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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

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Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 12/1/2007 3:09 PM EST : RE: Underground

Guild Leader/Admin
Jaggie (Thelanis)

Posts: 1729

((Hope it's ok to include that which is in the other thread, Death of an Ambassador))

"Friend Dallie-?" Jaggie wasn't sure what was going on first nor last but she wasn't about to prevent Dallie, her tallest, from crawling up into her arms. "Friend Dallie?..."  She hugged the white haired halfling gently and spoke in soft words to calm. After a time she looked up at the others allowing Sacien and Rook to come forth with the coco for Dallie and nodded in the general direction of the two corpses. "We should have those things removed. Send them to Jorasco to keep preserved or something..." She watched Dallie again for a moment. "What danger haunts us now?"

Such words didn't help to be asked when
Solonora entered carrying the limp form of one Trazden d'Medani. One co-ambassador of the Fellowship of the Golden Night.

"Gods...gods no...."
*Pages in a book*
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AvoidingReality (Member) 12/3/2007 5:27 AM EST : RE: Underground



Posts: 183

Sacien screamed. Dropping both coco and Rook as she pointed at Trazden and screamed as loudly as her practiced vocal cords could manage. She stopped suddenly. Her entire body was shaking. She sunk to her knees and stared blankly at the floor, her eyes wider than she had thought possible.

"This is a dream. It has to be. It's just a continuation of the nightmare I just had. He can't be dead. Why would someone kill him? He was nice, and he always had the best scones....."

She paused for a moment, then muttered,

"Why are my birthday presents always corpses? NO, he isn't dead. It's just a dream. This is just a continuation of the previous nightmare. It has to be."

Rook jumped into her lap at this point in an attempt to comfort her. She clutched the bunny and started crying into his soft fur.
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Guargouille (Associate) 12/3/2007 7:30 AM EST : RE: Underground

Dalharil (DDO Anonymous)

Posts: 371

Dallie leans away from Jaggie to see who it is that the dark ranger lady brought, and catches her breath in shock when she recognizes Trazden. She calls out in wordless denial and leaps away from Jaggie towards the lifeless elf. Both hands reach out for the divine connection, and her lips form a soft prayer in a voice too low to tell just what she is praying or to whom... and she casts the spell that will reunite Trazden's soul with his body.
At first, she's simply waiting for the divine spark to resettle back into the mortal coil of flesh and blood and bone, then confusion etches her features when Trazden remains dead. Again she readies her energies and touches her connection to divinity to cast the spell to resurrect him, whole and alive.
Sadness fills her eyes when once again the attempt to raise the dead is ineffectual, and she looks to Jaggie first,
"His soul. It done gone."
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Deriaz (Officer) 12/3/2007 7:51 AM EST : RE: Underground

Deriaz (Thelanis)

Posts: 1116

Deriaz turned, and stared at the corpse of Trazden. If he was stunned by it in any way, he didn't show it. He just stared as Dallie tried to resurrect Trazden, to no avail.

"So. . . I think I know what I mean by the Fellowship being in danger, then. . ." he sighed. "Do we know who did it? I'm guessing it's related to these two," he said, pointing down at the corpses, "but anything else would help. . ."

538808375_Inactive (Applicant) 12/5/2007 6:29 PM EST : RE: Underground

Posts: 138

The following night in the Pheonix Tavern:  Javachat log

 <Avuna> *brushes imaginary lint from her bodice and huffs* I am drunk not!
barely_noticable_person> *carefully sneaks into the back office*
<Deriaz> Alright. Ok. You're not drunk. Heh.
<@Ginafae> *hardly notices anything*
<Jaggie> *grins*
 <@Ginafae> Avunaa what is going oin with you?
<Avuna> *lets out a little quiet burp that smells of flowers*
 <Jaggie> glad to say I'm what ever you call a twin of 10 'forged. Also glad to say I look like none of them neh.
<@Ginafae> whew!
arely_noticable_person> *creeps out of view as Cog returns to the bar*
 <Avuna> what is to going with on you Zheenahfaaay?
] <barely_noticable_person> *removes a small shard from its pocket and holds it in front of a wall.  A small chime rings softly as the wall slides away to reveal a hidden compartment*
<barely_noticable_person> *pulls out a dark, bloodred dragonshard and passes it over a small sensor in the wall.  An audible click sounds as the trap is disarmed*
<@Ginafae> aVUNA ARE OYU OK?
 <Jaggie> *her hand glows a soft pink*
 <Deriaz> Thanks, Jaggie. *Deriaz grinned as he flexed his hand once.* Appreciate-- Hm? *Deriaz perked up slightly, hearing a click.* You hear that?
arely_noticable_person> *crawls inside the dark space and begins to root through several locked boxes*
 <Jaggie> mur? *looked about* hearing things again?
 <@Ginafae> what?
] <Deriaz> No, not in my head this time, though it's still there. . . I know this was actually real, this time. *Stands up, sheathing his sword and looking around.* One sec. . . *He heads down the ramp, looking curious.*
<@Ginafae> *watches
 <Jaggie> mur? *finished her cup and followed several feet behind*
<barely_noticable_person> *opens a nearby box, glances inside and quickly shuts it.  Repeating the process with a nearby red laquered box*
<Jaggie> a new adventure for our brave and mighty warriors
 <@Ginafae> *follows Jaggie*
 <Deriaz> *Walks down near the bar, and looks around for Cog.* Cog? That you that made that click s-- *He stopped, seeing the open secret compartment near the bar.* Was that always there?
<Jaggie> looks like we an't the onl guild with free access.
 <Avuna> *drains teh cup completely, and gives a squeaky little "HIC" of sound before toddling after Jags and Der*
 <Jaggie> only*
 <Deriaz> *Moves over to the secret room, poking a head in.* Cog? You in here?
barely_noticable_person> *stops a moment at hearing nearby voices outside the office and holds its breath*
<Avuna> *leans waaaay over next to Deriaz and echoes him in a slightly more slurred voice* Co-o-o-g? You in hair?
barely_noticable_person> *activates an everbright throwing axe and fills the space with a bright flash*
<Avuna> *stumbles back and lands with a bump on her bum*
<Jaggie> gah *shielded her eye* oww..
 <@Ginafae> what the?
 <@Ginafae> ahhh
barely_noticable_person> *grabs a red box and scrambles quickly, weaving in and out of legs*
 <Deriaz> *Shields one eye, but tries to keep looking in the room with the other.* What--?
<Deriaz> *Shakes his head, and jumps slightly when he feels someone weave between his legs.* See! I told you I wasn't hearing things! *Looks around, trying to find where the person went.*
 <Jaggie>  *flails  a little* geh.. *staggered*
 <Avuna> *stays on her butt and blinks blinded eyes, the pupils tiny pricks of black in the glowy amethyst of her iris* uh..
barely_noticable_person> *weaves between Deriaz's legs and dives to the left*

<barely_noticable_person> *catches its foot on Avuna and tumbles in a heap, the box sprawling out on the floor*

<Avuna> *yelps in pain as the hard corner of a box mashes her fingers a second after a living weight stumbles across her legs*
 <Jaggie> *reaches out for the shadow of a figure that ran past her*
 <Deriaz> *Turns around, hearing a yelp, and moves quickly around the group. He picks up the box, trying to keep it out of the hands of the person.* What the hell's going on here?
barely_noticable_person> *gasps as it knocks the wind out of its lungs*
<@Ginafae> *notices ZOltando and smiles*
 <zoltando> *smiles when he sees Ginafae*
barely_noticable_person> *scrabbles along the ground looking for the box and kicking at the person on the floor*
 <zoltando> How are you Ginafae?
<@Ginafae> Well, at the oment, I am seeing my office for the first time
 <Avuna> *yelps again when she is kicked, and blinks away the sparklers of the blindness. The first thing she sees is Zoltando. Smiling.*
 <Deriaz> *Looks down at the person, and sighs.* Your box is up here. *He holds the box with two hands, and his fingers shift slightly. They extend, clamping around the box so he has a better grip on it.*
<zoltando> *notices Avuna* Are you alright?
barely_noticable_person> *curses softly from behind a shadowweave veil and yanks a wicked looking axe*
<Avuna> *blinks and scrubs at her eyes with the backs of her hands, wiping away tears* Gods... He's gorgeous! *she thinks she's only thinking it, but the words are coming out of her mouth*
 <zoltando> *notices the glint of a weapon and quickly draws his rapier but pauses wondering who avuna is speaking to*
 <Deriaz> *Shifts the box to one hand, his fingers lengthening again to keep hold of the box. His free arm shifts into a jagged sword, and points it at the person.* Maybe you want to put the axe away?
<zoltando> You have him well in hand bolts?
barely_noticable_person> And maybe you better give me the box, scrapheap
 <@Ginafae> *raises an eyebrow
 <Jaggie> *crouches* what's in the box, der?
 <Avuna> *doesn't even notice the axe, as she's grinning all dopey-like at Zoltando, oblivious to the fact that she's on her butt at Jaggie's feet*
<@Ginafae> what are you doing in my office anyway?
 <Deriaz> Maybe. *The sword arm wavered slightly, and the edges looked like water before reforming into a solid blade.* And scrapheap? *Sighs.* . . . I don't know what's in the box. Haven't looked yet.
 <@Ginafae> *mutters* I didnt even know it was here
 <@Ginafae> *stands behing Zoltando
barely_noticable_person> *looks about for an exit*
] <Avuna> *shifts her smile to Ginafae, even giving a little finger wiggle of a wave*
<zoltando> *walks closer to the stranger* Ill give you the benifit of the doubt, leave now and you suffer no consequesnces, I dont want blood spilt in this place.
 <@Ginafae> *finger waves back?
<@Ginafae> *mutters* like that would be different from every other day!
<zoltando> *hears ginafae* I am trying to help you by changing that.
 <Deriaz> Perhaps we should figure out exactly who the person is, first, before we just let them off the hook? *The fingers extend a little more, but they too waver like water for a few seconds before becoming solid again. He shakes his head and growls slightly, but tries to remained focused.*
<barely_noticable_person> *launches itself at the box*
<zoltando> *moves to spear the person with his rapier*
<Deriaz> *Steps out of the way of the launch, not seeming to want to attack, even though his arm blade says otherwise.*
 <Avuna> *covers her mouth and stifles a giggle at Ginafae's gesture))
<Avuna> EEP! *scrambles backward to keep from getting mushed by Deriaz feet*
barely_noticable_person> *wraps around the box and pulls with all its might*
 <zoltando> *thrusts at the persons chest*
 <Jaggie> *reaches for the shadow of a figure, for her eye was still seeing one big spot*
<@Ginafae> *stands out of the way and wonders how she is going to open the office in the future
<Deriaz> You're persistent, aren't you. . . *His sword shifts into a hand again, and he clamps both hands down, hard, on the box.* Not gonna get it.
01[19:35] <barely_noticable_person> *grunts as the rapier penetrates and pins the form to the red box*
[19:36] <@Ginafae> *wonders if she should cal the authorities
[19:36] <zoltando> Now, are you willing to let go *twists the rapier*
[19:36] <@Ginafae> aghh!  you said no fighting!
[19:36] <@Ginafae> Zolt!
[19:37] <Avuna> *feels a warm spot of liquid splash against her cheek, and wipes it away. Her fingertips are crimson*
01[19:37] <barely_noticable_person> *screams and passes out*
[19:37] <zoltando> I gave him a warning and a choice, he chose to ignore the warning and the opportunity.
[19:37] <Deriaz> Zolt, stop. If you're going to do anything, can we at least find out who's behind the mask?
[19:37] <zoltando> *withdraws his rapier* He should be fine, I didnt hit an artery.
[19:37] <@Ginafae> ugh!
[19:37] <Deriaz> Didn't hit an artery, but you did get a few inches through the other side.
[19:37] <zoltando> Im sorry ginafae, I didnt want violence to happen.
[19:37] <Jaggie> gah. *dropped down to catch the passed out thing*
[19:38] <@Ginafae> *puts a hand on Zoltando's shoulder* please dont kill him
[19:38] <@Ginafae> yet you stabbed him!
[19:38] <zoltando> I wasnt planning to.
01[19:38] <barely_noticable_person> *collapses on Avuna's lap, blood pouring out in two directions*
[19:38] <@Ginafae> *sighs*
[19:38] <zoltando> I stopped him from harming anyone and he isnt dead yet.
[19:38] <Deriaz> *Sighs.* Ok. . . I want to know two things here. . . Before we do anything else. . . One, who's behind the mask? Two, what's in the box? And. . . Um. . . *Looks down at the bleeding.* Perhaps we should stop that too. No a Cleric here, but that doesn't look healthy.
[19:38] <zoltando> *pulls out a bottle of cure serious wounds*
[19:39] <@Ginafae> *smirks at Zotando and whispers* you are lucky you are on my good side
[19:39] <Avuna> *reflex has her grabbing for the bleeding person, her hands slipping at first in the blood, then catching at the shoulders to keep the head from thumping the floor.
[19:39] <zoltando> *smiles at ginafae*
[19:39] <zoltando> *puts the vial to the persons lips
[19:39] <@Ginafae> *blushes*
[19:39] <zoltando> *
[19:39] <@Ginafae> heal him
[19:39] <Jaggie> *growled a magic word of healing*
[19:39] <Jaggie> out of the way,
01[19:40] <barely_noticable_person> *starts to drown in potion*
[19:40] <Jaggie> Out of my way *shoves at Zolt*
[19:40] <@Ginafae> *sighs and looks at jaggie*
[19:40] <zoltando> *gets out of the way*
[19:40] <Avuna> *looks panicky, head whipping up to beg Jags* Do something?
[19:40] <zoltando> In retrospect that wasnt the smartest Idea.
[19:40] <Jaggie> *plants a hand on the person and spams healing magic*
[19:41] <@Ginafae> *squeezes Zolt's shoulder* you were only trying to help
01[19:41] <barely_noticable_person> *coughs up potion everywhere and starts squirming*
[19:41] <zoltando> True, I thought he might have swallowed enough to be fine.
[19:41] <Deriaz> Alright. . . So. . . While you people are helping the person out, and hopefully finding out who's behind the mask. . . Which I'm really hoping you do. . . *Deriaz had never really understood the phrase 'curiousity killed the cat', so his fingers shifted back to normal, and he peeked inside the box.*
[19:41] <@Ginafae> *looks becasue she is curious too
[19:42] <Jaggie> *keeps a firm hand on the person, turning them on there side to cough up what ever liquid still filled its lungs*
01[19:42] <barely_noticable_person> *squirms and scrabbles with muttering curses*
[19:42] <@Ginafae> so whats in the box?
[19:42] <zoltando> *ignores the box and tries to hold the person down*
[19:43] <Deriaz> Hm. . . *Pulls out a stone statue in the form of a giant. It was 2 feet across, and its arms were held out in an embrace.* This is what they were after?
[19:43] <@Ginafae> that makes no sense at all
[19:43] <Jaggie> little one.. move and this 'forgef that just healed you can easily crunch you.
[19:43] <@Ginafae> *thinks* is there something in the statue?
[19:43] <Jaggie> forged*
01[19:43] <barely_noticable_person> *slumps on the floor in a surrender and stops squirming*
[19:44] <Deriaz> Maybe. . . *Starts poking the statue in various points, trying to see if it will activate, make pretty colors, or do anything of the sort.*
[19:44] <Avuna> *bunches the fingers of one hand at the back of the person's head, preperatory to removing the mask.*
[19:44] <zoltando> Maybe it has magical properties *says while holding the persons shoulders*
[19:44] <Deriaz> Doesn't look that magical. . . *Continues to prod at the giant's face with one big blue finger.*
[19:45] <zoltando> *mutters* not a good idea to poke possibly magical artifacts randomly bolts.
[19:46] <Jaggie> Deriaz.. let me see it
[19:46] <@Ginafae> Is the masked person ok?
[19:46] <Deriaz> Looks old, at least. . . And Zoltando, how else am I supposed to get it to do something? *Shakes it a few times, but shrugs and hands it to Jaggie.* You poke it.
[19:46] <Jaggie> *doesn't take hold of it since she's holding mestery man*
[19:47] <Jaggie> you hold. I look
[19:47] <@Ginafae> *takes a step back
[19:47] <Avuna> *slips the mask free of the bundle of person still sprawled across her lap*
03[19:47] * barely_noticable_person is now known as Sprue
[19:47] <@Ginafae> *walks behind Avuna to see who it is
[19:47] <Deriaz> Any luck, Jaggie?
01[19:47] <Sprue> *scowls in anger*
[19:47] <@Ginafae> NO!!!!
[19:47] <@Ginafae> Are you ok?
[19:47] <zoltando> *is so shocked he lets go* what in all the hells?
[19:47] <Avuna> Sprue Redstone?
[19:47] <@Ginafae> *looks concerned
01[19:48] <Sprue> *kicks upward at Zoltando*
[19:48] <Deriaz> Well. . . *Glances down at Sprue.* I thought the word 'scrapheap' sounded familiar. . . Heheh. . . *Chuckles, trying to lighten the mood.* Sprue. . .? What's going on?
[19:48] <zoltando> *gets kicked in the face*
[19:48] <@Ginafae> *flashes angry eyes at everyone who attacked Sprue
[19:48] <zoltando> *ignores the blow* well I suppose I deserved that.
[19:48] <Jaggie> *continues to try and hold the halfling down*
[19:48] <zoltando> *a trickle of blood comes down from his nose*
[19:48] <@Ginafae> dont hurt her!
01[19:48] <Sprue> *scrabbles to get up*
[19:49] <Jaggie> I don't intend to. Sprue sprue.. hold on.
[19:49] <Deriaz> Jaggie, any luck with the statue? Let me see it again. . .
[19:49] <zoltando> I dont want to hurt sprue.
[19:49] <Avuna> *turns an interesting shade of dark green as one of Sprue elbows connects with her stomach, and the liquor she'd imbibed makes a protest*
01[19:49] <Sprue> Let me go scrapheaps! *squirms frantically*
[19:49] <Jaggie> I'm not scrap, friend.
[19:50] <zoltando> Well I dont think she deserved that Sprue.
[19:50] <zoltando> If anything I should.
[19:50] <Avuna> erp...
[19:50] <Jaggie> *unable to take the time needed to get even the faintest hint of what the statue is she continued to try and keep sprue at bay*
01[19:51] <Sprue> *huffs painfully and gives up momentarily, turning a dark red in frustration*
[19:51] <zoltando> *offers avuna a potion of cure small wounds*
[19:51] <Deriaz> Hm. . . *Takes the statue again, and looks at it again curiously.*
[19:51] <Avuna> *turns her head and barely avoids spewing on Sprue the spume of alcohol and stomach acid...*
[19:52] <Jaggie> *feels something wet and stinky slosh against her leg* ...
01[19:52] <Sprue> *doesnt flinch as puke is something she is quite used to*
[19:52] <zoltando> *ignores the spew even though it went on his boots*
[19:52] <Jaggie> I'm sure Two would just love this moment right now...
[19:52] <Avuna> I don't feeling good...
[19:53] <@Ginafae> Oh no
[19:53] <Deriaz> *Glances over at the vomit, but doesn't seem phased by it. He cotninues to inspect the statue, as if looking for a little lever to flip to turn it on, though one could wonder if Deriaz would even know how a lever works.*
[19:53] <@Ginafae> COg! 
[19:53] <zoltando> *offers the vial again*
[19:54] <Jaggie> Sprue.. talk to me here. Please. what's going on?
[19:54] <Jaggie> Haven't heard from you in a dog age.
[19:54] <@Ginafae> yes
[19:54] <zoltando> Yes, I do wonder where she has been.
01[19:54] <Sprue> I NEED that! *points a finger at the statue*
[19:54] <@Ginafae> this tavern is going to the nine hells!
[19:55] <@Ginafae> why?
[19:55] <zoltando> Why do you need that?
[19:55] <Deriaz> What's it do, then? *Continues being curious, and starts shaking it again.* How do you activate it?
01[19:55] <Sprue> give it to me
01[19:55] <Sprue> *starts scrabbling on the ground again, trying to get at the statue*
[19:55] <zoltando> Well, is it yours sprue?
[19:55] <Deriaz> How do we know you won't just try to run off again, then? *Frowns.*
[19:55] <Avuna> *refuses the potion* erf... I am thinking no more liquid this second.
[19:55] <Jaggie> answer first, please, friend sprue. no need for rudeness
01[19:56] <Sprue> of course im going to run off again!  *scrabbles*
[19:56] <zoltando> Well is it your statue thing?
[19:56] <Deriaz> Well, then, I can't really just give it to you. . . *Shakes the giant again, holding the side of his head near it as if listening for something inside.*
01[19:56] <Sprue> *glares at Zoltando* does it matter?  Give it!
[19:57] <zoltando> Jaggie I think we should give her the statue and let her go.
[19:57] <Avuna> Please! calmingness... and less loudful.
[19:57] <Deriaz> Should I give it to her? I mean. . . We haven't seen her in so long. . . *Frowns.*
01[19:57] <Sprue> you dont understand.. they cant get it.. and I need it!
[19:57] <Jaggie> mur? *looked down at Sprue*
[19:57] <Avuna> Is Sprue in trouble?
[19:58] <Deriaz> Who can't get what? *Glances between the statue and Sprue.* Who can't get this?
[19:58] <zoltando> She just said others want it, I figure better sprue than them.
[19:58] <Avuna> *scoots a little away, getting out from under Sprue as Cog cleans up the mess, making her highly embarrassed*
01[19:58] <Sprue> *sighs and quits squirming and stares at the cieling*
[19:59] <@Ginafae> SPrue
[19:59] <@Ginafae> please
[19:59] <Jaggie> *waits with a patience of a 'forged*
[20:00] <Avuna> *clears her throat and gives Deriaz a stern look* You are angry with Sprue?
[20:00] <zoltando> *waits with more patience than usual*
[20:00] <@Ginafae> *thinks
[20:00] <Jaggie> *starts feeling impatient rather quickly*
[20:00] <@Ginafae> Its the Dassk
[20:00] <Deriaz> Course I'm not angry with her. Why would I be angry with her?
[20:00] <Jaggie> the what?
[20:00] <zoltando> Who are the Daask?
[20:00] <Avuna> Then to give back her possession!
01[20:00] <Sprue> *glares at Ginafae*
[20:00] <@Ginafae> The Dassk,... I dont really know.. I know they hate Sprue
[20:00] <Deriaz> But if she'll just run away again. . . Then. . . *Trails off.*
[20:01] <zoltando> Jaggie, the final choice is yours.
[20:01] <@Ginafae> Is this who wants the statue?
[20:01] <Avuna> She is to being confined?
[20:01] <Deriaz> And if the Daask want it, how do we know that as soon as Sprue gives it to them, they won't just throw her in a dungeon, or worse?
01[20:01] <Sprue> *frowns* yes they want it.. and the other ones.. and i NEED them.
[20:01] <Avuna> *her attention finally snags on what Ginafae is saying, and her mouth drops into a perfect little 'o' of surprise*
[20:01] <@Ginafae> *sighs* this is making my head hurt
[20:01] <Jaggie> *looked down at Sprue again* if I release well you take at least 2 minutes to explain?
01[20:02] <Sprue> *glares* Fine. you wont believe me .. so I will just have to show you.. find me a haunted tomb..
01[20:02] <Sprue> and I will show you.
[20:02] <@Ginafae> a what
[20:02] <Jaggie> *releases*
01[20:03] <Sprue> *glares and stands up, recovering her face with the shadowweave veil*  i need a ghost!...
[20:03] <Avuna> *reaches out to grab at Jaggie's arm* Tyrynyn... She is to saying things of Daask
[20:03] <@Ginafae> Sho is gone
[20:03] <Jaggie> nearest place with tomb creppy is the catacombs...
[20:03] <zoltando> Delera could help with that.
[20:03] <@Ginafae> he left
[20:04] <Deriaz> Catacombs or Delera's Tomb is what I was thinking. *Kneels down to try to get to Sprue's level, though he was still a little higher, and holds out the statue.*
[20:04] <@Ginafae> I have to go too, I have swords call very early!  *shakes her head*  Zoltando.. Jaggie, Avuna.. Der.. can you handle this?
[20:04] <Jaggie> *looked down at Avuna.* Plese explain to my of tyr and the Daask
01[20:04] <Sprue> *snickers from beneath the veil* I don't think he will want to play the guinea pig.  *grabs the statue and holds it close even though its 3/4 of her height*
[20:04] <zoltando> Why do you need a ghost?
01[20:05] <Sprue> cause you won't believe me if I told you...
[20:05] <zoltando> Try me.
[20:05] <Deriaz> Try us.
01[20:05] <Sprue> *hugs the statue* it takes them
[20:05] <Jaggie> sure we've all seen stranger..
[20:05] <Avuna> *wiping at the mouth to try and erase the sour taste, she gives Cog a grateful look when he hands her a glass of water* Tyrynyn was to say.. here, when gnolls and trolls die of Daask...
[20:06] <@Ginafae> *hugs Sprue and kisses Zoltando before she leaves* I will see to this in the morning
[20:06] <zoltando> *smiles at ginafae* goodbye.
02[20:06] * @Ginafae
[20:06] <Avuna> *absent wave at Gina*
[20:06] <Jaggie> die of daask?what? it's a dissease?
[20:07] <zoltando> I was here I believe, Killed a gnoll or at least ripped half its arm off.
[20:07] <zoltando> Tyr killed it.
01[20:08] <Sprue> *carefully adjusts the statue to not be embraced by the arms*
[20:08] <Jaggie> k.. anyway.. figure our Daask after.what's the statue do? takes them? them what? Ghosties?
[20:09] <Avuna> J'gai...
01[20:09] <Sprue> *whispers it takes em and sends em*
[20:09] <Avuna> Daask are to hunting us.
[20:09] <zoltando> The ghosts could act as a power source, or the statue could controll them.
[20:11] <Jaggie> sends them where, friend sprue?
[20:11] <zoltando> Dolurrh?
01[20:11] <Sprue> *to whoever you want them to be*
01[20:11] <Sprue> but it has to take one first.
[20:11] <Deriaz> So. . . You take a ghost. . . And can send the ghost to someone? Or does the ghost turn into someone? *Rubs the back of his head.*
[20:12] <Jaggie> *blinked and stared at Avuna for a moment*
[20:12] <zoltando> Please explain that.
01[20:12] <Sprue> no... you send ghostie into them.
[20:12] <zoltando> Possesion?
[20:12] <Avuna> She is saying we do not understanding. I am thinking we need for to see.
[20:13] <Jaggie> Sprue, your enemy is my enemy,
01[20:13] <Sprue> *nods* sort of like that.
[20:13] <zoltando> Jaggie's enemy is my enemy.
[20:13] <Jaggie> your enemy is ours.
01[20:13] <Sprue> *walks quickly down the backstairs* you coming or not?
[20:14] <zoltando> *shrugs and follows*
[20:14] <Jaggie> I don't need much of an explanation. it's a thing of power and danger. something that I normaly like to find a lava pit for and let it drop.
01[20:14] <Sprue> NO!
01[20:14] <Sprue> *growls in anger*
[20:14] <Jaggie> *blinked* ok.. so.. not find a lava pit and drop..
[20:14] <Deriaz> Jaggie. . . Just a guess, but I don't think Sprue wants that to happen. . .
[20:15] <Jaggie> Yeah.. got that..
[20:15] <Deriaz> I'll come. You just gotta lead the way. *Nods.*
01[20:15] <Sprue> *walks out the door quickly heading toward the nearby catacombs*
[20:16] <Deriaz> *Follows quietly behind.*
[20:16] <Jaggie> *brings up solid at the road heading down to the combs*
[20:16] <Avuna> *follows closely, the slight blur around objects not impairing her ability to walk now that her stomach has been emptied*
01[20:16] <Sprue> *doesn't head to the front of the catacombs but cuts around back behind a bush and opens a hidden door*
[20:17] <Jaggie> I... Der.. umm..
01[20:17] <Sprue> *jumps down into the catacombs below*
[20:17] <Deriaz> Hm? *Glances back at Jaggie.* Oh, right. . . Silver Flame. . . Um. . . Just this once? If you don't want to go, I can sit out here with you. . . But. . . I mean, the group is with you. You'll be fine, right?
[20:17] <Jaggie> *figgets*
[20:18] <Avuna> *burns a scroll and drops featherlight down after Sprue*
[20:18] <Jaggie> go on ahead.
01[20:18] <Sprue> *calls up* why you think i use the trapdoor? *in a loud whisper
[20:18] <Deriaz> But. . . *Frowns.*
[20:18] <Jaggie> I'll follow.
[20:19] <Deriaz> Alright. . . *Nods, and jumps down carefully through the trap door. He glances up once he reaches the ground, waiting on Jaggie.*
01[20:19] <Sprue> *carefully pads through the crypt up ahead and sets the statue down on the ground. She then backs up*
[20:19] <Jaggie> *walked back and forth for a moment.*
[20:20] <Jaggie> damnit... *growled out two spells to get her courage up and stifly went down* (greater heroism and good hope)
01[20:20] <Sprue> now you watch.... *throws a rock creating a loud reverberating bang.  The faint sound of a ghost emanates from the hall*
[20:20] <Avuna> *stays well back from sprue, crouched down projecting thoughts of "you don't see me"*
[20:21] <Deriaz> Come on. Sprue went this way. *Starts to walk off, glancing back at Jaggie every once in awhile.*
[20:21] <Jaggie> *as the same thoughs as Avuna. even the dim light from her eye is projecting the same thought*
01[20:21] <Sprue> Sprue crouches as the whispy ethereal form of a ghost weaves towards the group.. the statue between them 30 feet up ahead.
01[20:21] <Sprue> Watch....
01[20:22] <Sprue> *glances as Jaggie and Deriaz come up from behind.  The ghost comes within 30 feet of the statue and starts wailing.  Its form slowly sucked into the statues until all its wisp and wailing disapears*
01[20:22] <Sprue> seeee
01[20:22] <Sprue> it eats em
[20:23] <Avuna> *is suddenly glad she hadn't touched the statue*
[20:23] <Jaggie> good for it.. *looked back at the exit*
[20:23] <Jaggie> does it spit them out too?
[20:23] <Deriaz> And then. . . You can send that ghost somewhere? *Glanced over at Jaggie.* Don't worry. . .
01[20:23] <Sprue> nods.. but you gotta hug i think.. er...
01[20:24] <Sprue> *pads quickly over and grabs the statue, the outstretched arms facing away as she comes closer to the group*
01[20:24] <Sprue> wannna hug?
[20:24] <Avuna> *leaps back, not bothering to hide the fear and disgust in her eyes at the statue*
[20:24] <Jaggie> maybe later.. *moved uncomftably*
[20:25] <Deriaz> What happens if you hug it? What happens to the person who hugs it?
01[20:25] <Sprue> i dunno!  lets try it out!
[20:25] <Jaggie> we can dare Cog for 20 plat when we get back to the tavern.
[20:25] <Deriaz> I was going to say I would take a risk and hug it, but. . . Seeing as we have someone, now. . .
01[20:26] <Sprue> *grins wickedly beneath the veil*
[20:26] <Deriaz> Or. . . Not. . .
01[20:26] <Sprue> i dunno.. it eats them
01[20:26] <Sprue> and i heards rumors it spits em out into ppl
[20:27] <Deriaz> So. . . It eats both ghosts. . . And the people who hug it?
01[20:27] <Sprue> but all i knows is THEY want them bad.. and that means I NEED them bad
01[20:27] <Sprue> i dunno...
[20:27] <Avuna> why are you needing?
[20:27] <Jaggie> fine and good.. urrr.. not good.  *began walking back to the exit*
01[20:27] <Sprue> cause THEY want them!  And.. they only kill things.. so its obvious I NEED it and not them
01[20:28] <Sprue> *scrabbles up the exit, carefully holding the statue*
[20:28] <Jaggie> *follows right behind Sprue's toes*
[20:29] <Deriaz> Looks like we're done here. . . *Pats a hand on Jaggie's back carefully.* We can leave.
01[20:30] <Sprue> *gets to the top of the trap door and looks down, merging with the darkness and laughs as she runs off quickly*
[20:30] <extra> *walks by
[20:30] <Jaggie> *twitched as she finally got out of the tunnel*
[20:30] <Jaggie> well... sprue is gone... I'm not running after her...
[20:31] <Deriaz> *Follows up through the trapdoor after Jaggie.* She's gone? Already?
[20:32] <Jaggie> for a short little halfling.. she's got fast legs.. and I'd sooner spend the next year not steaping foot near a haunted place nor a silver flame church ever again..
[20:33] <Deriaz> It's alright. We don't have to go near a church again any time soon. It was just this once, right?
[20:35] <Deriaz> Sorry. . . Shouldn't have asked you to come inside. *Sighs, and rubs the back of his head.*
01[20:35] <Sprue> *Sprue comes across a drunk sleeping one off in the alley and looks around*
[20:35] <Avuna> *emerges blinking back into the sunlight*
[20:36] <Jaggie> no harm done... just.. not comftably... anway.. she's gone now, I have to find out what the Daask are.. and I think Avuna is still drunk off of flower petals
[20:36] <Avuna> I am drunk not! *dignity is lost when she lists slightly to the left*
[20:37] <Jaggie> sure sure... then a little tipsy..
01[20:37] <Sprue> *presses the outstretched arms of the statue against the chest of the sleeping drunk.  His eyes pop open and rollback.  A piercing ghost wail emanates from his mouth as the ghost inhabits his form*
01[20:37] <Sprue> *runs off*
[20:37] <Deriaz> Right. . . Perfectly sober. . . *Has an old memory rise of 'therapy', but shuts that down quickly, remembering Avuna is an Ambassador.* Well, Jaggie, if you want any help with the Daask. . .
[20:37] <extra> *walks by
[20:37] <Deriaz> *Glances around, hearing the wail.* Something tells me someone just gave a statue a hug. . . Or maybe the Catacombs are just acting up again. . .
[20:38] <Avuna> This is to being wrong place. Ancestors needing to being treated for more respect.
[20:38] <Jaggie> *blinked and physicaly shivered*
[20:39] <Jaggie> Deriaz... I'm up for going home now.. Avuna.. can you speak to me more, later, about the Daask? Perhaps I can find Tyrynyn..
[20:39] <Avuna> *shivers a little and heads away from the catacombs, but instead of going in the direction of the Phoenix, she turns towards the harbor*
[20:40] <Avuna> Tyrynyn is to better ask. I am thinking to sleep this dizzy off.
[20:40] <Deriaz> Alright. . . You can go home. . . I think, maybe, I should figure out what that wail came from. Then I'll come home. . . Alright?
[20:40] <Jaggie> *follows the same direction since home is in the hills just off the harbor*
[20:40] <Jaggie> *looked back at Deriaz* if you think it wis...
[20:41] <Deriaz> I'll be fine. Heh. Just my luck, one of the six I carry has the ability to hit a ghost, eh?
[20:42] <Jaggie> *stopped* then I'll follow..
[20:43] <Deriaz> You're sure?
[20:43] <Jaggie> hai.
[20:43] <Deriaz> Avuna? You still going to go, uh, sleep off your drunken state?
[20:43] <Jaggie> *nods to Avuna* be safe.
[20:45] <Deriaz> *Salutes Avuna.* We should probably go find where that wail came from. . . See you around, Avuna, unless you accompany us, of course. . . Jaggie? You remember which, uh. . . *Rubs the back of his head.* Which way the wail came from?
[20:46] <Jaggie> *looked about* that way maybe? *points and a completly wrong direction*
[20:46] <Avuna> I am drunk not! *scowls, squinting against the sunlight and mutters as she staggers slightly down the street towards the harbor*
[20:46] <Deriaz> *Nods.* It's worth a shot. *Started to head in the direction Jaggie pointed.*


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((*drinks a jump potion. jumps up above the chat script*))

"gone? No.. no no no," she rushed to Dallie, fumbling in her side pouch for a scroll of raise dead.
She said the words. She said them perfectly.
She had used a raise scroll more then a few times, now, in her short life of almost six years.  But nothing.
 "no...I did it wrong."
She tried again, with a fresh scroll. . . Nothing. . .
*Pages in a book*
I don't make the rules, I just follow them... Because it makes you angry.

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Sacien stopped crying. Weakly she walked over to Jaggie, "You can make him come back right? I've seen you. Jaggie..."She trailed off. "Something is very wrong. Dallie, and I both had bad dreams. Now Trazden is dead. And before all this, We were attacked by that gnoll. Jaggie, something's wrong. We need to fix it. Fast."She tied her hair back, sat down, and thought. "I'm not going to allow my family to be massacred again."
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