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Was never here.
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I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Duty (open RP thread, just posting the announcement to start)
the truthseeker (Applicant) 7/13/2007 10:03 AM EST : Duty (open RP thread, just posting the announcement t...

the truthseeker
Posts: 107

The verdict in, the announcement formally made, the order given....

Cerulean entered the (now relocated) guildhall and went to the artisan's section. Rarely did he do what he was doing now, but knew if it had to be done, he would be the one who created such a thing...and follow its dictates should it come to pass.

Others had flair or artistry, but he always had a...technical style...for capturing the image. Now...he finally knew how to draw the last part....the path to the soul. 

Painstakingly inking and shading hour after hour, exploiting the lack of need for rest, he toiled on...the dicum causing him to remember such things that could have given him the same fate had he continued his own "needed" acts had it been another country, another leader, or not what became the Mournland:

An explosion, and the dying moans of not one soldier actually inside in the "safehouse...."

The screams of those not entered manhood saying they would defend their families against us slaughterers....

His shielding of one...just to see him ranged killed in his own arms as his second reminded him of orders that no survivors of the "fanatics" could remain.....

His own acts that stopped the continuation of this "sanctioned covert action" before more died to cover this "embarrassing" atrocity and his not liquidated but inactive state  from that unit he hopes forevermore...

Cerulean caught an oiled tear dropping from his face in his palm before it smeared the now complete poster.

He realized he began to weep not from what he did (that he would never stop his remorse from when he fully received his emotions 'til the day he deactivated permanently,) but from the conviction he knew what he must do and the sorrow it put him through for one he called friend still.

Nobody can understand...nobody unless your entire bloodline or race is being threatened with extinction...they never will...but I do...and even I may forgive your acts one day...but this is my duty and I will carry it out if I see you again...

He remembered seeing what both sides had done after the one's  "ascension, to title," and knew that he had gotten the eyes right....

The next day after being approved through the leadership, Cerulean posted his first notice on the wall. It showed a remarkable likeness of the Drow as steely, convicted-almost cruel in a perceived derision to others-and yet haunting in his eyes. Its words above and below the picture were simple yet damning:

Wanted, Execute on Sight:

No alternate text supplied.


Sho Drizzin

For the convicted acts of  murder.
Considered always armed and extremely dangerous. 
Do not attempt to apprehend alone.
No Quarter is to to be given by any Fellowship Members.  


Aphreal42 (Member) 7/16/2007 4:39 PM EST : RE: Duty (open RP thread, just posting the announceme...

Jinna (Thelanis)

Posts: 57

Saffire stared, emotionless at the notice posted in the guildhall. Her eyes passed over the text more than once, their blue depths betraying nothing save perhaps mild interest. A very close observer might have heard her soft murmur, "He seemed kind enough when I met him. Murder, indeed." Her breath huffed out in a small sniff. "All he did was take the war to Silver Flame fanatics. Doubtless one of theirs who had done similarly to those branded heretics would be rewarded, rather than executed. Still, it is the council's right to decide. He formally surrendered to their judgement and must accept it."

Inwardly, her thoughts were far removed from her outward show. Posters, always posters with these people. A good likeness, at least. There are some talented hands about. I wonder who did this one. I hope not Jaggie, for her sake. She has had troubles enough without the task of drawing up an execution order. Still, this does change things, yet again. If he is to be executed on sight, it's unlikely that anyone within the Fellowship will listen to him or that anyone outside of it will receive news from him. Perhaps it's time for Jinna's face to start being shown around the guild's hall and haunts again. Just in time for a party, even. It would be a shame for her to miss it.


zoltando (Officer) 7/17/2007 8:16 AM EST : RE: Duty (open RP thread, just posting the announceme...

Zoltando (Thelanis)

Posts: 533

Zoltando was slowly meditating on what he had to do. Is it really worth duty to kill a friend a small voice asked, why do you insist on following orders you dont wish.

Zoltando: I am a weapon, I follow orders because it gives purpose to my existance.

Voice: But Sho is a friend and someone you view as a copy of yourself.

Zolt: Who he is does not matter *wavers* it should not matter, his execution has been ordered and I must carry it out.

Voice: Don't you have any doubts about what you are doing?

Zolt: I have plenty of doubts but it is not my place to voice these things, I am a weapon, I am darkness, I am a killer.

Voice: Don't you wish you were something more?

Zolt: *wavers* I am a weapon to be used according to orders.

Voice: You could be so much more if only you tried.

Zolt: *becomes suspicous and examines his mind for infulences and finds that a force is attempting to persuade him  to do something* Nighty night fool *forcibly ejects the prescence from his mind and pulls up barrier after barrier of mental defenses* I am a weapon, Sho's execution will not be stopped.

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.
Characters: Zoltando

538610896_Inactive (Applicant) 7/17/2007 10:25 AM EST : RE: Duty (open RP thread, just posting the announceme...

Posts: 19

((Written 1 week ago))
1 week earlier:
Four figures sat around a table in a dark room lit only by a single candle. One was a warforged, another a human, and two drows...or one drow and an elf...too hard to tell.

"...So my trial was moved to this week. Soon will be the end of me." said the voice that sounded like Sho's.

"Ya sure that they will sentence you to death?" said a familiar voice, yet unknown. "They are good people, they might let ya live."

"No, Infenetus, the power of the crowd is too strong, not killing me will badly hurt the Fellowship. I am not sure, but that is my best guess, and I will be that I am right." Sho said.

"Fine, fine, don't ge' pushy, Sho. I just wish there was another way..." Infenetus added sadly. There was a long silence.

"Don't we all." said the human, his voice sounding dark, powerful, and divine.

"So, will Mystreo do his trick?" asked the forged.

"Mystreo will have to do his BEST damn trick ever, I'm still thinking how he can pull it off, especially with that damn necro gem in his chest." Infenetus said.

"Don't worry, I think he can pull it off." said the human with a smile.

"What is something goes wrong? They find out it was all a trick? They find out that Mystreo and I did that trick? Then it will be lots of trouble." said the forged nervously.

"Then you will live up to your name, Lord of the Blades." the human said, and then got a look from Sho and added, "But only scare them, then you will run, and you and Mystreo will know where to hide, so, I see no problem."

They all get up, and shook hands and threw out some jokes at each other to break the akward silence. Sho bowed to Infenetus and Big, giving them a big thanks, and then turned to the human.

"Will this all really work?" Sho asked the human.
"Only if you want it to happen. It is up to you Infenetus and Lord of the Blades, I am only here to help a little, and to join in on your quest." said the human.

"The secret is even missing THE library? I still can't see how this can be." Sho said.

"Let's just say, the previous librarian was very bad at his job," explained the human, "I mean, he was JUST an angel, he couldn't have written EVERYTHING down."

"Oh," then Sho asked, "So how is Sorgo?"
"Fine, fine, training quite well. Needs to work more on strategy, but we have 200 years, so, all is fine." the human said.

" really changed." added Sho.

"I had to, this is a WHOLE new world. I've been to many alternate worlds, but THIS is the most different from my home world." the human expained.

Sho nods and bows, "Good night, Surren Darkheart...milord."

Surren smiled, "Just keep praying and maybe you will have a happy life."

"Life, or AFTERlife?" Sho asked.

Surren shrugged his shoulders and disappeared into the shadow of the moon.

Sho sighed and walked back. Long days are coming, he needed to rest...
-------------Present time---------------------

"Crap! I messed up again!  How am I supposed to do this!!?? It's too damn hard!" Mystreo yelled in frustration at his messed up illusion.

"Try harder Mystreo, we have no choice, well...we DO, but the other choice includes Sho dieing, and that is what we are trying to prevent." Big said.

"I know, I know, shush, let me concertrate!!" Mystreo yelled... 

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