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Nklos (SuperAdmin) 6/23/2010 8:08 PM EST : Eberron Dates and Calendar

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People asked me about my shout saying the date in Eberron, and that Fernia would be coterminous in a week.

The way I figured it out was pretty simple, I went to an old WotC article and looked at the real world year and figured out what this year would be.

This is a random article I chose.

That article came out in 2007 and put the Eberron news for 998 YK.

So I figured:

2007 = 998
2008 = 999
2009 = 1000
2010 = 1001
2013 = 1004

Then I just found the 6th month and the 23 day in this little applet, and reported my findings.

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