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538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 1/4/2007 5:57 PM EST : By any other name (backstory)

Posts: 632

*Varro shuffled in with a bundle in his arms, moving immediately for Uxor.
She didn't interrupt her meal, watching and knowing that he had some tidbit or news... or something that had him darting at her like like an overly stimulated kobold.*

Varro: Look at this...just look at it *he rummaged through the bag pulling out green fabric* can you believe I found it lying around in the Pit no less! A little wash and it's good as new. Better even with some extra care *he was picking over the stitches* Here here, put it on

*Uxor did stop chewing this time. The mute woman raised a brow at his request, angling her head with disapproval*

Varro: No no, seriously Uxor, here, try it on. *he pushed the bundle towards her*

*Uxor rolled her eyes and set her food aside, pulling out the green bundle. She noticed a host of colored cloths in the bag, nodding at them questioningly*

Varro: Don't worry about those. I'll explain in a moment. Just humor me and put it on. You can pull it over your armor if you're not inclined to go change... though I'd appriciate it if you did - I won't peak *he grinned at her*

*Uxor shook her head and pointed towards a side room. She was not about to change out in the middle of the guild hall, and certainly not infront of Varro, to what she guessed would be his great disappointment*

Varro: Fine, have it your way. I'll wait here. Come out and let me see it on you

*After a time, Uxor came out wearing a long flowing green garment, with a tight collar that reached almost the full length of her neck. It was very form fitting. She held the rest of the bundle in a hand and came out, sulking and crossing her arms*

Varro: Excellent. Turn around and let me see. 

*though she did as he asked, it was not long before she'd retrieved her wrtiing impliment and was scribbling away on some parchment, holding out the paper to him. It read* " a dress. These are all dresses" *and she worked her mouth from one side to the other with disdain*

Varro: *reading over her note* What? No...No no no, these my friend are Robes. This one you're wearing fetches quite a heafty price on the market. Robe of Acid they call it. Bit hard to come by.  *as she had stopped turning for him, he walked round her in a circle* Looks great on. Here, try one of the others

*She shook her head, writing* "I look silly"

Varro: *he walked back around front of her* Well that's rediculous. You look great. You're just used to that bulky plate and chain. You strong arms are all the same...put something delicate on you and you're crawling and squirming like black pudding. In fact *he rubbed the tuft of hair on his chin* I'd say the true silliness is you hiding that figure under copius amounts of unflattering figure-obscuring metal.

*She gnarled her nose at him, writing* "keeps me alive. Life over fashion any day"

Varro: Yes well, in any event, you've unintentionally brought me to my point. I'm going to be hosting a fashion show for the city. I want to see the finest attire... the most shining armors... the swirls of intricate cloth weavings. Rare, beautiful, and decadant! House Jorasco has agreed to let me hold the event on their grounds...and they've provided an excellent backdrop for it. I'm going to be posting some flyers, but I need you to pose for me so I can get some sketches made up for the flyers.

*She shook her head 'no no no'*

Varro: Oh yes yes yes. You owe me little missy. See I'm rather coming to like this arrangement you and i have. You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. Isn't that how it goes? And it's my turn to be scratched in the initiative.

*She narrowed her eyes at him, stomping her foot*

Varro: Sorry, that's not going to get you out of it. And no, you've not had an end to this conversation. Come, it's not like I'm going to make you actually work in the show...although *he looked up pondering the posibility*

*Uxor's eyes widened a little, and she shook her head no furverently, followed by writing* "I will help with the sketches ...instead."

Varro: Sheesh, you'd think I asked you to dance in a wall of fire. Here, you'll need to try the rest on to make sure they fit. I'll need several drawings to pick from

*Uxor wrote out* "Are you just doing this to somehow get under House D's skin?"

Varro: Me? Never. What's wrong with holding some nice festivities for the city? The Coin Lords shine on such activities. If my doing this did happen to step on the toes of some nobleman, well...

*their conversation was interrupted by the approach of footsteps in the guild hall. A woman was silouetted in the light of the door, then one with the dim of the hall as she closed the door behind her. Neither of them recognized her, so Varro called out*

Varro: Greetings traveller. What brings you among us?

*The woman walked towards them with a smile. Uxor rightly didn't know why, but when she looked on her, she felt a wave of uneasiness pass over her. Fear. Outright fear, and a distant memory welled up briefly, which she quickly suppressed. She didn't like this, and was inclined to slip back for her weapons, which were in the room behind, but Varro didn't seem particularly alarmed by her.*

*The woman seemed to be Drow in nature...a bit light skinned even for one, but the ears and eyes were close enough to distinguish her as not being elven - though her features were quite 'normal' at a glance. Her hair was a vivid red, and her lips matched the hair in tone. What unsettled Uxor the most was her walk. She glided across the floor, almost slinked, in a way that was entirely not drow. Nor was it elven. It was something else. The woman nodded at the two of them and said* You must be Varro - I recogized you. Not familiar with your friend there *she lifted her chin in a sort of reversed nod of acknowledgement* but I am called Mekari.

*Before she'd even gotten to her name, Varro's demenour changed now. He seemed...irritated. He didn't look at Uxor, but said* Uxor, why don't you go ahead and keep those robes for me. We'll find another time to continue. I'll be at my place if you need me. Mekari is it? Please, come with me.

*Uxor watched the two of them go, and she immediately set about changing her clothing to something more combat worthy. She didn't like this. But she realized her armor would attract attention. So she left the robe on, and slipped on her bracers and goggles instead, casting their magics upon herself to be both fast and invisible, and then crept after the two of them. *

*It was uncanny. Neither of them spoke the whole walk there, they simply walked along side one another. Uxor feared it was perhaps an assassin, or at least a hired thug sent to give Varro a 'message.' Varro seemed to be somewhat aware of whoever this Mekari was. She tried to stay in range of them to pick up on anything important. She realized  a flaw in her plan.  Once they got to Varro's home, there would be little chance of her slipping in behind them unseen. She looked around and considered if she could somehow beat them there. They weren't running...or even walking fast. She had a key to Varro's door, so she knew she could slip inside provided she got there with enough distance between them*

*Uxor dropped back and let them pass a little bit further ahead. Her intended route was going to be less than stealthy... especially in broad daylight. She couldn't take the chance of one of them looking over a shoulder and catching a glimpse of her, or seeing her out of the corner of their eye. Once she was confident that there was enough of a gap, she surveyed the structures around her, and slipping into an allyway, she began clambering on top of the buildings. She lept from structure to structure;  shimmied over beams and walkways;  shuffled across ledges by her fingers; she was still graced with the benefits of the invisibility and quickness... though anyone with a particularly good spot would notice a transluscent shape flying across rooftops with all speed*

*She jumped down from the roof into the streets before Varro's abode. She glanced back to make certain she'd beat them to it. Confident that she'd managed to work her way ahead of them, she let herself in, glancing round to see if anyone would notice, and tried to find somewhere to crouch down in obscurity. She settled with slipping into the spare bedroom, crouching behind the bed, and praying they wouldn't find need to come in there. If the lights came on, no matter how small she made herself, she was completely liable to be noticed*

*She waited there hunkered down like a scared rabbit for quite some time, until she heard the click of the door opening. She didn't know why, but she felt afraid for Varro. She realized in her rush she didn't have a thing to defend him even if it did come to that. No weapon, no armor... and more than likely this Mekari was a spell caster. She was a sitting duck. All she could hope for now was that she went unseen, and that Varro could defend himself.*

*She heard them moving about the room, and the sound of something scooting on the floor, followed by a 'thud', and Varro's voice, and the reply of the female voice. It took her a moment to focus on what was being said...they were in the other room. She realized they were speaking Quori. Varro had taught her to speak it somewhat...enough for them to communicate with each other.  Why were they speaking Quori?? She had only ever heard Varro speak it in hushed tones, and usually when something sensitive was being said that wasn't to be overheard. The woman seemed confident in it, rattling it back.  She focused hard trying to understand what was being said.  . . *

Varro: [So good of you to 'check up' on me "Mekari"... or whatever name it is you're using these days]
Mekari: [It is my name. Not the name you knew... I've had fewer reasons of late to see the need to hold to my aliases.]
Varro: [Yes well, you'll have to excuse me if I don't exactly have the easiest time keeping them all straight. Nice face by the way - could stand to be a little darker though, you look like an elven drow mutt]
Mekari: [choice words . . . from one who knows so much about illegitimate unions.  Though your father and I like to refer to it as 'planar mingling' or something else kinder than mutt, my dear]
Varro: [What game are you onto Elena? You must want something... you never come to spend quality time.]

*Father? Uxor's rapidly translating mind derailed a little on that chain of banter. Was this woman really who she was understanding her to be? If so, why was she so afraid of her? She wished she'd gotten further with her training to push fear aside completely, but that stage of her learning was not yet here. She considered the possibilities, trying to tune back into what they were saying*

Varro: [...nerve. You think you can just shuffle out of my life and return to play games when it suits your fancy. So what was the draw this time, hm? Some Lord send you to spy on me?]
Mekari: [Don't play victim with me, it's not becoming of you. I taught you better. I just thought I should check in and see how you were handling your loss.]
*Varro scawfed at her*
Mekari: [No, it's true. When I heard of it, I needed to find you. To be certain you were doing well.]
Varro: [yes, well, as you can see, I'm alive, I'm eating, and life goes on]
Mekari: [I just know how much she meant to you. When your father died, it was trying on me. . . ]
Varro: [Don't. Don't even compaire your experience to mine. Especially over a man I barely knew of to even speak a name]
Mekari: [Well, in any event, I'm going to be keeping my eye on you for a little while - in a way perhaps closer than usual. Though I've gathered much information in my searching for you. You've made quite the party-man of yourself around town, Minstrel]
Varro: [And just how's that. Planning on rooming with me? ]
Mekari: [better. Hadn't you noticed my attire? I'm a field surgeon now... a cleric. A useful tool to folk of your line of work]
Varro: [I think I liked you better when you pretended to be a bard]
Mekari: [Always the poison tongue] *she laughed a little* [Actually, I think you'll find my services most beneficial to your fellowship.]
Varro: [Don't bother]
Mekari: [It's a little late for that now. You see, I met a lovely man who's already accepted me among their fold. I haven't made mention of our connection in the least, out of kindness. I'll be filling in among your ranks]
Varro: [What? No...that isn't going to be happening. I forbid it. One word from me and you'll be kicked out on the street so fast your body will get there before your clothes.]
Mekari: [Is that so? See, I thought you might say something like that, so I thought i had better remind you that it would behove you to play nice. You see, I'd hate to have to be the one to break it to them about your marriage. Imagine what your little pale skinned lady friend might think?]

*Uxor almost sank through the floor at hearing herself mentioned in the conversation in translation. Her heart sank down as well at hearing Varro's silence. Whatever it was about his past was dreadful enough to silence him over the issue. She heard movement in the room again*

Mekari: [I suggest you keep that in mind should the urge to have me removed from among your fold cross your thoughts. Play nice though, and I won't have to resort to being 'honest.']
*Varro made no reply to that, and there was the sound of the door closing, and then silence. Uxor didn't know what to do...or say for that matter. This woman was blackmailing him? But with something he hadn't bothered to tell her. It unsettled her to think that he was keeping something from her. She'd always tried to be honest with him - even about things she rightly didn't understand.
What was the secret?
Why was she afraid of Mekari?
How was she going to get out of here?

That question stopped her. She was in Varro's house eavesdropping - invisible no less - and now that the situation was over, how was she to remove herself without getting noticed?*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 1/24/2007 2:23 PM EST : RE: By any other name (backstory)

Posts: 632

*Silence - something she was all together a part of normally - dragged on endlessly as she sat crouched in the spare room unseen. Once Mekari had gone, she felt as if when she next stepped outside, it would be morning. Varro hadn't stirred for some time. She was afraid he was he was listening... could she really keep this still and quiet indefinately?

After a time, she heard him get up. Her heart jumped abit, thinking he was at last come to catch her red handed as it were. She heard his footsteps fall, then the sound of the open door. The outer door. She nearly collapsed with relief. She was very afraid that he would have stayed in for the eve... then she'd have to find some manner of slipping out his front door without him noticing. The place had no windows - other than the main bedroom. If he stayed, she couldn't slip out that way. It was only a small two bedroom quarters in the main city center. This meant using the front door.*

*He was gone now. She sat up hesitantly, thinking it a trap to lure her out. She found no such trap. She did allow some time before she tried to leave though. . . incase anyone tried to stop in. She reactivated the invisibility, and slipped out the door. She was going to have to find out more information before she just confronted him. Though... what would she say if she DID confront him? "I was snooping in your house while you weren't looking?" That wouldn't do. Her objective was to protect him, not to jeopardize their friendship - though she felt that was exactly what she was doing. She needed to find out more.*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 1/24/2007 3:37 PM EST : RE: By any other name (backstory)

Posts: 632

*The drinking contest had lingered well into the evening. Uxor knew it was the only certain way to ensure that Varro was docile enough not to note her following him tonight.*

"Uxor? Lost your hearing now as well?"

*She came to, realizing that she'dlost focus and her thoughts had roamed elsewhere from their game. She gnarled her nose at him with a playful smile*

"You're a bit distracted tonight. Or is it that I'm finally besting you at this game? The mighty Uxor, vanquished by a mere musician?! What will the other warriors say when they hear of this. . ."
*and he went on in this fashion while pushing another stein of ale at her. She narrowed her eyes at him, still smiling, drinking the thing down fiercely.
She knew she could outlast him four times over, but it never stopped him from trying. Eventually he would surrender and leave, or drink himself to unconsciousness, where at, she would drag him to his home.
Tonight, either result was acceptable*

"What's on your mind?" *he asked, chalking another ash mark on the paper they were using to keep track of their drinking rounds.*

*She was glad to be mute in that moment. If she had to speak, he would undoubtedly hear the hesitation in her voice. She wrote on the scrap of paper the word "Dragon"*

"What about it?" *he asked as he started to polish another glass down, giving her ample time to write a reply. She turned the paper roudn to him as he finished*

"The sightings. I know the training missions have increased. There's more talk now that we'll be the next comissioned to fight. . . I heard the new healer spotted a large red one flying over the gate of the harbor and market. And I know the team is being assembled"
*She laced the question about 'the new healer' in to gage his reaction*

 "Of course. I've been fielding inquiries myself for the Lady Hope's 'team'. Your warforged friend is counted among the willing I hear. That should make you pleased. In fact, he was here just the other night for a game of twenty questions with me since he apparently stumped Ruetger"

*She tried to act curious. She already knew this. Was he testing to see if she was aware? Had he completely dodged the comment about Mekari on purpose? This conversation was turning quickly out of her control - she had to reign it back in. It was already heading to a topic she didn't want to explain - the matter of why Deriaz had been there asking questions of him. She was trapped though now. If she changed the subject, he would suspect. If she continued, she might slip up and say too much. So she nodded to him instead, implying he should go on*

"Seems our fine metal friend has gone and worked the political ladder until he arrived somewhere suitable. 'ambassador to the fellowship on behalf of Blue Line'... good for him" *he raised a glass in toast, which he handed to her to finish. She wrote, before following through the remainder of the toast* "Yes I know. I was in the guild hall when he delivered the message. And you're right, I am happy - for that and his willingness to help with the dragon. That is what is troubling me actually. I think they want me to fight the dragon with them. I don't now if I can bring myself to face that."

*He angled his head and lifted a brow in response to that note*
"Have they asked you to?"

*she shook her head, but then wrote* "Not in so many words. . . "
She caught herself before she started writing about Ruetger and Deriaz brainstorming on how to overcome her fear. While it was the truth of the matter... she was worried over this topic ... the last thing she needed was implying that she, Deriaz, and Ruetger had been conversing together. Then he would know.
He would know those two came to him at her request - or he would assume as much even if it weren't so. That would be all it took for him to be on his guard from that point on.
She had started to write the letter "R" on the paper, and managed to stop in time to make it seem that she started a statement beginning "I"  and had to reflect on what to write. *
"I just don't want to disappoint them" *and she drown her expression, glance, and the suppressed fidgiting in the next round of ale*

*He leaned back from the table a bit, holding the next drink in his lap* "Uxor, while I'm sure they have a lot of faith and belief in you, they don't seem the type of guild to hold it against you if you stand this one out because of your phobea. If you think it will compromise the mission, they'll understand"
*She was releaved only in part that she'd successfully navigated their conversation to safer waters. Instead, they were talking about another of her worries* "Even so. I'm considering doing it. I'm just, like you said, afraid I would jeopardize the journey."

*He finished his drink* "You don't have to prove anything to anyone Uxor. What's more, if you're doing it for pride or to save face, I won't let you. You spend a good deal of time telling me what I shouldn't get myself into, or how I should take care of myself. So once again, it is my turn to return the favor"

*she sighed, writing* "You are a good friend. I'm glad to know you."

*he waved her off* "Not good enough to keep up with the likes of you I am afraid" *he set the glass down. She frowned without realizing she'd done so, immediately following with writing "giving up so early?" ... he was relaxed, but perhaps not enough*

"Maybe I'm just trying to take better care of myself these days? Ever think of that?" *Now he was just refusing to conceed defeat. That was a good sign, she thought. So she shrugged at him as if to say 'fine have it your way' and stood up to shake hands with him.*

*The three attempts at casting his feather falling spell were proof enough to her that he was as far gone as she needed him to be now. When he finally successfully got the thing off, succeeding in catching her in the edge of it, he nodded to her and stepped off the edge of their platform where the upper tables were. Drifting down, he called after her*
"Just take it one step at a time. One day, without so much as a care, you'll bathe in lava, I'm certain." *he grinned up at her as he staggered his way out of the Phoenix*

*Once he was out of sight, she stepped off the edge herself, hovering down to the ground rubbing her wrists. She had purchased enough potions to get her by, but there was something to be said for  the security of having the bracers and goggles handy. She felt guilty to use them in this way, so perhaps it was for the better that she now resorted to potions for the moment. She just didn't feel right about using the gifts from his late wife to spy on him with, even if it was to keep him safe.*

*She went out on the streets, and clambered to a good vantage point, looking for signs of him as she went. Tonight, she tracked her friend.*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 1/27/2007 7:08 AM EST : RE: By any other name (backstory)

Posts: 632

*Uxor went down to her knees practically at the sight of Mekari.  She had managed to track Varro here, to the warehouse district, and there he stood face to face with the strange drow healer. Most of Varro's journey tonight after leaving the Phoenix Tavern was in a line for his home as she followed him. Then abruptly, he had detoured from that route, to arrive here.

Up until this moment, she'd spent the whole of the night doubting herself. Here she was, crawling along rooftops like a burglar, tailing her coworker and good friend as if he were the Black Abbott himself. All her self loathing and guilt were driven away by the terror that welled up in her when she looked at Mekari below. Her fear of the woman was only compounded now at seeing Varro standing there talking with the drow. He had gone straight to Mekari, here in the alleyway.
 Uxor fought for control. She rooted through her selection of potions to produce one that would suppress her panic. It was none too soon that she took it, for as she regained her composure, she heard one thing. . . but didn't hear another - Something was steadily coming closer, up the side of the building, and Varro and Mekari had gone silent. Uxor sucked down a few more choice potions - invisibility and jump. She then scampered away from the ledge of the roof, and ducked down between the overlap of the roof she stood on and the next building's overhang. She was glad for the amount of care she'd taken being prepared; now she could only hope to go unseen. What she saw then shook her. If it weren't for the potion, she might have fled outright.

A shoed foot, followed by a clothing clad leg, and ultimately the rest of the form, emerged from beyond the ledge of the roof, righting themselves like the felling of a tree in reverse. There stood Mekari, as if she'd done something no more effortful than walk down a sidewalk. Only in this case, it was up a side of the building. Mekari was watching, and listening. Uxor held her breath until she thought she might pass out. Then she heard the sounds of something thumping and scraping its way up the side of the building. Varro's head and arms appeared next, as he clambered up next to Mekari, peering out in the darkness as well. Uxor breathed again hesitantly, trying to listen to their conversation. They were speaking Quori again*
Varro: [You know, I'm not as young as you think]
Mekari: [Quiet]
*Uxor slowly sucked in more air, a sound that echoed in her own head, but she hoped was too subtle to be heard. Varro walked onto the building a bit further.*
Varro: [Here, I'll make short work of this] *He started to play a familiar melody. As the notes came to Uxor's ears, she tried to jolt back from it. She knew the song well, but she was unaccustomed to being at the receiving end. She found she had already succumb to the power of it, as she couldn't move. She sat in the shadow of her hiding place like an ornamental statue. Varro walked back and forth along the roof with the tune, and he was nearly in front of her, but he passed by, coming back to Mekari*
Varro: [See? No easy prey to be had]
Mekari: [I appreciate the demonstration, but it would do you well to pay closer attention. Especially at times of night.]
Varro: [Not all of us are so paranoid as you]
Mekari: [You should be. Ambassadors are popular targets for kidnappings and ransoms.]
Varro: [Also very public figures. . . so if a house has any tricks in mind, it would be within their interest not to do something that could draw undue attention to their doorstep]
Mekari: [Even so, do not think you are an exception]
Varro: [is our lecture finished? I have a pounding head to nurse, if it's all the same to you] *Mekari leveled her look to him*
 Mekari: [Just watching out for your interests. Is that so wrong?]

*Uxor struggled to focus on their conversation, as she sat helplessly entranced by the lingering melody of Varro's song. Things were blurring together. Through the haze, she saw Varro unsheathe a gleaming sword - the one he used to make his magic more potent. He was holding it to Mekari's throat. Mekari flinched back from it*
Varro: [If I kill you now, it would remedy your 'concerns,' no?]
Mekari: [When did someone like you get the aura to wield a thing like that?]
Varro: [Let's just say I've learned to get around the properties of it enough to use to my benefit. My interests stopped being your concern long ago.]
Mekari: You're drunk. *she said in common. Despite the insult, it was apparent by her stance that Mekari was afraid*
Varro: [I would kill you now, but it's probably your intention. Perhaps to deny you of it will wound you more greatly?]

*Uxor was confused, and in pain now - physical pain. Something was burning inside her, searing from within.*

 Mekari: [it is your wish to see me suffer?]
Varro: [Always. In fact, I've a mind to just turn this weapon in you and watch.] *he hissed the words at Mekari, pressing the blade closer still.*

*A word fluttered to Uxor's immediate thoughts. "Air." She realized between trying to hide with deathly silence, trying to focus on their conversation, and being caught in Varro's song, she hadn't noticed that she'd still been holding her breath. She was desperate for air, and she tuned out all things to drive her will on making her lungs respond. "Breathe. You have to breathe." Her vision was clouding. She could see the two shapes of Mekari and Varro, and dimly she was aware that they were talking still, but she had no energy to make sense of their words. She was slipping away. "Breathe!"*

*Uxor felt something hard strike her across the face suddenly, and she had a distant awareness that it was the ground. "Breathe."*

*Glowing white light met her vision. She furrowed her brows at it, raising an arm to shield her eyes. "Air" - the word snapped consumingly into all parts of her awareness. She felt her mouth open, and torrents of air came rushing in. The satisfaction of it was replaced by a realization that she had already been breathing. Finding her bearings, she realized she was staring at the brilliant blue of the sky, and she was lying on her back.

She sat up, looking around. She was still on top of the building, but it was mid-day practically. Had she been up there all night and morning? Varro and Mekari were gone. Looking herself over, she determined all her belongings and wellness were in tact. Rather than getting up, she sat quietly thinking for a few moments.

She was utterly confused. Where once she feared for Varro, now she didn't know what to think. Last night, he had been the aggressor towards Mekari. What had Mekari meant by 'someone with an aura like you,' and what did it have to do with Varro's sword? Was there something wrong with her friend. . . was he not really the man he made himself out to be? She suspected that Varro kept a great deal of himself private from her, but now she was beginning to fear that there was something terrible that was secret still. After all, the first time she overheard Mekari talking with him, she had implied that there was something Varro didn't want Uxor to know.

She didn't want to believe it.
She needed to confide in someone.
She needed to roll the thoughts around to puzzle out the truth of them.
She had to talk to Deriaz.

Deriaz. With alarm, she realized that he'd gone out last night for information of his own at her request. He would no doubt be worried that she hadn't come back last night. Not to mention, that no one would have seen her this day. She situated herself, took one more draft of the invisibility potion, and climbed down from the buildings, trying to ensure that no one saw her doing it. She then sped towards the guildhall, but stopped. If Deriaz had already gone there, and subsequently he had not found Uxor, then Deriaz would most likely be looking around the city for her. So she made for to the mailbox to send a message to him to meet her. There was much to talk over.*

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and quests.

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