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Lessah Ismora (Member) 11/2/2009 11:10 AM EST : The Life and Times



Lessah Ismora
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The Life and Times

Of Lessah The Rogue


(Lessah on her roof)





Author’s Note, Intro:

What makes a person whole? Who can say? Lessah is a very special character. I felt she deserved a very special story. Each section of story goes with a song to mark the current state of mind of the main characters. (Music, as much as art and pictures tell a story.)

What puts a person who has always been otherwise happy in a position to open themselves up for possible emotional let down? I think it’s important give a little bit of background on this character before telling her story. Lessah the Rogue is intensely private. She is pragmatic, honest to a fault, and once she gets a feel for a situation, has a way of seeing through to the very heart of it.

Her big issue is that, after the disappearance of her daughter and then subsequently her son in law and extended family, she is finally in a position to realize how lonely she is, and she doesn’t really like it.

DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT I repeat do NOT relate this Lessah (who is a character) to Lessah the Podcaster (who is merely a player of DDO. My Disclaimer for the reader is to please remember that this is a story, it should be read as just that and requires a certain suspension of belief as all stories do. I love my real life husband very much. I LOVE to write stories and weave complicated interpersonal relationships for my characters. Storytelling is my blood, and occasionally, is entertaining. I hope you enjoy this one about the one who started it all in role-play for me.



Lessah’s Family Tree:

Lessah The Rogue (1/2 halfling/ 1/2 human)

Lessah’s Adopted Human Daughter: Drake Kross Married to Kain Kross
Lessah’s Grandchildren: Kain’s son: Daniel Clepper Married to Rebecca Clepper

Lessah’s GREAT Grandbaby: Nigel: 2-year-old son of Daniel & Rebecca

Characters: Lessah Morah

Lessah Ismora (Member) 11/2/2009 11:29 AM EST : The Life and Times, Chapter 1



Lessah Ismora
Posts: 739


Prologue: ((by Lynton))

Lynton picked up the quill shakily. His eyes looked back down to the letter loosely held in his hand. She sent him a letter, inviting him to dinner. He only met this Halfling once, and surely he was not good company. He reread the entirety of the letter again, and the memory of the night came rolling back to him.

He was back in that tavern, sitting in that same chair from the night before. Part of him hoped that those patrons would be back there. To talk him out of his silly sense and drive him back to the elf maiden he left. But…also, no one was there. He was alone again, only the lute across his back to keep him company. The bard stared down at the candle on his table, and watched as the flame danced away with the passing people. Then suddenly, it stopped. Lynton gazed up to find that lady staring at him with a bright smile.

"M-May I help you, milady?" The elf tried to ask politely, but his tone always carried that song of sorrow. She nodded, and before he even realized a conversation had taken place, he had spent some of his last coin on a dinner for her. He was trying to be polite, and she did seem to be trying to cheer him up. Unfortunately for the Halfling woman, he wasn’t in the mood for cheer. Just before he had a chance to voice this, she was suddenly dragging him to the small dance floor where a small band played a melody. Lynton felt trapped and so danced with the lady, surprised at himself when he felt a small bit of fun in the back of his mind.

Just as suddenly, the dance ended, and they were back among the main crowd. She had said something about meeting him again…or was that about a proper way to have a date? Every time his mind started wandering back, she whipped him around to something new. Lynton’s mind had blanked out, not able to think with the constant change, and he fell into the automatic thinking that protected him in social situations; a greeting here, a smile there, a pleasant saying occasionally to keep it all together. Even still, he knew he had failed miserably at that charade. Still, at one point, he must have given his name…because here was her letter, addressed to him, and obviously speaking of that night before. The elf shook his head. He…shouldn’t go. But, since he left, he was feeling crushed by the loneliness. A friend, of any sort, might at least save him from eternal grief.

With a more sure hand, he pushed the pen to paper, and began drafting his response. He would attend. He would see what friendship he could form with this…his eyes scrolled back down to the bottom of her letter. This… "Lady Lessah".

Lessah’s Theme

The Life and Times

Of Lessah The Rogue

Chapter One, The Fake Pheasant

The little kitchen in Lessah’s home was bustling with activity. She put a fresh kettle of water on to boil and then placed a fully-cooked pheasant in the oven. The bird had been basted and expertly roasted to golden-brown perfection by the market vendors outside Lessah’s home. It looked too good, she thought. The halfling wondered if she could pass the cooking off as her own.

Only days before, Lessah had meet Lynton for the first time. Now the strangely quiet elven bard was due at her home any moment. The bard had agreed to sit down to a quiet dinner this evening. Lessah found herself fluttering just a bit with anticipation, in spite of the fact that she and Lynton were merely friends. Soon enough, a knock came to the door.

Lynton gazed around the street, and found the door that he thought was the correct one. With a quick sigh and then draw of breath, he tried to smile, as he placed three knocks on the door.

Lessah ran through the common room of her home, stopping only to check her blonde hair in the mirror, and opened the door to see an elf with the most beautiful deep green eyes, like the deepest part of the forest. His long, white hair complemented his milky complexion, though he was not smiling. She put on her best, friendly smile. Lessah was wearing her favorite, signature yellow frock, with a faded white apron over it. "Come in Lynton! You know, I thought I might never see you again!" 

Lynton broke into a more sincere smile, and stepped into the house. He was wearing more formal clothes, decked in shades of blue. "I had sent you a letter, lady Lessah..."

"Of course. I got it, and you should not have given me such a fine gift!" Lessah said referring to the tasteful yet beautiful light blue brooch that he had sent along with a simple letter accepting the halfling’s invitation to dinner. 

Her blue-gray eyes twinkled as she spoke. She thought to herself that he was very strange and difficult to joke with. Lessah’s house was large, too large for one, and far too large for a tall halfling. Her decorations were modest, but tasteful, mostly local artist conceptions of dragons and fields of wheat and flowers graced the walls. Her sitting rooms boasted furniture of every size to accommodate the smallest gnome to the biggest barbarian.

Lynton turned around to face Lessah, and nodded his head. "I was only hoping to give you something worthy of dinner." He spent several moments, looking around the large rooms in slight wonderment, his eyes trickling with some sadness at the last time he was in such a large place.

"Have a seat!" She gestured to a chair, "would you like a cup of tea or some water?"

Lynton took a seat, and tried another smile, "tea. Tea would be just fine." He admitted taking another look around the room.

She poured hot water into two cups and dropped in a strange-looking metal ball full of tea leaves, "This is mint!" She explained. "It’s my favorite. I hope that's alright...."

"That's just fine." Lynton took one of the cups, and blew on it softly. "How long should it set?" He ventured a small question, trying to use a polite, if neutral, tone, "Do you live here by yourself, Lessah?"

"A minute or two," she answered him and then sighed thinking about his other question. She handed him his tea as she spoke. "Well... yes, at the moment I do. I moved back in, after my daughter was... murdered." She flushed at the awkwardness of the statement and glanced down sadly, "well... not murdered exactly. I am not really sure. Most all the other victims of the Stormreach killer were recovered. I have not heard from Drake yet. Anyway, she and her husband Kain,... well.." she blushed, realizing that she was rambling. "You don't want to hear this."

Lynton frowned, partly from mutual sadness, and not really following what the halfling was saying. "I'll hear whatever you wish to say, milady."

Again she marveled at the seriousness of the elf. "Let’s talk about you!" Lessah smiled at him, "sugar is just there if you need it," she pointed on the table to a small bowl with brownish crystals.

The elf held the tea a few moments, and looked over to the cheerful women, not sure what to say. His face already forming into a small frown, "You really don't want to hear me talk about…."

"About what? About yourself? Well then..." she put a bit of sugar in her tea, "I will make a deal with you. You tell me something and I will tell you something."

Lynton gave a shrug, and took a small sip of his tea, "Alright...alright. Well...I'm a bard by profession, but I find my services out here seem to require me to use my bow more than my lute."

She laughed a little, "anyone could deduce that! Have you always lived here?"

Lynton looked up from his tea, a small smile, and then back into a frown, "no, just been here for the last few years. I traveled from Khorvaire."

"Ahhh," she nodded, "You are not one of those.. I mean... undead... undying... court elves?" She asked cautiously not wanting to offend him just in case he was of the Arenal elven population.

Lynton shook his head, "No, not at all. My family is from a line of nobles." Then he thought it wise to add, "And, I'm not an elf...not fully."


"Really." Lynton frowned, looking down at his tea.

"Right," she replied evenly, "I have a similar confession."

Lynton leaned in a bit closer, "Oh?"

She held up a hand, spreading her fingers out wide, "Have you ever noticed that I am larger in build and taller than most other halflings?"

Lynton took a good long look at the halfling sitting across from him, taking in her shape and feature, perhaps for the first time, "I...suppose..."

"This is not a story I have ever told in this city..." she glanced at her tea still steaming, "my mother was a human paladin."

Lynton blinked to the Halfling, and looked over her again, "I...wasn't aware."

"I was her only child and they say I was very lucky to have lived at all."

Lynton smiled and a small laugh could be heard in his chest, though it didn't pass his lips, "I suppose we have more in common than I realized."

Lessah knocked on the table and blew the steam off her tea to sip it, "right then... now you."

Lynton looked from his tea, and back to Lessah, thinking of something to say. "Well...I, came here to find my half-brother."

"Oh? How long has he been missing?"

Lynton thought for a few moments." Nearly four years now..." He sighed, and took a long sip of tea, not caring that it was burning his tongue.

"I am sorry," Lessah replied frowning. "Do you fear him dead?"

"No...I know he's alive." Lynton looked up, his eyes torn between an anger and great sadness.

Sensing that the subject was touchy, she moved on. "You asked about me living here alone?"

"Yes. I can't imagine being in such a large place alone." Lynton nodded.

"I actually deeded this house to my daughter and her husband. They both do marvelous work for the children of this city. Anyway, the killer of Stormreach took her for a time, and her husband sort of lost his way. He gets called away all the time on business. Kain is his name. He has a grown son that he adopted as well." Lessah added, aware that she was rambling, "Daniel is his name. And he is also married… to Rebecca. They are both very young. They also used to live here... they moved out with the baby… against my wishes I can tell you. Daniel got work as a farm hand outside the city. They seem happy enough and I go see my baby great-grandson once or twice a month." Lessah stared at him, wondering if she might put him to sleep with all the small talk.

Lynton blinked several times as she talked, and then opened his mouth to say something. "Did, you say daughter?" 

"My Drake!" Lessah indicated a large portrait hanging over the mantle in the main common room, it could barely be made out from the kitchen. "That's Drake and Kain after they married. He made her so happy." She trailed off and laughed a sad kind of laugh. "I spent a bushel of money on new furnishings when they moved in and on baby Nigel....." Lessah blushed, "I have spoken far too much… now you!" 

Lynton peered out towards the picture for a few seconds, and then jerked his attention back, "I'm sorry..." he looked up, slightly embarrassed about getting distracted by his curiosity, "well...I...never talk much about myself to anyone."

"You start now." She smiled at him, "tell me.... do you... see anyone special? Regularly?" Lessah hoped he would take her to mean a sweetheart or a girlfriend and not a cleric. She shook her head at her poor choice of words.

At first, he was beginning to smile, but at her question, Lynton's frown came immediately, and he turned his direction down to his tea. Quietly he muttered, " not anymore."

Lessah studied him a moment, "you had your heart broken eh?" She nodded, thinking to herself that this must be where some of his sadness spills from. "I am sorry..." Lessah added and winced. What if he still loved her?

Lynton shook his head, and a few small tears welled up in the corner of his eyes. "No... Just." He tried to gain back some composure, but failed miserably, "We..c-couldn't work."

"I am sorry..." Lessah felt suddenly uncomfortable, as if she had just ripped opened a newly closed wound for him. "I would offer you a drink, but Drake was a Silver Flameite and I got used to not having spirits in the house. You don't have to talk about it, unless you really want to." Lessah watched him and decided that the bard was definitely not over his last bit of heartbreak.

Lynton took another drink of tea, partly hoping the sting of burning in his tongue would halt his thoughts, and then he lowered the cup, "A drink...wouldn't help. A-and, there is not much to t-talk about." He reached for his cuff, and tried to discretely wipe away the tears without Lessah noticing.

"I'll just check the vegetables." Lessah walked down the step into the kitchen and lifted the lid from a pot.

The elf took the opportunity to make a good effort this time of bringing himself back under control. He smiled just slightly back to her. "Thank you again, Lady Lessah, for inviting me."

She took a well-browned bird from the oven and placed it on the table. It was not warm enough to have been in the oven for very long, but she set it on the table as if it were only just now ready. She went back to the stove to spoon vegetables into a serving dish. Two plates were set neatly to the side of the table with a three-pronged fork for each of them on top and what looked like two throwing daggers.

If Lynton could tell the pheasant wasn't cooked here, he made no comment, instead keeping that same smile as he watched Lessah work, "Umm...milady. Might I help?"

"Why don't you set the table and cut the bird!" Lessah answered happily and placed the vegetables down on next to the pheasant. "I'll get us some proper drinks! Mint tea and poultry do not go well together!" She laughed and poured two goblets of cider and brought them back to the table.

Lynton nodded, and moved to stand, and rolled his sleeves up, revealing more of his pale-ish skin, but very toned muscles from years of drawing a bow string. He made quick work of the bird, dividing equal portions for them on each plate, clearly having at one point been used to performing this activity.

She spooned generous heaps of boiled potatoes and tubers and some other green-looking native vegetable out onto the plates. "Salt." She said suddenly as if the world would come to an end without it. Lessah dashed over to retrieve the shaker from beside the stovetop, "I dunno if you liked salt, so, I didn't add any to the food," she explained setting it down on the table.

"I don't mind some salt..." Lynton nodded to the shaker.

"Is it my turn then?"

He nodded again, and added a tiny bit of salt to the potatoes and vegetables, and took a small bite of a green thing, "Yes, lady Lessah." Lynton tried his best to give a genuine smile, and found that at least part of it felt real, and took off a small piece of meat and nibbled lightly on it.

"Since you were so honest with me, I will be honest with you as well about my... love life... such as it is!" She almost laughed and then stifled it. "I had a modest flirtation with a human ranger when I first arrived in Stormreach." She shrugged, "he died years ago. Also, not long ago, I learned to dance from a very dear friend whom I would have liked to see romance me off my feet, but he never asked and I never asked so there! Now I think he has gone away to the Sharn or something...I don't know." Lessah shrugged again at her other near brush with any sort of romance.

Lynton finished the small bite of meat, and made a pleased sound, then raised his head back up to Lessah, frowning slightly. "I'm sorry for your loss, my lady." He added, picking up another piece of the bird. "This is very good, Lady Lessah. You are quite the cook." His voice sounded honest, and he took another bite.

"Thanks!"  Lessah glanced at him; "I have not lost a thing. I am surrounded by people who love me. And, though I admit I can be a bit reclusive at times...most of the time… I am happy!" Now... you must tell me what your other half is."

Lynton nodded as he finished the bite in his mouth, and smiled. "My other half? You mean, being half human? I've rarely ever heard of a half-elf who's other half wasn't human…" Lynton paused for several moments, thinking back. "No, I don't believe I've ever heard of that." Lynton shrugged, and stated matter-of-factly, trying to clear his voice of emotion, "I have half-elf...and half-h-human." He stuttered just a bit at trying to say human, but disguised it taking another forkfull of potatoes.

Lessah nodded, "then we are practically family already!" Lessah giggled and wondered what her daughter and son in law would say to that. "Is it my turn? Or yours?"

Lynton tilted his head, confused at the giggling, and so just turned back to eating, this time adding in some of the cider. He shook his head, finishing swallowing down his last mouthful, "my turn."

Her eyes flickered mischief, "tell me something no one else knows!" She said quickly.

" knows?" The elf leaned back in his chair, thinking for a few moments.

He shifted a few times, trying to think of something worthwhile, but something he actually wanted to admit...then he shrugged, and leaned forward. "Once...I..." Lynton lowered his voice even more, "I..umm..used an illusion to pretend mice were eating the food at a banquet."

Lessah laughed hard, "that is brilliant!" He blushed, looking almost ashamed.

She leaned on her elbow, "well... I have something to tell you! I did not cook this bird. I did not want to muck it up."

Lynton nodded, and took another bite of the bird. "I...still appreciate it, lady Lessah." Lynton looked away, still blushing lightly, and trying not to quite show it.

She shrugged, still sharing things with him, "I am also fairly rich... I miser my money and then lavish gifts on those I love." Then she added before she could think to stop herself… "Ihis large is very large at times." She pushed her plate away, which was only half-eaten. The boldness of her last statement had surprised her. She had never admitted to being lonely before. "Would you like to walk about the market with me? Or the docks perhaps?" 

Lynton looked back, still a bit confused, but nodded, "Sure...Lessah. I would like to walk with you. "He placed down his fork, more of his food is gone than hers, and makes a motion to stand up.

A darkwoord staircase was next to the door, leading up to a loft-style bed chamber on the upper floor. The stairs were dusty from lack of traffic. Lessah grabbed a sweater to keep the sea air from chilling her; "It's not too windy out I hope."

Lynton nodded, "It wasn't when I came in...I did not think to bring a coat." He moved ahead to open the door for Lessah. "After you, milady." He kept the door held open, smiling, and doing his best to act like a gentleman to the halfling. "Shall we walk to the docks, or stay around this area?"

"I think I’d like walk down by the docks... there's only one ship in that I know of right now, so it's quiet."

He returned a light, polite smile, "That sounds like a good thought, Lessah." Lynton followed Lessah out the door, and walked beside her, keeping his eyes open at the various alleyways and streets.

"This brother of yours," she said watching her shadow a moment as she walked. "Is he a half elf as well?"

Lynton shook his head, frowning slightly, "No, he is all human. Our father is the common blood."

"Human... have you ever thought about looking for him.. finding him?"

Lynton shook his head again, "That's why I came Stormreach."

"And what have you learned?"

"That he doesn't want to be found." Lynton sighed, and his tone carried something of anger.

"I see," Lessah said feeling suddenly uncomfortable that she may have upset him, "I am very sorry. I hope you have found a home here at least, and want to stay."

Lynton looked over to halfling, and shrugged. "I don't know, milday. I don't think...I can take what life has brought me in this continent."

"Sadness? Pain? Heartbreak?" She lifted her eyebrows along with her questions. "What about friends?"

Lynton shook his head again...the thread of this conversation not exactly to his liking. "All of the above. I have made no friends here."

She remained silent a moment and turned toward a long stairway that led toward the docks. "So what does it take Lynton... to be your friend?"

Lynton stared at the halfling for several moments, wondering about the question. "I suppose, my lady Lessah, I have never thought much about that."

She led him down a long stretch of dock that extended into the water, her pace slowed, "well... suppose I wanted to be your friend?" She asked him, "What would I have to do?"

Lynton followed Lessah, coming to stand by her side. " wanted to be my friend?" He hummed for a moment, something sad and somber, but turned to face the halfling. "Well, I came to this dinner, under the assumption we'd be friends. So..." Lynton tried to smile. "You are already my friend."

"Then you can no longer say that ‘I have no friends!’" She mimicked his somber face and lowered her voice, then laughed.

Lynton broke into a truer smile, in spite of his other feelings, "No, I suppose I can not."

"I like you Lynton." She took his arm and kept walking. "I wonder, can you learn to like yourself...."

"A bard doesn't need to like himself...only make others like him..." He spoke in a softer voice, mixed with uncertainty.

"You must write some very long and sad ballads in your spare time." She mused. "Look... we are at the end now. I have an idea." Her nose twitched a little. "Why don't you play me something... I mean... it's just us here." She made a place to sit down at the end of the dock.

Lynton made a motion to sit beside her, and reached around for his lute. He wasn't quite sure if he should have brought it...but music never hurt a meal. "I never write down my songs, milady. I just think of something, and play it..." Lynton started plucking a few strings, bringing the instrument back in tune. "Do you have a request?"

"Yes…I request a song!"

Lynton smiled, breaking back into his bardic training of giving a performance. "As you wish then...a song for a lovely lady." He started off slow, just a few small chords and plucks of notes, finding a rhythm and melody. Then the music began in earnest, his fingers creating more sound from the small lute than should probably be possible. It was not a song of anything happy. Disjuncted chords, minor key, but with the multitude of notes, it flowed in an effortless manner for the bard. His eyes closed as he reached into the core of the song, forgetting the place around him.

She pulled her knees up close to her to listen, transfixed, she seems taken in by the dark melody.

He continued playing, and with a small spark of magic, the sound of chimes, them too in disjuncted harmony accompany his playing. It's hard to tell if the spell was done on purpose, for Lynton seems so lost in his own playing, a frowned look of concentration as the apex of the sound was reached, and it descended, slowing down into lower, sadder notes. It sounds akin to the music intending to drag one down into a pit of emptiness and blackness, with only the sound of the chimes to keep ahold from truly falling forever.

Lessah's eyes became glassy, she seemed... fascinated by the song.

Lynton's song only continues for a few more moments, the sounds dropping lower and lower, quieter and quieter, till they're barely recognizable as sounds as all. The chimes cease their accompaniment, and it's almost like the sound never ended all, but drifted past the point of hearing for normal beings. Lynton's hands in fact continue on for several more seconds, and then stop. A small sigh is the only sound afterward as he slowly reopened his eyes and looked at the halfling.

She blinked slowly, as if she were coming out of a trance and shook herself. "Oh... that was... WONDERFUL!" She clapped loudly for him. "You must have been playing all your life!"

"T-thank you, milady. Not..all my life, but, a good deal of it." Lynton looked a bit shocked, but then he smiled just lightly.
 "I trust my song wasn't too somber for you."

"Of course not! I loved it! Help me up wont you?  It's getting a bit late... Ready to head back?"

"Of course, best to go before it gets too cold out here...or starts to rain." He agreed.

They walked back, though not as slowly as they walked out. "Lynton...." Lessah hesitated as she spoke, "
I want you to know that you can come to me any time you need someone to listen to you… singing or otherwise." She smiled warmly at him. "Or, if you are hungry... I might actually cook something myself the next time you come!"

Lynton continued up the steps, rejoining Lessah's side. "I look forward to that. I…will certainly stop by again. Shall I send you warning before I visit?"

She shrugged, "as you like... I have no one special in my life outside of family who might be over.  You know, people were saying that I was some sort of recluse or hermit or miser or something. Though, I can't entirely deny those claims, I certainly didn’t appreciate them."

Lynton shrugged, and looked at the halfling. "That seems an unfair claim...though, I'll admit the same could be said of myself."

"Two hermit misers spending time together... people will talk!" Her head shook a little in mock disapproval. "People will say it is our tainted human blood!" She laughed again and then slowed her pace seeing her home.

Lynton made a small chuckle, but it's tinged in sadness. "Yes...our human blood." He raised his head as they near the house, now thinking of what would be an appropriate thing to do.

Lessah’s pace slowed to a crawl and she turned to face him finally, "I hope to see you again soon Lynton... sad, half-elven bard."

"And I as well, lady Lessah, cheerful halfling." He looked up from his feet to see her eyes, quite unsure whether he should be offering a hand, a hug. Realizing he was hesitating too long, he simply extended a hand and an open posture, letting Lessah decide what to do with it.

She accepted his hand, don't be too sad.... but don't be so happy that you stop playing that wonderful music." She said teasing him a little. "Promise me?"

"I'll promise, milady. If you enjoy it, I'll continue to play it. His voice carried a similar edge of sadness, echoing his music from before, soft, quiet, somber and as if falling into a dark void. It was clear he knew how to sing, just choose not to.

"I will see you soon then." She turned to open her door. Looking back once more she offered a shy but friendly wave and mouthed the word 'bye' to him.

Characters: Lessah Morah

Lessah Ismora (Member) 11/4/2009 4:53 PM EST : The Life and Times, Chapter 2



Lessah Ismora
Posts: 739

((Author's Note:  Drake is the grown daughter (adopted) of Lessah.  She made her living as a midwife, delivering babies on behalf of the Silver Flame.  Before she dissapeared, she was fired by the Church for using contraversial herbs to aid women during pregnanacy.  {Stop pain, enduce contractions, ease bleeding, etc...}
Drake had been formally accused by the Church and arrested for a short while... until... The Harbormaster visted the Church on behalf {presumably} of the Coin Lords.  He claimed that Drake was employed part time by the Coin Lords and was authorized to use the herbs in any way she saw fit.  This was a BOLD lie that was never discovered by the Church and the charges against Drake were dropped all together. 
Shortly after all this... the girl was taken by the Stormreach Killer.  When the other victims returned to the city.... Drake did not, and she was presumed dead by her family.  Her husband left the city and her mother withdrew from proper society. 
Drake has always been intensely private, withdrawn, and deeply religeous. 

It is noteworthy to mention that Drake delivered Tyrael, the drow son of Points and Vallianna.  She subesquently delivered him to safety... but that is another story! )) 



Drake’s Theme






The Life and Times

Chapter 2, The Bard Returns

A soft knock came to the door. So timid were the wrapping of knuckles against the heavy, wooden door, that Lessah almost missed the sound entirely. 

The knocking came again. This time, more insistent. "Oh Sweet Silver Flame!" She said checking her hair in the mirror and chucking her white apron into the corner. She sprinted to the door. "Coming!"

"Hi…. " She said dreamily opening the door and smiling at… a woman. A human woman with chestnut hair pulled back away from her face and a scar across her cheek. The woman’s hazel eyes blinked a couple of times, seeming vacant. Lessah’s eyes popped open. "Oh Thank all the gods! DRAKE!" Tears were welling up in the halfling’s eyes; she hugged her daughter tightly. The hug was not returned.

"Oh my Drake! I thought… we all thought…. You might have died. Most of the others," she danced around the word ‘victims,’ "most of them… returned."

Drake blinked at her mother, expressionless and moved into the house like a zombie. The girl turned and headed slowly upstairs. Halfway up she stopped and turned back towards her mother, "Kain?" Drake asked in an even voice.

"No." Lessah replied afraid of disappointing her daughter even more. This woman seemed a shell of what her sweet, warm-hearted daughter used to be. "No, Drake," Lessah tried to explain apologetically, "he… he thinks you are dead too. He left on business. He has not come back to the city that I have heard of."

Drake’s expression remained empty, but her eyes glassed over with tears.

"Perhaps he will come back and… we can tell him.. that… you are… alive." Lessah trailed off nervously as her daughter turned her back and walked up the stairs without a word.




It was early evening. The marketplace was winding down, and the sun would soon duck its head behind the high city walls. Already the buildings were casting long shadows down the Silversmith road. Lynton came back to that house, wearing the same outfit, at least it seemed that way at a glance. This one was decorated in more red trim. Cautiously, he approached, and placed a few knocked at the door.

While the offer had stood for the bard to ‘drop by any time,’ Lessah opened the door with a start. She opened the door wearing a strange tight, delving suit made from soft, gray hide with the head of an owlbear embroidered on the front, "Oh! Lynton! Hi!" She said smiling a polite smile. She had not been expecting him.

Lynton was startled slightly by Lessah's appearance, so much so he didn’t quite contain the fact that he essentially gave her a once over before coming back to his senses, an act that made her blush a little. "Um...Greetings, lady Lessah. I just thought, I would stop by, and see you."

"Well... I am glad you did! Come in! Please…there is someone I want you to meet!" She stood out of the way and gestured inside.

Lynton raised an eyebrow, but walked inside. His eyes swept the room again, marveling at how large the place was. "Oh? Who, milady?"

She led him to the sitting room and called out, "Darling!" Her voice carried loudly up the stairs; "we have company!"

Lynton thinks in his head…"Darling?"

"Is it Kain?" A human woman appeared on the stairs and spoke in a low voice that became even lower as she saw the stranger. Her face was a blank mask, devoid of emotion. "Who is this?" She asked. '

Lynton quickly donned his more bardic charm, giving a small bow, "My name is Lynton, my lady."

"Drake..." Lessah explained looking up at her, "Master Lynton is a friend of mine."

Lynton looked back up from his bow, his smile giving away to a frown, "Greetings, lady Drake."

Drake stood very tall and slender. An athletic, more than voluptuous build. Her shoulder-length chestnut hair was pulled back away from her face. She looked at Lynton with terribly sad and hollow. She offered the slightest wave and retreated up the stairs from where she came.

Marveling, Lynton looked back to Lessah, horribly confused, "Not even a mouse has moved from me so quickly..."

"Well... she has a great deal of healing to do." Lessah sighed. "So you came to see me then?" Lessah smiled, changing the subject.

Lynton's lips curled into a light smile as he looked down at Lessah, "I suppose you should. I was thinking...about your offer, and I found I wanted to see you again." He made a small shrug, and the smile disappeared just as quickly, "I should have probably said something, instead of just inviting myself." 

She laughed a nervous laughed, "No! It means you wanted to see me again more than the demand for propriety would allow." 

"I am glad you don't mind, milady."

"Come on then! Let's have some of that awful mint tea that only I seem to love!" She joked.

Lynton broke into a small smile again; "I enjoyed that tea. It was a lovely change of pace."

Lessah sighed, "I am running out or it... my daughter..." she jerked her head up towards the second floor and lowered her voice, "she used to pick it for me in a grove outside the city. She won’t go near there now. I shall have to start growing or picking the stuff myself!"

Not completely understanding, Lynton nodded. "Is it hard to grow mint leaves?"

"No… no, they are considered a weed!" Lessah laughed, "but... I like them. The smell and flavor is comforting to me." She poured hot water into tea cups and dropped the balls stuffed with leaves in. Lessah handed him a one.

"Well, my Lady. It is a soothing tea compared to the darker teas they have elsewhere." 

She stirred some sugar into her tea, "I suppose I should change..." She remarked shifting into small talk, "I only just came in from work!" She winked at him; "I ... find lost things… for people."

Lynton raised an eyebrow, "What sort of things do you find, lady Lessah?"

She shrugged, "lost things... precious things... it doesn't matter. What matters is, I have mouths to feed now eh?"

It took Lynton a couple seconds for his thoughts to fully process what was said, and his cheeks slowly filled in color as the words found meaning. He quickly reached to drink his tea, hoping to buy himself time to think, once again, he burned his tongue. 

For a moment, there was silence. Lessah thought the clock ticking in the corner might as well have been a roaring wind.

Lynton looked back up, trying to read the halfling's face, and smiled just slightly, " should know." His face formed back into a frown, "I just recently departed from someone precious to me.  Lynton shrugged, his eyes clouding over with sadness. "I do not know what to do."

It was as if a tiny needle had pricked Lessah and let all of the air out of her. She nodded and tried not to act as if it mattered. "I have spent years and years alone. I have never considered... taking on a man... as my mother used to call it." She sipped her tea.

Lynton looked back up, still a small frown on his face, and tears sparkling from his eyes at the memory of what he lost. "I had told...myself, that it would be best for me to live in sadness over the loss. I..." He paused for a few seconds to form the right phrase. "I was not expecting someone to make me smile again."

"Mother... where are all my old... quivers...." the chestnut-haired girl stopped talking as she saw the two. Lessah had withdrawn her hands to her lap and sat bolt upright as if she were a schoolgirl who had been caught passing a note.

"Oh… um.. ."her face was bright red, "I... threw them out." Now Lessah was just downright ashamed. How dare she throw her daughters quivers out? "In fairness… we all thought you were dead." This statement seemed to make matters worse and the girl stared incredulously at her mother. "We can buy some more!"

Lynton looked positively startled at Lessah's sudden reaction, and turned to Draake...not at all sure what to say. He paused for a few moments, then interjected. "Wait, are we speaking about quivers?"

"Oh Lynton… you must forgive my manners! Um.. yes.." she chose her words more carefully this time, "Draake was... gone for a while and I may have thrown some or all of them out."

Lynton put on his best friendly voice; "I have a few quivers. I would not mind parting with one or two."

Drake stared at him without speaking, her face a mask, expressionless. She neither nodded nor smiled as she retreated to the common room without offering the elf an answer.

Lynton looked back to Lessah, a puzzled expression returned to his face, "I…don't believe she likes me."

Lessah murmured that she did not think Drake liked herself at the moment. She turned to him apologetically, "Lynton, I have to go... you understand. Perhaps you'd like to come with me to dig for mint… but…" her head shook, "that was really stupid."

Lynton nodded, "I would be happy to help you dig for mint."

She seemed dismayed that her brain was turning to mush around him. "It's a date then!" The corners of her mouth turned up at the word ‘date’ and she led him towards the door. She was still worried about her daughter up the stairs and was certain they were being watched, "well..."

Blushing at her boldness, Lynton bowed his head. "It is a date." He looked up to where Drake disappeared. "I will bring a couple quivers with me next time...if you do not mind."

"I think that will go over very well." Lessah smiled.

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((Author's Note:  Have you ever watched yourself make a error in judgement, even when you consciously knew it was the wrong choice? Lessah The Rogue is a very rational woman. Things normally happen AROUND her… not TO her. What she finds out here is that it is very hard to see the forest when you are looking at the trees… standing among them, in fact.

The Lynton character is essentially damaged goods, for lack of a better term. Lessah has come into his life in a very awkward time. What I like most about the next section of story is that neither character seems to know how to go about what they are doing.))

The Life and Times
Chapter 3
One Good Date

Lynton’s Theme

Lessah’s Theme

The sun was high over Stormreach and the Lordsmith’s Bank in the Marketplace was bustling with activity. Lessah stood next to the mailbox, fidgeting. She re-read the letter in her hand once more before sealing and addressing it. The halfling looked once more at the envelope as if she wanted to make very sure the letter would go to the right person. Apprehensively she started to mail it.

The silvery-haired bard was walking around the city, and came across the mailbox and subLessah. He hesitated for a few seconds, then tried calling out. "L-Lessah! Hi Lessah."

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. The letter which was poised to be dropped in the mailbox came away from the drop slot as fast as lightening. Lessah turned, "Hi! ….. How are you? I was just... going to write you a letter!" She placed the letter at her side discretely.

Lynton blushed just lightly in is cheeks as he walked closer. "Oh? Is it about going to dig for mint leaves, lady Lessah?"

A noncommittal smile crossed her face and she purposefully dodged his question. "What are you doing right now? Are you hungry? Thirsty?" 

He looked back up, his face somewhere between a frown and smile, "I would enjoy sharing a drink with you, milady."

"Good! Do you want to Phoenix or someplace else?"

He shrugged, and added in a small bow, "wherever Lady Lessah desires."

A slow smile crossed her face, "You are very charming Lynton… when you want to be."

"I am a bard, milady. That is my be charming." Lynton looked down, a small smile on his face, "though...I am enjoying not having it all for show."

The Phoenix tavern boasted no windows to speak of, to give the tavern a bit more atmosphere. The thinking of the owners was that patrons did not need to know what time of day it was, only that the bar was open.

Lessah waved to Skully, the barmaid at the forward bar, and held up two fingers. She picked a table along the wall near the corner instead of braving the heavily crowded Fellowship population that graced the rear of the tavern. "I was talking about you today!" She remarked to him sitting down.

Lynton blinked, the comment throwing him off-balance. "You d-did? To whom?" He asked taking a chair across from Lessah.

She shrugged, "does it matter? A frown formed on Lynton’s face and then a puzzled, eager, look, as he waited for Lessah to finish the thought.

"What matters is... I missed you enough to do two things," she smiled ruefully. One, I wrote you this letter." She folded the letter and placed it in her pocket. Lynton's eyes followed Lessah's hand into her pocket and then back as she kept talking. "And two," she paused to make sure he was listening. "I got jealous... a little." Lessah grinned as if the entire ordeal had been a science experiment conducted on her. "Its true! Isi said you had your heart broken and that was why you were so sad. I wished immediately that someone would be sad over me or that I could be sad over someone." She explained losing her train of thought in the spiral of her own words, "In any case..." she looked around, "I wish Skully would get here!"

His face played a rotating emotion. A smile from Lessah's grin, a frown and twinge of sadness from the mention of the other woman that used to be in his life, and then back to a smile with sad eyes. "My lady…don't want to feel this kind of pain."

She smiled, "I…" Skully arrived with the tea before she could finish. "Oh, I ordered for you. I do drink wine on occasion, but I didn’t know about you, so I ordered tea. Is that alright?"

Lynton gave a light smile and nod for the tea, "I do drink wine...but tea is lovely." He blew lightly on it, hoping that maybe Lessah would continue.

The halfling waited politely for Skully to leave and then turned to him, "where was I? Oh…" She started playing with her fingers, first one, then the other. She hoped her blatant honesty would not offend him. "Lynton...there is something I need to know."

Lynton set down his cup and leaned forward, a confused expression still covering his face, torn between smiling and frowning. "Yes...milday?"

"Are you still in love with her? Is it over?" She looked back down; "I will be your friend no matter what you say."

Lynton shook his head, sighing and slumping his shoulders, "No, Lady Lessah. I..." he looked up, a few tears in his eyes, " over. It was better...we parted. Before..." His voice became more shaky as he fought to keep it under control, "Before anything more happened..."

She nodded, understanding, "and to my other question?"

Lynton shook his head again, "I...don't know. It hurts more. Some of the things..." He started breaking down more, "I f-felt for her..I.." He started cradling his cup, worried if he kept talking he’d lose his control in public. 

"Stop," she said, "I understand."

Lynton looked up, a teary eyed smile of a frown, and whispers lightly across the table, "You do..milady?" He nodded, "I am not really fit...for anyone, I…believe."

"I think you are right. I can offer you more than friendship Lynton, but you are not ready for it." She tilted her head and sad expression washed over face followed by a deep sigh. "I resolve then to be your friend!" 

Blinking several times and clearing his eyes of the few tears that were held there, he first looked confused, and then shifted into a slightly genuine smile. "My friend, lady Lessah?"

"Yes." Again her smile was more mournful than pleased but her words were genuine. "I will always be honest with you Lynton. I have a great deal of myself to offer to the right man." She lifted her teacup to hide her disappointment behind it and sipped. "Someday."

The elf returned a confused smile, but a smile nonetheless, "I…was...worried. That you might, just leave." Lynton lowered his head to take in some tea, hoping it would calm him back down. It worked, slightly. His eyes drifted back down to her pocket. "What was t-the letter?"

"It is a letter for you. You can still see it if you like, though…"

He was still peering at the pocket he knew the letter was in, "Please...unless you prefer me to wait..."

She smiled, fishing the letter out and handing it to him. "Now mind you... I did not know that... well, anyway," She handed him the letter and watched him open it.

Dear Lynton,

I enjoyed our day together. I hope it is not too soon at ask for another.

I speak plainly, because I do not know any other way.  I missed you when you left. I thought about you afterward. I can tell you that I do not feel this way often, and that is was a surprise to me.

Please, if you find me far too forward, say so, and I will resume cordial pleasantries with you. I just wanted you to know how I feel before I became too timid to tell you so.

As ever,


Lynton's eyes scanned across the letter once...and then started rescanning. There was almost a small chuckle at one point, and then he looked back up, "Cordial Pleasantries?"

"Like I said, it's all academic now." She shrugged a smile.

His confused smile reverted back into a frown. "Yes, I suppose it is, milady."  

"I want you to know that you can tell me about anything you like. I will not judge you... too much," she winked.

Tilting his head just slightly to the side, he was not quite certain if he should respond. "T-Thank you, Lessah. But, what could I possibly share?"

"Ah," she rested her chin in her hand. "I want to know everything. Like... what is your favorite... color? Do you like chicken soup or beef stew? Do you take dark brew (coffee) in the morning?"

Lynton gave a small chuckle, "My favorite green, I think. I prefer chicken...I suppose. And, well, I do not like the taste of coffee. I prefer tea…"

She nodded continuing, "longbow or shortbow?"

"I prefer the longbow. It feels more comfortable to draw and use." Lynton blinked, "Oh...the quivers! Umm...Lady Lessah? Might I see you tonight, and drop them off?"

"Of course you can!" She laughed. "I agree with you on the longbow, though I take what I can get. Which moon is your favorite?"

Lynton looked up, as if trying to see the moons indoors, and then shrugged, "If I had to pick just one?" He thought for a moment, and then responded, "it will probably sound cliche, lady Lessah...but I must say my favorite moon is Rhaan."

"The Book," she replied, speaking of Rhaan. "I should have known that would be you! It’s supposed to be infused with all kinds of creative energies! It is very hard to pick Rhaan out of the sky though… it’s so small it looks like a little blue star." Lessah replied.

"I can almost always see Rhaan when it's in view. Like a distant calling to my eyes."

"You must have inherited the elven vision instead of the human then!" Lessah agreed, and then blinked at him, curious. "Where do you live?"

That comment seemed to make Lynton frown more than smile, and he looked back down at his tea. "I...umm..." Lynton glanced back up, shrugging. "Well...I don't quite live...anywhere right now."

"What?" She looked confused.

Lynton lowered his head just slightly. "I keep many of my things in the bank, but as for a place to sleep., is embarrassing."

She wrinkled her nose, expecting him to say a trash heap or the docs of the harbor. "What? What is it?"

The elven bard sighed, "I spend my nights just outside the city, resting out in the fields...." He shrugged, peeking his eyes back at Lessah, waiting for her reaction.

A strange silence fell between them and Lessah nodded her head slowly. "Well now that is something.  "You have no place to call home then?"

Lynton looked up, slightly relieved that she was not disgusted. "No. I've been using some small spells to at least make myself not appear to be completely homeless..." 

"Have you always loved music?" She asked him trying to shift into a more comfortable topic.

The bard gave a small smile, reaching for his lute to pluck a few strings, "ever since I can remember. I play this because it lets me feel my heart..."

She allowed her body to lean forward, putting more weight on her propped up hand, a barely perceptible sigh escaped her, "and you write all your music? On the spot?"

Lynton nodded, striking a few more chords, a mix between major and minor. "Yes, mostly. I have learned some of the popular melodies by necessity...but otherwise...I just let fingers walk."

"Who taught you?"

He tilted his head, and then looked down at his lute as he started to play a small melody, his voice taking on a more musical nature as he spoke. "I was trained at mother had hired an elven teacher. Sir Ty'lentir. I learned from him, and then learned from myself. It's something that just came, for lack of a better word...naturally."

Stands of his long white hair spilled over his shoulder as he played. Lesah watched him, her eyes blinked slowly, "so., that melody you played for me.... you just made that up... for me? Or was it an old song for someone else?" The steam could be heard leaving her words, disappointing herself as she spoke them. ‘Someone else…’

Lynton stopped playing, and looked ht her...and his fingers begin anew...nearly recreating the song he played the night before...though this time there were some subtle hint of a major undertone. "You had asked me for a song, milady. And I played for you, a song only for you."

"That song was for me?!" She smiled whimsically, clearly taken in by the simple truth. She picked up her tea again. "Well... I seem to be… out of words Lynton. I think... that was... well, it was beautiful!"

Lynton nodded, his fingers were still playing on, though that major undertone seemed to grow in intensity as Lessah spoke. He looked back up, just a small smile on his lips as he took in her expression and the melody smoothly changed to something more subtle, not quite so dark, but still a deep drawing down of notes.

Lynton finished the last couple chords, leaving the song hovering in the middle and bowed his head. "I hope you enjoyed the melody, Lady Lessah."

Practically breathless and smiling broadly, her words seemed meaningless compared to the song she has just heard. She leaned forward quickly as if she might burst into a thousand pieces if she didn't convey her feelings at that moment, and kissed him very fast on his cheek, near the corner of his mouth. It was not unusual for a lady to be taken in by a bard’s song. Lynton only had a second to react, and spent most of that reaction time ensuring his lute did not get crushed. His hand reached up and touched the place where she kissed him, in near shock.

"Right then..." she took a breath to steady herself. "My tea is cold..." She turned her palms over toward him in a gesture of relative helplessness. "What shall we do now?"

"I-I don't know...m-milady." and Lynton was staring at Lessah his cheeks’ infusing with a deep blush.

"Do you sill want to gather mint with me? It would mean we would be outside the city walls for several hours… alone... and we would probably end up eating a lunch out there in the grove." She spoke slowly so he would know exactly what he was getting into. That she meant to deliberately monopolize his time.

Lynton nodded his head, finally being able to avert his eyes for more than one second, his speech and mannerisms were coming under control. "I still meant my words the other day. I would love to help you gather mint, lady Lessah."

She looked at him fondly and offered him her hand. "Will you walk me home?"

Lynton nodded again, standing and swinging his lute behind in back in one action. He carefully reached his hand out for hers, holding it lightly. "Of course, milady."

Again she felt the nudge of practicality in the back of her mind. He is fragile. This is bad timing. You should not be doing this! Let him go…’ It was easy to ignore her thoughts as she felt him griping her hand just a little bit tighter as they left the tavern.

"Lessah? When, would you like me to…meet you?"

She walked with him slowly, thinking… "Hmmm… how about tomorrow? Or the next day is fine. I will know when you show up at my door in the morning, I’ll know which day is best!"

Lynton nodded, and there was a small smile on his face. "Then I will be here tomorrow."

"You are a comfort to me Lynton." Laughing more at herself than him, she said, "I know it seems strange; you hardly smile... but I like being around you."

Lynton dropped his head slightly, thinking, "I believe I would be lying to you, lady Lessah, if I did not say I shared the same thoughts."

"But I smile all the time!" She answered laughing.

Lynton quirked an eyebrow thinking, and then gave a mild chuckle, the corner of his lips turning more. "Yes, you do. I...enjoy it."

She was loath to see her own doorstep. "So… you will be sleeping in the woods tonight then?" She let go of his hand and her skin was markedly cool where their hands had touched.

He felt his fingers across his palm for a moment, and looked at Lessah, nodding. "Yes. Most of the times up in a tree where it's safer..." He looked down, obviously embarrassed to be reduced to such a state.

"If it gets too cold... well... I have a big house."

Lynton raised an eyebrow...not entirely sure of what to say, a small shiver running down his spine at the thought of another night up in an accursed tree. "I-I..l-lady L-essah. I w-wouldn't w-want to in-in-intrude."

Her mind was screaming for her to be practical, but another, more insistent part of her reached out with her hand and pulled him with her towards the door. "I want you to stay then. No one sleeps in trees…. And.... I want to hear some more of that music." She explained whimsically, she could feel the spell of the melody lifting, she found that she missed that carefree feeling. She wanted it back. "Would you please?"

With a small break, his foot found him taking a step towards Lessah rather than away. "Of course, milady..."

A satisfied "hmmmm" escaped her, and she led him into the house, explaining that she had a small, vacant servant quarters in basement below the kitchen.

(To be continued...)

Characters: Lessah Morah

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Chapter 3, Part 2

One Good Date

Drake’s Theme

Lynton’s Theme

Lessah's Theme

Lessah’s lived in a town-style home with two stories that overlooked the marketplace. It boasted dark hardwood floors with tightly woven carpets of different colors and miss-matched furniture of every size to accommodate the largest to the smallest guest. Lessah used to rent only a small room on the upper floor when she first came to the city. As patrons started moving out… she began moving into the other rooms… and eventually she was the landlord’s only tenant. When he died, she purchased the home from his bereaved family.

There were two very simple and small rooms there across the hall from one another behind and loosely connected to the kitchen; each with a single bed, dresser, and whickered lamp. Lessah blushed quickly at the sight of the all the dust that had accumulated there. How long had it been since she had set foot in these rooms!

"Oh... oh my! I am so sorry! I had not been back here since Daniel and his wife Rebecca left with my great grandson and..." She offered him a grin of apology, "When Drake disappeared... after what happened... I sort of lost touch with my own home for a while," she flushed.

Lynton shook his head, trying to stifle a small sneeze. "I-It's alright, milady. It is a room with a r-room, and not a canopy. I can clean up a bit of d-d-" he sneezed, sending himself to back away from Lessah a small bit. "Dust..."

Looking around the room briefly, he turned back to Lessah. "I-if I'm staying here...the least I can do is clean..."

The halfling dashed into the kitchen, she returned with a dusting rag and a broom. "I had not expected this..." she began rambling nervously. "You know, before the old silver flame midwife died, she came here once and said to me: 'you ought to have a cleaning woman or a cook in such a big house'" Lessah was trying to mimic the old woman’s voice as she spoke. "And I told her, I said... 'I'd rather eat a sturge raw!' Or maybe I said I'd swallow a flaming sturge... It doesn't matter! The point is... a sturge is a disgusting bony little bat-bird and no one wants to eat it let alone flaming or raw or whatever...." She looked up, as if she had only just registered his offer… "You will help me?"

Lynton was near smiling as he was listening to her ramble about the sturge, and bowed his head. "It would be my honor, Lady Lessah." He took a few steps forward to take the rag and broom from her.

Nearly stunned, as both the items left her hands, she had to blink several times to get her head back on her shoulders straight. "I... will... see about dinner!" She said finally, dashing a few steps back into the kitchen mumbling something about the boy who drove the milk cart.






Lessah’s footsteps were surprisingly loud for a halfling and she could be heard plodding across the house to the stairs and yelling up at Drake about dinner. The girl's muffled reply was not heard.

"That girl is stubborn," Lessah muttered and then began digging around in the kitchen. "I hope you like cold meat and you can you drink milk allright? I have so much now that the baby is gone! I should have changed the order, but I have not had time, and that delivery boy comes so early!" Lessah spoke to the elf in a loud enough voice for him to hear her in the servant’s quarters. "I am not like most people... getting up with the sun is not my favorite activity!" She laughed as she carried a plate of cold meat to the table along with a pitcher of milk.

He called lightly back to her, "milk will be fine, milady. I am nearly done clearing out the majority of this dust. Though I will have shake out these sheets I believe." Lynton started making another pass of sweeping the room, grabbing some of the dust that has settled to the floor from cleaning off the dresser.

Without thinking about it, Lessah made a smaller, separate plate for her daughter and poured the girl a glass of water before taking it up the stairs. She knocked softly outside the room, "Drake, I'll just leave it here... don't wait too long dear, or the rats might get to it first!" She tried to laugh and then headed back down the stairs, attempting to etch the worry off of her face. "That girl." She whispered as she finished setting the table and poured the last of the days milk into two glasses. "Lynton, you should feel very lucky that you have no children! What am I saying... um... do you need help?" Lessah walked in the hallway and peered at him.

The room was looking a bit more well kept, besides the bed which was still mostly covered in dust, and Lynton who seemed to have attracted a fair amount himself. He gave a faint smile to Lessah as he saw her outside. "I believe I have most of it clean, milady...but I would not mind your presence."

"You've done a fantastic job! Let me take those sheets to the roof for you! Go and wash! look at you, you look like a wool factory worker or a chimney sweep!"

She pointed out the back door where an old fashioned well pump stood just off the stone slab that served as a back patio.  She pointed to the left of the kitchen towards the rear of the house, bundled the sheets into a ball, and headed out the back door.

Echoed laughter could be heard from a ledge near the roof where Lessah was balanced, pinning the sheets to a line to air out. "I suppose there is no keeping you indoors then!" She called from above him. A whoosh sound could be heard as she flipped off the roof ledge and onto the ground. She was smiling broadly, obviously comfortable in her own space. Her strange, enchantment from previously that evening seemed to have been completely lifted. "Hungry?"

Water dripped slowly from a thin pipe that stuck up from the ground off the far corner of the porch. Lessah approached it with practiced ease and slid a bucket beneath it, with a few pumps the water got going and she vigorously scrubbed her hands and arms to the elbows.

He took a few steps to the pump, rolling back his sleeves and started blushing. "Er..m-milady. W-would it be alright if I disrobed? T-to shake off this dust?"

"I... oh.. um... well..." she stammered with her words and forgot the that the water was running still and the bucket was now beginning to overflow. "Oh!" She shut the pump off and stepped back, she turned one way and then the other, "I'll just... go inside," she said finally and walked past him towards the door. "I think my son in law has some clean shirts here if you need one... or.. I'll just..... leave..." she jerked her thumb over her shoulder.

"I-I would not mind a fresh shirt. I could finally give this one a decent washing. Lynton began to take off his clothes, starting with his shirt. He's slipped a bit back into his bardic teachings, and a bard is rarely modest. "I will try to be quick so we may eat, lady Lessah."

"What? no, I should um..." she remained there in spite of herself another moment, "well... I will see to your shirt. You can hang yours out to dry here! Between this house and that one and the open air market there is just enough of the sea breeze to dry wet clothes. Though, you might want to get it as high as you can, the way I did with the sheets. The market carries the odor of fruit and slaughtered animals and fish. Sometimes when the wind changes, you end up with funny smelling clothes in this area here," she made a gesture with her hands to indicate the elongated back yard. "That's why there is no line here... we keep it high to catch the breeze from the Thunder Sea, though not on days when the shipyard is full.... the first of the week it is normally full... " she stopped and realized she was rambling.

He nodded as he listened to her speak, and leaned down to the water, and started running his shirt over in it and wringing some of the dirt and dust from it's fabric. He then set it aside and started scrubbing off his arms and then wets down his hair and head, bringing the bucketful of water to splash and clean out more of the dust that was making his white hair look more like gray. As the water and hair caught the moonlight, it now clearly looked like bleach white.

Lessah dashed into the house fast, feeling nearly light-headed and bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time. She began rummaging through a bureau in the hallway and fished out a sturdy-looking large white shirt and then nearly ran over her own daughter in her haste. "Oh! Drake… you startled me. Stay inside tonight alright?" She nodded once and left her confused daughter standing outside her room. Lessah ignored Drake when she asked about the shirt.

He noted Lessah leaving, and took the opportunity to quickly remove his now dusty pants, and shake them out. After several moments he started channeling a minor illusion spell, changing the appearance of color in the cloth. He always did enjoy these clothes for their ability to capture and maintain basic enchantments. His pale skin and white hair took on a subtle glow as he worked the spell into the material bringing the red trim to now a faint teal.

The halfling froze, "Oh... I found it..."

Looking over his shoulder, there was a slight blush on his cheeks, but otherwise he acted perfectly calm. "Thank you, lady Lessah." Lynton looked back, and found his concentration slightly altered the path of his illusion, and he turned back to fix it. "One moment, I was adjusting the color of my clothes..." He explained and completed the spell in another few seconds. He began to put his pants back on; keeping his back turned to Lessah. "I am sorry. I thought you would be longer in getting the shirt."

"You are joking?" She walked over to watch the last of his spell, clutching the clean shirt tightly to her chest. "That is really marvelous!"

He Turned around, a light smile on his face, and despite all his appearance of composure, a blush in his cheeks, "Thank you, milady." He took a small bow, "where as I sold off my other clothes, I keep these for their ability to change to any social situation."

Lessah was still clutching the shirt tightly,"that is marvelous! Really excellent…" 

Lynton tilted his head slightly as the gap between them became tighter. Still, he continued the explanation, "they mostly only hold visual enchantments, but a mage could make the material as strong as stone if they wished it. Of course, then one would also be weighed down much like stone." Lynton outstretched one hand to Lessah, she drew in sharp breath as he did, "thank you again for the shirt, lady Lessah."

She looked away quickly and held it out for him, "my son-in-law is a very tall man," she explained, "it may be bit larger than you are used to, but it's only until the other one dries."

"This will do fine, milady. It is only for a night."

She nodded and led him back into the house.  Drake sat at the table, slicing half a loaf of bread. Lessah felt her heart race through several emotions at once, "Drake!"

Up close, the girl could be seen to have deep hazel eyes and chestnut hair that was pulled away from her face much in the same manner as her mother's. Drake had a scar that ran from her eye to her chin on the right side of her face. Her eyelids seemed heavy and her expression was mostly devoid of emotion.

Lynton nodded to Drake though his eyes went a bit wide at Lessah's near exclamation. " is a pleasure to see you again, lady Drake. I apologize that I do not have those quivers with me. I..was not expecting to be spending the night."

"This.. is Lynton. You remember meeting him don't you?"

The girl very nearly rolled her eyes at her mother; "I'm not a child. I remember." She fell silent and looked over Lynton, "Nice shirt." She remarked letting the man know that she knew to whom the garment belonged.

Lessah shot a warning look at Drake, "let's eat shall we?"

For a moment, there was an uncomfortable void in the air where no words passed between anyone. "I trust your day went well. Was there any word in the post from Kain?" Lessah asked trying to sound pleasant.

"No." Drake's facial expression remained blank.

Only the clanking of glasses and dishes marked the heavy silence. Lessah looked over at Drake, "you know, we are going to the grove tomorrow. If you'd like to come." 

The girl stopped eating and stood up fast, pushing her way from the table. As she stalked upstairs she muttered, "I can't believe you'd even ask me that!"

Lessah shrugged apologetically, "I am so sorry... she’s not doing very well right now."
Lessah continued eating her dinner, making modest conversation. "Most halflings have a very fast metabolism, but... I think I missed that part of the gene pool." She laughed, "I get full too easily, drunk too easily, like a human."

Lynton's eyes drifted down for a second to her plate, to see how much she's eaten, and then back up, his face going back to a small frown with an unpleasant memory. "Seems I inherited almost all of my elven mother’s traits...except for the part of being long lived."

She shrugged, "I had not considered my life span much, I suppose I will as soon as it is over.  My mother lived to be 62 years old before she died! I'd say that's a good run in this rough life."

Lynton nodded, though didn't seem completely pleased. He made a few more pokes at the cold meat, and took another bite. "I wonder how my father is doing."

She began gathering dirty dishes and stacking them in the sink. "Father? You had not mentioned him... is he in Stormreach?" She motioned to his plate. "Are you finished with that?"

Lynton looked down at his plate, and then nodded, picking up the plate to hand to her. "No, my father lives in Khorvaire, milady. He is in his 60s about now. I...probably should send them a letter." He cast his gaze around the room, looking for something to transfix his eyes upon.

"The boy that brings the milk comes before the sun rises," she explained, rinsing dishes in a large basin and setting them on a towel to dry. "He makes a fair amount of noise, so if you hear something it's likely him on the porch. There is a window in your room, feel free to leave it open. I can imagine you have an affinity for fresh air. Sleeping in trees!" She shook her head, "I suppose it would be alright if the night air wasn’t too cool." She came back to the table and looked at him. "Where are you right now Lynton? You look far away."

The bard blinked a few times, and then looked back up, putting on a small smile. "Oh. I was thinking about my life back home. It's been nearly four years since I came here. It feels like so many more than that. And then I was thinking about how I keep meaning to go back, and then I find a reason to stay again, a clue...or a person."

"Lynton... would you come to the roof with me to check and see if your shirt is dry? The sheets are up there too!"

He nearly stared for another second, and then drew his appearance back in check, and nodded. "Of course, milady. Though, I'm not entirely certain if my shirt will be dry considering it is night."

"Then I shall entertain you while it dries!" Lessah did not wait for his answer; instead she got up and walked out the back door. The halfling
climbed a small ladder that looked to be overgrown with vines and then swung up onto the roof. The white sheets were flapping in a gently breeze, as was the damp shirt.

"It's wet," She said to him over her shoulder, "I hate to leave it out here over night. It may get stolen!"

He looked up as he stepped out the door to Lessah, nodded his head. "We can watch it till it dries more." Lynton replied climbing the ladder.

Lessah sat down and leaned against the wall of the adjacent building. "You said you preferred the night to the day? Didn’t you?"

"Yes. I enjoy this cooler air."

"You can't see the sky as well as when you are in the country I am sure."

Lynton looked up to the sky, and the stars. "Actually, sometimes I can see more of it. If I climb high enough to get above the canopy...the stars are nearly close enough to touch, they are so bright." He looked back down to the smiling halfling, "perhaps another song, milady?"

The hairs on the back of Lessah’s neck stood on end at this. No way could she keep her wits about her if that bard played another song. "Not just yet..." she smiled softly from the corners of her mouth. "I want to tell you a story first. Then, if you think it's fitting, you can play a song. Is it a deal?"

Lynton nodded, and placed his lute to the side so he could easily lean back against the wall. "It is a deal. What sort of story, lady Lessah?"

{A tale within a tale…. Half of a Halfling. }


"I want to tell you a very special story," she began slowly, "about a paladin. A woman, with stark, white hair, and bright, blue eyes who devoted her life to the Silver Flame. A woman who at the age of 45, found herself unmarried, with no children to speak of." Lessah reached up and released the tie from the back of her blonde hair as she spoke, and ran her fingers through it. She smoothed the locks of hair until they hung loose around her face, changing her look to that of a girl much more seasoned than she would lead others to believe. Her own blue-gray eyes took on a far away look as she continued to weave the words of her tale.

"As you can imagine, the woman found herself quite lonely. One night, when she was feeling sorry for herself for choosing duty over family, she wandered into the village’s only tavern." Lessah chuckled once as she said, "she drank an entire bottle of putrid, red wine. Can you imagine!" She shook her head, "how is a paladin supposed to know what good wine tastes like? Honestly!" Lessah chuckled again, "She got quite drunk and you can imagine her surprise when the Flamekeep guards asked her to report for duty! Apparently there was trouble beyond the walls of the village, and every hand was needed. In her state, they asked her to keep watch over the only prisoner being held in the stockade!" Lessah looked first to him to make sure he was still with her and then at her hands. She continued, "the stoic woman never hesitated, she dawned her armor and sword and reported to the prison, barely able to stand." Lessah explained.

"The next thing she knew, she was face to face with one of the Thunder Sea’s most famous, and notorious rogues. He was a halfling named, ‘Lerincho Yarbarro.’ He was marked for death and was to be put down the very next day." Lessah smiled a little as she spoke now, "The two were left alone the entire night. Well that charming little devil of a rogue proceeded to sweep that drunk woman right off her feet from the other side of those bars!" Lessah smiled a full smile as she spoke now, "when the woman woke the next morning, she found herself, naked beneath a woolen blanket, locked inside the cell. The rogue, however, was gone!" She laughed, "that little halfling thief Lerincho had taken her in more ways than one." Lessah winked knowingly as she continued, "her armor, her weapon, and all her money were missing as well."

"Naturally the woman was humiliated." Lessah nodded slowly, "a few months later, she was even more humiliated as she found out she was pregnant." Lessah looked directly into Lynton’s eyes now; "a true paladin, the woman never faltered, nor did she give the townsfolk the satisfaction of casting a disgraced paladin out of their city." Lessah swelled with pride as she spoke, "that woman stayed and delivered her baby and then went back to work inside Flamekeep as if what has happened were an every day occurrence!" Lessah looked away, and then back at him. The moonlight reflected a glassy tear of pride trying to free itself from her right eye, "she named her baby girl Lessah, after herself."


Lessah felt her throat tighten as she spoke. "That’s it!" She turned away and tried to regain her composure.

Once she finally finished, Lynton lips were in a very true half-smile, and he spoke in a near musical tone. "That was a lovely story…Lessah."


"I have never said this to anyone. You are the first," she spoke softly and then drew her knees up to her chest, placing her head on her knees for a moment, she said a small prayer to honor her dead mother.

Lynton nodded and looked up to the starry night sky before turning his eyes back down to Lessah. "I am...glad you wanted to tell me."

"You are very difficult to figure out Lynton. You know that? For the most part, I can see people for who they are very quickly. You were different. You are layered….like an onion," she explained. "You are sad, and sensitive, and I think lonely. I don't think you allow many people, if any, close to you. I think you keep things, like that broken heart," she pointed to the dead center of his chest as she spoke, "and the torch you are carrying for that girl locked deep inside you and you don’t let go of those feelings very easily, or very quickly."

The only noise around them came from the breeze billowing the sheets gently. "I also see a person who is capable of fiercely loyal friendship."

The bard began turning away, focusing his attention over to the rooftops, trying to hide some of the sadness that was starting to sweep over him from her words. "I-It s-sounds l-like you d-do have me f-figured out..." he made a small sniff, feeling more of his barrier that break down. "L-lady Le-Lessah." Lynton said, looking at her. There were small tears in his eyes, as he tried to give her the smile he was feeling earlier.

Silently, she placed a hand on his. "It's alright. Never be afraid to show your true feelings in front of me Lynton." She gave his hand a squeeze. "I meant what I said that you are not ready for a woman like me..." 

Lynton looked to her hand, and then back up to her, a confused look of great sadness and a tinge of happiness ran down his face. "L-Lessah..." He fought back from falling into light sobs, and his eyes looked quite lost.

She did not hesitate, leaned in and wrapped her arm around his back. "Just let it go... you will feel differently after you do." She said and held onto him as tightly as he would allow.

As she spoke, and the words broke that last line and quickly he fell forward into her shoulder, weeping gently and a second later wrapped his arms back around her as his small cries echoed into the night.

Characters: Lessah Morah

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The Life and Times of Lessah the Rogue

Chapter 4

One Bad Date


Lynton’s Theme

Lessah’s Theme


The familiar sounds of the marketplace early morning could clearly be heard drifting into the open windows of Lessah’s home. The sun had not yet made its way over the city walls, but it was light enough. Lessah burst in through the front door, excited and out of breath. 

Making far too much noise, Lessah bounded up the stairs to knock on Drake’s door. "Drake! You will want to come out of that room and see what I have outside!"

Drake opened the door, her hazel eyes as vacant as ever, "What do you want?"

"Please do not punish me for wanting to share things with you," Lessah explained in a firm yet low voice, "I think you should reconsider coming today. I am taking some new clothes I bought over to Daniel and Rebecca for the baby…" she continued, "Daniel is as much your son as he is Kain’s." Lessah’s eyes never left Drake’s as she spoke, "you delivered little Nigel yourself, you changed their lives forever."

"I don’t want to go." Drake answered uneasily. 

"I won’t force you, but you are coming out of that room eventually if I have push you out your window!" She turned on her heel and headed downstairs.

The loud noises started stirring him from sleep. It was never good to sleep too lightly when your bed was a tree in the middle of the wilds of Xen'drik. Either you could fall...or be eaten by a spider. Lynton mumbled slightly and turned in the bed, still not entirely awake.

She crept to the rear of the kitchen to look in on Lynton, and seeing him still asleep, she began organizing her pack with things she might need. She was already wearing her least favored chain shirt. It smelled heavily of peanut oil and looked as if it had been previously rusting in the back of her closet.

With a deep breath she headed to the rear of the kitchen and down the small steps to the servant’s quarters.
She knocked softly on the frame of the door. "Lynton?" She spoke in a low but even tone, "Lynton? I’d like to get there and back before the sun gets too hot. Are you awake?"

Lynton turned back over, and started blinking his eyes. Slowly, the image of the room filtered into his vision. "Hmm...?" He took a few more seconds, remembering to himself that he actually did stay at Lessah's house, "Yes...I'm waking up."

He looked around once more and rubbed his eyes as he swung his legs out to the side of the bed and started working out some stiffness in his muscles. "We...are gathering mint...milady?"

"Indeed," She nodded and
turned walking back through the kitchen, grabbing the cheesecloth of travel rations and stuffing it into her pack as she went.

The sun was steadily growing brighter, and the market place was already busy with patrons. Common arguments about the freshness of fruits and vegetables carried easily to Lessah’s front door. The halfling met him with a broad grin as he approached.

"I rented a horse!" She blurted out. "Can you imagine! I know nothing about horses! Do you?" She laughed, and held up two empty, sturdy-looking saddlebags, "I thought I could fill these with a bit of dirt and some of the plants with roots. I could plant them here in my yard and I’d be able to stop scrounging for mint leaves."

Lynton gave her a small smile, though quickly it grimaced as the sun met his eyes and he had to spend more time adjusting. "Y-yes..milady. I do know a little about how to handle a horse."

A modest yet sturdy-looking chestnut mare was tied loosely to a hitching post. The mare had a white stripe down the front of its face and its ears seemed darker than the rest of its body. It shook its mane and made a strange blowing noise in complaint. "They said her name is Copper, but they assured me she was worth more than that." Lessah said to Lynton over her shoulder. "I’m not sure how to steer a horse, so you can have the saddle. I’ll sit behind you if that’s alright?"

Lynton walked up the horse, placing a hand against its coat and giving it a few taps as he checked it over and nodded. "She seems like a fine horse." He turned back around a pleasant smile on his face, "That would be fine Lady Lessah. It has been a while since I've rode a horse, but I believe I can manage."
Lynton helped her onto the horse before making himself comfortable in the saddle.

"Out the gate, there is a farmhouse only three quarters of a mile out, we go there first if that is alright."

"That is just fine. This is your day, milady." Lynton cracked the reigns a bit tighter, and brought the horse to a mild trot as they exited the city gates. "If you're comfortable with it, I'd like to bring Copper to a gallop. You will have to hold on tight, Lady Lessah."

"Ok!" She agreed. Lessah marveled at the exhilaration of being on a horse.

Lynton gave a small smile. Then he urged the horse into a gallop, making quick work of the short mile. He called out behind him. "Please tell me if I need to slow down, milady."

The halfling could not speak if she wanted to. She had never been on a horse that she could remember and now one was running beneath her at a full gallop! She held onto Lynton for dear life until she found the animals rhythm and allowed her body to move along with its natural gait. "It’s a green farmhouse," she answered breathlessly, "to the right of the road."

Lynton was near grinning. He nearly forgot the joy of riding a horse and the speed that came with it. Unconsciously he found himself willing the horse faster. It wasn't until he heard her voice calling to him, and he brought himself back into check, and slowed the horse down, though only slightly. His eyes started looking around for this green house, since they must be close by now.

She could hardly breath; "we got here so fast!" She marveled. "Normally it’s at least a hardy fifteen minute walk outside the gate for me!" She laughed, "I can see why a horse is so valuable a commodity!" She pointed past his shoulder, "just there at the top of the hill… see it?"

A small but freshly-painted deep green farmhouse could be seen ahead. As they neared, a young woman holding a baby, no older than a year or two came into view. The girl had dark hair that was pulled into a tight ponytail in the back of her head. Her dark eyes lit up as she recognized Lessah. She waved and then held the baby’s hand up to wave as well. Lessah was waiving back. You’d think that the halfling had been riding horses all her life the way she deftly slid off the animal.

Lynton bowed his head lightly, and worked his way off the horse himself. "I'll see to Copper first, milady. I'll join you after she is tied up."

Lessah ran to the young girl and held her arms out for the baby, "Little Nigel!" Lessah exclaimed. The halfling’s eyes were nearly brimming with tears and her smile was positively luminous. She kissed the baby several times before hugging the young girl. "Oh my precious precious darlings!" She exclaimed. The women ventured over to the tidy steps of the farmhouse and sat down. Lessah reluctantly gave the baby back to its mother after he began complaining. "Lynton please meet Rebecca and … Little Nigel." She looked around for Lynton, realizing that in her haste she had not even given him a second glance. "Where did he go?"

Not too far away, Lynton quickly found a small wooden fence, and began lacing the reigns through them, marveling a little how ingrained those teachings must have been to come back to him so readily. With a couple pats thanking Copper, Lynton turned back to join Lessah and the other woman, carrying his usual bardic friendly expression.

"Who is your friend?" Rebecca asked watching Lynton approach in her easy and thick farmer’s accent. She turned her attention back to Lessah. "It’s so good to see you Little Mother! Daniel’s helping Mr. Garret with the lower fields today, I’m afraid he won’t be back ‘til nightfall."

Lessah smiled and reached out to take the baby’s hand and kissing it lightly, "it’s fine, it’s fine," she said. "Rebecca… I’d like you to meet Lynton. He’s a friend."

Lynton made a small bow as she introduced them. "It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Rebecca. You have a lovely child." Lynton inclined his head smiling lightly at the baby, and took a few more steps to Lessah's side.

Rebecca smiled at the bard and then fell into easy conversation with Lessah about the farm and about Daniel. Lessah wanted to make sure the couple was still happy and comfortable with their situation before she spoke about any other news.

"Drake is alive." Lessah said at last. "She came back after her ordeal with the Stormreach Killer."

Rebecca’s eyes widened. "Holy Flame be praised!" She said adjusting the babe on her hip. "Does Daniel’s father know? Will they come te see us?"

Lessah’s eyes fell into sadness in an instant. She shook her head slowly, "Rebecca I don’t know. Drake is… different now. She wont even leave her room." Lessah explained. "Kain has been out of the city on business. He doesn’t know….but… I think mostly what we need is time." She gave Rebecca a squeeze on the shoulder.

"Please tell her that I pray for her every day." Rebecca said and looked down at the now fussy baby. "He’s needin te nurse and nap Little Mother."

Lessah nodded and pulled a bag full of baby clothing out of her satchel and kissed both of them goodbye. "Please give my love to Daniel? I am sure Kain will come see you as soon as he can!" She smiled sadly, knowing that Drake would likely not be with him. It stung Lessah’s heart to think that the thin fabric of her family may have been torn apart forever. She sighed, trying to push that thought out of her mind as she watched Rebecca take Nigel into the house.

"Let’s go," Lessah said turning to Lynton. She felt suddenly ashamed of herself for bringing him with her only to have to listen to her innermost family problems.

As she rounded back onto him...he was lost in his own thoughts. Her words quickly brought him back, and had no idea how to reply.

"Do you mind walking the horse a bit? It’s not far… another couple of miles down this road." She fell silent and allowed him to help her onto the horse. She remained silent even as they set off at a slower pace. 

Lynton obliged as best her could, trotting the horse slowly and carefully down a worn path. Slowly, he began humming a new melody...a traveling song of sorts. A beat to match the sound of the hooves, and chorus to match the wisp of wind. Nothing nearly as fancy as what he could do with his lute, but practiced in it's own way.

Slowly she began to make small talk with him. Speaking mostly about the new taxes that Coinlords were introducing and the surge of homeless and starving adventurers in the streets and the dock workers forever complaining about the warforged taking their jobs. So caught up in the rhetoric was she that she nearly allowed Lynton to trot the horse right passed the grove!

"This is it!" She said fast jerking herself out of her thoughts.

He Quickly pulled back on the reigns, startling himself, so focused he was on just that time listening to her talk. As he took his mind to actually handling the horse and keep it from rearing, Lynton stopped their movement and looked around.

The grove had burned to the ground not a year before. Lessah had expected to see it in near ruins. She gasped, the place was teeming with new life! The rocky outcropping that shielded the lushest part of the grove from view of the road was again covered in moss. "Sweet Silver Flame!" Lessah said beneath her breath.

"There’s a small ground-fed spring back there somewhere," Lessah explained. "That’s where most of the mint used to grow. The horse can drink as well!"

Lynton nodded, and brought the horse around, carefully avoiding some of the larger clumps of growth, "It seems this area has done quite well..." he spoke in mostly general tone, though slightly amazed himself how full of life this place seemed to be.

The ground was still damp from dew clinging to blades of grass in the shadow of the rocky outcropping. Lessah slid off the horse as soon as she saw the small pool of water. It had changed, she noted. Some of the rocks had fallen and changed the shape of the pond, the water seemed older... more stagnant.

Lessah began making a wide arc, looking and smelling for signs of what she came for. "Can you get the saddle bags?" She asked Lynton as she looked around. She spied a rusty helmet and part of a breastplate embedded in the grass. "An adventurer must have died here." She remarked casually. A Silver Flame Symbol had nearly worn off the front of the plate and she took in sharp breath.

Dropping to one knee, Lessah spoke a quick prayer for a fallen brother and then resumed her search. It did not take long to find what she was looking for. On the far side of the pond, mint has taken over. The place reeked of mint and the stalks of plants were so thick that Lessah wondered how she would ever get them out of the ground.

"Lynton…. I think I shall never run out of mint again!" She laughed for the first time since they left the farmhouse.

Lynton was already off the horse and walking towards her with the saddlebags. Seeing her laugh brought a more genuine smile to his face, as he reached out to hand over the bags. "No, I believe we could start a forest of mint!" He gave a light chuckle, the strong smell of mint affecting him just slightly.

The ground was soft and Lessah began pulling as much mint as her hands would allow. "My palms are turning green," she joked as she carefully laid some mint, roots and all, into the bag.

Lynton quickly joined her in the efforts of digging up the mint from the ground, tilling up dirt, roots, and the leaves. Lynton soon found himself smiling more brightly than he had in weeks, enjoying the simple act of gathering mint.

"I do believe, I will need a good wash after we are through." Lynton lightly chuckled, depositing another batch of mint into a satchel.

"I don’t know if I trust this water…." She remarked, pulling another clump of mint from the ground. Lessah grabbed a large, tightly packed clump of mint with both hands and reared backwards hard. Three things happened very fast; almost too fast. As the clump came free from the ground, Lessah lost her momentum and fell backward very quickly into the water. Beneath the clump of mint that went with her, a harmless black rat snake slithered off to find shelter elsewhere. That, however, was enough to send the horse rearing back on its heels and skittering away fast!

Lessah began trying to get her footing in the pond, which was not so deep, and coughed water loudly. There was so much thick mud and silt on the bottom of the water it made things difficult.

"Copper! Copper!!!" Lynton cursed as the horse continued running off, and so he looked back to the coughing halfling. "Oh, my lady!" He quickly moved forward to help her.

Taking his hand, Lessah looked a little like a wet cat climbing out of the water. She sputtered, "did you see that?!"

Lynton reached for her hand to pull her out of the water. "Yes..yes, I did milady." The bard looked back over his shoulder, "I believe we have lost our horse though."

"What happened to the horse?" She asked as she began to recover. "We have to find our ride home or I will lose my deposit!" She sloshed off; her boots and armor making squishy noises with every step.

It took a solid hour to find the scared horse and then another half-hour to catch the nervous animal. By the time they got all that sorted, the sun was high above them and growing hot. "What do you think?" Lessah asked. She looked a bit tired and her hair and clothing had not benefited from falling into the water. She was covered in dried mud and the stagnant water smell. "I think I have enough mint to last me a good while."

"I don't believe you'll even have to plant your own, with how much is there, lady Lessah." As he made his comment, he finally took one good look at Lessah's composure, and began to frown. "Um..milady. You didn't pack an extra set of clothes, have you?"

"No. I feel disgusting," she admitted. "That pond water is… oily." It was plain that she was feeling miserable. She looked at him and tried to be stoic. She failed. "Will you please take me home?" She asked him.

"Of course, milady." He wasn't sure whether she had planned to head home this early, but he knew he wanted to make her feel better.

She frowned, over the last twenty-four hours… she had managed to make him cry, place him in an awkward position around her daughter, expose him to some of her deepest and most well-guarded family issues, and now she was dirty and uncomfortable in front of him.

"You must think me such a fool," she blurted out before she could stop the words.

Lynton stood..well..shocked. The words were sudden to his ears, and there was just nothing to prepare him for them. Slowly, his eyes blinked, as his mind tried to process the thoughts..he wanted to comfort her..maybe..for the majority of the day, he had forgotten most of everything else, and even as a few tears started to stream down his face, his voice broke with a few words.. "L-llesah. Y-you are n-ot a-a fool..." Lynton looked down at her, doing his best to smile at her comfortingly. But even in his head, he knew the attempt was failing horribly.

Lessah stopped moving, though her back remained to him. She rolled this new feeling around in her mind the way one might try out a new food that is destined to be hated. What was this? She felt a strange downward tug in the center of her chest when she turned to look at him. He was… crying! Lessah shook her head fast to try and get herself back together. "Are you alright?" She walked closer to him. "Listen…only one of us gets to have a crisis at a time! It’s not your turn!" She laughed openly. "I am sorry." She said at last after she had recovered. "I am not used to letting someone else see me this way."

"No..Lessah. I'm s-sorry. I am not r-really alright...b-but I k-now I would like to see you that you're a-alright...."

"What am I going to do with you?"
Lessah realized that offering herself to him beyond what she had already done would do him more harm than good. Again she felt the heavy weight of that realization dragging her heart into her belly. ‘This must be what it feels like to have your heart broken,’ she told herself. 

"This day did not turn out like I thought it would." She admitted. "I think I would like to go home and take a bath and forget it happened." 


Characters: Lessah Morah

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*Warning:  Heavy romantic overtones and... blatant awkwardness!

****** Chapter 4

One Bad Date, Part 2

Lessah's Theme





It was late afternoon by the time they reached the city gates again, turned in Lessah’s rented horse, and made their way back to her home. Lessah suggested the pair jump the rear wall and go straight to the well pump at the back porch to wash the road off of their clothes and set the mint roots to soaking in a shallow basin of water.

Lessah’s head felt faint. She glanced at him; "I am starving!" She said, "Do you want to eat something?"

Lynton nodded, He did not know what to do with his thoughts for the moment, so he shuffled to the side, hunger seeming like a more stable thing, "Yes, I would love to have something to eat, milady."

"Fantastic!" Her battered chainshirt hit the back porch with a THUD as she pulled it off and dropped it unceremoniously. She wore a plain, sleeveless shirt beneath and breathed a sigh of absolute relief. "Thank the Flame and Host alike," she muttered. "Come on then!" She smiled and tried to smooth her hair into submission, "we can eat the rest of that bird!"

"That sounds wonderful." As he made to follow her, Lynton took a small note of the way her hair laid, and the fact that it seemed to still not stay where her hands put it. Carefully, he reached out, and then pulled back, "Um..lady Lessah? I have a spell that can fix your hair...if you do not mind."

She blinked at him a moment before she understood. "You can… fix my hair... with magic?"

Lynton gave a light smile, spawned by her blush. "Hold still, milady." He tapped back into the spell, his silverish hair beginning to glow lightly illuminating the small alleyway, and channeled the magic to his fingertips. With a smooth motion, he reached out to her, and began caressing down the length of her hair, filtering the magic to clean the dirt and fix the lay of it with each stroke. His fingers brushing past her eyes, across her forehead, all the while Lynton smiling gently.

She shivered as tiny needles pricked the skin all over her body. Partially from the magic, and partially from her frayed nerves. "Do I look alright?" She asked nervously when he seemed to be done.

Lynton retracted his hand, and the glow diminished. He studied her hair briefly, and then looked down to her eyes, nodding. "You look lovely, Lessah."

Feeling loads better, Lessah walked into the house and then the kitchen to pour two glasses of water and set them both on the table. She pulled the leftover pheasant from the storage container and carried it to the table as well. "My bread went bad, and I haven’t had time to pick up more," she shrugged apologetically and sat down at the table.

"The bird will be just fine." Lynton replied casually, taking a seat at the table.

The light from the back rooms and the windows streamed in everywhere. Lessah looked over at Lynton shyly as she began to pick at the leftover bird. "Lynton," she said softly, "there is something I need to ask you about."

He was about to take a bite, but hearing the tone in her voice, he halted. Being trained in some subtleties of questions still did not prepare one for a question they did not want to answer. He lowered his fork, and folded his hands across the table. "What is it, milady?"

Lessah gazed at him with a very serious expression. "The woman. The one you spoke about." She took a breath and told herself to be strong. "What happened exactly? Why are you not together?"

Lynton looked down, and took a long breath, quivering just slightly at the end. He was hoping the night could maybe end pleasantly...sort himself out through sleep. That wasn't going to happen now. "She..was someone..I l-loved. Or..I thought l-loved." Lynton blinked, and reached his hand across the table. "I w-want to t-ell you Lessah. B-but, I'll n-need help."

"You’re stuttering," she said softly, as she accepted his hand. "You do that every time I make you nervous.  I told you. I won’t hold anything against you, but I think I need to know."

The bard gave her hand a small squeeze. His voice became steadier as he began his tale. "I told you my brother had left to come to Stormreach. I spent these last few years searching for him...barely finding any clue. All I had was faith that he was even still alive. Then...she knew about him. She spoke his name."

Lynton's eyes glazed over slightly as he stared at their hands, occasionally giving her hand another small squeeze; "I sought her out. Came to her house, eager to hear more. A casual offer for dinner, to find out more, and then...something more grew. I kissed her, and...eventually, she kissed me back. She...was an elf, several hundred years my elder." Lynton paused, gasping slightly for breath as all the words came rolling off his tongue.

"We…courted. She led me to find out more about my brother. He was truly still alive Lessah! Alive and well. And yet...he wished to not see me. Let me think he was dead."

Lynton’s eyes drew a few more tears, as he continued his tale; "I did not know what to do. But...My-mystera. She told me I should wait. She would bring him around. We spent more time together...sharing what time we could and...we...shared our nights as well. But...I couldn't stay! I would die so soon. Too soon for her...Her husband before had gone., I couldn't hurt her that way."

He gave her hand a tighter squeeze, recomposing himself just slightly. "I...left. Left before there was a chance she could truly love me. Courtship for elves...lasts decades. brother.. Well..." Lynton finally looked back up to meet her eyes, that sadness back, but emitted for something else. "At least I know he is alive..."

"Thank you for being so honest with me." Lessah whispered quietly. "I had no wish to upset you, but you keep things bottled inside your heart and that makes it more difficult." She smiled softly towards him, several questions burning in her at once. "This… Mystera. Where is she now?"

Lynton looked at her, and simply shrugged I…do know not. She hasn't come to look for me...Lynton's hand held a bit tighter, and he tried to speak normally. "You...d-didn't upset me..L-lessah. I wanted t-tell you."

"I am glad you told me," she said more to reassure herself than him. Her mouth felt dry and she found she was no longer hungry.

"Lynton," she asked timidly again, "I am not going to trouble you.  I want you to stay here tonight." She said before she could stop herself. "I mean… you are free to do what you like obviously."

Lynton's near sad expression lifted slightly, his smile returning faintly. "I would like to stay here tonight, milady."

"When I said stay here…" she paused to search for the right words, "I meant for you to stay with me." She pointed quickly over her shoulder to her bedroom hoping that he’d take her meaning. She blushed and looked away; both her hands went quickly into her lap. Her heart beat wildly. She could feel it in her temples.

Lynton was shocked...again. His cheeks flushed in color as her meaning became more clear. She…wanted to sleep WITH him. His mind was racing as his pulse quickened and his tongue felt dry. He looked down, then back up to her, trying to work through his thoughts. But…he couldn't think. No matter how he tried to think logically, a tightness in his gut stopped him, and he starred at Lessah, blushing madly.

"My..lady..L-lessah." With the first few words, others came easier. "I..w-want to..p-part of me..r-really wants to." He shook his head, and muttered out: "I cannot th-hink. Wh-why can I not think!"

A very long, awkward silence passed between them. "Oh Lynton, I am so sorry. Please… don’t worry about it… forget it!" Lessah found herself standing and picking up dishes. 

Lynton made to stand with this, and moved quickly enough. He was not sure about sleeping in her bed, but the other thought was still there as clear as day on his mind. Maybe..if he could, other things would be become more clear. "L-Lessah...I..." He stammered, fighting out the words.

She had been making room in the cold storage cabinet for the uneaten pheasant. She turned to him, still holding the plate in her hand. As he approached, she felt her heart skip several beats. As he reached for her, the plate with the half-eaten bird clamored to the floor. Lessah did not even give it a second look.

Lynton reached his arm to hold across her waist, disregarding the fallen bird. Carefully he bent down, bringing his lips closer to hers, his arm bringing her in closer as well. A distant part of himself was shouting to stop, but it only came in whispers to the mind that told him to bridge that last bit of distance, and place his lips firmly to hers.

The world around her melted away for a moment as she realized, she was kissing him. She forced herself to relax and follow his lead; melting her body into his, her lips parted and the fingers of one hand found their way into his hair.

Lynton opened his mouth, bringing himself fuller into the kiss. The voice shouting at him instantly halted. His hand at her waist wrapped tighter and his hand went to her hip, and slowly he walked her back through some unconscious movement till they found themselves stopped by the counter.

For a moment she felt as if her heart would beat right out of her chest. She heard it! It was loud, like knocking.

He was gentle with his caresses, but it was persistent as his kiss, and becoming a more enthusiastic action with every moment of her kissing back.

Again Lessah heard the same was… knocking. It was not coming from her.... she realized.

A soft, yet persistent knock from the direction of the door. "Ahem…" came a gruff male voice from the alcove near the front door. Lessah jumped as she realized… someone was standing there… had seen them! She careened her neck around Lynton to see… "Kain!" Lessah said breathlessly, her face growing white. She was utterly speechless.

"Hello Little Mother," She thought she heard him say.

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The Life and Times Of Lessah the Rogue

Chapter 5

Family Matters

Drake’s Theme

Cenn's Theme

Author’s note:
Kain Kross is Drake’s husband. He left the city after thinking his wife was dead… a hapless victim of the Stormreach Killer. Lessah cornered Cain in the Phoenix tavern and told him that his wife was very much alive… but doing poorly. He had trouble accepting this after having already accepted her death as fact.

It is also important to mention that Drake was raised as a staunch servant of the Silver Flame. The Flame believes that when you die, you cannot come back from the dead because it would only serve to weaken the Holy Flame. Drake took great pains to make sure her husband understood that she had but ONE life to lead on Eberron and beyond that, the essence of her soul belonged to the Flame. Thus was Cain utterly convinced that because of her faith, Drake would not be returned to him once she had died.

Things changed when she became a prisoner of the crystal, but all this will be explained later.

One more thing… the spelling of Cenn’s name is used interchangeably in this story three ways: Kain/ Cenn/ Cain. They are all the same character. The difference being how the name is pronounced by the speaker. Cenn also has a distinct brogue as can be understood by his speech, but which gets thicker as his emotions grow stronger.



 (Just before the previous scene….)

He felt as if he'd been rammed in the gut by a minotaur, slapped upside the head by a giant, and tripped by a hobgoblin- all at the same time. How could Drake be alive? Was this some abortive attempt on Lessah's part to help him "cope" or "move on"? If so, it was in very very poor taste. If not.... How could Drake be alive? Again, he circled in his mind, chasing his own thoughts round and round and coming to the same result each time. "No help for it, I'll need tae be talkin tae the Little Muither again, find out what she really means."

Nearing Lessah's home, he noticed a light in the window, so his fear that he'd have to wait even longer to track her down were laid to rest. Muted voices came through the door as he knocked, an uncharacteristic hesitance in his movements. ~HOW~ could Drake be alive?! No answer to his knock, but he swore he heard what sounded like a subdued struggle. Knocking again, his hesitation gone, he pounded a little harder. Then, the sound of a body meeting some hard surface- possibly Lessah's own slight form falling (or being flung) to the floor prompted him to put shoulder to the door and shove it open.

Rather than Lessah in dire straits he was greeted by the sight of her, in a... ahem... passionate embrace.... with a strange, slight elf. It took him a moment to recover his composure- he was torn between swearing like a sailor, laughing like a maniac, or splitting the man from his crown to his crotch- but when he was able to speak without totally losing it, he said, "Hello... Little Muither."

"Kain!" A scrambling of composure followed. Lessah was mortified! The girl’s cheeks were so red it looked as if she had spent an entire day under the hot sun. 'Sweet Silver Flame, why did he have to come now!' She thought. She smoothed her hair and her crumpled shirt and tripped a little over the mess on the floor as she took a step towards the handsome paladin.

"I- I .. was.. oh… Hi." She said, finally deciding that she had no good way to excuse what she was doing.

Lynton blinked, hearing the voice, and snapped the passion that was trying to ensnare him. The kiss broke, and his head turned, looking to where Lessah's eyes were directed. His throat caught as he tried to say anything, but he still felt as if on fire. As Lessah ran over to the tall man, he blinked again, still shocked, and quickly tried to recompose himself, brushing down his hand quickly and adjusting the lay of his clothes.

His eyes scanned over the rather intimidating man, so much larger a human than he ever thought of his brother. His throat finally gave way to a gulp, and he could speak. "Uh..Greetings, sir Kain." He gave a short bow, and raised back up, quite at a loss for words himself.

The paladin's hand seemed to be freakishly huge when it folded around Lessah's, but he used the clasp of his fingers as leverage to reel her in, having expected a more familial greeting than just a 'hi'. He couldn't quite manage humor, his emotions were still too chaotic for that, but he at least managed to keep his voice dry. "Am I interrupting?"

"Never!" Lessah breathed a sigh of relief and hugged him tightly around his neck. She looked like a child giving her father a hug instead of a mother hugging her son. Her cheeks were still very flushed from the kiss she has just had, but her gaze held his steadily.

"This is…Lynton." She said, not wanting to place any more explanation on the bard than this. Cain was a smart man, capable of drawing his own conclusions. "Lynton, this is Cain, my daughter’s husband."

Lynton gave a light smile, hoping that his hair was back in place, his shirt fixed, and that he did not look like a man that was just passionately kissing a woman. There was no time to take his magic to change anything. He gave another light bow, and then took another step, offering his hand to shake. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Cain."

The movement was subtle, but still Cain turned his shoulder enough to put his body between Lynton and Lessah, angling her in against his ribs while his other hand folded around Lynton's knuckles. He managed to keep himself from testing the other man's strength- so far, it seemed as if Lessah was pleased with him, and Cain wasn't ~quite~ willing to try and grind the bones in the hand he shook together... yet. However, he was not willing to pretend, so his voice was neutral as he said, "Charmed, of a certain."

Lynton knew he was no weakling, so he gave the man a firm grip with his callused hand. With a nod of his head, and small, pleasant smile on his lips. "Lady Lessah has spoken well of you." He made his voice sincere, tapping into every last ounce of bardic charm he could muster, hoping that maybe this would conceal his embarrassment.

An ache griped Lessah’s throat. Cain had finally come to see his wife! Without stopping to consider if it were appropriate to speak of such things in mixed company, Lessah rested her head against her son-in-law's massive frame and began talking.

"Thank all the gods Cain! I am so glad you’ve come." She looked up at him with a tight, sad little smile; "She is not doing well. She wont talk to me or anyone, she never leaves the house so far as I can see." Lessah placed more of her weight on the large man, "I don’t know what to do Cain. She seems lost."

Lynton pulled back from them, unsure if he should be commenting, giving Lessah comfort, or just become another piece of furniture to them. As he watched her lean more and more on Cain…there was a small spark in him, a ping of jealousy. Suddenly Lynton realized he was simply staring, so he blinked, and looked toward the direction of the stairs, wondering if Drake was still hiding there.

The words seemed to sink in, and Cain had a lost look on his face, "Then it's true...." a long blink shuttled his thoughts to the inevitable conclusion as he pressed both hands to Lessah's shoulders, appearing to hold her in place but actually using her as an anchor to keep himself from flying apart with the shock, "She's here... now?!?"

Again, Lessah offered the man sad eyes of condolence. As if the woman he was expecting had disappeared and left an empty shell in her place. "Well that is a bit of mystery isn’t it?" Lessah agreed. "All I know is, that one day I was told she was dead…. The next thing I knew she was back. She won’t talk to me about what happened." Lessah’s voice became very low and she whispered to him, "She will not even go to the Flame Temple."

Lynton rocked from leg to leg...still unsure whether it was his place to comment or do much of anything. He wanted to reach out, and give Lessah a comforting touch, and occasionally his hand reached out, until she would speak again, and he would retreat. He barely knew Cain or Drake. And he was only just getting to know Lessah. No…best to just keep within an arm's distance, and go from there.

"She’s upstairs, I can’t believe she didn’t …" Lessah stopped herself from saying ‘come down earlier.’ Why would Drake do that when Lessah had been so effectively preoccupied?

"Do you want me to see you up………" Lessah stopped talking as Cain was already gone. Her words went out towards empty air.

The word "upstairs" was the last outside noise he heard as long legs ate up the distance, beginning with a walk, and ending with a dead run that took two and three of the stairs at a time. The rest of what Lessah said became distant, echoing as he literally shoved her in Lynton's direction and turned to go to his wife. He nearly knocked her door from it's hinges as he slammed it against the wall, gasping for breath at the overwhelming emotions, wild-eyed and desperate to see her, to have proof that she really was alive- but terrified it would be some kind of hoax. That fear kept his feet rooted to the threshold.




"Lessah! Are you alright?" Quickly Lynton reached to catch and steady her, He spoke concerned, eyes cast down with the worry for her in that one moment.

Lessah hardly heard him as her eyes followed Cain’s movements. She snapped back to reality and looked at Lynton, unsure of what to say. She had made her intentions known to him, and it had ended… embarrassingly enough. She nodded slightly. "I suppose we’ll have a bit to talk about later." She said to him in a low voice.

Lynton gave her a small nod, whispering back. "Yes..we will, Lady Lessah."



A hoax- it was all a hoax. How could Lessah have done something so cruel? Drake was not there, all he saw was the bed and a half-empty bowl on the bedside table next to it. He staggered as a man that's been given a terrible blow, leaning heavily at the foot of the bed and bending at the waist to try to breathe- just to breathe... but his eye was caught by the foot that came into view. Leaning further forward, his gaze followed the curve of the heel, seeing the tucked-up calf, to the hips, and higher still until he saw... Her.

There she lay, breathing with shallow difficulty. It was only when he could finally see her face that he was jolted out of his ennui, and scooped her up into his arms. His touch was not gentle as he gripped the lower half of her face, pinching her jaw to force her mouth open so he could see or smell what it was that was making the pinkish froth seep from her lips.

"NO!" It was a primal scream, but it was the only indulgence he allowed himself- she was near death, and he had no time to waste. Rather than try to treat the illness, he dropped to his knees, closed his eyes and held her high against his chest as his head fell back. Then, he prayed. He cried aloud to his God, entreating Him to save her. Utter belief in his deity was rewarded as his hands warmed, clutching her to him, channeling the faith that could move a mountain into healing energy for her.

"Is everything alright in here?" Lessah asked running into the room.  His scream had been primal.  The halfling gasped. "Oh Dear Gods! What… what happened?" Her words fell on deaf ears as she watched Cain holding his unconscious wife.

Lynton's eyes grew wide as the scream reached them, and made that short sprint to follow after Lessah into the room. His eyes took in the scene, utterly shocked. Shakily, he tried to put away some of his horror, and started channeling his limited healing magic to his hands. "I d-do not have much. But…"

Wringing her hands, Lessah watched in utter horror. She looked down to pray as she felt she could do nothing else. Beneath Lessah’s feet was a well-worn painting, out of the frame, that had been rolled out on the carpet. The naked woman in the picture looked remarkably like Drake, but was in fact, Drake’s biological mother. Drake must have been looking at the painting before she took whatever substance had put her in this position. Lessah moved it quickly out of the way before turning her attention back to Cain.

He had not come prepared for battle- he had none of the accoutrements of combat with him other than a single sword that dug into his side as he stayed, kneeling, with his wife in his arms. Thus was he unprepared to cleanse her of the substance she ingested. Though the damage that was done had been healed, the poison was still in her system, so until they could purge it, the danger hadn't passed: rather it had only been delayed.

When he no longer felt the divine healing that used his very own hands to mend her, he put his palm to her face again, curling his fingers around her chin as she remained unconscious and shaking gently as he crooned in a broken whisper, "Come back tae me, dearlin... I need ye."

Lynton cautiously reached down to the unconscious hand, channeling in his very limited healing. It was all he felt he could do to be of any use. Slowly, he began to back away, a sad worried look on his face.

"What do I do?" Lessah asked feverishly. "What do we need?" Lessah felt panicked and paralyzed. Why had she not come to check on Drake as soon as she came home! She shut her eyes tight, already knowing the answer.

Leaning close, it looked from behind as though he gave her a kiss, but he was smelling her breath, catching the bitter, flowery aroma of the herbs she'd mixed. He had no skills as an apothecary, to identify the substances, but he knew from the intensity of the odor that they needed the poison out. He answered Lessah's frantic question with ruthless efficiency, keeping the howling beast of his own fear locked down tight so that they might, just might, be able to save her, "There's a potion that is made, tell me ye've got something tae purge the poison from her body!"

The halfling took off like a flash, thinking no way could Drake have kept so many deadly herbs around without also keeping an antidote for poison. Instead of searching through the stockpile of vials in the bathroom, Lessah scooped all of them into her shirt and carried them back to the room so Cain could help identify what they needed faster.

Lynton stepped back further, and found his hand reaching to his lute. Gently he pulled it, and started plucking on strings, and began to play. The music began to reverberate around the room as the gentle healing melody began. It was slow, and worked more like caresses, vastly differently from the deep plodding tones of before. This was a light song, with delicate crescendos, and a subtle meter that increased the longer he played. This was all he felt he had left to help her: inspire deep within her the confidence to live. The bard shook his head as he continued playing, a few tears dripping down his cheeks. Still the music stayed up beat, like birds chirping through the wind to greet the day.

Vials of strange liquid rolled out onto the floor. Lessah began searching through them. In other circumstances she could think! But not now… this was her Drake in trouble! "What am I looking for?" She asked frantically.

Lynton moved to the bottles, and started looking through himself, all the while keeping up his song as he came down on his knees. " is a green shade. The color of bright moss." His voice light to match the tone of his lute. He stayed kneeling, trying to stand becoming too difficult. He shifted back to sit upon his legs, still playing, a mindless fear that if he should stop, her life would depart with the notes.

One single vial stood out to Cenn. Avoiding Lessah's frantic actions, he reached down and plucked it up, shifting Drake in his arms as her breathing became labored once again. The stopper popped free and he took a whiff of the bottle's contents- yes, that was it. To him, it always smelled astringent, fresh, and woodsy.

The liquid was poured directly into Drake's mouth, some of it dribbling out the side, but most of it trickling down her throat as Cenn dropped the empty vial and massaged her neck to encourage her not to choke on it. When reflex forced her to swallow, he shifted his hold so that she was half-sitting on his thigh while he petted damp hair away from her temples, crooning words of soft endearment to her as he waited.

Drake coughed, softly at first and then stronger. Her gut turned in on itself as if she might wretch, but she didn’t, she shuddered and her breathing at last began to sound as if it was approaching normal. Her hand reached up to rub her throat and she made an almost irritated moan of complaint.

At the first sign of her getting better, Lynton dropped his lute to the ground, feeling exhausted. He was channeling nearly all of his bardic talent in the song, more than he felt possible, and he collapsed to his hands. "Thank the gods..."

The bluest gaze was intent upon her face, and Cenn made absolutely no sign that he intended to let her go. Now that the worst danger had passed, he found himself drinking in the mere sight of her with his incredulous stare.

Drake’s eyes fluttered open. Emotionless she blinked at him, but she had stopped breathing a moment…stunned. She swallowed and managed to say one discernable sentence, "You cut your hair..."




Later, downstairs:

After all the commotion died down, Lynton quietly said to Lessah, "I would like to stay...but I believe it best to give you and your family some space." He leaned forward, and placed a chaste kiss at her cheek. "There are a few things...that I should take care of....I'll return as soon as I can."

It was a hasty departure and Lessah wondered if she would ever see the bard again after putting him through so much.

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Special Author’s Note

Story Summary thus far:

Lessah is a half- halfling/ half-human rogue. Lynton is a half-elven bard, and manic depressive. An unlikely friendship has grown, awkwardly, into the fringes of something else.

The friendship actually culminated with Lessah declaring herself to the bard, making her intentions known. The bard, Lynton was confused at best. The situation ended poorly. The two shared a very passionate kiss only to be interrupted by Lessah’s son-in-law, and thankfully so because Drake was nearly dead on the floor in her room upstairs, having inexplicably ingested poison.


Lynton, a closer look:

The relationship that Lessah has proposed would be all-fine and good if Lynton were not still carrying a torch for the last woman he was with. Not only was he left completely shattered over this, he is dealing the fact that his brother seems to want nothing to do with him, though he has been searching for him for three years.

On top of this, he is far too humiliated to go back home and report no results from searching all this time. He is also nearly out of money to finance this search. This kind of across the board rejection is the root cause of all his distress. It has made him withdrawn and overtly sensitive.

Beneath the pain, however, is a man who is genuine and redeemable. Lessah has chosen, even against her own good sense, she sees something broken that she can fix.

Lynton is very much like Lessah in a couple ways. One, they are both very self-isolated people. Two, they share a common human lineage. Lessah continues to step all over herself and his feelings at every turn. Moreover, Lynton has given no real indications that he is as ‘into’ her as she is him.

The real question here is are they together so they do not have to be alone? Should Lessah even be attempting this with someone who is clearly not ready (damaged goods)?

The next section of story will reveal just that. I hope you enjoy it!

Characters: Lessah Morah

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The Life and Time of Lessah the Rogue
Chapter 6

The Home Front

Lessah’s Theme 

Drake’s Theme

Lessah ran around the house gathering up things that she thought she might need, stuffing them furiously into her pack. She left a hastily scribbled note in the kitchen for Cain and Drake that she would be "out on business’ for a few days. Well, it wasn’t exactly a lie, she thought. She might be able to make a few contacts and a bit of coin herself while she was there!

Lynton had left after Drake’s recovery. The departure had been hasty and awkward.  She pulled the folded up letter from her pocket, unfolded it, and read the small, neat script for perhaps the tenth time.

Lady Lessah,

I trust this letter finds you well. I also hope that sir Kain and lady Drake are doing well. I wanted to send word to you sooner, but I have spent a good deal of time away from civilization. I have finally arrived in a town, Meridia. I would greatly like to see you again, but there are some things I still must see to here. If you would have time, perhaps you could make your way here? It is only a days worth of travel. I will understand if you cannot.

Send lady Drake and sir Kain my regards.




The note was folded again and placed into her pocket. "A days travel!" Lessah made a "hmph" sound, and walked out the door to meet one of her oldest friends. Lessah was about to call in a favor. She would teleport to Meridia and be there by the end of the day!

"Where are you going mother?"

Lessah stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh… well. I was headed to Meridia. I won’t be gone too long." She flushed with sudden embarrassment, "I did write you a note."

"A note…" Drake said lifting her eyebrows slightly.

"Have some broth Drake, you look flush." Lessah remarked. "What happened last night? Tell me you didn’t poison yourself on purpose?" Drake nearly died from an overdosed mixture of her own doing. Cain had left on business again soon after Drake’s recovery and Lynton had excused himself very quickly. It was... poor timing… Lessah thought as she remembered Cain walking in on them.

The girl shook her head silently; "it was a novice mistake. I wanted some sleep. I forgot that the star extract changes over time, it can be lethal. It’s one of the reasons that The Silver Flame outlawed its use. It was well… ignorance." She laughed once, "It’s funny that the same leaves that almost killed me also put me in the stockade for a while."

She looked at her mother, and watched as Lessah silently placed a bowl of clear chicken broth in front of her. "What happened anyway? I thought you had pledged yourself to the Harbormaster in return for my alibi?"

Lessah winced. She had not thought about the ‘deal’ she had struck with the Harbormaster in a long time. "Eat your broth." She said simply and attempted to change venues. "Cain was called away on business late last night."

Sipping her broth, Drake seemed unconcerned. "He will be back. He knows I am waiting for him."

A sad smile touched the corners of Lessah’s lips. "Of course," then she added, "would you be offended if I left you alone today?"

"Mother!" Drake seemed stricken, "Yes!" She scoffed, "I just got back. I want to spend time with you today. I need to replace some things you threw away.  You remember… when you thought I was dead?" She said with irritation.

Her eyes darkened, "and I think you are making a mistake by skipping off to meet HIM."

"What?" Lessah flushed again, "how you did you know I was…" her eyes flitted down to the note in her pocket. "Right…. I will remember to put my mail where you cannot read it in the future." She seemed confused, "and how is it a mistake? I want to see him."

Drake’s eyes rolled, "if you give him what he wants, he’ll never give you what you want." She shrugged, "he’s so depressing anyway. What do you see in him?"

"I’ll thank you to stay out of my business in that regard daughter."

"Alright." Drake nodded as if she intended to do no such thing. "But I still want you to stay. I have not walked the city in a very long time."

A little jolt of happiness ran through Lessah. "You want to walk the city? Really?" Drake nodded slowly and Lessah beamed with happiness. "Of course… daughter… I will stay!" She folded the note with a little tinge of regret, but what else could she do? Her obligations were pulling her in the opposite direction of her desires.


Characters: Lessah Morah

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