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*loves you all*
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Was never here.
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I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
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Points Deway (SuperAdmin) 8/17/2010 5:17 PM EST : Tail of the Fallen

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Tail of the Fallen

Guard Whirlin smiles politely and accepts the tray with his lunch.  He likes the soup here and it is close to his post. The major problem however, is getting it back un-spilled. The Phoenix is often busy and boisterous adventurers care little about the good natured jostling they give a town guard and even less over some spilled soup.

Whirlin threads his way through the Dwarves wrestling and the Halfling acrobats.  He almost loses his platter when stopping for a beautiful Drow as she saunters by.  At last however he reaches the entrance and using his body to shield the tray backs out into the sunlight.

It is a glorious day and much of the city has arisen early.  Airships come and go, a dragon even circles.  He makes his way across the plaza and carefully eyes a quartet of people. They are looking at him suspiciously.  He just smiles and nods.  They nod back and seem less tense.

As he starts down the stairs a trio of children, he thinks they are boys, run up the stairs towards him.  He tenses for what he knows will be a collision.  He shouts “Watch it!  No running on the stairs.” They continue rushing towards him.  He sidesteps to move out of the way, juggling and recovering his lost balance.  Then they pass, close but with nary a brush and his lunch again is still whole.

He sighs and looks around.  Safe again he continues his journey down the stairs and through the alley to the rocks outside the barracks. A figure steps out and blocks his path. “Halt! There is a toll to use this path.” The female guard stands strong and will not be moved.  

Guard Whirlin sighs and says “Come on Myr, I don’t have much time before I have to be on duty.  Let me at least eat in peace.”

The woman looks at him seriously.  “None shall pass!”

Whirlin chuckles and says “Fine! I shall pay your toll, or should I say bribe, in bread.” He deftly tosses her one of his rolls.  She steps aside and he climbs on the rocks until he is near the waterfall. He carefully balances his platter and sets it on the rock before settling himself beside it.  Then he again carefully picks it up and sets it across his lap.

With a sigh and a smile for making it safely he looks around and enjoys the sight before him. A shadow of a crossing airship passes over him. As he lifts his spoon from dipping it in the bowl, he savors the smell of the stew. 

He is looking down carefully selecting his first bite, a flash of something passes his vision and his soup erupts into his face. Coughing and sputtering he realizes his eyes are closed and he quickly wipes his face which was covered with the ‘oh so tasty’ soup.  His armor is doused as well. Looking hopefully into the bowl, he sees not the wonderful soup awaiting but something else.

Large doe eyes peer up from a cloth face.  Long, well chewed ears dip into what is left of his meal. Guard Whirlin wants to curse as he looks into those eyes, but knows he cannot.  He doesn’t have time if he wants a clean uniform before his shift begins.

He grabs a piece of bread and dabs it into some soup on the platter.  Tossing the platter towards the waterfall, he runs off to change, quickly chewing what he managed to salvage.

The water falls on the platter and the bowl, cloth passenger inside, flows over the rocky edge…

(All are welcome to add to the adventures of the fallen rabbit.  Just please polite and work as a community to tell this tale, or should I say 'tail'... ;-)


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