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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Points Deway (SuperAdmin) 11/19/2008 11:59 AM EST : Live Event-Auction

Seneschal /
Guild Successor
Points (Thelanis)

Points Deway
Posts: 1513

Live Role-Play Event


Points & Praut’s Anniversary Auction


When: Friday November 28th then again on Saturday the 29th at 8-10 pm EST

Where: Lordsmarch Bank (inside)

What: A Live Auction from certain Private Collections

Why: To clear bank space and give back to the community!



"Points' Pilfered & Purloined Products & Praut’s Pious Properties Proudly Present..."

The Second Anniversary 1 Gold Piece Live Auction!!!

On Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, Master Rogue Points DeWay and Fighter/Paladin Praut Ektor will be holding a 1 gold minimum bid auction for items from their personal collections. 


Items will include:

Weapons: (Paralyzers, Disruptors, Smiters, Vorpals, Stat damagers, etc.),

Armor: (+5 Mithral Tower Shield, +5 Mithril Chain, etc.),

Clothing: (Greater False Life items, +6 Stat items, etc.)

Jewelry/Trinkets/Tomes (+1 and +2)

And Unique Items (Muck Doom! Ring of Shadows! Ring of Spell Storing!)


Go to  (the auction thread) for pictures and descriptions of items up for bid.

All for the starting bid of 1 gold piece!  Payment is required at time of auction.  Winners incapable of payment will be disallowed from further bids.


To participate, come to the Lordsmarch bank at the appointed time, register for door prizes, join the Auction channel by typing ‘/joinchannel Auction1’ and when bidding opens use /Auction1 (or the appropriate shortcut /1, /2, etc. for that channel) with your bid. Bids will only be accepted through the Chat channel.


Bidding will continue on each item until the auctioneer believes bidding to have reached it’s limit to which he will call out ‘going once…’, ‘going twice…’, ‘GONE!’  Bids interrupting these calls will be considered after demonstrated proof of a valid bid (open a trade window and show the auctioneer that you have the funds to win said bid.).


Points, Praut and this event are not sponsored by Turbine or any other commercial entity.  The Auctioneer’s judgments are final.  Participation is on an ‘at will’ basis and completely voluntary.


Here’s a few frequently asked questions answered by Points himself:


Where did he get all of this stuff? 

‘Oh here and there… if you recognize anything as yours, we’ll give you a discount.’


Why is he doing this?

‘Honestly, to clear out some bank space.  People have been kind enough to hold on to some of my things over the years, but it has gotten to be too much.  So I am giving back to the community who has given me so much.’


Surely you are not auctioning off a Ring of Spell Storing for a gold piece?

“I certainly hope not, but that is where we are starting the bidding and don’t call me Shirley’.


Are you a Plat Farmer?

“Absolutely not!  I have been a member of the role-playing community for two years now and I’m proud to say I have helped run events and give away loot to help others have fun in the world I love so much.  I am happy to see the decline of Plat Farmers in this game and hope to see a robust commerce begin again between regular people like you and I.  Besides, would a Plat Farmer sell a Muck Doom for one gold piece?”



Points' Pilfered & Purloined Products
‘If you get it from us, you know it's a steal!’"





+1 Crippling Light Mace of Disruption (730)

+1 Thundering Light Crossbow of Disruption (671) ml 12

+1 True Law Shortbow of Disruption (667) Lawful ml 12

+2 Greatsword of Disruption ml 12 (648)

+3 Crippling Composite Longbow of Disruption (662) rr DW ml 14

Greater Banes

+1 Crippling of Greater Aberration Bane (728)

+1 Transmuting Morningstar of Greater Elemental Bane (647) rr Dw ml 8

+1 True Chaos Club of Greater Elemental Bane (623)

+1 Weakening Shortbow of Greater Construct Bane (712)

+2 Axiomatic Greatsword of Greater Giant Bane (644)

+2 Flaming Club of Greater Undead Bane (729)

+2 Keen Dagger of Greater Aberration Bane (620)

+2 True Law of Greater Dragon Bane (666) Lawful ml 10

Giant Stalker's Knife (690)

Misc. Weapons

+1 Thundering Returning Throwing Axe of Precision (685)

+3 Cursespewing Rapier of Righteousness (674) ml 12

+3 Holy silver Morningstar of Everbright (659) ml 12

+3 Spell Penetration VII Scepter (656) ml 12

+4 Bodyfeeder Adamantine Rapier (657) rr DW ml 10

+5 Seeker Longbow of Maiming (665)

2X Guardian of Liturgy (670) ml 12

Axe of Adaxus (624)

Muck doom (698)

Banishing Composite Shortbow of Power (615)


+1 Paralyzing Dagger of Shatter (669) ml 12

+1 Paralyzing Maul of Maiming (687)

+1 Paralyzing Scimitar (722)

+1 Paralyzing Scimitar of Shattermantle (695)

+2 Paralyzing Composite Shortbow of Power 1 (663)

+2 Paralyzing Rapier (680)


+1 Crippling Longsword of Smiting (696)

+1 Seeker Heavy Mace of Smiting (692)

+2 Thundering Light Mace of Smiting (731)

+3 Longsword of Smiting (721)

+4 Bodyfeeder Shortsword of Smiting (725) rr Halfling ml 14

Stat Damagers

+1 Bodyfeeder Byeshk Short Sword of Enfeebling (622)

+1 Maladroit of Bone Breaking (726)

+2 Bodyfeeder Shortsword of Puncturing (688)

+2 Transmuting Shortsword of Puncturing (627)

+3 Anarchic Rapier of Enfeebling (621)

+3 Frost Cold Iron Dagger of Enfeebling (689)

+3 Ghost Touch Rapier of Enfeebling (686)

+4 Seeker Rapier of Enfeebling (691)


+1 Vorpal Bastard Sword (633)

+1 Vorpal Battleaxe of Lesser Dwarf Bane (643)

+1 Vorpal Kama (713)

+1 Vorpal Greatsword of Maiming (???)

+1 Vorpal Scimitar of Maiming (727)

+2 Vorpal Battleaxe of Backstabbing (682)

+2 Vorpal Dwarven Axe (693)

+2 Vorpal Silver Bastard Sword of Backstabbing (658) ml 14


+2 Improved Devotion II Heavy Steel Shield of Greater False Life (679)

+2 Mithral Tower Shield of Bashing (717)

+5 Lesser Lightning Guard Mithral Chain Shirt of Stability (661) ml 12

+5 Mithril Chain Shirt (709)

+5 Sacred Mithral Tower Shield of Light Fortification (716)

+5 Studded Leather of Command (678)

2X Belt of Greater False Life

2X Disease Immunity Belt of Heavy Fortification (694)

Belt of Greater False Life

Belt of Greater False Life (617)

Boots of Tumbling (650)

Cloak of Greater Fire Resistance ml 11 (653)

Cloak of Protection +4 (723)

Cloak of Remove Curse (720)

Cloak of Resistance +4 (724)

Disease Immunity Belt of Balance (641)

Disease Immunity Belt of Heavy Fortification (619)

Disease Immunity Belt of Neutralize Poison (646)

Disease Immunity Belt of Greater False Life (719)

Feather Falling Boots of Rage (715)

Fire Guard Outfit of Greater Cold Resistance (703)

Gloves of Forgotten Craft (677) ml 13

Helm of Intimidation (705)

Mask of Haggling (628)

Proof against Poison Belt of Expeditious Retreat (711)

Proof against Poison Belt of Greater False Life ml 15 (651)

Proof against Poison Belt of Improved False Life (616)

Striding Boots of Swimming rr Ha ml 13 (649)


+1 Tome of Clear Thought (637)

+1 Tome of Understanding (638)

+2 Manual of Bodily Health (635)

+2 Tome of Clear Thought (636)

Bottle of Air (614)

Disease Immunity Necklace of Protection +5 (706)

Disease Immunity Ring of Balance (673)

Globe of Imperial Blood ml 13 (652)

Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (642)

Mysterious Ring (625)

Necklace of Eloquence (704)

Pearl of Power IX (645)

Ring of Greater Fire Resistance (634)

Ring of Shadows (660) ml 11

Ring of Spell Storing (629)


Collapsed Portable Hole (626)

Collapsed Portable Hole

4X Potion of Wonder

5X Candy Cane (683)

5X Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly Cake (684)

Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly Cake (631)

Potion of Wonder (640)

Stat Items

Charismatic Cloak of Elvenkind (699)

Charismatic Cloak of Tumble ml 15 (654)

Clever Goggles (664)

Clever Goggles of Disabling (707)

Clever Goggles of Minute Seeing (675) ml 15

Clever Hat of Eloquence (639) WF ml 13

Clever Helm of Intimidation (681)

Clever Ring of Disabling (676) ml 15

Dexterous Boots (701)

Dexterous Boots of Solid Fog (714)

Dexterous Boots of Swimming (702)

Dexterous Ring of Tumbling (668) rr Drow ml 13

Health Belt of Greater False Life (697) rr human ml 11

Health Belt of Greater False Life (700)

Health Necklace of Shield of Faith (708)

Ogre Power Ring (710)



Eildre (Member) 11/19/2008 12:59 PM EST : RE: Live Event-Auction
Guild Leader
Posts: 225

Hmmm... <starts rummaging through her pockets>
Eildre Hal'Eruil - Guild Master of the Dawnswords (DDO)
(Other alts.. Ashtari, Lyrica Songstep, Mayzial, Sereyne, Syilva, and Adamantia)

Nklos (SuperAdmin) 11/20/2008 7:58 AM EST : RE: Live Event-Auction

Posts: 2188

Dang it, I did not think there would be stuffs I would want.  But their are.  
Yahoo: ENIGMA1122
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