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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!
Nklos 11/20/2014 1:16 AM
-*Warms hands by the fire.*
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
Second: Creatively - charged bard in the house. Y'all just watch out ;)
Aluatris 10/31/2014 4:45 PM
First: That was a beautiful tribute Vali. Thank you for sharing with us! :)
Lanaliathe 10/22/2014 12:13 AM
Shared something that I've kept to myself for far too long...
Lanaliathe 10/13/2014 12:03 PM
Happy Thanksgiving - I am thankful for having known you all. :)

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538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 3/12/2007 9:34 PM EST : Change of Cloths, Finale

Posts: 632

*Uxor glared down at Mekari, trying to maintain calm. Word of the disturbance at the Phoenix had ultimately reached Uxor's awareness as the evening progressed. She was a bit suspicious when she kept hearing whispers of trouble from patrons coming in and looking up at the table she sat at - Varro's table - with hushed tones. When someone asked her outright if she knew of it, she was given brief detail; detail enough to know that seeing Mekari standing down below, peering up at her with her smug smile, was a bit surprising. Did the woman know no bounds? To think she would show herself here in the Phoenix again after so openly and recently attacking someone. . .
Though Uxor did note that there were perhaps only six people total in the bar counting she and Mekari at that moment, and three of those were bartenders. She also noticed that the tenders seemed particularly 'busy' for it being so empty this eve - Mekari must have threatened them to keep quiet. This did not bode well. She kept repeating to herself to be brave for the sake of her friends, and not let the woman's presence get to her.*
<"Am I so terrible, really? How interesting."> *Uxor heard a voice in her head. A bit taken aback, her thoughts raced momentarily. There was no mistaking the tone of the thoughts, and Deriaz had recounted before that Mekari could speak directly to your mind. Uxor wasn't certain if it would work, but she thought back <"What ARE you?"> and worked to bridle her wild fear. Someone was in her head, and who knew what that someone could glean while there. She tried to focus entirely on the conversation playing out between she and Mekari in her mind.*
Mekari: <What am I? I could ask the same of you, but that would be rude. It is enough to know that you are human...esk.>
Uxor: <Well unlike you, I don't make it a point to wear disguises. If someone asked ME, I would tell them the truth> *Uxor hoped her tone was coming across as threatening and not like a frightened cornered animal, fighting only because there was no escape.*
Mekari: <Would you? Seems telling the truth for you is selective then.>
*Mekari was trying to provoke her. Uxor wasn't sure if Mekari could feel her emotions or not, so it was best perhaps to not waste time hiding reactions only to appear even weaker by doing so. That didn't mean, however, that she had to put up with the banter.*
Uxor: <Obviously you have a reason to communicate with me. Here I am. What do you want, and if this is it, then we are done.>
Mekari: <You are friends with the Minstrel, yes?>
*How to answer.... Really it was none of Mekari's business what Uxor's state of affairs was, so the reply Uxor gave was simply shaking her head yes. For her part, she would continue to think of Varro as friend, even with all the trouble.*
Mekari: <I thought so. Such a pity that your last words with him were spoken...excuse me... written in anger.> *Uxor gave no response in mind or body to that. She was waiting for Mekari to come to the point of their encounter, and she wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of insults that Mekari was obviously trying to draw out with irritating remarks.*
Mekari: <I came here because I wanted to see the look on your face when I told you I've ended his life. You seem like someone who'd be pained by his loss, thus the most entertaining to watch. It will take a moment for it to settle in, but when it does, there is no substitute for the spectacle.
Does it hurt more knowing that when he died, he considered you a traitor? Or even more to think that he's back in the arms of his wife in the beyond? I'm neither unobservant or naive, Uxor; even I can see, by the disbelief painted on your face, that your feelings for him were strong.
I can see without the need to hear it, that you doubt my words. Let me remind you that you know the sort of person I am. To my displeasure, you've been opening doors that you were told to leave closed. I can't change that you've managed to see some of what is behind those doors. Just keep in mind what you saw if you value your life, and don't wish for a reunion with Lord and Lady Velox.
Still doubting me? Well, I guess it would be unusual for me to strike down someone of my own guild - but that would be assuming that my intentions were honest in joining said guild.
The fact that he was well known in the city did not grant immunity from his past. Things have been in motion for some time now, that you've no awareness to, so it is best not to dwell on why I killed him, so much as that it was long in coming, and unavoidable ultimately.
Would it please you to know what his last thoughts were?>
*By the time Mekari had come to this point of her conversation, Uxor's mind had run the gambit of reactions, and it seemed the drow looking woman did have some inkling of what Uxor's thoughts were without the need for her to send them directly.
First came the shock and aversion to the words that Mekari was saying... dead? Not to mention the audacity of proclaiming that she would relate it for her amusement. She was bluffing. Who would come here in the open and confess such a thing? Mekari was a liar. She was, however, right on about Uxor's feelings. How did she know that? The only person she'd really confided her thoughts in was a small handful, and none of them would speak to others of it. Mekari was just trying to draw out a reaction with her account of Varro's demise, but she definitely had a way of digging where it hurt. Because of how she is. She WAS a nasty person. Anyone who would do to Deriaz what this 'thing' had was no creature of any morals. Even so, to kill Varro would bring complications. Complications that would only be a serious issue to someone who intended on staying among the fellowship...
Someone who joined the fellowship with false intent was someone who could be capable of much wrongdoing.
Someone who had a file locked away by House Deneith listing her as a liability.
Someone who wasn't even a part of this plane potentially, who didn't hold the laws and values of this world as being of consequence.
Someone insane enough to stand there in the open and profess their enjoyment of seeing others suffer for her own amusement.
Someone who could...
"Would it please you to know what his last thoughts were?" she heard in her head, and thus Uxor snapped. Diving off the platform unarmed, she came flying down like a falling stone, arms outstretched. Something within her stirred her past the fear, past the doubt, and even past the notion that by doing this, she might ultimately meet her end indeed. She knew what she wanted. Even if Mekari decided to lash out at her with powers, she was going to get what she wanted. There was no sound, no expression, no thought, and no warning as Uxor threw herself down from the high platform lunging at the form of Mekari far below.*
*Mekari didn't seem entirely surprised by it. She was more surprised that it had taken this long to invoke such a reaction. With no visible movements, and with seeming indifference, she defended herself. Uxor started to feel the sound that Deriaz and Ragyr had spoken of. A shrill cry in her mind, like the horrid shriek of thousands of suffering animals, unnatural and chilling, rattled her mind. She felt a part of herself slipping away as if her very essence were being taken from her. She bit her lip hard, and fought for control. If she failed, she failed them. Uxor clawed her way past the sensations into the present. There was only one thing that mattered, and she was going to see it through. She had anticipated that Mekari would try and stun her, and she'd hoped that even with that, her body might land on the drow and throw her off balance. Now she found that despite the sounds and the sense of personal loss... she was still in control. A face of icy, stoic, vengeance was now face to face with Mekari, and outstretched hands like talons bore down on Uxor's prey. To ring her neck  would be no justice. To beat her down would only permit her the time to heal. Uxor knew what she wanted. She was never so satisfied as seeing the wave of expressions pass over Mekari's face, as Mekari realize she'd underestimated this*
*Annoyance. Displeasure. Shock. Mortification. Utter Ire. Uxor felt it was a rather fitting series of looks, considering what she'd felt up there. This was a thing of beauty, and if she never lived another day in her life, there could be nothing so satisfying as  seeing these things in Mekari's eyes when Uxor's hands lashed out, taking hold of her face, and yanking it apart upwards and down. It was not, however Mekari's face. Uxor knew this.  She didn't entirely understand what she had a grip on at that moment as two pieces of something slid out of view. Uxor was too busy taking in the features of a blonde haired woman, completely beside herself at having been exposed so entirely. Not knowing if Mekari could still hear her, she opted to think it anyway on the off chance that she could.*
Uxor: <Now I know you> 

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 3/13/2007 4:56 PM EST : RE: Change of Cloths, Finale

Posts: 632

*Mekari had anticipated Uxor's attack. What she had not planned for, apparently, was for Uxor to still be functional when she landed. Mekari had side stepped, and had Uxor been disabled, the body of the fighter would have crumpled in a heap next to Mekari's feet. Instead, Uxor's hands found Mekari's face as her form rushed past, seizing hold of what she could, and as she fell beyond Mekari, she took with her one thing, and knocked another from the 'drow' woman's head. Holding fast to whatever was in her grasp, Uxor caught a glimpse of the thing. It was like a funerary mask... but made of something very odd. It was as if it were made of metal that had been submerged in the sea until it had taken on that familiar old green blue patina. Except it shimmered slightly. She didn't have long to ponder it, she only knew that she needed the strongest grip she could on the thing, because Mekari was in tow with her.
The force with which she'd ripped at Mekari's face to try and unmask and unhelm her, to rid her of the disguise, had also served to drag the two of them down somewhat together. Uxor burned the image of Mekari's exposed face into her memory. Ragyr had been right. She was remarkably pretty looking for someone of such malice. Graceful... likeable... a much better appearance than the creepy drow guise she presented. There was no time to consider these things, or bask in the success of her having exposed the blonde woman's face to the rest of the bar. She had Mekari on the ropes, and needed to force a choice onto her foe.
With one hand, Uxor held fast to the mask, and fortunately she was quite a strong woman. It would not take much effort, even for a frail looking person like Mekari, to ply it from her if Mekari used both hands and full focus. There in was the choice. With her other free hand, Uxor began to rummage through Mekari's things. She was going to find something of use... be it Deriaz's gem or some indication of the demise of Varro. Mekari could not both defend her personal belongings and fight for the mask. She would have to choose - her disguise or her affects. Either was a winning situation for Uxor. If she managed to get the mask from Mekari, she had a bartering tool. If she got Der's stone or anything else of consequence, she had what she wanted.*
*In such close quarters, Uxor had hoped Mekari would be incapable of using her powers in the heat of wrestling. A wash of fire coming over her body told Uxor otherwise. Fire. Her first reaction was to recoil in terror, but she steadied herself with her meditation. If she failed, she failed them. She heard an answer. <You, little dog, will feel the lash of a master's discipline. I was willing to be gener...> Another force drove both of them back. The two tumbled over across the wooden catwalk, over top the lowest level of the Phoenix. It was not Mekari's doing apparently, and Uxor wasn't certain what had happened. The two of them were rolling across the planks of the walkway, both still latched to that mask, and over the edge of the walkway they went. Uxor grabbled hold of one of the support ropes, and she felt a hard yank as Mekari dangled by the mask out over the open.  She noted that Mekari was half covered in what appeared to be a frost. Uxor didn't take her eyes off Mekari however. She saw that Mekari was injured, and she judged the distance to the floor. Now it was her own turn for a choice. 
Uxor let go of the mask, the only thing Mekari had hold of. Her hopes soared at seeing the blonde haired woman free fall. This hope was dashed to bits as Mekari's feet touched to the wood of the bar structures that towered up. Uxor had forgotten about her previous encounters with Mekari. Mekari found her footing on the wall as if one were simply watching someone skitter for footing on a horizontal surface, only here, it was up the wall as if gravity had no bearing.  Mekari then scampered up the beam coming to right herself atop it directly across from Uxor. With mask in hand, Mekari looked to be readying some attack for Uxor this time. Fire. It would be fire and Uxor knew this. This time Mekari was not going to hold back either. It was all happening very quickly, but playing out so slowly in Uxor's mind. Dangling there completely helpless against whatever assault was to be unleashed, Uxor prepared herself for the reunion Mekari had spoken of earlier. She took some satisfaction in knowing that she'd finally managed to wipe that smug smile off Mekari's face. 
Her vision was obscured as a torrent of air passed on either side of her. She didn't realize what it was until she saw the ice forming as Mekari tried to shield herself. Uxor was hanging in the path of an ice spell, and never before was she so thankful for her lineage. 
Uxor then heard another voice, out loud thankfully, and it was one she did not recognize in the least. The voice behind them shouted clearly*

"It's people like YOU that ruin my chance at getting served in places like this, you imposter!"

*Uxor didn't take her eyes off Mekari to see who was talking. She saw that Mekari was injured greatly now. Unfortunately, she still had the mask. Uxor wasn't entirely certain what was happening as she saw Mekari's form dematerialize in a flash amid the freezing assault. She snapped her head round to see a male drow standing near the walkway. His hair was shaved clean down to the scalp, and his eyes were very light pink. He was wearing dull colored robes, but everything about the way he stood, spoke, and dressed suggested he was a spell caster of some kind. He was gnarling his nose at where Mekari had been standing*

"Hard enough getting service in this town without people dressing up like us and doing their mischief. You hurt badly?"

*Uxor heaved herself up onto the platform and looked at the drow in astonishment.*

"I wouldn't normally do that with you in the way but I had to take a chance that they called you the Maiden of Living Ice for a reason. You have the bartender to thank though for my intervention. Now, let's see if we can't get you cleaned up... hey, wait!"

*Uxor got to her feet and stalked right for Cog, who might have jumped right out of his warforged plating from fear at seeing Uxor storming towards him.* 'No no wait, you don't understand' *Cog stammered*

*Uxor snatched the tender up in her grasp, lifting him partly across the bar until their faces were very close together. She silently mouthed the words 'explain. now' and it was unquestionable that if Cog had any intention of continuing to clean his bar that night with the full use of his arms, he had better start talking immediately*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 3/13/2007 6:19 PM EST : RE: Change of Cloths, Finale

Posts: 632

"Here here, lay off him, he's the one who set me to helping you..." *the drow pulled at Uxor's shoulders*

*Cog fumbled for words under Uxor's cold stare* No no no, I'm on your side! Your side! You don't understand, she said we'd live to regret it if we got in her way! We're not warriors like you *he rambled* just tenders. So I had to convince this one here to help you. But it took me time to convince him! *he looked briefly towards the drow behind Uxor with a look of indignance, but this quickly dropped once his eyes came back to Uxor's* Had to convince him of why he should help you verses one of his own kind. I know you're a good woman, and it was down right out of the ordinary to see you attack someone. I wouldn't have known who to root for if it wouldn't have been the second time this week that that drow...well...that not drow... has come to blows with an ambassador in my bar in front of my very eyes! Well by then you were well into your scuffle, and..."

*the drow chirped in* "I wasn't inclined to help until I saw she was NOT my kind at all. Bad enough the reputation that preceeds us without stuff like this. At least if you're going to make trouble, have the guts to do it in your own skin. Was a difficult call... especially considering that I saw you pounce on her first."

*Uxor released her hold of Cog, and reached to her pack for something to write with. No parchment. She looked to the drow and made a writing motion*

"That's right, I'm sorry, I had forgotten. Here." *he produced something for her to write on. Uxor first wrote for the drow* "Who are you, and why did you help me? You seem to be familiar with me already?"

*The drow nodded* Too true. I've seen you about the city, and the reputation of your Fellowship goes before you as does the reputation of my skin color. I had to weigh what I attacking someone who hadn't said a word... verses Cog's account of the recent attack and then the fact that I've never heard an ill word spoken of you by others. Like the tender here has said, seemed unusal of you. But the unmasking cinched it for me. I'm sorry, my manners escape me again. You asked who I am. I am Septarian Mendalar the seventh" *he gave her a low bow*

*Uxor gave a nod, but continued to write a note for Cog, who was caught up talking to Septarian*
Cog: Look, believe you me it was nothing short of desperation for me to turn to you of all people for help. But you were the only one with any kind of magic to deal with what was happening. What was I gonna do, toss a bottle of oil at their feet and hope they fell in it and wouldn't notice it was me? *Cog looked down as Uxor pushed the note towards him*

Uxor: "What do you two mean by 'second attack' by her? 
Tell me everything Cog, and leave no detail out. This is not a request of curiosity, but of dire importance."

*Cog read the note and nodded, but seemed surprised* "You mean to tell me none of your folk know about this yet? Well let me gather what happened here in my head a second so I get it in the right order..."

*Uxor stared at him awaiting input. Septarian leaned against the bar a moment* "If you two are finished with me for now, I'd prefer to get back to my scribe work, if it's all the same to you. Glad to have been of service to you Maiden, despite the circumstances. Maybe you both remember this next time an ill thought crosses your mind about we drow, hm?"

*Uxor looked to him and gave him a very formal bow, which Septarian returned as formally* 'Good day ambassador.'

Cog: I'll...consider it. Grant you this much though, your next round is on me Mendalar... you broke em up without smashing up the bar. *Septarian waved his comment off nonchalantly with a hand as he returned to his studies. In the meantime, Cog shook his head, but straightened up as he saw Uxor was watching him awaiting his account of things* Sorry sorry. Where was I? Right...the other night. So I see the Minstrel come in, and mind you it'd been a while since he'd been on one of his nights. But this was one of those nights.. you can always see it when they want you to pour em the drinks and not ask questions, and keep them coming. Didn't think it was my place to ask him about the occassion neither. After a little bit, that red headed drow lady comes in here, and she comes up to the bar and has me make a pretty fierce strong drink. She looked like a swig of that would have her floating out of here.  But she carries it up to the Minstrel. I didn't think nothin of it, except after a while, I hear him yell ... how was it he said it... he said it like 'I'd rather be dead than be like this'. Don't quote me on that, I just know there was somethin in it about him wanting to be dead than do something. So she asks him if he wants her to help! I didnt have much else to do really, and that's when I notice it. Other than that little outburst, the two of em had been sitting up there in total silence just starin at each other, him drinkin, and her just starin at him. Then he jumps up all of a sudden sayin 'what?' and she doesnt say a thing. I'm pretty curious mind you by now. They stare at each other for another minute, then she gets up and turns her back on him. He walks round the front of her, and he's standin there like this *Cog folded his arms across his chest* Just standin there, and givin her this all teeth grin right...I mean no offense, but it's like watchin you and him talk up there, but neither of them is sayin anything, not even him. So he's standing there, grinnin and arms crossed... and she pushes him! Just stiff arms him right in the chest. Well he falls right off the edge *Cog gestured to the platform where Uxor had herself dove down off in her assault on Mekari* except he goes ALL the way down. Fell right out into the bottom. He didn't manage to get his magic off that I could tell. I was surprised, I tell you that much. Thought for sure he might have broken his neck down there, I couldn't see back here. Big commotion down there, the folk in the lower level I think. Then I hear him try to yell at her that she tried to kill him. And you know what she says?? She says 'remember it'!
 *Uxor swallowed a little, but didn't interrupt*
So the whole place goes nuts, right, everyone's runnin up the ramp ready to get their hands on her. Even I kinda felt like going after her. Your Minstrel, he's had his off nights in here, but he's always paid up front, never treated the staff bad, and what's more he's an ambassador. Just seems like that outta get you some respect, right? Well you shoulda seen the way that drow's face was. Froze them right in their tracks who were comin up after her. You could tell that we might all get her, but the first one up that ramp was gonna be the next to go off the edge. I don't think anyone wanted to test and see who would be that next guy. All it took though to give her the chance of gettin away, the teleporting witch!
The minstrel, well they get him up the ladder, and he's pretty beaten up. He hit that bottom level like an airship without an elemental *Cog brought his hand down to slam against the bartop* Pretty sure he broke some ribs, and maybe his arm. But he barely stuck around. Once he was up, they'd got him best they could, those Paladins that were down there, but he settles up his tab with me and limps out. Doesn't even stop for the Brother to have a look at him. Just up and goes. I figured he was going back to one of your people for some proper healing.
So then tonight, I see that blasted drow woman come in the door again, and I was gonna toss her out myself. But she said her business was with you, an if any of us got in her way, she'd do worse than just sendin us over the catwalk, if you catch my drift. I knew she meant business too. Then she just stands there starin at you for the longest time until you noticed her. Then well the rest you pretty much know, since you were the one that was tanglin with her. Though, I gotta ask Uxor...forgive if it's too informal for someone like you but...I gotta ask what the heck was that all about?? Who is that lady and what's the deal with the drow get up?"

*Uxor frowned and wrote out a lengthy note and pushed it towards Cog* "Trouble Cog, that is who she is. If you see her again, you watch yourself, and you might want to hire some extra muscle for the bar. Or keep a few more Septarian's around. Have you seen the Minstrel since then?"

*Cog shook his head* that I haven't.

*Uxor nodded and continued on the remainder of the parchment* "If you see him, he needs to report to the guildhall immediately. Tell him his co-worker requests it as a matter of business. If it looks like he won't come, you send me a letter through the Post Master saying so. Something is very wrong Cog, and that woman is at the center of it. But I don't want to insite panic or give her any reason to just flee. She has answers to questions that we've not the chance yet to ask her. If you see her though Cog, don't try to take her yourself. Just send me word, alright?"

*Cog read over the note and flickered his eyes a little* "I'm hearin it, but I aint likin it. But I'll do it all the same Maiden."

*Uxor gave Cog a low bow. Normally she'd appologize for being so rough with him earlier, but stepping on the toes of the bartender was the least of her worries at the moment.*

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