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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)

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Guargouille (Associate) 6/4/2007 5:47 PM EST : Well, Hello Dalli...

Dalharil (DDO Anonymous)

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The dark-skinned, white-haired biggun that left her said 2 words before disappearing as quickly as he'd appeared: Dalharil Ilythiiri.

The wealthy family that took her in had seen their own daughter off the previous year to adventuring, so they showered the love and affection they still held in their hearts upon the foundling left in their care. Never once did they treat her as anything less than a beloved child, even when she began to show an eerie resemblance to the daughter who's place she’d filled...

Early in life she discovered a fascination with the anatomy of living things, and an affinity with healing them. The flip side of the coin is that she excelled at taking livings things apart just as much as patching them up... and at times, she was even better at it.

Though they wept over the departure of their second child, her parents also gave their blessings, as well as material gifts to help her out....

... Arriving in stormreach with neither a whimper nor a roar, she jumped right in. This was the city of opportunities! A place to find oneself... or lose oneself if that were the desire. A place full of friends she just hadn't met yet.

Among those friends-to-be she discovered many new and different races: Elves, she'd heard about, and everyone knew what humans were, but then there were these great, big machines that walked like men..? Fabulous! She thought the warforged were the cat's whiskers, and went out of her way to inflict her presence upon every single one that would stand still long enough for her to strike up a conversation. Or, more appropriately, for her to chatter at them like a kobold that had gotten into the 'shine! Poor things, they never even saw her coming...

She carries no tragedies in her memory, no tales of wrack and ruin... Though deep in her past there lies a secret that could undo her reality and remake her in a wholly different image. 
Just call me Uma.
Uamhas, Dalharil, Solonora, Avuna, Tyrynyn, Oloth, and more...
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