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Forums : Public Access - Sticky and Archive > Definitive Static Rewards and Unique Loot Thread
Witchfinder (Member) 11/22/2007 9:47 AM EST : Definitive Static Rewards and Unique Loot Thread

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Ardanroth (Thelanis)

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Taken from the DDO Thread by Dragon.Star check there regularily for updates

Table of Contents

I: Introduction
II: Unique Boss Mob/Chest Loot
III: Unique Raid Boss/Warded Chest Loot
IV: Reward Choices
V: Collectible Turn Ins
VI: Unique Items with Unknown or Non-Unique Locations
VII: Unique Patron Reward Items
VIII: Unique Special Event Items
IX: Risia Items
X: Unique Item Effects
XI: Handy Links
*Last Updated - November, 19th, 2007 - 8:30 am* - Added a new item (Pall of Blood).
I: Introduction
Contained within is the combined efforts of many people to pull all data about known uniques items.
Avery Big thanks to The Cataclysm for keeping this list alive and well.Big thanks to tr0tsky for making and maintaining the original list.Thanks to MysticTheurge for providing hosting of all the images yousee. Thanks to everyone else who has helped out by giving info on items.
Ifyou know of an item not seen here or have a correction or screenshot toadd you have 3 ways of doing so. First is posting the infomation inthis thread. Second would be sending me a PM. Lastly you send pic's inthe mail to
II: Unique Boss Mob/Chest Loot (not 100% chance of spawn)
This section catalogs all loot that is found out of specific chests.
The Bloody Crypt - Level 6
Alveo - +1 Large Shield, Unbalancing (-2 Ac to Mob when they hit you)
Docent of Blood - Docent, +10% Healing, -10% Fortification (End Chest)
Mantle of Stria - Cloak, Axeblock
Goggles of Intuition - Sneak Attack Bonus +2 (End Chest)
Pall of Blood - Robe, Necromancy Focus
Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! - level 10
Fellblade - +4 Falcion, +4 Vertigo (Balcony)
Mystic Band - Helmet, Spell Penetration 5 (Treasure Room)
Royal Guard Mask - Helmet, Teleport 1/rest (Treasure Room)
Stave of the Seer - +1 Quarterstaff, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +5 Use Magical Device, True Seeing 1/day (Ur-Keshik the Seer)
Caverns of Korromar - Level 8
Aberrant Robe - Spell Resistance 17, Wizardry II (R'zzix)
Chill Shard - +2 Throwing Dagger, Returning, Frost (Akuul)
Disc of Enhancement - +3 Docent (Brunhilde Firegout )
Grudgebearer's Plate - +2 Full Plate, Command (Adorgar the Grdugebearer)
Mace of the Wraith - +2 Heavy Mace, Ghost Touch (Colvis Hammercrusher )
Scarf of Warmth - Necklace, Lesser Cold Resistance (Oglethorpe The Prospector)
Wraith's Skin - +1 Leather Armor, +5 Hide, +5 Move Silently (Horus Hammercrush)
Xoriat Forged Blade - +1 Longsword, Anarchic, Flaming (Serruul)
Chains of Flame - level 12
Cape of the Roc - Cloak, Feather Falling, Roc Strength* 3/day (End chest)
Golden Greaves - Boots, DR 3/- , 15% Striding, (Minotaur chest)
Hruvayah's Medallion - Necklace, Spell Penetration VI, Taint of Evil* (End chest)
Ring of Baphomet - Ring, -1 Charisma, -1 Wisdom, Intimidate +11, Bestow Curse 3/day (Minotaur chest)
Staff of Inner Sight - +2 Quarterstaff, +4 Intelligence (Library chest)
Unkor's Cleaver - +4 Battle Axe, Keen (Locked room chest)
Chamber of Raiyum - Level 12
Note: All items found in in the Treasure room
Adherent's Pendant - Necklace, Superior Devotion IV, Wizardry II, Paladin only (dc 12)
Bejeweled Letter Opener - +3 Dagger, Keen, Improved Devotion IV, Improved Resonance IV
Mysterious Ring - Ring, Mysterious Effect*
Silken Mail - +4 Chainmail, Mithril, +10 Move Silently, Axeblock,
Sirroco - +3 Longsword, Sirroco*, Telekinetic*
Spectacles of Spirit Sight - Goggles, Enchanment Focus, Necromancy Focus
Vambraces of Inner Light - +3 Full Plate, +3 Charisma, Command
The Church and the Cult - Level 9
Note: All items found in the end chests
Bloodplate Armor - +2 Full Plate, Deathblock
Cloak of Shadows - Cloak, +7 Hide,+7 Move Silently, +2 Protection
Fragment of the Silver Flame - Trinket, Protection from Evil
Silver Longbow - +2 Longbow (1d10, 19-20/x3 crit), Holy
Cloven-Jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh (STK 2) - Level 4
Dhakaani Shield - +1 Heavy Wood Shield
Robe of Resistance - Robe, +1 Resistance
The Crucible - Level 14
Aquatic Bracers - Bracers, Underwater Action, +13 Swim, Improved Cold Resistance (Underwater chest)
Ghost-Waking Cloak - Cloak, +3 Charisma, +3 Resistance
Backstabber's Gloves - Gloves, +10 Bluff, +2 Sneak Attack Bonus (End chest)
Daggertooth Belt - Belt, +3 Con, Enhancement: Fighter's Armor Mastery 2
Surefooted Boots - Boots, +10 Balance, +20% Striding
Skullsmasher - +5 Light mace, Orc Bane, +10 Intimidate
Windlasher - +5 Falcion, Screaming, Feat: Weapon Focus (Falcion)
The Crypt of Gerard Dryden (Catacombs 4) - Level 3
Battleworn Sword - +1 Greatsword, Ghost Touch (End chest)
Gerard Dryden's Mace - +1 Heavy Mace, Lesser Undead Bane (Locked room chest)
Gerard Dryden's Mace - +1 Heavy Mace, Undead Bane (Old Version, no longer drops)
Gerard's Mail - Masterwork Chain Shirt, Mithril (End chest)
The Cursed Crypt - Level 11
Anathema - Ring, Magi, Evocation Focus
Beta Noir - Bracers, +4 Armor Bonus, Taint of Evil, Unoly Blight 3/day
Cloak of Curses - Chaotic Curse*, Enchantment Focus
Docent of Defiance- +4 Docent, Improved Fire Resistance, Improved Lightning Resistance,Improved Cold Resistance (Hidden effect reported: randomly Crippled& DR 20/-)
Jinx's Vexation - +5 Fullplate, Mithral, Superior Devotion IV (hidden Effect reported: -3 Will Saves)
Scourge Chocker - Disease Immunity, Blood Rage*
Desecrated Temple of Vol - Level 14
Boots of the Innocent - Resistance +5, Striding 15% (End Chest)
Desecrated Leathers - +4 Leather Armor, Greater Nimbleness (+2 to Max Dex) (End Chest)
Guardian of the Liturgy - +5 Dagger, Bleed, Maiming (Marut Chest)
Insurrection - +5 Great Axe, Construct Bane, Shatter +10
Locus of Vol - Necklace, Taint of Evil, +5 Wisdom (End Chest)
Durk's Got a Secret - Level 2
Muckbane - +1 Club (glass), Lesser Ooze bane (Muck)
Rahkat's Trifle - Trinket, +1 Charisma (Rakhat)
Zizoo's Spangle - Trinket, +1 Intelligence (Zizoo)
Flesh Makers Laboratory - Level 14
Carved Bone Shield - +4 Heavy Steel Shield, Negative Energy Absorption 20%, Negative Energy Spike (End chest)
Docent of Corpsecraft - +4 Docent, Greater Devotion VI, Greater Nullification VI (End Chest)
Gloves of Gnoll Hide - +10 Open Lock, +10 Disable Device (End Chest)
Ring of Unknown Origins - Disease Immunity, Proof Against Poison, +3 Intelligence, +3 Charisma (End Chest)
Runed Ogre Femur - +5 Club, Anti-Magic Runes (On Crit subject must make a DC:23 save or lose their spellcasting ability temporary)
Garrison's Missing Pack - Level 2
Furor's Hide - Cloak, Lesser Axeblock (Furor)
Kutik's Bead - Trinket, +1 Strength (Kutik)
Miasma's Fang - +1 Dagger, +1 Fort Save , Deception (Miasma)
Moog's Ornament - Trinket, +1 Dexterity (Moog)
Peridot Ring - Ring, +2 Will Save
Gianthold Tor - Level 14
Allegiance - +5 Khopesh, Elf Bane, Feat: Khopesh Proficiency (Black Dragon)
Belt of the Seven Ideals - Improved Potency VII, Spell Penetration VII, Lawful only (DC 24) (Blue Dragon)
Bronze Ingot Arcanum - +2 Quarterstaff, Superior Acid Lore, Superior Corrosion IV (Black Dragon)
Bulwark of Storm's Fist - +3 Heavy Shield, +5 Constitution (White Dragon)
Copper Ingot Arcanum - +2 Quarterstaff, Superior Lightning Lore, Superior Magnetism IV (White Dragon)
Giantcrafted Siberys Compass - Trinket, +13 Search, +2 Resistance, +4 Will Save (Blue Dragon)
Globe of Imperial Blood - +2 to all stats, Wizardry II (Black Dragon)
Gloves of the Forgotten Craft - +13 Disable Device, +3 Dexterity, Feat: Thrown Weapon Focus (White Dragon)
Great Axe of the Chained Soldier - +5 Greataxe, Immunity to Fear, Break Enhancement (level 12 caster) 1/rest (White Dragon)
Hammer of the Leaden Clouds - +4 Warhammer, Thundering, 4% Weighted, Superior Sonic Lore, Greater Resonance IV (Blue Dragon)
Helm of the Black Dragon - +5 Dexterity, Black Dragon Bolt* 1/day (Black Dragon)
Helm of the Blue Dragon - +5 Intelligence, Lightning Bolt 1/day (Blue Dragon)
Helm of the White Dragon - +5 Strength, Cone of Cone: 1/rest (White Dragon)
Intricate Field Optics - +13 Spot, +2 Wisdom, Detect Secret Doors (White Dragon)
Jorgundal's Collar - Necklace, 10% Melee Alacrity* (White Dragon)
Madstone Rod - +1 Club, Dispel Madstone Effects: 50 charges (Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard only) (One drops after every Dragon Fight)
Manacles of Ceaseless Toil - Bracers, +3 Strength, +3 Constitution, Remove Exhaustion 3/rest (Black Dragon)
Mantle of the Dragonfriend - Cloak, +5 Charisma, +7 Diplomancy
Ring of Stormreaver Prophecy - +5 Wisdom, +2 Resistance
Silver Ingot Arcanum - +2 Quarterstaff, Superior Ice Lore, Superior Glaciation IV (Blue dragon)
Skyvault Shield - +4 Heavy Shield, Mithril, Twilight (Blue Dragon)
Tortured Livewood Longbow - +5 Longbow, Acid Arrow* (Black Dragon)
Ghosts of Perdition - Level 14
Argenti's Armor - +5 Full Plate, Greater Fire Resistance
Bow of Elements (Ice) - +5 Longbow, Icy Burst, Feat:Precise Shot
Cloak of Ice - Exclusive, Fireshield (Cold Version) 3/day
Ethereal Bracers - Ethereal*, Parrying
Fell Rapier of Ice - +5 Rapier, Frost, Acts as a light weapon
The Grey Moon's Den: Extermination (Grey Moon Waning 4) - Level 7
Sickle of Sypheros - +1 Sickle, Frost (end chest)
Gwylan's Stand- Level 7
Arlyn's Staff - +1 Quarterstaff, +1 Protection (Arlyn Feathercrest)
Barbarian's Spirit - Bracers, Rage 1/Rest (Twin Horn)
Giant-Stalker's Knife - +1 Kukri, Greater Giant bane (Suropox)
Gwylan's Blade - +2 Shortsword, +2 Perform (Stacks with other item), Roaring
Minotaur Hair Belt - Belt, Balance +5 (Crippler Bigfoot)
Phiarlan Ring - Ring, +5 Perform (Yarbur)
Roguebane Breastplate - +2 Breastplate, Light Fortification (Vargo Bodybreaker)
Thuranni Stalker's Mail - +2 Chainmail (Lyandiir Arrowfel)
Halls of Shan-To-Kor (STK 3) - Level 5
Ring Of Feathers - Feather Falling
Sword of the Giant Slave-Master - +1 Greatsword, Elf Bane
Wayfinder's Armor - +2 Chainmail
Haywire's Foundry (VoN 4) - Level 9
Bloodrage Symbiont - Trinket, Rage 3/rest, Proof Against Poison, Disease Immunity, -2 Will Save, -2 Con, DR 5/-
Lightning Rod - +1 Staff, Shocking, Greater Magnetism III, Lesser Lightning Resist (1 at end of every quest)
Inferno of the Damned - Level 14
Antithesis - Robe, Greater Stability, Lesser Fire Guard, Lesser Ice Guard - (End Chest)
Atonement - +5 Greatsword, Holy, Intercession Ward* (End Chest)
Chord of Reprisals - Fire Guard, Improved Cold Resistance
Glimpse of the Soul - Goggles, +10 Diplomacy, +10 Bluff, Enchantment Focus
Maul of Malice - +5 Maul, +10 Intimidate, 20% Incite (Increases melee hat by 20%)
Invaders! - Level 12
Note: All drop in the end chest. Items can only drop if the end boss that shares it's name is there.
Beholder Optic Nerves - Necklace, +7 Spot, +7 Search, Absorbs Beholder Spells 8 charges/rest
Garzuul's Bane - +3 Great Axe, Holy, Cold Iron
Prysuul's Bane - +4 Bastard Sword, Pure Good, Cold Iron
Tharkuul's Bane - +3 Sickle, Holy, Cold Iron
Tyrzza's Bane - +3 Rapier, Pure Good, True Law, Cold Iron
Tyrzza's Bane - +4 Rapier, Pure Good, Cold Iron (old version, no longer drops)
Irestone Inlet - Level 4
Dink's Leather Wraps - +1 Studded Leather (Dink)
Hobble's Crossbow - +1 Repeating Heavy Crossbow, +1 cold dmg/hit (Hobble)
Mutiny's Tooth - +1 Dagger, +1 Acid dmg/hit (Mutiny)
Scurvy's Cloak - Cloak, Lesser Fire Resistance (Scurvy)
Skartongue's Ladel - +1 Light Mace, +1 Electrical dmg/hit (Skartongue)
Yaaryar's Magnificent Band - Ring, +1 Resistance (Yaaryar)
The Kobolds' New Ringleader - Level 2
Bloodknuckle's Loincloth Waistband - Belt, Light Fortification (Bloodknuckle)
Bloodknuckle's Smasher - +1 Maul (Bloodknuckle)
Brakhash's Axe - +1 Battleaxe (Brakhash)
Bronkarz's Cloak - Cloak, +1 Will Save (Bronkarz)
Grundok's Boots - Boots, +1 Jump (Grunok)
Madoorah's Vest - +1 Leather Armor (Madoorah)
Rhakmel's Dagger - +1 Dagger (Rhakmel)
LItany of the Dead - Level 15
  • Ash Boots - 30% Striders (Cinnis Chest, High Priest?)
  • Axe of the Unseen Blow - +5 Handaxe, Finesse, True Chaos (Cholthulzz Chest, Mentau, Vol)
  • Banner Cloak - Cloak, +6 Charisma (Vol Chest)
  • Belt of Tongue - Belt, Spell Resistance (19), Enchantment Saves +6 (Cholthulzz chest)
  • Breastplate of Vol - +5 Breastplate, Mithril, +4 Dexterity (Vol High Priest, Mentua Chests, Cholthulzz)
  • Bluefire Necklace - Greater Fire Resistance, Fire Shield(Fire) 3/day
  • Docent of Quickening - +4 Docent, Striding 25%, Melee Alacricity 10%, Ranged Alacrictiy 10% (Cinnis, Mentau, Vol Chests)
  • Dragon Sword of Acid - +5 Longsword, Acid Burst, Dragon Bane (High Preist Chest, Cholthulzz, Mentau)
  • Electric Haze - Belt, Heavy Fortification, Greater False Life
  • Inferno Bracers - +6 Dexterity (Cinnis Chest)
  • Eye of the Beholder - Ring, Absorb Doomsphere Spells, Deathblock (Cholthulzz Chest)
  • Fanged Gloves - +5 Strength, -5% Arcane spell Failure (Vol Hight Priest Chest)
  • Finger Necklace - Fleshmaker* (10% benefit from healing spells) (Mentau Chest)
  • Lenses of Doom - Goggles, Exclusive, Boneshatter 3/day, +11 Search, +11 Spot (Cholthulzz Chest)
  • Mentau Goggles - Necromancy Focus, Seeker +4
  • Ring of the High Priest - Wisdom +4, Greater Command(CL:13) 3/day (Mentau Chest, Vol)
  • Robe of the Magi - Armor Bonus +5, Spell Resistance (19), Spell Penetration VII (Mentau Chest, Vol High Priest Chest)
  • Shining Devastation - +5 Greatclub, Adamantine, Everbright, Force (1d6 dmg) (Vol High Priest Chest, Mentau)
The Madstone Crater - Level 14

Ancient Band - Ring, Heavy Fortication, +3 Protection (end chest)
Axe of Adaxus - +5 Battle Axe, Slicing, Improved Fire Resistance (end chest)
Crystalline Scepter - +3 Club, Greater Combustion VII, Evocation Focus
Girdle of Giant Brawn - Belt, +6 Strength, -3 Wisdom, -3 Intelligence
Iron Beads - Necklace - Greater Magnetism 6, Lightning Lore
Steady Handed Armbands - Bracers, +3 Dexterity, +1 competence to hit (end chest)
An Offering of Blood
Note: Items can be found in any of 3 rooms after 2nd Aspect
Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger - +4 Dagger, Greater Giant Bane, Giant Slayer*
Vulkoorim Fighting Leathers - +5 Leather Armor, Lesser Fire Resistance, +5 Hide
Ward of Undeath - +2 Heavy Steel Shield, Ghost Touch, Flaming, Undead Bane, Flametouched Iron
The Pit - Level 7
Docent of Acid - +3 Docent, Conjuration focus, Superior Corrision IV, Acid Resistance (End Chest)
Muck's Doom - +2 Club (Glass), Ooze Bane (Avatar of Juiblex)
Robe of Acid - Conjuration focus, Superior Corrision IV, Acid Resistance (End chest)
Prison of the Planes - Level 14
Charoush's Inferno - +5 Bastard Sword, Flaming Burst (Fernia room)
Death's Locket - Necklace, Deathblock, Cause Fear 3/rest (Dolurrh room)
Dream Visor - Goggles, +13 spot, -7 Search (End chest)
Kardin's Eye - Trinket, +5 Resistance (Xorian room)
Ring of Shadow - +10 Move Silently, +10 Hide, 10% Blur (Mabar Room)
Ring of the Djinn - Lightning Resistance, Lightning Absortion 33% (Lamannia Room)
Royal Scimitar - +3 Scimitar, Keen, Destruction (Shavarath Room)
Spiked Boots - +7 Balance, Immunity to Slippery Surfaces (Risia Room)
Redwillow's Ruins - Level 6
Cloak of Silence - +5 Move Silently (Drow chest)
Cloak of Troll's Resistance - Cloak, Lesser Cold Resist, Lesser Lightning Resist, Lesser Sonic Resist
Drow Hunter's Armor - +4 Studded Leather Armor (Drow chest)
Flamedagger - +1 Dagger, Flaming, Burning Hands 3/rest
Gargoyle Granite Plate - +1 Full Plate, DR 2/-
Maul of Might - +2 Maul, 1d6 Force dmg/hit
Poison-Tipped Crossbow - +3 Light Crossbow, 1d6 poison/attack
Ring of Trollish Regeneration - Ring, 1 hp/min regen, +2 Armor Bonus (No longer drops)
Savage Sword - +1 Bastard Sword, Enfeebling (Savage Tooth)
Scorpion Tail Shortbow - +2 Shortbow, 1d6 poison/attack
T'korcha Family Scimitar - +3 Scimitar, Keen (Drow encounter)
Twig of the Giant Mage - +1 Staff, Spell Resistance 15
Retrieve The Stolen Goods (Baudry Part 3) - Level 2
Boots of the Long Step - Boots, +5% Striding (Kharnos)
Garzad's Helm - Helm, DR 1/-
Ring of Rage - Ring, Rage 1/rest (Churnak)
Sword of Pain - +1 Short Sword, +1 Acid dmg/hit (Hurleb)
The Sacred Helm (STK 2 Sub-quest) - Level 3
Cloven-Jaw Longbow - +1 Longbow
Shaagh's Helm - Helm, +3 Intimidate
The Sands of Menechtarun
Bloodstone - Trinket, +6 Seeker (Undead area, Thirsty One and Palumak the Scourer)
Bow of the Elements (Air) - +4 Long bow, Shocking Burst, +2 Dexerity (Undead area, Whirling Ozann)
Bracers of the Hunter - +5 Hide, +2 Sneak Attack, +2 Reflex (Drow Area, Wokran Kull)
Chainmail Coif - Helmet, Superior Devotion III, Sacred* (Firebrand area, Darkfur)
Collapsible Shortbow - +5 Shortbow, +7 Jump, +7 Tumble, +7 Swim (Firebrand area, Lt. Ayurro)
Coronation Shield - +4 Heavy Shield, Blinding (Undead area, Thirsty One and Palumak the Scourer)
Dynastic Falcata - +4 Khopesh, Adamantine, True Law, +2 Charisma (Undead Area, General)
Firestorm Greaves- Fire Resist, Fire Absorption 33% (absorbs 1/3 of all fire damagetaken after other protections) (Firebrand area, Commander Errulf)
Flint - +4 Dagger, Shocking Burst (Firebrand area, Haraja the Firedancer)
Gloves of the Falcon - +2 dex, +10 spot (Firebrand area, Lt. Ayurro)
Hyena Claw Necklace - +3 Constitution, +7 Intimidate (Windlasher area, Stinkpelt)
Mirage - +5 Scimitar, Ghost Touch, Deception (Drow Area, Utach Sandcrawl)
Mummy Wrappings - +4 Padded Armor, Fearsome (Undead Area, Thumok The Mad)
Ring of Spell Storing - Restores 25 spell points 3/rest, Exclusive (Undead Area, General)
Robe of Fire - Superior Combustion 3, Evocation Focus, Fire Resist (Undead area, Thumok the Mad)
Shard of Vollun - Trinket, Wizardry III, Improved Radiance III (Drow Area, Volrune The Curate)
Shield of the Scorpion - +4 Heavy Shield, Spearblock (Drow Area, Wokran Kull)
Spiked Turban - Helmet, +3 Protection, +3 Resistance (Drow Area, Mendexathazz)
Sting- +4 Shortsword, Proof Against Poison, Large Scorpion Poison (1d4 Conevery crit, 1d4 after a minute, Fort Save DC 14) (Drow area, UtachSandcrawl)
Stinkpelt's Hide - +5 hide armor (6 max dex), -1 charisma (Windlasher area, Stinkpelt)
Thornlord - +4 Longbow, +2 extra damage (Windlasher area, Yurrugh the Swift)
Tinder - +1 Quarterstaff, Superior Combusion IV (Firebrand area, Haraja the Firedancer)
Tourney Armor - +5 Full Plate (ac 7, max dex 2, armor check -3) (Firebrand area, Commander Errulf)
Weathered Targe - +3 Light Shield, Densewood, Improved Lightining Resistance (Undead area, Whirling Ozann)
Vulkoorim Dervish Robe - Lesser Fire Resistance, +4 ac (Drow area, Mendexathazz)
Vulkoorim Pendant - Necklace, Superior Nullification II, Improved Devotion II, Taint of Evil* (Drow area, Volrune The Curate)
Whirlwind - +5 greatsword, screaming (1d6 sonic on every hit), Telekinetic* (Windlasher area, Den Mother)
Wolf Whistle - Charm Canine 3/day (Windlasher area, Den Mother)
Xuum - +3 Falcion (2d6), Flaming (Firebrand area, Darkfur)
Zephyr - +3 Short Sword, Finesse (Windlasher area, Yurrugh the Swift)
Sewer Rescue - Level 1
Amulet of the Brute - Necklace, +1 Constitution, -1 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom
Trogskull Helmet - Helm, +1 Resistance
Shadow Crypt - Level 9
Cloak of Protection - Protection +3, Spell Resistance 17 (Big Chest)
Dusk - +4 Docent, Dusk (10% blur) (Big Chest)
Phase Hammer - +3 Maul, Adamantine, Ghost Touch, Greater Incorporeal Bane (Big Chest)
Shards of Lights - +3 Arrows, Ghost Touch, 75% Returning, Cure Moderate (Left End Chest, Big Chest)
Tenebrous Stiletto - +4 Dagger, Adamatine, Ghost Touch, Deception, +7 Hide
Witching Hour - +2 Quarterstaff, Adamantine, Ghost Touch, Superior Nullification V, Greater Void Lore (Big Chest)
Slavers of the Shrieking Mine - Level 10
Resonant Guard Suit - +4 Studded Leather, Sonic Guard, Lesser Sonic Resist, -5 Move Silently
Ring of the Ancestors - Raise Dead 1/day, Good Alignment required (Lord Ythrixid)
Shrieking Star - +2 Morningstar (Glass), Roaring, Sound Burst 1/day
The Smuggler's Warehouse - Level 2
Calamity's Carapce - +1 Hide Armor
Chiku's Bauble - Trinket, Heal +3
Chitin Shield - +1 Light Steel Shield
Deezil's Ornament - Necklace, Resist Energy: Fire 1/rest
Raktu's Trifle - Necklace, Absorbs Magic Missiles (20 charges)
Stealthy Repossession - Level 2
Glik's Bangle - Trinket, +2 Will Save
Jeeka's Spangle - Trinket, +2 Armor Bonus
Neecha's Bead - Trinket, +2 Fortitude Save
Wazul's Amulet - Necklace, +2 Reflex Save
Stormcleave Outpost - Level 8
Essence of the Scout - +2 Docent, Silent Moves
Giant's Roar - +2 Longbow, Roaring (Xantilar)
Helm of the Flame - Helm, Power II, Improved Devotion II (Insgadreer)
Iron Cleaver - +1 Battleaxe, Acid Burst (Ulagash)
Lesser Boots of Striding and Springing - Boots, +10% Striding, +5 Jump (Helos)
Nuushmaar's Adamantine Tooth - +2 Rapier, Adamantine (Nuushmaar's)
Onyxhorn - +2 Dagger, Finesse (Onyxhorn)
Robe of Winter - Improved Fire Resistance (Pious)
Swiped Signet - Level 3
Ruined Signet Brooch - Trinket, +1 Heal (end chest, always there)
The Tear of Dhakaan - Level 7
Armor of Amok - +1 Hide Armor, Rage 3/day
Dueling Schlager - +2 Rapier (1d8 base damage) (Champion Arkar)
Face of the Demon - Helmet, +2 Fortitude, +5 Intimidate, -5 Spot, -5 Listen (Champion Nartar)
Grievous Blade - +2 Dagger, Puncturing
Guardian Mantle - +1 Steel Tower Shield, Spearblock
Ironweave Tunic - +3 Chain shirt, DR 3/Bludgeoning, -2 Reflex (Champion Prantag)
Rusted Shamshir - +2 Scimitar, Cold Iron, Keen, Lesser Aberration Bane
Sword of Thirty - +2 Greatsword (3d4), Keen (Champion Guptrak)
Yogg-Ratha Plate - +1 Full Plate, Acid Resistance, Protection from Evil 3/day (Champion Krazna)
Tempest Spine - Level 10
Choker of the Silver Tongue - Necklace, +5 Diplomacy, +5 Bluff (Fire and Ice)
Cloak of Invisibility - Cloak, +2 Protection, Invisibility 1/rest (A'tchkar)
Elemental Mithril Breastplate - +3 Breastplate, Mithril, Improved Cold Resistance, Improved Fire Resistance
Eternal Wand of Charm Monster - Wand, Charm Monster 2/rest
FullPlate of Giants - +4 Full Plate, DR 5/- (End Chest)
Gleaming Adamantine Plate - +4 Full Plate, Adamantine, Proof Against Poison, Command (End Chest)
Goggles of Perception - Goggles, +5 Spot, +5 Search (Inevitable)
Imbued Darkleaf Banded Armor - +3 Banded Armor, Darkleaf, Resistance +4
Maelstrom - +1 Greataxe, Anarchic, Frost (Fire and Ice)
Mithril Breastplate of the Elements - +1 Breastplate, Mithril, Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance (No longer drops)
Nightblade - +2 Falchion, Byeshk, Keen (Zerisenz)
Platemail of Giants - +1 Full Plate, DR 5/- (End Chest)
Robe of Arcane Puisance - +3 Armor, Potency IV (End Chest)
Robe of Arcane Power - Potency IV (End Chest)
Robe of Potency - Improved Potency II
Shining Adamantine Plate - +2 Full Plate, Adamantine, Proof Against Poison, Command (End Chest)
Star of Irian - +2 Morningstar, Righteous, Holy
Star of Irian - +2 Morningstar, Righteous, Holy ML:2 (No longer Drops)
Twilight Forge - Level 12
Adoryn's Malice - +2 Light Mace, Admantine, Greater Construct Bane
Dream Cloak - +3 Charisma, Enchantment Focus, Deep Slumber 3/day (End Chest)
Helm of Freewill - Fear Immunity, Spell Resistance 17
Returning Axe of Embers - +4 Throwing Axe, Returning, Flametouched Iron
Signet of Caustic Persausion - Improved Corrision 4, Melf's Acid Arrow 3/rest
Walk the Butcher's Path - Level 2
Jade Ring - +1 Resistance (Shaman Prysass)
Kneeza's Bauble - Trinket, +1 Wisdom
Maul of Vengeance - +1 Maul, Adamantine (Vorag the Vengeful)
Ring of Time - Slow 1/rest (Warlock Cyressy)
The Xorian Cipher - Level 8
Chaos Band - Ring, +3 Int, Power III, -2 Will Save
Chaosgarde - Bracers, Chaosguard*, +2 Dodge bonus (Lawful align only, DC 20)
Planar Gird - Belt, Chaosguard*, Greater Heroism 1/rest
Reaver's Ring - Ring, Light Fortification, Fear Immunity, -2 Will
Sign of Xoriat - Necklace, +7 Spot , -2 Will, Shout 3/rest (Chaotic align only, DC 20)
Thaarak Fang - Trinket, Proof Against Poison, +2 Con, -2 Will

III: Unique Raid Boss/Warded Chest Loot
This section catalogs all loot that is found in the wardedchest of the Raid Bosses. Each person in the raid has a 1 in 6 chanceof recieving a raid item on normal. Chances increases up to 25% onElite. Also, after the characters 20th raid completion, your end rewardchoice will generate 50% of the raid items to choose from.
Ascension Chamber (Abbot Warded Chest)
- Level 15
  • Circle of Hatrd - Ring, Harm 3/day, +13 Intimidate, +4 Resistance
  • Deific Diadem - Helmet, Lesser Heigten* 3/day, +5 Wisdom, +5 Intelligence
  • Enduring Conviction - +5 Longsword, Greater Good (2d6 dmg), Banishing, True Law
  • Litany of the Dead - Trinket, Turn the Page* 3/day, Litany of the Dead-Ability Bonus*, Taint of Evil, Litany of the Dead-Combat Bonus*
  • Noxious Embers - Necklace, Lesser Maximize 3/day, Superior Combustion VII, Improved Enlarge I
  • Purging the Pantheon - Belt, Moderater Fortification, Protection +4, Quell* 3/day
  • Shroud of the Abbot- Robe, Armor Bonus +4, Natural Armor Bonus +4, Boon to Undeath*,Greater Fire Resistance, Superior Void Lore, Superior Lightning Lore
  • Staff of the Petitioner - +5 Quarterstaff, Powerstore*, Greater Enchantment Focus, Greater Necromancy Focus
  • Unwavering Ardency - +2 Longbow (Dmg: 2d12), Immunity to Fear, Cursespewing, Slowburst
  • Vile Blasphemy - Gloves, Power Drain 3/day, +5 Dexterity, +3 Use Magic Device
  • Wretched Twilight - Cloak, Ghostly*, Superior Nullification VI, Stealth Strike*
  • +3 Stat Tomes (any type)
Plane of Night (VoN 6, Warded Dragon Chest) - Level 10The Reaver's Fate (Stormreaver Warded Chest) - Level 14
  • Amulet of the Stormreaver - Necklace, +4 Protection, Greater Lightning Resistance, Chain lightning 3/rest
  • Cloudburst - +5 Greatsword, Shocking Burst, Cloudburst
  • Dreamspitter - +5 Quarterstaff, Greater Evil Outsider Bane, Greater Enchantment Focus (+2 to DCs), Life Stealing*
  • Gauntlets of Eternity - +13 Heal, +13 Repair, Devotion VI, Superior Healing Lore, , Eternal Faith*
  • Head of Good Fortune - Trinket, +2 Good Luck, Moderate Fortification
  • Madstone Boots - +4 Dexterity, Potency VII, Striding 20%, Unknown Madstone Boots ability*, Madstone Rage 1/day
  • Madstone Shield - +5 Tower Shield (Gem, DR 6), Tower Shield Proficiency
  • Ring of Lies - +4 Charisma, +13 Diplomacy, +11 Bluff, +10 Haggle, +10 Perform
  • Stormreaver's Napkin - +6 Intelligence, Spell Focus Mastery*
  • Tenderizer - +5 Morningstar, Admantine, Impact, Weighted 5%, +2 Strength
  • Treason - +5 Short Sword, Keen, +3 Sneak Attack, Deception, Treason*
  • Ventilated Bracers - +5 armor bonus, +3 Disable Device (stackable)
  • +3 Stat Tomes (any type)
The Titan Awakes - Level 12
  • Battle Coin - Trinket, +1 Compentence Bonus To Hit, Heal Moderate (self only) 3 charges, 1 recharge/rest
  • Belt of Brute Strength - +6 Strength, Greater False Life
  • Bereavement - +5 Battle Axe, Keen, Seeker +10
  • Bravo's Sword - +3 Shortsword, +5 Sneak Attack
  • Centurion Armor - +5 full plate (2 max dex, -4 armor check penalty), +4 Reflex
  • Chattering Ring - +3 Dodge, +13 Spot, -10 Move Silently
  • Gyroscopic boots - +10 Balance, 30% Striding
  • Insulated Armor - +4 half plate (10% ASF), Mithril, Lightning Resistance, Lightning Bolt Ward*
  • Jungle Cloak - Hide +10, Regrowth (Heal yourself for 100 points over 2 minutes) 1/rest
  • Nullcloth Gown - Robe, Spell Resistance 20, Lighning Resistance, Cold Resistance, Fire Resistance, Magical Null (15% arcance chance of failure)
  • Rattle Charm - necklace, Greater Acid Lore, Greater Sonic Lore, Proof Against Poison
  • Seven Fingered Gloves - +11 Disable Device, +11 Open Lock, +5 Use Magic Device, -10% to arcane spell failure
  • Shining Crescents - +5 Sickle (two handed, 2d6) - Admantine, Vertigo +6, Tendon Slice +6
  • Skull Fetish Mask - +6 Charisma, Void Lore
  • Titanic Docent - +5 Docent, Titan Shield (DR 30/- and SR 30 for 15 seconds. 1 charge/rest)
  • Visor of Concentration - -7 Spot, +10 Concentration, Repair Lore, Ice Lore, Reconstruction 5, Glaciation 5
  • +2 stat tome (any type)
Zawabi's Revenge (Warded Chest) - Level 12
  • Bracers of the Demon's Consort - Demonic Curse, Demonic Shield, Demonic Retribution, Demon Consort Hidden Effect*
  • Bramble-Casters - Gloves, Greater Spearblock (dr 10/slashing or bludgeon), ThornGuard (1d8 damage to attackers)
  • Chaosblade - +5 Khopesh, Anarchic, True Chaos, Lesser Vampirism (drains 1 hp of target's life force whenever it does damage)
  • Cloak of the Zephyr - cloak, Blurry (20% perma blur), invisibility 1/day
  • Dustless Boots - Striding 20%, Move Silently +15, Hide +11
  • Greenblade - +5 kukri, Force Burst (1d6 force on every hit, 1d10 on criticals), Greater Arcane Lore
  • Demon Scale Armor - +5 scale mail (light armor), Proof Against Poison, Improved Lightning Resistance
  • Lion-Headed Belt Buckle - +4 Strength, +4 Con, Immune to Fear, Roar (Causing melee attackers to resist or be Shaken)
  • Marilith Chain - +5 chainmail, DR5/Lawful or Good, Taint of Evil*, Seeker +6, Shatter +6
  • Pouch of Jerky - trinket, Greater False Life, heal +11, Eat Jerky 3/day (removes poison and disease, regenerate health?)
  • Sandstorm Goggles - Blindness Ward, True Seeing
  • Seal of the Earth - Ring, Natural AC +3, Acid Resistance, Stoneskin (level 12 caster, 3/day, self only)
  • Shining Crest of St. Markus - Helmet, Deathblock, Improved Devotion VI, Lesser Healing Lore
  • Staff of Arcane Power- +2 Quarterstaff, Good Luck +2, Arcane Power Spell Selection* (25charges, 1 recharge per day), (Wizard, Sorcerer and Bard only, DC 26)
  • Storm - +4 Heavy Crossbow (1d12), Keen, Thundering, Shocking Burst, extra +4 to hit
  • Torc of Prince Raiyum-de II - necklace, Greater Spell Penetration VI, Wizardry III, Transform Kinetic Energy*
  • +2 stat tome (any type)
IV: Reward Choices (reward lists are a mix of both these rewards and non-static rewards
Accursed Ascension Rewards - Silver Flame Side
Note: After clicking the alter, your level 4 item (Silver FlameTalisman will dissappear. Go and talk to the quest giver for a choiceof rewards.
  • Aegis Flame - +5 Large Shield, Mithral, Silver Flame, Shield Spikes
  • Beacon of Tira - Helmet, Superior Benevolence VI, Superior Devotion VI, Superior Combustion VI
  • Bastion of Fealty - +5 Full Plate (MDB:2), Nightshield 1/day, Spell Resistance (22)
  • Chain of Conviction - +5 Chainmail, Mithral, Spell Resistance (22)
  • Cloth of the Faithful - Robe, Nightshield 1/day, Wizardry VI, Spell Resistance (22)
  • Docent of Featly - Armor Bonus +6, Spell Resistance (22)
Accursed Ascension Rewards - Emerald Claw Side
Note: After clicking the alter, your level 4 item (Emerald ClawTalisman will disappear. Go and talk the the quest giver for a choiceof rewards.
  • Blood of Bellows - +5 Large Shield, Adamantine, Greater Shout* 3/day
  • Docent of the Claw - +5 Docent, Nightshield 3/day, Reinforced Plating +1(inherent ac bonus), To-hit bonus +1
  • Emerald Guard - +5 Full Plate (Max dex bonus: 2), Nightshield 1/day, To-hit Bonus +1
  • Plume of Adherence - Helm, Improved Maximize I, Superior Magnetism VI, Superior Combustion VI
  • Raiment of the Fervent - Robe, Nightshield 1/day, Wizardry VI, Greater Spell Penetration VI
  • Scales of Surety - +5 Chain Mail, Mithral, Nightshield 1/day, To-Hit Bonus +1
Bloody Crypt RewardsNote: You take the Emerald Clawor Silver Flame token to the altar at the end of the Bloody Crypt orShadow Crypt to get the items.
  • Emerald Claw Amulet - Necklace - +3 Diplomacy, Cause Fear 3/rest
  • Silver Flame Amulet - Necklace - Absorbs negative energy attack 1/rest
Cursed Crypt Rewards
Note: You must take the Emerald Claw Pendant or Silver Flame Pendant to the alter at the end of the Cursed Crypt to get items.
Catacombs RewardsCult of the Six RewardsDelera's Tomb + Necromancer's Lair RewardsSeal of Shan-to-Kor RewardsShadow Crypt Rewards
Note: You must take the Emerald Claw Amulet or Silver Flame Amulet to the alter at the end of the Shadow Crypt to get items.South Threnal RewardsThe Spawn of Whisperdoom collectibles reward (Battle Standard, Goblet, and )Tangleroot Gorge RewardsWaterworks Rewards
V: Collectible Turn Ins
Black Dragon Scales Collecibles (25 Black Dragon Scales)
Blue Dragon Scales Collecibles (25 Blue Dragon Scales)
  • Blue Dragonhide Armor - +5 Leather Armor (3 base armor), Potency VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Penetration VII, Greater Lightning Resistance
  • Blue Dragonplate Armor - +5 Full Plate (9 base armor), Potency VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Penetration VII, Greater Lightning Resistance
  • Blue Dragonscale Armor- +5 Scale Armor (6 base armor), Potency VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Penetration VII, Greater Lightning Resistance
  • Blue Dragonscale Docent - +5 Docent, Potency VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Penetration VII, Greater Lightning Resistance
  • Blue Dragonscale Robe - +4 Armor Bonus, Potency VII, Greater Arcane Lore, Spell Penetration VII, Greater Lightning Resistance
Dragon Relic Collectibles (20 Dragon Relics)
Elf Relic Collectibles (20 Elf relics)
Giant Relic Collectibles (20 Giant Relics)
Invasion Tokens
Note: Competed by turning in 25 invaders tokens. Can only be completed once
Relic of a Sovereign Past
Note: You can only have one at a time, and must pay Adamantine Ore.
Shield of Legend
Note: Turn in a completed Shield (8 parts) to Racella Unary and receive a shield from the list.
  • Adherence - +3 Tower Shield, DR 3/-, Enchantment Save +6
  • Arrondi - +4 Large Shield, Feather Falling, Adamantine, Moderate Fortification
  • Bijio - +4 Large Shield, Proof Against Poison, Improved Fire Resistance, Improved Empower Healing I
  • Death's Door - +4 Large Shield, Fearsome, Deathblock
  • Fanion - +4 Large Shield, Twilight, Mithral, Magi, Greater False Life
  • Sorrel - +5 Large Shield, Protection +4, Resistance +4
  • Talon - +3 Large Shield(DR:4, Base Dmg: 2d6, Crit: 19-20 /x3), Maiming, Keen
Tattered Tapestries
Note: Turn in a completed Tapestry (20 pieces) to Balkar Aislin and recieve a helmet from the list.
  • Minos Legens - Helm, Heavy Fortification, Feat: Toughness
  • Muffled Veneer - Hide +10, Move Silently +10, Search +10
  • Seraphim - Helmet, Sacred, Hollowed (increased max HD of undead turned by 2), Abjuration Focus, Devotion VI
  • Totemic Lavalier - Helmet, Magi, Intelligence +4, Charisma +4
  • Tradusor - Helmet, +4 Wisdom, +4 Reflex save
  • Undying Gaze - Helmet, +10 intimidate, +6 Shatter, Fear 1/day
Tome of Untold Legends
Note: Turn in a completed Tome (8 pieces) to Bilk Howland and receive a weapon from the list.
  • Coronation - +5 Morningstar, Persuasion, Greater Elf Bane, Control Undead 1/day
  • Deathnip - +5 Heavy Pick, Maiming, Seeker +8 (Crit: 19-20)
  • Phosphor - +5 Heavy Mace, Sunburst, Everbright, Righteous, Impact
  • Razorend - +5 Shortsword, Bleed, Greater Magical Beast Bane, Keen, Tendon Slice
  • Serrulae - +5 Battleaxe, Vertigo +10, Transmuting, Giant Bane
  • Sever - +5 Dwarven Axe, Keen, Limb Chopper, Destruction
  • Skiver - +5 Dagger, Archmagi, Greater Arcane Lore, Improved Extend I, Improved Empower II
  • Twinblade - +5 Bastard Sword (Base dmg: 2d8 +5), Greater Goblinoid Bane, Greater Orc Bane, Anarchic, Axiomatic
White Dragon Scales Collecibles (25 White Dragon Scales)
  • White Dragonhide Armor - +5 Leather Armor (3 Base armor), Moderate Fortification, +4 Protection, Greater Cold Resistance, Shield 3 charges
  • White Dragonplate Armor - +5 Full Plate (9 base armor), Moderate Fortification, +4 Protection, Greater Cold Resistance, Shield 3/rest
  • White Dragonscale Armor - +5 Scale Armor (6 Base armor), Moderate Fortification, +4 Protection, Greater Cold Resistance, Shield 3 charges
  • White Dragonscale Docent - +5 Docent, Moderate Fortification, +4 Protection , Greater Cold Resistance, Shield 3/rest
  • White Dragonscale Robe - +6 armor, Moderate Fortification, +4 Protection, Greater Cold Resistance, Shield 3/rest
VI: Unique Items with Unknown or Non-Unique Locations
Confirmed Non-Unique Location Items
Items with no known location
  • None at the moment
VII: Unique Patron Reward Items
House Phiarlan
Silver Flame Amulet
  • Silver Flame Symbol - Blessing of the Silver Flame (Permanent Increase of Town HP and SP regen) (rank 2)
VIII: Unique Special Event Items
Emerald Claw Conspiracy Event (September '07 - Present)
Festival Coin Rewards (Decemeber '06/January '07)
The Festival of Olladra (July 4th, 2007)
Other Special Event Items
Trade or no Trade (March 30 - April 8, 2007)
X: Risia Items
Note: All items in this section are found only on Risia and subject to changes before they hit the live servers.
There are no new items currently on Risia

X: Unique Item Effects
  • Acid Arrow - 2d4 damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds on every hit. Multiple hits don't stack but extend the duration
  • Arcane Power Spell Selection - Staff may cast Magic Missile, Ray ofEnfeeblement, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Cone of Cold, Hold Monster, orGlobe Of Invulnerablity all as a 12th level caster
  • Black Dragon Bolt - 3d6 damage and 2d6 every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Caster Level 3
  • Bleed - An additional 1d8 damage to targets that are vulnerable to Bleeding
  • Blood Rage -Anytime you are hit there is a chance that you will fall into a BloodRage. Blood Rage gives up to a +8 bonus to Strength and Constitutionbut will also cause short periods of lethargy when your lust for bloodbecomes stated.
  • Boon to Undeath - everytime character is hit, Inflict LIght wounds will be cast upon him
  • Chaosguard - +2 Deflection and +2 Resistance against Chaotic creatures
  • Chaotic Curse - Enemies become cursed on contact, Chance for user to become cursed also.
  • Cloudburst - Every hit has a chance to strike opponent with a bolt of lightning (Does around 50 damage)
  • Demonic Curse - Chance of cursing melee attackers
  • Demonic Shield - Chance of getting 30 temporary hit points every time you get hit
  • Demonic Retribution - Chance of casting Inflict Moderate Wounds on melee attackers
  • Demon Consort Hidden Effect - Slight chance of getting a negative level e very time you are hit
  • Disease Immunity - Grants its wearer immunity to disease effects.
  • Eternal Faith - For turning purpoes +2 to turning check, +2 Max Hit Dice, and +4 to total Hit Dice
  • Ethereal - when equipped, your hands and weapons are considered ghost touch
  • Fleshmaker - +10% effects from Positive energy healing spells
  • Ghostly - Meleeattacks can hit Incorporea targets, Enemies Have a 10% miss chance doto concealment, +5 enchancement bonus to Hide and Move silently skills.
  • Giant Slayer - Small chance on every hit to force Giant to make DC 25 Fort Save or die
  • Good Luck - +1 Luck Bonus (stacks with everything) to skill checks and saves
  • Greater Shout - Unknonw at this time
  • Greater Stability- This armor grants a +4 deflection bonus to AC and a +4 resistancebonus to saving throws for characters of True Neutral alignment.
  • Hallowed - Increases the total HD of Undead turning by +4
  • Intercession Ward- Re-established the wearer's connection to a source of Divine power ifit is ever severed by such things as the Quell's special ability.
  • Keoghtom's Ointment - Neutralize Poison, Remove Disease, Cure Light Wounds
  • Lesser Heighten - Free Heighten of spells while active (about 2 seconds?)
  • Lesser Maximize - Not sure yet, but maybe same as lesser Heighten above
  • Life Stealing - Chance on crit to drain opponent of 1d3 levels
  • Lightning Bolt Ward - Protects against Lightning bolts
  • Litany of the Dead-Ability Bonus - Provides a +1 profane bonus to all ability scores (Stacks)
  • Litany of the Dead-Combat Bonus - Provides a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls
  • Melee Alacrity 10% - Increases melee attack speed by 10%
  • Murlynd's Spoon - Creates free food for use in a tavern/inn
  • Mysterious Effect - Has 1 of 4 pairs of properties. 1. +3 Dex and+3 Resist 2. +3 Cha and Moderate Fortification 3. +3 Str and +3Deflection 4. +3 Con and Minor Spell Penetration 6
  • Parrying - Grants a +1 insight bonus to AC and Saving throws while equipped
  • Power Store - while equipped, receive a -10% bonus spell point costs
  • Ranged Alacrity 10% - Ranged attack speed increased by 10%
  • Roc Strength - +6 Str for 30 seconds
  • Sacred - Increases your level by 2 for turning purposes
  • Silver Flame - Increases the total HD of undead turned by +6
  • Shield Spikes - Additional 1d6 Piercing damage when used to bash
  • Sirroco - Blindness on hit, Reflex save negates it
  • Spell Focus Mastery - +1 DC to all spells (does not stack with spell focus items)
  • Taint of Evil - Negative Level for all good aligned characters
  • Tchurvul's Touch - Small chance of causing -1 charisma on every hit.
  • Telekinetic - DC17 trip on Crit
  • Transform Kinetic Energy - Chance to gain SP every time you are hit.
  • Treason - Threat from melee attacks reduced by 20%
  • Turn the Page - (-50%) Spell cost while active (about 6 seconds)
  • Undead Guard - Undead take 3d8 good damage everytime they attack you
  • Unknown Madstone Boots ability - Chance of casting Madstone Rage on self after getting hit.
  • Warp Time - 50% (?) Speed increase until you enter an instance with hostile creatures.
XI: Handy Links

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