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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Nero's Delima Final Chapter? The Assault!
NeroBloodfire (Applicant) 7/3/2007 1:24 AM EST : Nero's Delima Final Chapter? The Assault!
Posts: 103

*The lookalike strolls into his chamber and in doing so sparks some life into the statue of Nero for some "pleasant" conversation.*

The lookalike turns to the now glowing statue and speaks. "Well Nero. How have you been during your stay here?"

The statue glows a little brighter and replies. "You should know the answer to that doppleganger. I mean after all you've been trying to keep me miserable for my last days here."

"No no no. You got it all wrong." States the Lookalike.

"Oh do I now?"

"Yes I've been trying to make this stay quite comfortable for you. I mean after all you are barely more then a flicker of flame of the last strand of a burning torch. I don't want you to move around and perhaps stub your toe on anything. Hahaha."

"Well now that completely clears it up. So whats new with you doppleganger? Tortured any more innocents recently?"

"Well actually now that you mentioned it yes in fact. I was traveling around and decided to take a stroll in the portable hole tavern to check on some spells. I can never have enough grease scrolls. Anyways and just by chance I came across your guild-mates discussing some matters about you. You and Liyra actually in particular."

"What did you do?"

"I did nothing actually. I sat back and listened as you should be without the sitting back of course."

"Grr." Growls the statue.

"Unfortunatly a dwarf there detected me and they attempted to run me out of the tavern. They scored a lucky hit on me before I whisked myself away. Oh in case you cared and before it slips my mind. Liyra is now dead. (Yes I know she isn't really dead I'm just mind gaming with Nero.)

"WHAT!? Why and how. Why did you kill her!"

"Me? I did nothing of the sort her death was of her own doing."

"Doppleganger! Explain yourself!"

"Well you see apparently the trauma of being captive here losing you and meeting her statue was simply too much for the poor little halfling so she overdosed on dream-lily effectively committing suicide."

"No that can't  be. The Liyra I know would never do something like that!"

"Regardless of what you know I need to continue my story. Anyways after leaving your guildmates I walked into the Phoenix tavern to grab a drink. Low and behold your guildmates were waiting for me and they attempted to attack me again being lead by that foolish dwarf."

"Oh no. What did you do to them since I see your still standing and well."

"Well lets see. I believe first I dispatched the dwarf by turning him to stone. Then I blasted the halfling Sprue non-fatally but crippling none-the-less. And then I disabled a warforged named Cerulean Blue with a well aimed scorching ray. The white haired woman was also killed in an explosive blast of mine. I believe her name was Uxor. Oh I believe the elf  Points won't live through the night with his rather severe injuries."

"You bastard! You'll pay for this!"

"Don't worry Nero the rest of your friends are planning a rescue attempt.  They have located us and all the pieces are in place."

"What do you mean this time dopple?"

"What I mean is finally everything is happening exactly as planned. I have my defenses set up and they are going to walk right into my trap. They will be destroyed as will you. Then finally with your full immense power I will take back what I truly desire."

"What is that?"

"You'll find out that soon enough. Just you wait. Meanwhile I wonder just how high I can raise the death toll on account of you Nero?"

*The room grows dark as the lookalike approaches his bed and rests.*

NeroBloodfire (Applicant) 7/4/2007 1:06 AM EST : RE: Nero's Delima Final Chapter? The Assault!
Posts: 103

*Rather abruptly the light comes back to the room as the alarm is sounded.*

"Aha" speaks the doppleganger. "Nero awaken."

The statue in the corner begins to glow and speak "What now even in my current state you won't allow me my rest?"

"Haha no. Hear that alarm?" The lookalike pauses to let the wailing sound fully register. "That sound is an alert stating that my friend has happened upon your remaining friends and discovered their plan. "Unfortunately for them I can now properly await them."

*The lookalike walks over to a previously concealed wall. Upon reaching the wall he removes a curtain from what seems to be a large very elaborate mirror.*

"Yes, Zholth what do you have to report?"

*In an abyssal sounding dialect a voice floats into the room* "Die dummen Sterbliche des Stipendiums versuchen, deine Festung am Samstag in Angriff zu nehmen. Dieses Datum funktioniert gut, weil es mit Energie Ausrichtung übereinstimmt, die uns erlaubt, alle Energien der Festung VÖLLIG zu verwenden. Wir können sogar benutzen jene Wesen, die du zu unserem Vorteil wieder erlangtest."

"Hmm it is exactly as I believed Zholth. This will prove greatly to our advantage indeed." Speaks the lookalike with a smirk on his face. " Well Nero how much of that did you understand?"

"I'm sorry my infernal isn't exactly the best. Something about power and advantage."

"You time grows very short Nero. In a few short days. (Insert ebberon equivalent of saturday here) is the day in fact. So you have that long to tell me how you would prefer I end their suffering."

"Ooh doppleganger I have a great idea on how to end their suffering!"

"And what might that be Nero?"

"Beat them over the head with a feathered pillow! Then when your done with that message them carefully to relieve the stress as well."

"Very funny Nero allow me to write that on your tombstone as well."

"Well while you busy prattling on like the evil do-er you want to be. Would you mind telling me a good night story?"

"Very well Nero. Allow me to indulge you on your last days.

There once was a poor wandering spirit that was all alone. This spirit was special but didn't have a home. The little spirit traveled from place to place. Never being able to show his true face. The reason being. Without true seeing. His identity could never be know. For you see this little spirit was a doppleganger. Abused roughed and mistaken for others all the time. He began to dream of having an identity. So the little spirit took up the art and tried to learn to become something unique. Scorned and laughed at his heart turn to stone when one day a powerful soul came and asked for a favor. The little spirit saw a chance. If he could he would become as great as the soul. The spirit believed with power he would not be abused and could make a name for himself.

Now all I want is to have a face and an identity to call my own.

Goodnight soul"

*The room dims and turns dark*

ShiningEagle (Member) 7/5/2007 11:06 AM EST : RE: Nero's Delima Final Chapter? The Assault!

Shiningeagle (Thelanis)

Posts: 159

The Labratory was all a buzz of whirring mechanisms, boiling vials and minor explosions.  In a labratory not oft found in the halls of those of House Kundarak, one frantic dwarf worked as fast as was prudent to do so.

"Add five drops of Purple Worm acid, one vial of remnants of Arcane ooze, and one more ingredient is needed.  Let's see, that ingredient is..., what?  They left it out of the book?  What kind of manual on artifice is this?"

Scoffing at the text, his experiment halted as he began research as to the ingredients.  He needed something to balance the mixture of acidic elements that resided within the other pieces of the formula.  Referencing the needed elemental requirements, He needed a chloride-based salt, a good deal of hydrogen, a lesser amount of oxygen, and a smattering of plant remains.  Looking over the needed essentials, he began cross-referencing the needed items with known substances and minerals that contained the properties he needed.

Once again frustration set in, as he quickly ran into roadblocks.  How for the love of all that is mythril, was he going to put together a salt, two gasses and dead plants into a bottle with the other items and make a potion that could ever help his friends.  Even delving into the books of ancient artifice of the Dwarven he could not find such a substance.  It would seem that the dwarves have never seen such a substance, and if he failed this time, all hope would be truly lost.  New friends, new companions, a new place he could all home.  All would be lost, because of his inability to find one blasted ingredient for this ruddy flaming potion.

"Master Darius, you need to rest.  You have been in your Alchemy forge for 18 hours now.  You need rest,"  came the voice of his faithful homunculus.  Striding in almost two and a half feet tall, it was a marvel he made it look so well.  For a first try at least.

Letting out a deep breath, Darius nodded assent.  "Maybe your right, Swordarm.  Maybe I should take a break.  But I don't have much time, and if I know that blasted mage, he will know that the Fellowship is coming.  We have to be ready for him."

"Master, please.  Get some rest.  It might just help you clear your mind.  I have the washing room ready for you."

Darius knew when he was defeated in an arguement, or maybe he was giving up knowing that the recreated face of his once best friend was staring at him telling him what was best for him.  Resigned to not find what he needed until he rested, he made for the washing chamber, and set his robe off to the side.

He called up the elemental machinery, and warm water cascaded down in a waterfall into the granite basin.  As he sat under the flow of the water, he thought.  Flashing back to the examination.  Never had a forged taken that much damage before and made it through the night, let alone the next day.  But it's the Cannith forge, he reminded himself.  They have the ability where you do not.  Now we just need to wait for them to finish, and tell us of our broken psiforged.

"Master, where did you aquire that tattoo?"

The voice of Swordarm startled him back to the present, and he gave quite a quizzical look.  "Tattoo, what tattoo?  I haven't gotten one since I aquired the mark of the arcane in my short visit to the Twelve."

"You have one sir, on your face.  It is glowing with some kind of force.  I cannot identify it."  The construct seemed quite serious in his tone.  "Here, look in your reflecting glass."

The construct held the mirror to his face, and Darius looked at his own face.  Nothing.  Granted, he had not seen his face in a mirror for some time, spending too much time scrying these days.  However, this mirror was not capable of such things.  He began to take in his face once again.  White hair and beard, eyes the shiny sheen of mythril, rustic features that fairly well noted his age to any who knew the appearance of dwarves in the slightest.  "Swordarm, I cannot see what you are talking about.  I see no tattoo or marking of any kind."

"Master, there it is, right there, plain as day.  I tell you what, I can draw it for you if you like?"

"I would like for you to, but right now I must attend to the Fellowship.  There is too much that needs to be done.  I can't even find the final substance for the mixture.  Hydrogen, Oxygen, Dead plants and Salt.  For the second time in my life, my friend, I believe I am going to fail those that I have sworn to protect."

"Master, don't say such things.  You will do what is needed of you.  All you need is time and rest.  Here, drink this,"  as the creation handed him a tall vial of water.  "This should help cool your thoughts."

As he took the vial from Swordarm, the construct's hand sparked again, and shocked not only him, but his entire body, not yet dry from the washing.  He noticed small vapors rushing up from the water, and looked to his friend.

"Your hand is acting up again.  Come here and let me fix it.  Don't want to ignite anything that might cause you harm later."  Darius set to work repairing the hand of the homunculus, and finished a couple of minutes later.

Wait, he thought, the spark.  Vapors coming up from the water?  Wait a moment, water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

"Of course.  Water, that is the final ingredient.  Water.  How could I have missed it."  Rushing into the lab, he took a sampling of the acid and ooze, and added the water, and it came together into the tube and appeared to congeal for a moment, the the tube exploded.

"But why?  Water was there."  Then it dawned on him that it did not have salt or dead plants, and therefore was not exactly what he needed.

"Damn it.  I need water, but apparently water that can be found in the Holds won't do.  Why is that?  What other kind of water is there?"  Staring dejectedly, he felt so close, and yet so far.  "The Holds even have the greatest springs of fresh water on Khorvaire.  Why won't it work?"

"Master, maybe because the water is to fresh?  Something more natural, maybe?"

Natural, what does he mean by natural, the dwarf puzzled.  What water could be more natural than that found in the holds?  Water, plants, salt; Water, plants, salt; Water, plants, salt.  Salt and water and plants.  Salt and water and... Salt and water?  Saltwater?  Where would you find saltwater?

Then it came to him.  But how do I get it, dwarves have no reserves of saltwater.  Thinking for a moment, he formed a thought and popped his eyes right open.

"I've got it, but not too much time.  Swordarm, I need you to prepare a message for me to send to a halfling named Sprue.  She resides in Stormreach, and by Onatar's name she had better come through on this.  Else I will blast her to a cinder."

Now, he just had to fight against time.  And pray, lots of prayer.

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