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zoltando (Officer) 5/11/2007 1:46 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Zoltando (Thelanis)

Posts: 535

As i was completed my scan of house deneith for the mysterious man offering a reward for finding him I called out clear to my team. If thats clear then check the catacombs you may find him there, Points responded.

All of a sudden another voice appeared in my head as almost a taunt saying are you sure its clear?

I whirled around drawing my sword bleeding flame and looked for the voice. hmm where could voicy be. feeling out with the small bit of mental magic he possesed zoltando searched for the voice that seemed to be taunting him. he felt a prescence unlike any before hiding on top of a roof.

Checking the roof quickly Zoltando saw the sillouete of a human male wearing an almost rainbow colored robe. "insult me will you" said zoltado as he drew the hidden crossbow containing a ready bolt of human slaying. "taunt this" Zoltando roared as he took aim and shot the bolt.

The figure on the roof slumped to the ground as if dead and faded away. "what" questioned Zolt as he puzzled over the fading of the body. "thats not possible". "Oh but is is" came the joking voice of rainbow from right behind Zoltando. Spinning around Zolt came face to face with what appeared to be a human male but unlike any other.

Zoltando felt the sheer power that this being radiated and instantly came on defense. "Who are you and why shouldnt I kill you" asked Zolt trying to act confident when he was almost panicking inside. "Oh i doubt you could kill me if you tried" replied rainbow, I just wanted to warn you to check twice for me in hiding.

"but if your here i found you" said zoltando feeling triumphant. If you say so said rainbow as he faded away. "damn" zolt cursed. An illusion good enough to fool me, thats rare. This hunt is over declared zoltando as he activated his syberis mark of shadow and faded into the darkness of the night.

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Characters: Zoltando

Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 5/11/2007 2:30 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

Posts: 1729

~~~How Jaggie got the name Justhere Tawatch, and won the Titan wand (twice) pt1~~~

It was just another normal day in House Phiarlan. Jaggie was sitting in her usually spot, under a great tree, while light glittered down through the purple leaves. Two elven children ran about her in a game of tag while she played them a tune upon her flute. Just a normal day in House Phiarlan.

Jaggie's flute stuttered to a halt as the Phiarlan main gates clanged so hard against the inner walls of the House that the hinges were feared to snap clean off due to such force.  Thralls of armored, blade bearing, beings of all race, creed and origin, stampeded through the gates. Yelling, screaming, arms flailing in the air.

The two elflings stared wide eyed and pale as the swarm of metal and leather flooded in. Bought children then looked at each other and ran for there distinctive homes, bound to hide underneath there beds the moment they they stepped foot into the door.

Jaggie rolled into a defensive position as she instinctively reached for her side. She cursed, as always, at herself for never carrying her mace when not out adventuring or slaying the evils that lay beneath Stormreach. She crouched down, picked up a broken tree branch and snapped it in twan over her knee. The two clubs weren't nearly as good as her acid mace, but if any of those warriors came near her they where going to learn a thing or two about attack this city.
The warriors parted as they ran around the tree. Jaggie starred blankly, her arms slowly sinking down to her sides as the mass flooded past her and turned off towards the arena.

"What in the name of all Gods?" Has the last armor clad adventurer scurried by Jaggie allowed her two improvised weapons to leave her hands and scooped up her flute again. She could hear cheering and roaring taking place at the arena now. "Some new event? Odd I never heard of any..." She flicked a bet of dirt from her flute and then followed the large dust trail left behind from the passing crowd.

A speedy line up stood at the arena doors. A funny looking gnome like creature collected peoples names as they entered and wrote them down on little white tags. "Tict, okay next!" The gnome creature slapped the tag onto the halfings chest and shove him through the door. 'I said nest. Yo 'forged. Hurry it up!"

Jaggie shook her head, realizing she was next in line. "Sorry, I'm.. I'm just here to watch," she blurted.

"Justhere Tawatch. Ok, next!" He slapped the tag onto her chest and shoved her through.

"Wait! What-"


A hugh crowd lined the arena stands. People were pouring out over the walkways and cramming themselves along the arena walls. Jaggie walked about, lost and confused, trying to peel the name tag off her docent. "What's going on?" She noticed a man near the center of the arena floor. Several people surrounded him like annoying flies.


Everyone stopped in there tracks as they heard the command in there minds. Jaggie stood motionless, her thumb underneath the tag, her yellow eye trained on man dressed in the blue/purple robe.

The annoying flies buggered off to the stands when Jaggie finally realized she was stile on the arena floor, people where calling and ordering her to get over to the stands." Sorry, sorry," she stopped picking at the tag, took one last look at the man in the center of the arena floor, and ran to the nearest wall.


"What?" Jaggie turned back around. "Me?"

"If you win the vorpal I'm gonna laugh so hard," It was the halfling Tict. He chuckled as he shoed Jaggie towards the arena floor once more.

"Vorpal? I don't understand? What going on?" Jaggie scratched the back of her neck.


"Uh, hai..." she walked up to the well groomed man. "Hello?"

"Nice name just here to watch." The man looked up at the 'forged and smirked.

"heeh... It's true." Jaggie smiled nervously. "What's going on?"
"Well, I got this wand here." With a snap of his fingers a green wands appeared in his right hand. The top of it had the sculpted head of a titan forged. "It's yours... Unless you want to roll the dice-" He spun a oddly shaped die in his left hand. He then snapped his fingers again and suddenly, in place of the wand, there was a sickle. "and try for the vorpal."

"Uh.... umm..." Jaggie scratched the back of her neck again.

"You're going to have to step it up Justhere."

"Sorry.. Uh.. I'll take the wand. Umm." She shruged, stile confused.


"Uh.. thank you." She stared at the wand he had placed in her hand as he waved her back to the stands.

"Be sure to  enjoy the show." He flashed another smile to her then snapped his fingers again. Another wand, just like the one he had given Jaggie, materialized in his hand.



Jaggie sat on one of the lower steps of the stands, fiddling with the strange wand in her hand, watching as people where called up one by one. After a rather short time a number of people seemed to grow bored and started casting random cantrips to entertain their neighbors. Flashing lights and bright colours began to fill the air. Jaggie became mystified with all the noises and colours. It was to much to take. After an hour or two she staggered out of the arena and headed for home. Wand stile in hand, completely and totaly confused on how her normal day in House Phiarlan became a not so normal day talking to a man that smelt like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....

*Pages in a book*
I don't make the rules, I just follow them... Because it makes you angry.

"If all the world was painted dark, and all the skies turned grey, then please tell me [if you could] when would it be 'day'?"~ MidnightRyoko

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 5/12/2007 6:26 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Posts: 632

*Varro glowered at the avatar. He glowered because the tone in his head was the same tone he gave to others when he was up to something.* <I still don't understand why you need me though.>
<I don't.>
Varro: <Then why appear to me at all?> *he crossed his arms, glancing down at Uxor to ensure that she hadn't come awake amid his mental conversation with the avatar.*
<You certainly ask a lot of questions, Augur. I'll humor you though. We don't 'need' you - we simply enjoy rewarding those who show affinity for our domain. Which is why you were selected. Not to mention, the people of this realm are fast forgetting respect for the Gods. Having one of their own to look to, and realize the wonder and joy of celebration, is most beneficial. You realize, however, that having accepted the gift, you are no longer simply an ambassador to your guild, yes? You are an ambassador of the domain of celebration. Hence your title... augur... a tool of the Gods.>
Varro: <Lovely> *He glowered more so. Then again, he knew this decision would have a price.* <So, what is my first task as Augur?>
<Well, you already agreed to it last night, but a reminder can't hurt. Check your bags, and you'll understand. Now, my second purpose is to help you with your sparring problem. I am not privy to all of your past Augur, only to that which concerns our portfolio. So why don't you tell me about this bar fighting of yours. If you're going to be our herald, it's not going to bode well to have folks constantly hitting you.>
Varro: <There was an incident> *He glanced at Uxor again, and the memories of recent events surfaced.* <She, this one here beside me, had a tiff with me over some trust issues. She was under the impression that my mother was some kind of threat to me. It was just misinformation on her part. My mother had a confrontation with her and added fuel to the fire, so to speak, while I was out of town. Apparently she convinced my sleeping friend here that I was dead, and by my mother's hands. It's not a problem that the parent of your new Augur is insane, is it?>
*The avatar shrugged.* <Never said you were chosen for your breeding, Augur.>
Varro: <Fair enough. Anyway, when all was said and done, Uxor had organized a search party, and folks were combing the city for any trace of me... or my remains. Now I've diffused the matter with the original seekers, but word of mouth has spread to the far corners of the city. Specifically, the account of my mother Mekari being able to assume different forms. She accomplishes this by means of a mask of disguise. People are now aware of the technique, so what I'm left with is people constantly requesting to paw on my face to validate if I am myself, or the 'shape-changer,' as they've come to call her. I've tried passing word through my ambassador channels... through the guild... but nothing flies as fast as rumor. Half the city thinks I'm dead or still missing.>
<So what is your plan then, my little oracle?>
Varro: <I was considering throwing a party. A LARGE party, to let word of that start passing among them.>
<That is what I like to hear. Since your birthday is fast approaching, I'll give you a few extra trinkets to help fix your event in their minds. It should help stir up conversation.>
Varro: <How did you know of my birthday?>
<Demi-god, remember?> *he lightly patted Varro atop the head like an obedient pet.* <the anniversary of one's mortal coming into being is among the greater causes to be festive. You'll catch on faster with some practice. I am curious... regarding your mother. Why not tell the people that she is no threat? Seems to me it would unravel your face petting problem.>
Varro: <It would - but it would create new problems. Mekari has a way of meddling in my affairs. The fact that the whole city wants to skin her alive keeps her at bay from unannounced visits to me. More over, she IS a threat to others, but not in a traditional sense. But the more leery people are of her, the better for them. So allowing the continued hostility buys me some discord now and again, but ultimately freedom from Mekari. It's somewhat satisfying to beat her at her own games for a change.>
<Playing people like an instrument?>
Varro: <I prefer the term 'strategic socializing.'>
<How interesting you manage to bring people together even while gone.>
Varro: <That's one way of looking at it. These gifts you mentioned...>
<Already arranged. All you need do is decide how to distribute them. You'll think of something. That is part of your task - to come up with an appropriate way to distribute the gifts of the Gods. Go take a look.> *the Avatar nodded to his bags, which were sitting across the way on the floor. *

*Varro carefully slid off the bed, and rooted through his bags. He found several odd looking wands, which he pulled out and inspected. They felt magical to say the least... filled with positive energy no less. Something else caught his eye as he started to gather up the wands. There was a cold  metallic gleam in the bag. It looked to be some sort of sickle, not all unlike one of the sickles he often carried with him adventuring in the city. He started to pull it out, and immediately when he grasped it, he felt something from it. Malice. He felt as though he could cleave the life force out of anything that stood against him. Raw power and vicious longing for blood started to overcome him. It was not rage... he'd felt that before. This was something altogether unusual - and enjoyable...
and terrifying all the same. He could feel ever so clearly that this indeed was something crafted by the Gods.
He turned to look to the avatar, but the icy gaze of Uxor stared back at him. She was sitting up in the bed, angling her head curiously at him. The avatar was nowhere to be seen. Varro recognized Uxor's expression, and he gathered that she'd probably been awake for longer than he noticed. She wanted to know what he was doing. Now he needed to decide:
Would he tell her the truth? Deceit and secrets had already created much drama between them. On the other hand, would she believe him if he did tell her the truth? He was going to have to come up with something, for she was already searching out paper and something to write with, and inching closer to him and the sickle.*

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 5/15/2007 12:16 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Posts: 632

(Last chance to get your +Sir stories in folks! I'm hoping to get these to him by the end of the week. Now is also the last chance to make any revisions or changes that you might want to.

You'll be happy to know (or heck maybe not happy) that some of the other Turbine staff will also be reading these ^^ so let's show them all the great roleplaying that is happening on the 'unofficial' rping server

Deriaz (Officer) 5/15/2007 12:59 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

((Oh, I so hope the staff starts calling +Sir, 'Rainbow'. I would be more than happy. <3 Lol.

I'm sure I should be embarrassed but I'm not.
I'm sure I should feel stupid but I'm hot.
I'm gonna grab my brush and paint the town.

538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 5/15/2007 3:20 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Posts: 632

(lol well im still a big fan of dances with kobolds

Jaggie here's a picture project for you: (if i dont draw it myself lol)

A picture of +Sir with many arms like a hindu god, a big afro rainbow wig, dancing with a kobold and make his phsyical appearence look like "Gary Gygax" (cuz i couldnt think of any other prominent Garys lol)

Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 5/15/2007 4:05 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

Posts: 1729

(((sure thing Varro/Uxor.     >:3

Oh and I've stile another part I'd like to add to my story. I jsut dont have time. :< *sniff*  I'll write it up anyway.)))
*Pages in a book*
I don't make the rules, I just follow them... Because it makes you angry.

"If all the world was painted dark, and all the skies turned grey, then please tell me [if you could] when would it be 'day'?"~ MidnightRyoko

zoltando (Officer) 5/15/2007 11:59 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Zoltando (Thelanis)

Posts: 535

(heh i love the idea of +sir rainbow)

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Characters: Zoltando

Aphreal42 (Member) 5/16/2007 4:57 AM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Jinna (Thelanis)

Posts: 57

((How soon is this deadline? I was going to write something up last night, but my evening got totally derailed by my dog breaking our back gate latch in order to go chase a cat. So instead of writing, I spent my evening searching for the cat to see if it was injured (no luck... scared/hurt cats hide far too well) and cleaning up all the scratches all over my dog. I'd much rather have been writing.... If there's still time, I may try to get my "Dances With Kobolds" entry in tonight, assuming no more disasters. --Aph

Edit: PS-Well, I did write tonight, but it ended up not turning into this story. I'll try to get it solidified in my head tonight and on paper... er, pixels tomorrow. Even if it's late, it'll still be fun to write.))


538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 5/16/2007 7:31 PM EST : RE: The Avatar of Celebration (story project)

Posts: 632

Varro: Sorry if I woke you
*Uxor was still scouting for something to write upon, but she nodded her head at his side in a questioning way. He was confused by the gesture at first, as he so prominently held the sickle up. Looking down, he realized it was the scepter in his other hand that drew her attention.*
Varro: Just sorting my bags. I can take it to the other room if it's disturbing your rest *and he stuffed the belongings into his pack and began trying to make for the other room. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Uxor slouch. She was not buying his attempt to play it off.* Fine fine fine. I'll tell you. You're not going to like it though.
*He picked up the scepter and some parchment for her - he knew she was going to need it after what he had to relate. Taking the scepter back in his hand, it sparkled with radiance, and as he cross the room, a trail of gently drifting glittering embers cascaded behind him. This caught him off guard at first, until he thought on it and remembered that he'd seen it do this before the night he'd gotten it from the avatar. More and more of his evening was coming to his memory. He then sat upon the bed beside her*
Varro: I just want you to know that before I tell you this, keep in mind... if you were anyone else, I'd dodge the question. There's no easy way to explain it or make it less confusing, so I'm going to be blunt. *he handed her the parchment. She did seem as if she were bracing for what he had to say* Uxor... a deity appeared to me to present me with this *he held the scepter out* if I agreed to continue to support its cause.
*Uxor sat very still staring at him flatly, then started to write something as he continued to ramble*
Varro: Well, not so much a deity... an avatar really. I know, it's hard to absorb this, but there's nothing to be done about it now. *he looked to the words on the page she'd written*
Uxor: "What does it do?"*she was eyeing the scepter curiously*
Varro: I'm not sure really. Not yet anyway. The avatar didn't really bother to tell me... or if he did, I just haven't remembered yet. *He was inspecting the scepter when he noted Uxor's expression* you know... for someone who just found out I've been visited by a god, you're being awfully calm.
*Uxor shrugged and wrote* "It is what it is"
Varro: You think I'm lying *he frowned at her and set the scepter down in his lap, crossing his arms*
*Uxor shrugged once again* Uxor: "You obviously got the thing from somewhere... you must have your reasons for saying such a thing. So when you're comfortable telling me what really went on, I'll be here. I'm done prying into your dealings against your will. I'm not here to judge you."
*Varro read the note and scoffed* I'm being serious... truthful even. I'm done with something too Uxor, and that is sheltering you from things.That is really what happened. It was in the Phoenix no less. The avatar bypassed the wards of the city to make a dancing sphere.... there were others there who saw the same. I can prove it to you.
*Uxor nodded and wrote* "It's ok Varro, you don't have to prove anything to me"
Varro: You don't believe me obviously. Look, don't give me your fake lip service. I know what I experienced and what I was given!
*Uxor returned his frown writing* Uxor: "You're getting upset. Something happened no doubt, else you wouldn't have that, and you wouldn't be getting so worked up. But you were very drunk last night. Maybe if you just wait for your head to clear some more and think back on it?"
 Varro: My head's never been so clear thank you very much! If you're trying to attribute this to some kind of drink induced hallucinations, that is a grand drink indeed... for the whole bar saw it too!
*Uxor sighed* Uxor: "I'm sure it seemed very real, but ..."
*Varro interjected, seeing what her intent of writing was*  I will SHOW you the proof. Prepare yourself for a visit from a higher power!
*Uxor tried to suppress a smirk, and leaned back playfully, writing* Uxor: "Indeed. Well... you don't have to explain yourself to me. Show me the power of the gods Varro. Let's see what this scepter of yours can do" *she tossed the paper at him with a mischievous grin*
*Varro flipped the paper back at her and stood up* Fine. Have it your way. I'm sorry to have to do this Uxor, but your lack of faith here is what has brought me to this *he held the scepter aloft, and called very loudly* I am the Augur to the gods! Avatar of Celebration, I invoke your presence! *and he began to ferverently  dance about the room*
*After a few moments of awkward silence, save that of his dancing, he heard Uxor writing again*
Varro: Any moment now.... *Varro searched with his mind for the Avatar* <Confound it, where are you?!> aaaaaaany time now.... *Varro caught Uxor's glance, which was awash with  concern and pity. He stopped dancing and looked around the room. He saw no sign of the Avatar, and heard nothing in his mind*
Varro: Alright look, just bare with me, I'm a bit new to this Auguring...*he came over to read her note*
Uxor: "Varro, no offense, but are you  aware that insanity is a trait that can be passed from parent to offspring? I can appreciate an unarmored man dancing around as much as the next woman but... this is a little much, even for you."
*He rolled his eyes* That's it! Get dressed! We're going to find those who can attest to the same. There were demon kobolds in the tavern Uxor... DEMON KOBOLDS!  *She humored his request. As he was getting his cloths, he suddenly went for the bag with the sickle in it, pulling it out and bringing it to her* If I'm just 'imagining' this, where did this come from hm? *he held the handle of the sickle out towards her*
*Uxor's smirk faded as she grasped the sickle. Her expression became more serious, and she reached for the paper to write* "Where did you get this?"
Varro: From the Avatar I told you. He... *more of the evening came back to Varro now. He remembered the words of the Avatar at the Hammersmith...
"I hope these go to some well deserving winners..."
and Varro recalled his pledge to find the means to determine who would receive the gifts.*
He charged me to find someone worthy to bestow them to.
*Uxor eyed the sickle suspiciously* Uxor: "Ok. You have encountered someone. These didn't come from nothing. A whole tavern of patrons might have seen it too. But that does not mean it was a god Varro. I have no idea how the one who took my memories from me was able to do such, but by your standard, should I refer to him as a god now too simply because I don't understand? How do you know this wasn't just a more powerful creature having fun with you?"
Varro: That's a good way of putting it. Uxor, for this being to do and know all he has done, even if he were not a god, it is well enough for me to call him one. I have no means to overcome him.
Uxor: "That doesn't make it a deity to worship though Varro. For all you know, that scepter there could just be something meant to keep track of you"
*Varro stood up straight, looking around abruptly at the word spoken in his mind, which he recognized to be none other than the Avatar communicating with him again. He was in part annoyed at the late arrival, but fully relieved by it. He was starting to doubt his sanity*
Varro: <Thank you, I was beginning to wonder if you would show> *though he as of yet did not see the avatar.* < What do you mean, if I may ask?>
<That was her name. Coralbina.>
<Her name? How do you know that?>
<demigod, remember? I'm privy to the names of all celebrated births, be they great small evil or otherwise.>
*Varro became aware that he'd become absorbed in his think-speech with the avatar, and Uxor was looking around as if poised to strike something. Uxor awaited an intruder or threat, as she was very aware that whatever force it was Varro had encountered was more than likely speaking with him now. She started to write with her free hand, the other still holding to the sickle out of habit to be armed*
Uxor: "It's just as likely to be a creature like your mother, or one of her kind, or like the mindflayer in hou..."
Varro: *he interjected overtop of her writing her suspicions out* Your name was Coralbina.
*Uxor halted writing abruptly, her eyes going wide, and her body shifted defensively. After a moment, her hand seemed to grip the sickle tighter, and she wrote* "Why did you say that to me?"
Varro: It was your name... Coralbina. He told me. *Varro smiled proudly. If THAT didn't convince her of the avatar's power, nothing else would.* It's my gift for you. Consider it by his leave to grant me the privilege of telling you.
*It became apparent to Varro most immediately that saying such had been a mistake. In particular, when he saw the look on Uxor's face as she sprang at him with the sickle in hand. Everything about her radiated that she wanted answers from him... or that he was some threat to her. He stammered back away from her, but she followed after, and with great alarm he realized that the gods sickle was but hairs from his throat. He could sense a want to spill his blood, but it was not coming from Uxor. It was coming from the weapon itself. In Uxor's wrathful hand however, it might not be long before she too would be overcome by the sentiments. The mention of the name had upset her to a dangerous point. Varro gasped under the force of her as she pressed him to the far wall. He always forgot how strong she was.*
Varro: Wait...wait wait wait, don't. Uxor! You're Uxor and would be forever as far as I'm ConAAA *he tried to recoil as he felt the blade pressing closer. His mind roamed to the avatar* <Little help?> *then back to the angry emotional woman at hand* I don't know what that Coralbina means, but if taking it back would stay your haaaaaaaa *he cried out again, and swallowed hard feeling her press the blade closer. It was becoming difficult to talk now. The weapon had not yet breached his skin, but it soon would. His hoarse whisper came* Please... can explain....*he choked out* Uxor, me! It's ME! <For the love of all gods I'm your friend! > *at that thought, he felt her release hold of him, and she dropped the sickle to the ground. She was crying, looking at him abhorrently. He didn't dare step towards her as he rubbed his throat sucking in air deeply, between which he said* I wasn't trying to upset you Uxor. I was trying to help. I only said it because I thought it would make you happy. I'll never say it again, you can mark my words on that.
*Uxor seemed almost in a panic as she started to write something, then dropped the paper and writing stick both, and fled the room. Varro didn't bar her escape. He was slightly relieved, however, to hear the door to the spare room slam. At least she'd remained here, and there would be still a chance to smooth things over. Running her off now, after only so recently managing to salvage their friendship, was not his desire in the least. He bent to read what she'd written*
Uxor: "What are you? Why would you say that to me? Wh"
<I don't know how wise that was, Augur.>
*Varro's focus snapped up to the bed, where the avatar sat in his place in the window once more*
Varro: <If your intention was to get me to do something stupid...mission accomplished.>
<Mind your tongue. I might be speaking more familiar with you these days, but you've much to learn in the ways of your new found position. I didn't tell you that so that you could spout it off to her. I guess this will just have to be your first taste of what the days to come for you are going to be like. You can't just go rattling off everything you're privy to now Minstrel.>
Varro: <It's a bit late for the warnings. Speaking of late, that probably would have gone over better if it had come from you and not through me.>
<I am not your personal summoned companion Augur. If anything, I summon YOU if need be. Best for you to get that straight this instant. Sorry that your discovery comes at the expense of your friend, but you needed to learn the hard way. Not that it wasn't supremely amusing. What's more, I'm not able to just come every time you get yourself into a bind. I may only attend that which is of my domain. Getting yourself killed by your friend with a weapon of the gods is not among that list I'm afraid. So don't get too secure. You are not an immortal Augur.>
*Varro gathered up the sickle and carefully secured it in his pack once more, not wanting to touch the thing for any longer than he had to, after Uxor's display.*
Varro: <Then why did you come finally?>
<Because you need some help managing your new skills. I can see you're somewhat confused on what being an Augur is.>
Varro: <Well I can only learn what I am taught, and the rest would be experimentation on my part.> *he sat upon the bed with his legs crossed, ready to receive instruction.* <I will be as an open book to you then. Tell me what I need to know, before I manage to make matters worse.>
<First off, you do realize that you spoke directly with her mind, yes?>
*The bard had not really noticed it until the avatar made mention of it now. He'd just been so concerned with finding something to say to prevent Uxor from using the weapon on him.* <Well I know now.>
<Yes, it is among one of your new talents Auguar. The capacity to speak with others directly. Use it sparingly, for few appreciate such forced intrusion, even if it is just to talk something over. So you're not caught off guard by it, you also now have the capacity to speak with great masses of people, and your voice will carry to all of them as clearly as if you were beside them each. It will come to make sense to you in time. As for your scepter, I want you to hold it for a moment. You said you did not know what it is for, so I will show you now.>
*As instructed, Varro took hold of the scepter, which glowed to shimmering life once again. He watched it, studied it, and listened to the avatar's talk.*
<I want you to concentrate on thinking of those you know. Picture them vividly, and relax into the feelings of mirth.>
*His first thoughts were for Uxor, who was in the other room doing who knew what. He tried as hard as he could to think on what she could be doing* <What happens then? I don't feel anything really. I'm trying to relax.>
<You don't feel anything because she is not celebrating. This scepter will help you to be aware of the locality of others, so long as they are merry or otherwise having some cause to be celebrating in some form. Toasting, dancing, any number of things. Uxor is not celebrating anything right now, hence why you cannot sense her. This is the first day in a very lonely and difficult path Augur. The reaction of your friend there is only a taste of what you will find yourself up against as an Augur. You will be aware of things that most mortals would not be. Blessed in ways they do not understand...and may envy. To be Augur is to give all that you have to the cause of celebration.. You will experience boundless joy, yes. But you will find yourself ostracized as you have never known before. You knew this when you first beheld the scepter, didn't you?>
*The minstrel could only nod in agreement. There was no possibility of semantics with this entity... god or no god.*
<Now, unless you have any more matters that you need explained...>
Varro: <Yes. You say you are privy to all the names of celebrated births. Why did that name upset her?>
<Ask her yourself. She's your friend. I said I knew the names, not the sentiments of every mortal towards the name of their birth.>
Varro: <Fair enough.> *he didn't bother to explain his departure from the room. He knew that the avatar would be able to see his intent now as he knocked softly on the door to the spare room, where Uxor had retreated to.*


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