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*loves you all*
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Was never here.
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MasonJar4 (Applicant) 2/6/2007 6:27 AM EST : FAQ: FotGN Thelanis
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Uxor said:

Guild Questions

What is Fellowship of the Golden Night?
A: Located on the Thelanis server of DDO, Fellowship of the Golden Night is a group of players who focus on:

- Server prosperity
- Promoting Roleplaying within DDO

Considered to be the player version of the Coinlords, Fellowship organizes and promotes events for all citizens of Thelanis. They are the keepers of the
Thelanis Mass Event Schedule, where players can find an actively updated schedule of monthly happenings on Thelanis hosted by our guild and other guilds/individuals. These vary from games, to contests, to even just excuses to hang out and socialize.

Q: Can I join Fellowship of the Golden Night?
A: We gladly keep our doors open for those who wish to help better Thelanis and enjoy, or would like to try, roleplaying in game.

Q: What dates/times are you on?
A: Our current schedule is:
Members tend to gather around the Phoenix Tavern, in game, on Thursdays at (about) 8-9pm EST.
Mondays nights at 7pm EST, Members and allies frequent the guild forum server chat for out-of-game roleplaying and hanging out.
Members are asked to help with and attend our server events, as well as to drop in on events hosted by others that we are promoting. (Check with the guild calendar and TMES for a list of events/dates)
And the rest of the week is yours, to do with as you like

Q: I'm already in a guild I like, would I have to leave it to join you?
A: Anyone who wants to help the server is welcome here so long as:
- You are available to attend/help with events (these occur once  a month usually and with advanced notice before hand)
- You're available to on Thursdays or Mondays
- You're willing to roleplay (be it light or heavy) in game

So if you're going to maintain duel guildship that means. . .
On the day of a Fellowship or Thelanis event, you might have to forego that Titan raid.
On a thursday, as nice as it is to loot/favor run, you push that aside so you can roleplay with us.
On other days of the week, expect to find Fellowship members prowling for groupies
And expect a friendly prod from our allie guilds for help or to offer help to you

Q: Who are your allies, and what does that mean?
A: Our current allied guilds on server are:
Crimson Nexus
Order of the Sword & Rose
Legatia Invictus

These roleplaying guilds regard our members fondly, and are happy to help and group with any who bear a Fellowship guild tag. Feel free to call on them to fill out your groups, or check with them if you're looking to get tagged into a group yourself.

In game we have a dedicated user channel to speak to all allied guilds.
To join type /joinchannel stormwatch.

Q: Are you a raiding guild? How big are you?
A: One question at a time please
Q: Sorry
A: To answer your first question -
Pretty much any guild on the block can offer you raiding if that's what you're after; that raiding usually doesn't entail rping. Our focus is server events and roleplaying. When we're inclined, we help get members flagged for raids (VoN runs, Hiding in Plain Sight, etc) providing the runs are roleplaying, not simply PUG to grind through it.
As for size. . . while we have an open door for new faces, we prefer quality over quantity. A head count is not our aim. For all we care, we could have 6 of us happily rping with never an extra soul. But we're not reclusive.
Will you be swimming in members? That'd be a "No"
Is the experience here like any other guild? That'd also be a "No"
. . . and we like it that way

Q: Do I have to use voicechat/am I discouraged from using voicechat?
A: We only ask that you be understanding. Don't 'expect' your group to use voicechat. Some people don't own a mic. Some are hearing impaired. Some don't use it because they think it detracts from RP. We have members who use mic for strictly ooc comments, and others who love to RP over the headset. You're liable to find any variation in group.
So ultimately, just ask your group if it's ok.

Q: If I am a member of Fellowship, am I able to participate in the server events as a contestant?
A: Some events we host are for ALL members of the server. Some are for OTHER players on server. Be certain to either read the event details or talk with the event host to determine if Fellowship are permitted to compete in any guild-hosted activities on server.

Roleplaying Questions

Q: What is the RP story of the guild?
A: The Fellowship is the player representation of the Coinlords. A political body of the city, they have ties to many factions, influence in subtle and seldom realized ways, and a certain amount of sway with other powers of the city.

Q:Do you roleplay the guild existing in game, or is it just a name that all the members have over their heads?
A: Those counted as members of the Fellowship are considered to be a part of the organization in character as well.

Q:Do I have to RP 100% of the time in game?
A: Even we like a little out-of-character fun. All we expect is that you not hinder the rping enjoyment of others. If the group is in a heavy roleplay, don't come bounding in throwing cupcakes at folks. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if we're having a drinking contest, don't come in and expect us to jump up to suddenly engage in a public Trial of a criminal. There is a time and place for both light and heavy rping, so feel out what the mood is for the night before you force yourself onto others.

Q: Can I play an evil character, or do I have to be a goody-good?
A: Well technically there is no evil alignment available for PCs in game, but that doesn't mean you can't be. Just keep in mind that the Fellowship is an entity that is a close knit comraderie. So having evil among the ranks doesn't exactly make for the most easy to play RPing. The likelyhood of an evil mind-flayer coming to enslave all the drow members of fellowship would be an unlikely and hard to play character for example. If you are going to join and roleplay, try to find some sort of cohesive character story/reason for joining the fellowship that will make sense and not breed contempt for your character. We stress that folks not get their ic/ooc mixed up, but having an outright evil/mean character doesn't make the matter easier. You don't have to be a social butterfly - but just remember that playing someone who is rude or standoffish doesn't exactly breed 'hey how are you' conversations with other guild characters.

Q: How many characters am I allowed to have/play in the Fellowship?
A: As many as you like - though it's typically limited by the amount of character slots you have available in game. Some people keep certain 'reoccuring' NPCs characters, which is fine. Just try to be careful of working them into stories where we would want to get in game with your NPC and are unable to.

Q: What do you do as far as character death goes?
A: This subject is approached in several ways by members:
- Some members view death on the battlefield as character death - that if you are unable to reach a shrine or cleric, that is the end for that character.
- Others see death in game as simply a version of being disabled and requiring the help of your party.
- Still others treat death and ressurection as simply a part of the world. The idea that the ability to be brought back from the other side is common practice.
- Some even say that their character is not 'dead' until they write that aspect of the character into the story.

The point of the matter is to set a standard, and stick to it yourself, and be understanding of the standard that others are holding themselves to. Never force your views of character death onto others.

Q: What races and classes are a part of the guild?
A: The Fellowship has no restriction on race or class. We have folk ranging from the exotic to the every-day. All are welcome so long as they uphold the guild's code of conduct.

Q: How does the Ambassador system work?
A: Representatives from other RPing guilds on server, who feel inclined to do so, may create a character and profile to place in guild. The purpose is to speed communication and encourage cooperation between allied guilds. While they may maintain a character with us, they are considered both in and out of character to be envoys of their home guild. This is not the same as having duel guild-membership, and ambassadors are not held to the same requirements as duel guilding members.

For example, an ambassador might forego roleplaying on Thursday night to attend their own guild's event. However, duel guilded members would not have that privilage. Additionally, ambassadors are roleplayed in game as being ambassadors, and thus much of your roleplaying with members may involve relaying information to and from your guild. Ambassadorship is not a get-out-of-jail-free card - it is a position that will heavily influence your rping with us.

Q: How much background do I need for a character?
A: Visiting our guild website will enable you to submit an application to join in the fun. This application is half in character/ half out of character. Newcomers to the guild are expected to come with a roleplaying character. You might not have 100% of it fleshed out, but at least have an idea. Some members have had great success improvising their character stories/background as they adventure in the city!

Q: Where do we roleplay at?
A: You may roleplay in any of the following forms:
- In the guildchat
- In group chat via typing or voicechat (check to make sure all members of your party are able to hear you that evening. Spouse aggro among other things might leave you off voice for a run)
- On the guild website
- In the guild chatrooms
- Out in the public spaces of the game
- In /tell within the game

So yeah, basically anywhere you feel like strutting your in character presence, by all means, do so. Be aware, however, of who can and cannot see what you write. Remember that /say has a limited radius, while /general sends the message across the entire zone instance.

For other questions or concerns, feel free to
contact us. This list will be expanded upon as needed.

Thelanis Mass Event Schedule:
"Because 6-12 people just isn't enough for the fun we're planning"

Ask me about upcoming monthly non-dungeon events that span the server!

(Ambassador of
Fellowship of the Golden Night) Read the guild FAQ if interested in learning more
Varro Velox - Bard - "I prefer the term minstrel. . ."
Uxor - Fighter - The Maiden of Living Ice
Merlask - Melee - The Watermelonforged (don't ask)

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Nklos (SuperAdmin) 7/9/2013 12:16 AM EST : RE: FAQ: FotGN Thelanis

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This needs to be updated.
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Smudge (SuperAdmin) 7/9/2013 6:14 AM EST : RE: FAQ: FotGN Thelanis
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Give me 2 weeks and I think I can do it.


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