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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > The Will of Ericnox
Ericnox (Member) 3/14/2010 9:18 AM EST : The Will of Ericnox
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(Ok, I have aimed to post this for a while... But... I have yet to get replies from others, so please, feel free to post after for everything that happens. Thanks ^.^)

The room had several chairs, all of them pulled out. A small box with a slant to it rested on the table. Each of the chairs had a name written on paper for each person present. The room has been laid out in a very specific manner, nothing seems out of place, and several crystals hover in the air and on the walls. The law woman stepped out smiling some and nodding to all those present.

"I see you all made it. Lady Jhori. I have done all that the intructions said to do. All that is left for me to do is to tell you that you need to place your hand upon that black box." She says, shrugging her shoulder some and sitting down.

As Jhori placed her hand on the box it glowed softly. Then a female voice rang out. "Hello Lady Jhorikos."  The drow jumped a bit, startled. 

After a moment the lights in the room dimmed and a VERY familiar voice rang out. "Hello everyone. It's good to see you all here today. And please... don't be alarmed."

Out from the doorway stepped Ericnox, smiling softly and wearing a set of common clothing and leaning on his cane. "I know.. I know. I'm dead. You saw me buried. And yet! Here I am. Well I figured it would be nice to read my own will. This is simply an illusion. Nothing huge or powerful... But a simple set of illusions. So please, sit down and relax, I will try to get though this with as few of my own tears as possible."

He took a deep breath and smiled. "Well then... Its nice to see everyone once more. Its hard to read my own will you know?

Before we get started, I want everyone to know one thing. Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truely, my evil deeds along with the good and let me be judged accordingly... The rest is silent.

Anyways. Lets start from the top shall we? Under every ones chair is a small box. Please pull them all out and do not open them up yet please."

He walked over to the point were Lilliannah and Vale sat. "To you two. Two of my closest friends... I have two gifts for you. First off... I bequeath thee happiness. Do not mourn for me. Please... At least not much. You're second gift is much more... Physical. To help you raise your own family, I have a section of land set aside. It's not much... But it is better then nothing. Two square miles of land. Please, do with it what you will..."

He then stepped over to Jeatra's spot. "For you it was tough to figure out what I should get for you. But I finally decided. In the bank is a lockbox. Ask for the one with the number and use the key. It will open it up. It has a dress it in that was for the daughter I never had. It should fit you, seeing as I had it altered shortly after I wed Jhori. Enjoy it, and please don't sell it. I bequeath thee, long life and love. Smile more, and enjoy yourself..."

He moved over to Jaggie next, smiling at her. "Hello there Jaggie. I always enjoyed your cooking... And I figured it was time to get you something you can enjoy as well. Your box is not empty, infact, you can probably reach into it and have your entire arm it. It has a portable hole in it. With pots and pans in that. Please enjoy them. To you, I bequeath joy. Be happy my friend, and live your life as you see fit..."

He then moves to Points. "Ahh Points. You have not been a good friend for long, but you have been a guiding like for a while, allowing me to find myself when I was lost for a short while. In your box you shall find a small key, this key will open a lock box in the bank. Within that, is a small deed to ship. While the ship isn't much, its sea worthy, and was going to be used in the event I decided to return to my old home in Thrane. It is yours now. To thee, I bequeath peace of mind."

The image shudders a moment and then he moves over to Vali. "Vali, I have not known you long, but I know you are an able ranger, and a wonderful woman. You were hard to decide upon for what to give you. But I did finally come to a choice. With in your box is a single arrow. This is no normal arrow by any means. It was crafted to be one of the greatest demon and devil slaying arrows around. And, after you pull it from a quiver, one always returns to the same spot. To you, I also bequeath joy. Something this world needs more of."

He then moves over to Isi. "Milady Isi. I'm glad you have decided to join us. You told me you worried long about having to defend yourself, or others having to defend you. About what, at the time I made this, I don't know. I have in your box, a mace. A weapon I know, but able to defend yourself with. I know full well that you can use one. And I expect that you do. Do not go and die on me due to others wishing to harm you. To you, I bequeath strength, courage, and the fighting spirit to never stop."

With those words he walked to where Jhori was sitting, kneeling down before her. "It has been far too short of a time. I know your heart wishes for me to return to your side, and trust me, I wish to be there as well. Go a head and open your box. You will find many things."

It was with great difficulty that Jhori turned her attention downward.  She had been completely transfixed on the sight of her dead lover and speechless untill now.  She reacted, however, and opened the box. 

He took a slow breath and smiled at her. "First you shall find a small necklace, its gemstone is quartz crystal. But within it, locked away and warded with magic, is a small thing of my blood. To allow me to be close to you for all of time. Next is the deed to the house we were renting, not much, but it and everything within are now yours."

Tears began to stream down Jhori's face.  She did not bother to hide them or wipe them away.  She started at the image of Ericnox, her lip quivering slightly. 

"Finally, while it is not much more, the last item I have in there is the code to access my bank account. All that I have is now yours to do with it as you see fit. And to you my dear, I bequeath a smile. I bequeath happiness, joy, and love. I only wish I could be around to see you more. Good bye everyone. This is my last good bye." He says, wiping several tears from his face, and turning away from them, the image shuddering and then fading fully.

Jhorikos leaned far forward, placing her face into her hands.  Her shoulders shook and shuddered softly as she cried the last of her tears.

Characters: Ericnox Ericnox

Jeatra (Associate) 3/14/2010 8:06 PM EST : RE: The Will of Ericnox
GP User: Coldin Torrence

Jeatra (Thelanis)

Coldin Torrence
Posts: 759

(I was supposed to have my replies written in the post, but I'll just put them here since I was lazy. )

Jeatra stared at the man, mouth slightly agape. Her fists were clenched into tight fists. As the moments passed, a small terror worked it's way through her body as a few tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You mean to tell me, you die, barely say goodbye, and all you leave me is a stupid dress!" She got up to stare at the phantom image of Ericnox. "I hate dresses!" The halfling threw a punch, a few of her tears sparkling in the firelight as they flew from her face.

"We didn't save your life just so you could die..."

Quickly she wiped away the remaining tears, making her way out of the room, not talking to anyone else.

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Characters: Jeatra

Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 3/23/2010 8:37 PM EST : RE: The Will of Ericnox

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

Posts: 1729

Why? Why die and give up on this world of magic? Why choose to remain dead? Why say no to the chance of being returned to the living, again and again. Why? What did the realm of the dead offer that was so much better then the realm  of the living? Or does one simply become to tired to go on?

Jaggie hated death. To her mind only the truly wicked should die. Only the very old should come to rest in the earth. Ericnox was neither wicked nor old in her mind. He died too young. Gave up too soon. Why?

Jeatra stormed out of the room. Others stared. Others perhaps paid no heed, too busy lost in their own thoughts.  Jaggie looked down at the small box resting on her lap. The final gift of a dead man.

She didn't want to be here.

Politely she bowed to the others and took her leave.

The pots and pans Eric had given her were used to replace the old ones in the Guildhall kitchen. The portable hole, sold,  the money donated to the local orphanage in his name.
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