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Officers of the

  • Nklos -
    Guild Leader
  • Smudge -
    Guild Successor
  • Jaggie -

  • Points Deway -
  • Deriaz Ironfist -
    The Shield
  • Zoltando -
  • Praut Ektor -
  • Valianna -
  • Intayazz -

    For some reason, like all good adventures, it starts in a tavern...

    Welcome to the Phoenix Tavern.

    A half-subterranean drinking hole, built into the district wall southwest of the Lordsmarch Bank. This tavern is favored by criminals and dissidents and is stuffy year-round. A group of minstrels performs here weekly, and many of the tavern's regulars sing along. 

    In the back room, Cog the warforged bartender nods to you then lets out a spill of answers before you can even ask a single question. "The gambling tables are at the very back of the room. Miss Toheas Songweaver is playing tonight. She and her band are just over that bridge next to Jackson and Jhank. If you're looking for any kind of trouble, I'd suggest you take it down there in 'The Pit'. Y'laria can deal with it... and if your with the Fellowship of the Golden Night group, just go on up that ramp over there and I'm sure someone will pop by. Crowd of them up there every Thursday I tell ya. And for the Hosts' sake tell them to stop spilling drinks all over my counter. Never going to get the stains out" From there Cog pretty much ignores you (unless you wish to order a drink) and tends to his never ending cleaning of his precious counter.

    So? Do you go on up to see who these Fellowship people are, or are you just going stand there getting drunk and telling the bartender your life story? Just so you know, he really hates it when people do that.

    -Jaggie looks at you, a cat like smile playing along her face. Judging by the way she's dressed one would guess a bard, I mean, it's not everyday you see a warforged wearing pink armor, is it? All the same she seems rather friendly for one of the metal beings. She even offers you a cookie and a place to sit.  "Hello, my name's Jaggie Jutebox... No I do not think it's funny if you make fun of my name... No, you may not call me Yoggie Yutdog.. Anyway, welcome to the Fellowship. We're a medium sized guild that works on the Coin Lords' behalf. Yes, I know they have a bad reputation right now. Will you stop interrupting me please? meh... So.. yeah. I'm in charge of this guild though I mainly just take care of the daily maintenance and what not. These guys over here, " she waves her hand toward the crowd of people sitting before you, "these are the ones that can help you out with any questions you might have."

    ~An elf with long white hair, very long pointed ears and angular features steps forward. He is wearing an odd and tattered outfit that makes him look more peasant than an officer of the guild.
    “I am Master Rogue, Points d'Eberron, formerly Points DeWay, Seneschal to the Fellowship of the Golden Night.” He gives a very proper bow in greeting. “I welcome you to our... family. If you need anything please consult first with your officers. Otherwise we will do what we can to aid you. You are welcome as long as you respect the guild and its members. We are part of a larger Alliance and you will learn over time what that means and what we expect of you.”

    He steps a little closer and whispers in your ear. “Should you need something less official or worse step out of line...” A rapier suddenly fills each of his hands and within a moment is gone again with no clue where they went or from whence they came. He smiles broadly and says a little louder “...we can accommodate that. Enjoy your stay and remember... we got your back.” He chuckles a little and steps back with the others.

    ~Tilting her head just a little bit, Jaggie sighs, "don't mind Pointers.... He's a teddy bear... honest.... ehhhh.... Points," Jaggie shakes her head, "we have got to work on your people skills... seriously."

    ~Another elf, this one dark-haired and female with softer features, looks up from where she is playing on the floor with an ebon-skinned toddler.  Her green eyes twinkle as she looks at Points.  "Now don't scare them, love.  And you could have dressed up a little if we were having visitors..."  She rolls her eyes at him with a fond smile before turning to you.

    "Welcome... and please excuse my husband.  He's a bit of a showman at times," she chuckles.  "I'm Valianna d'Eberron, pleased to meet you!  In between a bit of administration and trying to keep my family out of trouble, I help train the guild's archers.  And this little guy..." she indicates the child, who cheerily waves a well-loved toy rabbit at you, "is our son Tyrael.  He helps remind us all that everyone needs time to play!"


    ~A hard look comes from under a winged helmet as a shorter humanoid eyes you.  "Greetings and well met, I am Sir Praut Ektor, Officer of the Fellowship of the Golden Night.  I'm a defender in these parts and have put down a great and many evil things.  Keep to the law and you'll be safe.  Stray and we've seen bad things happen in these parts.  If you're with us you're family, if you're not...  We'll see."  The dwarf maneuvers in his full plate as though it's a second skin, the armor is worn from repeated uses, but looks well taken care of as he rejoins the others.

    ~ Close-by is a rather hefty-looking Warforged. He sits on the ground next to Jaggie, nodding to you from behind his minotaur-like helmet and orange mask, his burnt orange eyes watching you curiously. "Deriaz Ironfist, at your service. . . Though any nickname you want to throw on me is fine by me. And, uh, the cookie?" he motions to the one Jaggie offered. "You'll be seeing lots of those."
    "I'm what you would call a "shield" for Jaggie and the guild. At least, that's what my title is. Dunno if it's fitting or not, but I do my best at protecting my wife here," he nodded to Jaggie, scooting a bit closer to her, "and the rest of the guild. And if you're looking for a home, well. . . I suppose I could extend that you too," he said with a tone of fake annoyance. "Make yourself at home. I'm sure no one will mind."
    "Oh, and if you see a littler, black version of me, with wings? Take him with a grain of salt. I apologize in advance about him. He's. . . Eh. . . Trying his best, let's say. I'll let you meet him yourself."











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