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Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > Of origins and choice
538048955_Inactive (Applicant) 7/24/2006 4:44 PM EST : Of origins and choice

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(Anyone is welcome to contribute to this thread pertaining to their own characters. I've always been a big backer of sharing background and roleplaying rational, as I feel it 'can' cut down on misunderstandings and hard feelings in game... or provide avenues for people to strike up new roleplaying storylines with others.)

It is always interesting to me to read why aspects of a character are created. This thread is for those interested to share some of their creative logic as to why they've built their character in game the way they did to match with any RPing ideals, or even to talk about aspects of the character in game that have impacted how you RP the character.


Like Father Like Daughter
Uxor is heavily influenced by her PnP D&D father Optelius. It's fun to look at how things have come together for her and her father, and how much influence her father's stats or characteristics have been 'passed down' to her. I also like the challenge of trying to find in game ways of equating some aspects of Uxor's Immoth heritage. Those who play PnP might get a kick out of this read.

Optelius, Living Ice of the East
I built her father to be Achillies,  and mostly after the Achillies of the movie Troy. No two people would ever do such a build the same way, but here is how he panned out when I took a crack at it. . .

- A prestige class called "Outcast Champion" had the most potential, and on top of that, the requirements were to be a half-breed. A few of the fun features were that the outcast champion revolved heavily around doing things that impacted his team mates, as well as getting an ability called 'avenging strike,' where you did extra damage with a single attack on something that had injured your comrades. Sounded pretty good to me.
- I had to make him 'half' something; as the story goes Achillies was born of a god or demi god. Research suggests it was actually a sea nymph of some kind, but the PnP nymphs didn't really emulate what I was going for. I tried a lot of different creature types until I came across the Immoth, effectively an ice race. The DM permitted racial traits to my character such as extra charisma, and in keeping with the achillies theme,  half damage from piercing, as well as immunity to cold - after all, it's said Achillies was 'immune' and couldn't be touched. So that hinted at that myth. The bad part is... fire does double damage on him. *gulp* so that covers the Achillies Heel as it were.
- Stat wise we end up with good strength, con,  intelligence, a 20 charisma (Immoth were quite high charisma to my surprise, but that worked out well with the outcast champion. After all...Achillies has a pretty good intimidate) but a neg in wisdom. Some people would say that having low wis doesn't make sense for him, but all I know is . . .
riding up in a chariot alone to the walls of the best archers in the world and threatening to kill their prince, then killing their prince and parading his body around in range of their arrows didn't seem very 'wise' to me.
- I advanced him as a fighter, naturally,  at first, since Achillies definately had that going for him. I steered clear of the barbarian class since Achillies usually wasn't about blind rage. The only times he goes off on someone is when they've harmed someone he cares about - hence the Outcast Champion avenging strike ability. I also tossed in some scout since scouts get damage for movement, and he's constantly dancing about. Later down the line once I topped out Outcast Champion, I took Hex blade, giving the ability to curse a foe. Whenever I activate the ability, he says "After tonight, you won't have eyes, ears, or a tongue - you will walk the underworld deaf blind and mute and all who look upon you shall know that this is [insert NPC name] who thought they killed Optelius." That sounds like a nasty curse to me.
- This character looks like Brad Pitt did in the Troy movie, with a couple exceptions - for one he's tall...Immoth are big folk... about 6'7 so he's not considered 'large' in size - definatelly tall though. Additionally, he has stark white hair, pale blue eyes, pale skin, wears a mithril breastplate/helm (of course. Can't have Achillies running around in chain mail or full plate), carries a mirrored shield, and rides a white horse. This guy is a white beacon.
- The neg wis bothered me for a long time in the way of fear saves. Why would Achillies get afraid so easy? That didn't make a lot of sense to me. Until I found a feat called "force of personality" which allowed me to swap his Charisma modifier for his wis for fear & mind affecting saves. 
- He of course always uses a shield and spear, both short and long, as well as a short sword.
- He also has the spring attack feat tree as well as combat reflexes. . . Achillies is not only constantly hopping around during battle, but hopping around making attacks on folk.
- His name, Optelius, was a play on the word 'optimization' since he is about tactics and working with his fellow soldiers and leading them. . . that and I wanted something that  sounded a bit greco/roman anyway.

Her father is still an active character in a PnP game I am still playing in, and it will be interesting to see what other ideas are brought up to go along with the movie. The other players even chirp in now with things that go along with the movie Achillies which proves to be an endless source of amusement and roleplaying fun.

Daughter of the Frost
The creation of Uxor was an after thought really. I was having fun with my DDO bard, but I wanted a more tanking character. Playing my outcast champion in PnP was the most fun (most complicated, but most fun - I had to make excel spread sheets for all the conditional modifiers of his attack and AC. His AC could flux between 22 and 32 depending on if he had moved 5, 10, or 40 feet in his turn ).
I wanted to capture the fun of that character with my DDO tank. So I took Uxor, who had previously just been an infrequent NPC in my other rping group, and gave her life as it were. Giving her life of course also introduced features to her that had nothing to do with her father - such as her vow of silence.

- Looks: I of course had to give Uxor the same pale features as her father. Optelius was not ghost white...simply abnormally pale - but when combined with the white hair and pale eye color, it serves to be a very bright and unnatural appearence. Not so much so that they look alien, but enough to note that something is 'different' about them. I went with the lightest colors the game had to offer, everything from hair to even pale lip color.
- I gave her a set of Mithril chain, but ultimately I want to find a mithril breastplate for her.
- I've also been on the lookout for gear that will lend to damage reduction on cold affects to play up on her immoth background. Since she's only 1/4 immoth she doesn't have to have utter immunity like her father does.
- One of the major deviations from her father is her weapon choice. She doesn't use a spear. This I see as a personal preference issue. After all, her father was achillies, not her, so she has more free reign to use different weapons.
- Like her father, she has spring attack, and moves about during combat.
- I'm leaning towards giving her Cleave to make up for the fact that combat reflexes isn't really available in this (and if it is it wouldn't work the same since there are no attacks of opportunity)
- Stat wise, Uxor has only average charisma, which is a break from the extremely high charisma of her father. Like her father, she does have a neg wisdom, which I thnk fits well with her backstory that she was mentally dominated by a psion.
- Her name, Uxor, means "wife" and goes with the backstory of her time spent in slavery. She is often called "maiden of living ice" to play on the fact that it is her father actually who was refered to as "living ice" and she is simply the maiden begotten of the living ice. She has no given name presently, but in time I will probably name her something related to the nicknames others find for her in their interaction with her regarding her features.
-Uxor roleplaying wise often spouts (well, not literally, since she doesn't speak) group tactics, which gives me a chance to impart some of the game tactics to other players while still being in character. Uxor's biggest thing is taking out spell casters, and she is very 'vocal' about this aspect of combat. She gets this side of her personality from her father.
-Even though there is no mechanic for it, Uxor doesn't like fire. Perhaps it's subconsciously from the interactions around her father? But she notibly reacts to fire traps or fire creatures in game, and even fire spells cast by comrades.

Thus far Uxor, like her father, is turning out to be a blast to play


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