, she is relatively clean.  Her robe is a little scorched, but that is so very commonplace that she does not notice it.  There are sources of pure water even under the city,thank whatever gods exist (Xymorel is inclined to be agnostic on this point), and she has begun to know how to find them.

A passing dwarf in a workman's apron pauses to stare at the skinny human in the worn robe.  She's a sight, skin ashen and black hair all afrizz, but all kinds of things crawl up out of sewers in this district.  Many are much more frightening in appearance than the trembling creature in front of him.

Xymorel looks back with wide, wary eyes.  They are hazel, but the constant reflection of flame tends to make the irises look red. There's nothing about the dwarf to suggest stealth or magical power, but every stranger is suspect. She stands with her ever-shaking hands folded tight around each other at chest level until he shrugs and moves on.

Once the dwarf is out of sight, a brief burst of flame purges the remaining uncleanness from her hands.  She is proud of that, for it is not long since she achieved the degree of control necessary. She has been working hard at it since the night she killed Xyries. Xymorel shudders again as she adjusts the straps of her knapsack and turns toward home.  It's a couple of miles walk, and she will have to watch every shadow.  It is her misfortune to have concluded her work at the time of night when those she considers her natural predators are most often about.

She's not so afraid of rogues as she once was.  Partly this is because she has learned that wizards are equally capable of harming her, but she still considers this progress.

It is only a tense half-mile or so before she notices the footsteps.  Xymorel stops, pressing her back to the closed front of a shop, and listens.  The pursuit stops, but not so quickly that she is unable to hear it.  Either there are many of them, or some are traveling alternately on all fours.

Xymorel hastily downs a potion from her belt.  Magic fizzles through her veins, restoring her partly-exhausted arcane power.  It builds behind her eyes like water behind a dam.

"I know you're th-there," she says, her hoarse alto loud in the quiet street.  Her chronic resurrection sickness gets better and worse, depending on how recently she has died, but the stammer never seems to go away. "Show yourself!"

Forms emerge from the shadow of an awning across the street and to her left.  They move low to the ground, going alternately on two and four like apes. None wears more than a loincloth.  All have gray skin shriveled tight to their bones, and she sees the gleam of yellow teeth in the light of the everbrights that shine from upper windows.

Ghouls. Xymorel's fingers itch to burn them, the instinct of violent terror that she is still learning to quell. The pressure is almost unbearable.  But she has fought many undead since her arrival in Stormreach, as every surviving adventurer must. She knows to look first for others.  Her darting eyes find the straight, pale form of the wight, with its head of stiff black hair and its ancient breastplate. She recognizes the staff in its hand in time to throw herself to one side.  The Hold Person spell misses.

Then the ghouls charge forward, seeing their opportunity.  Xymorel shrieks, scrambling upright as one swipes at her with a claw.  It tears a strip from her robe and leaves a bloody gouge in her arm.

 Xymorel raises both hands and lets the fire go. Inferno sweeps the street in front of her with a hiss and a roar.  The ghouls are gone immediately.  The wight has time to snarl and hurl itself forward before it, too, turns to ash.

Xymorel is left shivering, staring at the burning remains of the awning.  A barrel nearby has caught fire as well.  She quells them both with a cold ray - it is almost the only use she has for the lesser ice spell - and turns toward home.  She does not want to be in view when the owner of the awning finds out what has happened.  Besides, her arm aches and burns, and she knows her sister can easily heal it.

Smudge (SuperAdmin) 5/14/2011 5:03 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: Smudge_ddo

Posts: 519


Smudge had been sitting on her rooftop, playing with her now very mobile panther cub, when she noticed movement in the shadows below. This was not particularly abnormal, given the area in which she lived, but something about their movement just didn't seem right.

She tucked the cub into a large, blanket lined box, and knelt on the edge of the rooftop, watching the figures below.  When they began to attack patron of the Lobster, she understood why their gait had seemed so off. They were undead. She leapt off the roof, sword and dagger drawn, and floated down to assist the man.

Inwardly she cursed. She despised fighting updead, most all of the tricks of her trade were useless against them. She landed behind one of the ghouls intent on the man's head, and smashed the hilt of her rapier into its head as hard as she could. There was a sickening crack and a hollow thunk as she caved in part of its skull, but it turned on her just the same.

She shuddered in revulsion but kept up her guard. It leapt at her, clawing at the air, and she tumbled back into a neat roll, moving with it. Her feet caught it in the stomach and altered its trajectory just enough to send it sprawling behind her.

The second ghoul was just drawing its arms back to bring its fists down like a hammer on the man's unprotected head, as Smudge rolled to her feet. She threw the dagger from her off hand at it, burying the good-enchanted blade in its face. It shrieked and clawed at it, backing away from the man.

Smudge was distracted a second too long, and winced in pain as filthy claws raked her back. She may carry her sword on her at most times, but she had been caught unarmored. She turned with a growl, ducking low and thrusting the rapier into its gut. A parry and pair of thrusts in quick succession and its arms were useless. One more thrust and it crumpled into a heap.

She turned on the still gibbering ghoul and dispatched it with a few harsh strokes while it still clawed at the dagger in its face.

Retrieving her dagger, she turned to the man to check if he was still breathing, and offer her assistance in getting him to the cleric inside the Lobster.



Nuadia ran her fingers through her short blonde hair as she sat on the edge of one of the stone benches by the shrine. It was soaked in sweat and matted from her helmet, so the coolness of the dank crypt actually came as a small respite now. Shadanthe sat beside her, the blonde, serious, paladin seeming unruffled by the hours of fighting.

She said a short prayer, to which Shadanthe responded with one of her own, and they settled back for a few moments rest, the shrine returning their strength much more quickly then they could hope to regain it otherwise.

Just as the cleric began to feel rejuvenated, she felt a palpable aura of negative energy nearby, moving toward them. She quickly strapped her helmet back on and prayed, setting blessings and protective spells upon herself and her companion.

Shadanthe stood, strapping her tower shield back on her arm and unsheathing her sword. There was no need for Nuadia to tell her what was coming, she could feel it just as well. "I thought we'd cleared this wing already. Does their master raise them just as quickly as we put them down?"

The cleric shuddered. "For our sakes, I certainly pray that is not the case."

"Shall we dispatch this batch then, so we may deal with their master?" The paladin said with a slight smirk.

Nuadia just nodded, pushing through the old wooden doors that protected the shrine. The doors opened into a large vault whose walls held small inset sepulchres from floor to ceiling. It had been crawling with undead earlier, but now lay silent.

Four forms came into view on the far side of the vault, entering from the hall that lead to the entryway. Three ghouls scurried in, gibbering and chittering, ahead of a gaunt wight, dressed in the tattered and rotting robes of a priest.

Shadanthe charged forward with a cry to Dol Dorn on her lips, bashing her shield into the wight even as it began to utter a foul prayer.

Nuadia stood her ground calmly reciting a funerary prayer. "...may they know rest, eternal," she finished, just as the ghouls were nearly upon her. She drew her self up, drawing in divine energy, and unleashed it in a bright burst. "Turn!" she shouted, and the ghouls fell to dust around her.

Three quick, efficient strikes, one channeling divine power, and Shadanthe had dispatched the wight as well.

Nuadia glanced down at it. It seemed to be the only one so far with a device painted on its face. A strange curling thing she had not seen before.  "Seems maybe you're right. Their master may well be making more as we speak. This one seems different from the rest."

Shadanthe grunted in response. "Onward then!"

The cleric nodded. "I'll keep an eye behind for any that may come from where we've already cleared. Push on."


SaneDitto (Member) 5/14/2011 7:27 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
Posts: 131

The walk from Xyries' house to the Rusty Nail was not long, but Reuken deliberately slowed his pace so as to linger and breathe in the fresh air. Despite the cleric's hospitality, the tension lingering between them was taking a toll on his patience, and the outdoors helped to keep down the slight headache beginning to form behind his eyes.

Other than the splashing of the tiny pool a ways off, the night within the Marketplace is mostly quiet; not many civilized souls wandered the streets at this hour. Though he could still hear the footsteps of other, possibly less savory, entities lingering around, he keeps his pace towards the Rusty Nail. Recent incidents will hopefully ensure his tenuous safety for the days to come, yet despite his confidence, his eyes begin to scope the rooftops and alleys, for he could not afford to be too complacent--

And that is the only thing that saved him from taking the ghoul's razor-sharp teeth in the worst possible place--the spine and the back of the neck, where it would doubtlessly have incapacitated him completely. Acting on reflex, he twists his body aside, letting the teeth clamp into the stiff leather and steel plating on his shoulder, a much more preferable area of effect. Nevertheless, he crashes to the ground on his back, borne down by the ghoul's weight, his shoulder on fire from where the undead's teeth finally pierced through and dug into flesh. Off in the distance, he can hear more panting and loping as more ghouls close in, lured by the smell of blood.

Cursing his inattentiveness, Reuken's hands lash forth and grab both the ghoul's head and lower jaw, fingers digging for a foothold. Heaving his muscles, the half-elf utters a bellow as he rips the ghoul's jaws apart, and as the ghoul tries to shriek with what was left of its mouth, he staggers to his knees with a grunt and shoves the creature away with his other hand, still clenching the ghoul's lower jaw.

The reek of the undead fills the air, and Reuken barely gets out one blade just in time to parry another ghoul's arms clawing at him. The creature grabs hold of the blade, ignoring the foul ichor dripping between its fingers, and thrusts its face forward, teeth bared. Reuken had to jerk his head back to avoid having his nose bitten off, and he lashes out his free hand in an uppercut, smashing the ghoul full in the jaw so that its teeth click shut, biting off a portion of its lashing tongue, and the other ghoul's severed jaw attached to its neck.

The undead staggers back, more from the force of the blow than actually being stunned, and taking advantage of the brief interlude, Reuken quickly draws his other blade and aims for the creature's throat. Instead of slashing, he thrusts the weapon straight in, piercing trachea and splitting vertebral discs, and with a grunt, he rips it out to the side, nearly decapitating the ghoul. Its head wobbling from a chunk of flesh, the ghoul's hands release their trapping grip from the first blade and begin thrashing around, fingers curled into claw-like shapes, and Reuken's freed blade sweeps upward and across, deftly severing the hands and a good chunk of the arms. Fueled with the self-disregarding persistence only undead can have, the ghoul lunges again, trying to bite the half-elf with its comically dangling head, and Reuken, his expression utterly blank, lashes out with his blade, finally separating that bit of flesh. Teeth gnashing at empty air, the ghoul's severed head drops to roll on the stained earth, and the half-elf completes the coup de grace by booting the decapitated ghoul in the sternum, sending it sprawling.

A gargling shriek fills the air behind him, and Reuken quickly turns to find the jawless ghoul pouncing upon him. Reflexively, he thrusts his blade forward and upward, impaling the creature mid-flight, and the ghoul, seemingly ignoring the weapon protruding from its gut, snakes its arms around to clasp the half-elf's throat.

Panic nearly overwhelms Reuken as he begins to choke, the ghoul's thumbs pressing cruelly into his trachea. His lungs began to burn, then seize for air that would not come, and even amidst the ringing in his ears, he could hear the scrabbling of feet. Even with his vision distorted by pulsing afterimages, he managed to discern another ghoul and a wight behind his strangler, their hunched, crawling forms approaching with cruel determination, clearly eager to prolong their enjoyment of the hunt.

Baring his teeth in a snarl, Reuken twists his head aside, allowing some air into his starved lungs. However, he could still feel the ghoul's thumbs digging into his neck, through the muscle and into the carotid artery, and with a snarl, he swings his free blade up in an arc, severing one arm with the sheer momentum before burying itself into the other. The ghoul screams, and Reuken, clenching his teeth, draws the blade back and forth in a sawing motion until the other arm finally snaps loose. Eyes narrowing, trying to concentrate on the ghoul and not on the hands still on his throat, the half-elf jams his foot into the ghoul's body and, using the creature as a brace, rips the blade out and kicks it into the two others. The wight nimbly hops to the side, while the other ghoul was not so lucky and shrieked as it is bowled over by its mutilated comrade's body. The shrieks quickly turn to slobbering as, driven into a frenzy by the smell of blood, the intact ghoul begins to devour the injured one in a mess of thrashing limbs.

Reuken averts his gaze from the gory spectacle as he teases one of his blades between the remaining hand and his neck, having finished removing one. With a dismissive flick of his arm, the severed appendage flies loose from the half-elf's bruised throat and hits the ground before the wight, fingers contracting at thin air. The wight peers at it, razor-sharp teeth gleaming, before leaping over it to swipe at Reuken with sharp claws.

The half-elf lifts his weapon, and there is an awful scraping screech as the wight's claws skitter harmlessly off metal. Snarling, the undead leaps back, circling its prey, a maneuver that Reuken imitates, until the two are circling together in an ever-tightening spiral.

The slobbers of the ghoul devouring its companion fill the night, a sound that Reuken closes his ears to, trying to focus entirely on the hunched figure before him. The wight lunges, and Reuken lifts his blades; but it is a feint, and the creature quickly skitters and strikes towards his unprotected flank.

Fire blooms in Reuken's left side as the wight's claws connect, and he staggers off to the side, pain whistling between his teeth. He lashes out with his blade, but it had already jumped back, a grin twisting that pale, haggard face as blood drips from its right claw.

Any move not an attack is ground lost.

Compressing his lips against the pain, Reuken limps forward, blades in hand, and the wight hops back before lunging forward, claws outstretched towards his face. The half-elf grimaces in pain as the talons lay open the flesh on his face, feeling the claws dig into his bleeding cheeks, oh so close to his eyes. Grimly, he leans forward into the attack and buries both his blades into the wight's body, and calling all of the remaining reserves of his strength, he screams and tears the blades out diagonally in opposite directions, effectively nearly bisecting the wight from shoulder to hip. The undead folds backwards in on itself and crumples to the ground, thrashing and spilling fluids everywhere.

The final ghoul looks up from its meal just in time for Reuken's foot to drive into its head, pinning it to the ground. The half-elf's ravaged, bloodstained visage bears no expression as he slams a blade into the ghoul's right arm and begins sawing the limb off with the other, ignoring the creature's helpless writhing and thrashing.

The arm finally comes off with the final sound of snapping tendons. Reuken begins to repeat the process with the other arm, and his heel digs deeper into the ghoul's skull as it begins to scream.

The door to the Rusty Nail slams open, and colour drains from Jordan's cheeks as he catches sight of Reuken. Without a word, the half-elf strides past the bar, grabs the longbow and two quivers leaning against the corner, and calmly clips the quivers on, seemingly ignoring the blood flowing freely from his shoulder, flank, and face.

After adjusting the straps, Reuken hooks his longbow under one arm, storms out of the tavern, and takes off towards Xyries' house as fast as his wounds would allow.

"You can try to fight evil while remaining good. You'll fail, because you can't. You turn evil to kill evil, so the good don't have to suffer."


Sunky (Member) 5/15/2011 1:15 AM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: okram
Posts: 292

Leon slowly walked through the Cerulean hills as he attempted to clear his mind. He had just finished a rather lackluster evening in the tavern, topped off with a long series of awkward silences with a Drow woman whom caught his eye. He needed some fresh air, and the hills had often provided a good source of solace out of the walls of the city for him. A light drizzle that was so common for the region began to fall on the white haired elf as he slowly and aimlessly wandered along the paths running through the grassy hills.

After a peaceful walk, with the orcs learning long ago to give the archer a long berth, Leon turned back towards the city gates, his head somewhat clearer, and in better shape for his evening meditations. He passed by the ruins of the old crumbled stone temple and began to head towards the old vineyard when his ears picked up the faint sound of feet trampling through the brush, uncaring to conceal it's movements. The orcs at least attempted to conceal their movements, especially within range of him, and the sounds seemed to be coming towards him at a fast pace. Leon paused looking at the path dipping down through a small ravine, a perfect ambush location.

He then thought he heard the moans of gouls... he had not heard of necromancer activity here, and there weren't any catacombs nearby for them to have a source of bodies to work their vile magic... no he must be imagining things. Leon subconsciously put his right hand over a small silver trinket wrapped around his left wrist, and walked forward through the path. To his left and right a small group of gouls appeared out of the brush, each with a wight priest in tow.

Leon clenched his eyes close... it had to be his memory playing tricks on him again. No, he wasn't in the war any more, he wasn't being ambushed by undead, “NO!” he shouted aloud.

He opened his eyes, they were still there, charging down the slopes of the ravine. He could smell their rotting flesh, could hear the hungry gouls gnashing their teeth. Leon shuddered, then ran towards the city gates. Instead of reaching for his bow, he lifted the trinket to his mouth and mumbled an elvin word. The charm flashed with divine energy, and waves of calmness emanated from Leon, causing his shuddering to stop quickly.

The divine magic caused the undead monsters to pause a moment in their pursuit, Leon opened his eyes, they were still there... this, was this real? He couldn't tell, he didn't know. He blinked, he looked at the undead, small force, forward scouts for the main force, he grinned at the monsters and grabbed his bow, notching an arrow and pulling the string back with his full strength, he unleashed an arrow that hummed through the air with a pulse of electric energy. The bolt ripped through the leading goul's head, electricity flooding through the creature's body, causing it to explode in a torrent of sparks, the arrow was not finished, passing easily through his first target's head, it cut clean through the arm of a goul behind him, sending an equally lethal electric charge through the second goul. It then implanted it's self into the body of one of the wights brining up the rear, turning the goul into a lightning rod for the now fully charged air, a huge thunderous bolt of lightning called down into the creature's body, causing it to splatter messily across the country side.

Before the gouls could take another step, five more arrows were in the air, each finding a target with equally efficient deadly accuracy. The air was heavy with electric energy as little remained of the creatures around him. Leon blinked, and looked at the hills, he was within eye shot of the gates back to Stormreach, he... he wasn't in Cyre. Leon shut his eyes tightly, hands holding the trinket close, trying to get it's divine magic to make the memories stay were they belong, in the past... not... here. He opened his eyes one more time, the remains of the creatures still remained... they were here... again. Leon ran up to one of the mostly intact creatures and kicked it's rotten flesh, spilling more guts and blood across the green hills.


SickleYield (Applicant) 5/15/2011 6:51 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
Posts: 384


The cleric stands in the street, a thin human in very heavy armor.  The aura of positive energy gradually builds around her.  Others might see a cloud of golden sparks and a diffuse glow extending a few feet in every direction.  Her armor is beginning to feel heavier than it was earlier this evening, but this is not evident from her straight posture.

She is peripherally aware of Reuken Kjersti standing poised nearby.  Xymorel is an unbalancing presence herself, an island of arcane power barely contained as she makes her own preparations. 

But Xyries has no time to consider the others.  The sound of air being disturbed by a teleportation spell is audible up the street, between them and the approaching ghouls.

Sunky (Member) 5/15/2011 9:28 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: okram
Posts: 292

The time after the attack had blurred in Leon's memories, his mind was set whirling and out of control, he had assumed that he had clearly gone mad, and only hoped that whatever he had attacked in the hills was an orc... and not innocent.

He had shuffled his way through the city completely unaware of his surroundings, muttering the elvin activation word to his trinket over and over again. It's calming effect getting less and less with each attempt, until it's energy had been completely drained, and no longer had any effect.

Then he found himself in the Phoenix, looking around for the one necro he knew, but could not find him, the calming effects not working anymore, he had lapsed to his old cure for his now assumed ruined mind, but Cog would not serve him alcohol. He wondered the streets again until he found himself in the bogwater tavern, several bottles of Rum purchased, and in a small pile of empty bottles.

He remembered hurting his hand on an ogre's head when it tried to make him leave... and now he was looking at three or four blurry Arachans.

The lich tried to say something to Leon, who could not focus, only anger could come from Leon's now fogged mind, throwing one of the empty bottles at the Arachan on the far left. Leon spat out curses at the foul lich, and then tried to stand to face him. But he was unable to stay balanced in the spinning world, and fell face first into the ground. Muttering even more curses against him.

The words Arachan was speaking finally sunk into his muddled mind, necromancer, not his undead, attacking friends, Xymorel...

He moaned, and slipped a bottle out of his pack, while Arachan left him to seek a cleric, he drunk the bottle and the spinning world quickly ceased, causing Leon's head to thunder like being smashed with a warhammer, and the bile in his stomach to quickly rush to the surface. It came up just in time to land on the returning Arachan's shoes.

Leon groaned heavily as the cleric told Arachan that the inebriated elf was purging the alcohol already and left. Leon got to his feet as Arachan asked him, "are you ready to accept my assistance?"

Leon groaned and mumbled, "what... what do I..." he paused in mid sentence, turning away and hurling another wretched volume of bile, then continued, "do I need your help for bloody necro?"

Arachan pointed a finger at his shoes, the vomit quickly running off of them and towards the bogwater's small pond, "I can get you to Xymorel's residence much quickly."

Leon wiped his mouth, and grumbled, then muttered, "fine," full of bile more wretched then what had just left his mouth, "but... don't tell Xymorel you found me drunk."

Arachan nodded, and began to cast a teleportation spell.

Leon tried to interrupt him, "wait, let me clean..." and then they popped out of the tavern.


Archie (Member) 5/15/2011 9:53 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
GP User: Slawler

Posts: 223

Arachan and Leon materialize in the street in front of Xyries' house. Leon glares at Arachan, and mutters, "Warn me before you do that again, bloody necro." Arachan, ignoring him, sees Xyries standing in the street, as well. "Good evening, Cle-" Arachan realizes that Xyries is practically glowing, and that Xymorel and Reuken are standing near the doorway. "We have not come a moment too soon, have we?" Arachan glares at Reuken, but turns to face the noise of the ghoul pack.

Behind him, Leon already has an arrow to the string, and he fires before Arachan can begin his spellcasting. The arrow cleaves through two of the ghouls and into a wight, its electrically charged shaft sending electricity through their bodies, effectively frying the creatures. Arachan lifts a hand, and a wall of fire appears between the group of (mostly) living and the group of undead. Two of the remaining ghouls charge through the flames, burning, the rest skid to a halt behind the wall. Reuken charges one of the flaming ghouls, and kicks it back into the flames, where it is destroyed. The remaining ghoul runs past Reuken, Arachan, and Leon, and tries to attack Xyries, who still stands where she was when the fight began. Xyries extends a hand and speaks a prayer, and that ghoul joins its destroyed brethren. By this point, Leon has nocked five more arrows, and he releases them. As they sail through the firewall, they seem to pick up some of the magical fire. Three sink into the wight, and the other two into the remaining ghouls. Arachan waits a moment, then waves a hand, and the firewall is gone.

SickleYield (Applicant) 5/15/2011 10:14 PM EST : RE: Exploratory Forces
Posts: 384

Xyries looks around at the street, now dark and silent again.  There are questions revolving in her increasingly tired mind, but they will wait.

"Is anyone injured?" she asks.

"No, but I will be if you do not stop that aura," Arachan says. 

"I'm f-fine," Xymorel says, from her post in the doorway.  Reuken responds only by a minute shake of his head.

Xyries breathes deeply, lowers her hands to her sides, and pulls the power in.  The aura of positive energy retracts.

"Let's get out of the bloody street," says Leon.  It's dark, and afterimages still dance on her retinae; Xyries does not quite register his haggard appearance.

Xyries turns to look at Arachan for a long moment.  She is loth to remove any protection from her home for the lich's sake.  Still, he did come, and he did bring Leon, however that seemingly impossible thing has come to pass.

"Yes," she says.  "I will need to remove some of the wards.  The house is protected against entry by undead."

Xymorel steps back into the house to allow her access.  Xyries steps onto the threshold and places a hand on either doorpost.  She can sense the network of divine power, the protections woven in and around the physical fabric of the building.  To unmake them is the work of a moment.  One tug at the threads from their maker, and the wards against undead dissolve like candyfloss in boiling water.

"Come in," she says, and leads the way inside.

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