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Officers of the

  • Nklos -
    Guild Leader
  • Smudge -
    Guild Successor
  • Jaggie -

  • Points Deway -
  • Deriaz Ironfist -
    The Shield
  • Zoltando -
  • Praut Ektor -
  • Valianna -
  • Intayazz -

    For some reason, like all good adventures, it starts in a tavern...

    Welcome to the Phoenix Tavern.

    A half-subterranean drinking hole, built into the district wall southwest of the Lordsmarch Bank. This tavern is favored by criminals and dissidents and is stuffy year-round. A group of minstrels performs here weekly, and many of the tavern's regulars sing along. 

    In the back room, Cog the warforged bartender nods to you then lets out a spill of answers before you can even ask a single question. "The gambling tables are at the very back of the room. Miss Toheas Songweaver is playing tonight. She and her band are just over that bridge next to Jackson and Jhank. If you're looking for any kind of trouble, I'd suggest you take it down there in 'The Pit'. Y'laria can deal with it... and if your with the Fellowship of the Golden Night group, just go on up that ramp over there and I'm sure someone will pop by. Crowd of them up there every Thursday I tell ya. And for the Hosts' sake tell them to stop spilling drinks all over my counter. Never going to get the stains out" From there Cog pretty much ignores you (unless you wish to order a drink) and tends to his never ending cleaning of his precious counter.

    So? Do you go on up to see who these Fellowship people are, or are you just going stand there getting drunk and telling the bartender your life story? Just so you know, he really hates it when people do that.

    -Jaggie looks at you, a cat like smile playing along her face. Judging by the way she's dressed one would guess a bard, I mean, it's not everyday you see a warforged wearing pink armor, is it? All the same she seems rather friendly for one of the metal beings. She even offers you a cookie and a place to sit.  "Hello, my name's Jaggie Jutebox... No I do not think it's funny if you make fun of my name... No, you may not call me Yoggie Yutdog.. Anyway, welcome to the Fellowship. We're a medium sized guild that works on the Coin Lords' behalf. Yes, I know they have a bad reputation right now. Will you stop interrupting me please? meh... So.. yeah. I'm in charge of this guild though I mainly just take care of the daily maintenance and what not. These guys over here, " she waves her hand toward the crowd of people sitting before you, "these are the ones that can help you out with any questions you might have."

    ~An elf with long white hair, very long pointed ears and angular features steps forward. He is wearing an odd and tattered outfit that makes him look more peasant than an officer of the guild.
    “I am Master Rogue, Points d'Eberron, formerly Points DeWay, Seneschal to the Fellowship of the Golden Night.” He gives a very proper bow in greeting. “I welcome you to our... family. If you need anything please consult first with your officers. Otherwise we will do what we can to aid you. You are welcome as long as you respect the guild and its members. We are part of a larger Alliance and you will learn over time what that means and what we expect of you.”

    He steps a little closer and whispers in your ear. “Should you need something less official or worse step out of line...” A rapier suddenly fills each of his hands and within a moment is gone again with no clue where they went or from whence they came. He smiles broadly and says a little louder “...we can accommodate that. Enjoy your stay and remember... we got your back.” He chuckles a little and steps back with the others.

    ~Tilting her head just a little bit, Jaggie sighs, "don't mind Pointers.... He's a teddy bear... honest.... ehhhh.... Points," Jaggie shakes her head, "we have got to work on your people skills... seriously."

    ~Another elf, this one dark-haired and female with softer features, looks up from where she is playing on the floor with an ebon-skinned toddler.  Her green eyes twinkle as she looks at Points.  "Now don't scare them, love.  And you could have dressed up a little if we were having visitors..."  She rolls her eyes at him with a fond smile before turning to you.

    "Welcome... and please excuse my husband.  He's a bit of a showman at times," she chuckles.  "I'm Valianna d'Eberron, pleased to meet you!  In between a bit of administration and trying to keep my family out of trouble, I help train the guild's archers.  And this little guy..." she indicates the child, who cheerily waves a well-loved toy rabbit at you, "is our son Tyrael.  He helps remind us all that everyone needs time to play!"


    ~A hard look comes from under a winged helmet as a shorter humanoid eyes you.  "Greetings and well met, I am Sir Praut Ektor, Officer of the Fellowship of the Golden Night.  I'm a defender in these parts and have put down a great and many evil things.  Keep to the law and you'll be safe.  Stray and we've seen bad things happen in these parts.  If you're with us you're family, if you're not...  We'll see."  The dwarf maneuvers in his full plate as though it's a second skin, the armor is worn from repeated uses, but looks well taken care of as he rejoins the others.

    ~ Close-by is a rather hefty-looking Warforged. He sits on the ground next to Jaggie, nodding to you from behind his minotaur-like helmet and orange mask, his burnt orange eyes watching you curiously. "Deriaz Ironfist, at your service. . . Though any nickname you want to throw on me is fine by me. And, uh, the cookie?" he motions to the one Jaggie offered. "You'll be seeing lots of those."
    "I'm what you would call a "shield" for Jaggie and the guild. At least, that's what my title is. Dunno if it's fitting or not, but I do my best at protecting my wife here," he nodded to Jaggie, scooting a bit closer to her, "and the rest of the guild. And if you're looking for a home, well. . . I suppose I could extend that you too," he said with a tone of fake annoyance. "Make yourself at home. I'm sure no one will mind."
    "Oh, and if you see a littler, black version of me, with wings? Take him with a grain of salt. I apologize in advance about him. He's. . . Eh. . . Trying his best, let's say. I'll let you meet him yourself."












    Vendors, Brokers and Tavern Keepers

    Jaggie, Aug 21, 09 10:36 AM.

    The 2nd article can be found on the Official DDO website.

    Clicking this handy link will keep you safe from the ruthless salesmen

    Inventory Management

    The full article can be found on the Official DDO website.

    Clicking this handy link will keep you safe from Trolls,

    Bugbears and Kobolds

    Stormreach Live Event (update 3)

    Organizing a counter assault

    Finally, we have had a breakthrough. The true intention of the devils was difficult to ascertain, but our research has revealed that they are planning something massive. These smaller attacks have sought to confuse us and have been little more than a minor nuisance. Our enemy is more powerful than they have let on and we must be prepared to withstand their strongest force. We have put in place a strategic defense plan and we implore all adventurers of Stormreach to gather around the Tent between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Eastern on Saturday. At that time we will make our move. We must head off their nefarious scheme and begin the process of breaching the barrier surrounding the Market Tent so that we may take the fight to their home plane of Shavarath! Anything short of complete victory is not acceptable, we cannot back down until that barrier is down, and we must do everything in our power to defend Stormreach! Until then, be vigilant friends.

    Update 2
    Attention Heroes and Citizens of Stormreach!

     Events have transpired that are far worse that we had ever envisioned. The loathsome devils have summoned a portal, opening a rift between our plane and theirs! Stormreach is now compromised. Our agents are still investigating the infernal code but this looming vortex is now our priority. We need more time. We must discover what the purpose of the portal is and how we can stop it. Let us hope time is on our side.

    Unfortunately, the situation on the ground has gotten worse. The devils’ scouting parties have been a regular sight in the marketplace. All citizens of Stormreach are asked to be on their guard when entering the Marketplace. If you see devils or other foul creatures in the city dispatch them with all haste!

    If my latest translation of their infernal script is correct, it seems the next major phase of Shavarath incursion will occur tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 9:30 PM EST). I believe that they are even now in final preparation for their ultimate counter-strike this weekend on the eve of Sar (Saturday 8:30 PM EST). If we all join together we may be able to thwart their plans in time! If you don't think your combat skills will be of assistance, keeping yourself alive is paramount, so please seek out Zoth Naylte and he can help you get around while avoiding the Marketplace altogether.          


    (update 1)

    This is definitely no time to party now that Sir Lawrence has gone missing. According to my research, it seems the devils of Shavarath have made up their mind to perform a counter-strike in retaliation of our thwarting their General. I will be making an appearance tonight around the same time that the graffiti first appeared, to try and get a better grasp of what clues may be derived from their markings. For devils are lawful, not chaotic like foul demons. Their regimented nature may prove to be their undoing. My initial findings seem to indicate that whatever it is the devils are planning, it will be revealed to us for days to come, and it seems to favor the time range of fifteen minutes prior to the 22nd hour (9:45 PM EST, -5 GMT). Perhaps they thought going off the hour would fool us and catch us unawares. However, while their mischief has already begun, I fear that the ultimate culmination of their evil, based on the infernal writings, is next Sar (Saturday), and more than likely at that same time. This will be when they try to twist the knife in our weak spot. Anyone who spots anything amiss throughout this week should continue to give us reports from the field, so we can work together to try and stop them!

    Read this

    Jaggie, Dec 26, 07 8:14 PM.
        This is my request for 'everyone' to follow.

    If, at any time, you have some sort of problem or issue about someone of the Fellowship of the Golden Night, talk to them.

    No more talking behind each others back or spreading rumors.

        You got a problem?

     Talk to the person that is causing the problem. And I mean talk.Not yelling and accusing.


        If the issue can not be solved in this manner, take it to an officer.
    We'll do our best to improve the matter.

    Thank you, Jaggie Jutebox

    The Emerald Conspiracy Chapter III: Update

    Jaggie, Nov 8, 07 3:53 AM.
    Exclamation The Emerald Conspiracy Chapter III: Update

    Attention heroes and citizens of Stormreach:

    The Coin Lords have received the following report from Inquisitive Ingaram:

    “Hail good Sirs of the Coin Lords. I had a conversation with Brother Mirashai today. In his travels, he spotted an unusual cargo being unloaded by a group of men – one matching the description of the notorious +Derneal - at Sorrowdusk Isle. It is my professional opinion that they may be attempting to smuggle something into Stormreach.”

    The Coin Lords have asked that I share this information with those who would be interested in exploring Sorrowdusk Isle and researching this issue as reported by Inquisitive Ingaram. If you do go to Sorrowdusk, please bring a full experienced party of level 7 or higher. If anyone is being smuggled into Stormreach, please put an end to their plans. You may keep any items you find in your explorations.

    Safe harbor to Sorrowdusk has been scheduled for the following times:

    Ghallanda: Friday, November 9th, 7:00pm EST
    Argonnessen: Friday, November 9th, 8:00pm EST
    Thelanis: Friday, November 9th, 9:00pm EST
    Khyber: Friday, November 9th, 10:00pm EST
    Sarlona: Friday, November 9th, 11:00pm EST

    Report back with your findings. Thank you and may the Silver Flame guide you back safely.

    Attention heroes and citizens of Stormreach

    Jaggie, Nov 3, 07 7:10 AM.

    The Stormreach Watch have received word from a cautious citizen that he had noticed an individual matching +Derneal’s description lurking about the in House Deneith today. +Derneal has recently been seen in the employ of +Tchurvul the Vulture, and it can safely be assumed that where one is, the other is not far behind.

    If you find the villains in the any of the Houses, or elsewhere, please attempt to learn what their plans are but do not allow yourselves to be discovered! After you have spied upon them, please post your findings here.

    Click here to go to the main thread on the ddo forums

    Thelanis Thursday and the Quest Adventure Challenge

    Jaggie, Nov 1, 07 11:50 AM.
    Today is the end of the Quest Adventure Challenge that has been running since September.  Tally up your screenies and send Trazden the numbers.  Couple tomes at stake.

    in other news....

    It Thelanis Thursday!  Don't forget to put rp friendly in your who and lfg comments.  Its a time for you to enjoy rp with your guildmates and those ppl on the server who are interested in roleplaying.  For those of you reading this post as visitors to the FOTGN website here is a link to the same information posted publicly on the forums!

    Thelanis Thursday Information

    The link also provides information on roleplaying in general on the podcasts.

    An Intervention

    538048955_Inactive, Sep 11, 07 9:49 AM.
    It is recommended that all members, be they founders, officers, veteran Fellowship, or brand new players, read the following: RP Intervention

    Important Guild News

    538048955_Inactive, Sep 9, 07 5:48 PM.
    It has come to the attention of the current active officers that our leader Hope is missing in action. We're not sure what is going on, and we hope that she is ok. No one has been able to contact her for weeks in game, in forums, and beyond. I have made my attempts as well as the successor, and have had no success. Many of you are aware of my recent retirement, which obviously further complicates things. We want the guild to be able to function, and for everyone to continue having fun and growing friendships and stories.

    In order to keep the guild functioning at full capability, with no interruption to our existing and new members, we have made a few changes to keep everything flowing...

    First off, I know many of you saw my link to the retirement thread on the ddo forums, but not certain how many of you read it to the full extent. So just to clear up any doubts, I will now give notice as to who I named my successors to be for the position.
    Your two new Ambassadors are:

    Tradzen has long worked with the ddo community as a personality to extend a friendly hand to those new to rping, and in assisting with events. Avuna has also worked diligently to these ends. For these reasons, I selected them to fill this very public and constant role. More than likely you would recognize these two by different names, but these will be the characters they are using for the RP purposes of the Ambassadoring. Regard them with the same respect that you would have for Varro and Uxor (eh minus the whole stabby, kidnappy, burny thing). Congratz to both of these officers on their new roles in the guild!

    We really hope (no pun intended) that Hope is alright. We look forward to seeing her back in DDO! To make sure we're still able to function in her absence, and invite new members and get them situated...

     the guild leader title has been bestowed on:


    Jaggie has been known as our resident artist and scribe, who worked tirelessly to compile monday night chat screen shots into something intelligible,  has a long history with us here, a very good standing with the ddo community at large, and has endured the collapse of a guild before. She has always put her best foot forward in the community, and been an active participate in rping with members where ever she can. Congratz Jaggie, we know you will make Hope and the other High Council proud!

    In the event of an emergency, rather than Uxor...
     our new current successor is:


    Should, god forbid, something happen to Jaggie, Points will be ready to transition us unto the next leader with the guidance of the other high council members.

    More new faces are coming to Fellowship every day, eager to RP! To ensure that web applications are getting processed more quickly, myself, Witchfinder, Hope (when she returns), and Jaggie all have the capasity to process the applications and ensure that new members are able to access their forum accounts.

    We will have a few more announcements and introductions for you very soon, but these changes are in effect immediately, and we wanted to alert the community

    Many of you have expressed an interest in seeing about how to become officers, in order to lend a helping hand. Your enthusiasm to help your fellow guildies is much appreciated. However, for just a little bit longer, we're still in the process of situating our existing High Council with the above changes. As soon as we are all set and comfortable in the new roles, we'll be back to let you know how you too can help for those who have expressed interest!

    Keep your eyes on the forums for more updates as they come, and continue to rp and grow together. ^^


    MasonJar4, Jul 20, 07 7:22 PM.
    The Roleplaying Star: Awarded for Outstanding Roleplay ROLE-PLAYER of the MONTH ! Vote for whom you think should be recognized for their role-playing.
    Poll closed!
    Winner: Sprue/Juryrig, with 11 votes.

    Close date: 7/16/2007 10:51:00 PM

    DDO @ Gencon: Change of Plans!

    538048955_Inactive, Jul 16, 07 9:07 AM.

    For those going to Gencon this year and had planned on attending my party for the DDO players/devs, I have an urgent and exciting bit of news for you:

    The location of the party IS MOVING!

    Previously, the party was to be located at the Spaghetti Factory. However, as more and more of you are coming forward, I have opted to splurge and relocate the party over to Jillians! There will be


    • A private roped off area for the DDO players on the game room floor
    • Drinks and Appetizers for you to enjoy free of charge (though anything beyond what I have pre-ordered for you, you will have to purchase seperately)
    • Activies that your non-DDO friends/spouses can enjoy within Jillians - or even you if you like - such as the game room, bowling, billiards (bowling and billiards availability depends on if another group has that section on reserve or not)
    • Very convenient access to the bar... our area will be right near it!
    • Jillians is still within walking distance of the convention center
    • I will still have the official Turbine prizes and souveniers for you - courtesy of Turbine itself (and I'm still not telling you what those are yet :D )
    • No gencon badge rerquired to get in and attend the party
    • Your family - for those with spouses and children - are welcome to attend! Feel free to drag along your friends who might not play DDO, or are thinking of trying it.

    Date and time are still the same: Saturday, August 18th, 7pm EST
    (for information about what/where Jillians is, you can visit their website for an overview at )

    Why the change:

    Because you all are worth it.
    Originally I was trying to be a bit conservative, and I wasn't so certain how many folks would even be interested in something like this (especially considering all the things there are to do at Gencon). I have come to realize that this was fast outgrowing my original location. I also came to denote that I spend about 20-40 hours a week with you all, and that you are a very big part of my life... whether I intended it to be that way or not. How often do I get the chance to spend some true face-to-face time with you? Little to none. This means hosting the party in a way/location that is worthy of you. What more appropriate place for a gamer's party than at a gaming facility?

    So... as this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I wanted to give you all the biggest and best party I possibly could, in every conceivable way that is within my power to grant you.

    What I need:

    If you all would be so kind... if you are planning on attending this party PLEASE PLEASE respond to this thread and let me know, so that I can keep a more accurate head count for the poor folks at Jillians. Even if you just plan on swinging in/out for 10 minutes on your way to another gencon activity, please let me know. Remember also that you need not have a badge to the convention to get into this party. If you are local to the Indianapolis area, or just in that sort of mood to drive out for this, you are more than welcome to just come for the party without going to gencon at all! Think of this as a mini-ddo convention fan-fair ^^

    In the next couple weeks I will have another special little treat for you related to this, so keep watching the forums / listening to DDOCast!


    MasonJar4, Jun 1, 07 6:45 PM.
    The Roleplaying Star: Awarded for Outstanding Roleplay ROLE-PLAYER of the MONTH ! Vote for whom you think should be recognized for their role-playing.
    Poll closed!
    Winner: Points, with 5 votes.

    Close date: 5/31/2007 6:49:00 PM

    Points, Jinna Jaggie, Deriaz, Zoltando and Merlask (aka Uxor) make DDO home page !

    MasonJar4, May 22, 07 11:41 PM.
    ', '', '300');" =hideddrivetip(); href="">
    DDO Main

    Points, Jinna Jaggie, Deriaz, Zoltando and Merlask make DDO home page. (FotGN forum thread title) 


    This week's TotW goes to. . .

    Points, Jinna Jaggie, Deriaz, Zoltando and Merlask! 

    ...For their very special contributions to the literature of Thalanis.

    Check out their fun fan fiction here.

    In Game Video Seminar

    538048955_Inactive, Apr 14, 07 2:31 PM.
    The creator of the "Paladins,"  "Thelanis Tribute," and "Varro Polo" videos, Merlask, will be holding an in game seminar for anyone interested in learning more about making videos this Thursday at 8pm EST . This event is sponsored by the DDO Podcast. Join Merlask and ddocast host Jerry Snook in an in game raid, where members to the raid will be able to ask questions directly to Merlask about the video making process. This seminar will be broadcast in an upcoming feature on the ddocast. If you are interested in being a participant in the event, contact Uxor or Varro in game or on the message forums. There is room for 10 people per seminar, and depending upon feedback, we may hold the seminar more than once to incorporate those who wanted to ask questions, but the raid was full.

    Varro FOUND!

    538048955_Inactive, Apr 14, 07 2:26 PM.
    The search for Varro proved successful! As it turns out, he was away in the desert, and was located returning from his trip by his wife's gravesite.

    Thanks to all the fine citizens of the city who came to aide the wayward minstrel. To make up for the trouble, Varro will be hosting his sparring game "Sharks and Minnows" Saturday April 14th at 10pm EST in the Hammersmith Inn

    Varro Polo: In game and out!

    538048955_Inactive, Apr 4, 07 9:08 PM.
    There is still time! This friday is the deadline for those of you participating in the Varro Polo thelanis forum contest! This is as contest that accompanies our in-game event friday night.

    There has been some confusion regarding whether or not you must be present at the in-game event to participate in the forum contest. The forum contest is being run as a seperate activity. So what this means is...

    You can participate in one, or the other, or BOTH! So have fun, and remember, the deadline to get your theories in on the thread is this Friday! Your theory must be posted in the thread in order to be counted.

    Good luck!

    Thread of the Week: by Uxor (Merlask)

    MasonJar4, Apr 2, 07 10:23 PM.

    Merlask wants your ideas and thoughts on live events in DDO and how to improve them in this week's Thread of the Week.

    VARRO POLO April 6th 9:00PM EST

    MasonJar4, Mar 27, 07 5:51 PM.

    Event details here:  Varro Polo

    Artwork by:  Send a Private Message Jaggie

    We Are 1.5 Yrs Old!

    MasonJar4, Feb 17, 07 12:04 PM.
    Another 6 months has past, and the state of the Guild is strong.
    We have entered the later part of our second year

    Hi there! You are receiving this e-mail because you're an admin of a guild that uses GuildPortal. Thanks for using GuildPortal as your Guild's home on the web! We hope you enjoy the service and if you ever have any question or comments please feel free to send them to us! Sandy and Aaron Lewis (GuildPortal Administration)

    Uxor's (Merlask) DDO Podcast Interview

    MasonJar4, Feb 12, 07 7:40 AM.
    Uxor said:[QUOTE]well here is the link to the ddo podcast thread for anyone interested in checkin out the interview! It's at

    my segment is in the 2nd episode a little ways into it. It is fun to listen to the whole show though so I encourage anyone to have a listen![/QUOTE]

    Fashion Show Finalists Selected

    538048955_Inactive, Feb 4, 07 9:59 AM.
    Congradulations to our finalists for the Fashion Show!!


    as well as our on-deck runner up model Mojorising!

    Thelanis Fashion Show: AUDITIONS OPEN!

    538048955_Inactive, Jan 15, 07 9:15 PM.

    Auditions are officially underway for the Thelanis Fashion Show we'll be hosting in February on the 17th.

    For full details see the thread that have been posted on the server forums

    We'll be awarding a 20,000pp cash prize to the Best of Show, as well as holding a door-prize raffle for all who attend! Unfortunately fellowship members are excluded from winning our own contest prizes (how would we ever convince someone it wasn't rigged otherwise?) but be there to help cheer on the participants... root for your favorites... because the judges will be factoring in audience reaction into their scoring of the contestants!

    We will begin selecting the finalists once the deadline arrives, on February the 3rd

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