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Smudge 5/12/2015 8:15 AM
*loves you all*
ShiningEagle 4/9/2015 5:08 PM
Was never here.
zoltando 3/19/2015 3:28 PM
I had mine ready, along with the corned beef and cabbage
Intayazz 3/16/2015 10:51 AM
Everyone have their green ready for tomorrow?
Jaggie 12/24/2014 8:47 PM
Merry Christmas. :)
zoltando 11/27/2014 6:09 PM
Happy thanksgiving!

Forums : Official Open ROLE-PLAY Forum > (april 30th)Monday night chat
Jaggie (SuperAdmin) 5/3/2007 2:04 PM EST : (april 30th)Monday night chat

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Jaggie (Thelanis)

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((I'm stile working on the other two monday chat screenies.  Should have them done for next Monday.))

<Jaggie> *Jaggie staggers over to the Phoenix, looking very tired.*
<Jinna> *Wanders about the Marketplace, attempting to identify landmarks* *Changes direction curiously to follow a familiar warforged in the hopes of being less lost.*
<Jinna> *Follows Jaggie towards the Phoenix, muttering under her breath.* Ha! I knew this place was somewhere around here.
<Jaggie> *Enters and flops into the nearest chair, not caring that the legs of the chair bend to the point of almost breaking thanks to her weight.* Cog.. energy balm please.
<Jinna> *Walks in ans sits more delicately in a chair next to Jaggie.* *arches an eyebrow questioningly* Having a bad day?

<Deriaz> *Deriaz stood on the other side of the room, leaning against the wall, arms corssed. His right eye came to life at the sound of someone finally speakinf, but he remained silent.*

<Jaggie> *Rolls her head sideways to look at Jinna* Long few days. Stile wiped from a trip..
<Jinna> *Nods sympatheticly* Travel can definitely be wearing. Was it at least a pleasent journey?

<Liyra> *climbs up from the brawling pit, sporting a black eye.*

<Jaggie> Hei... was a good boat trip. Think all the teleporting around got me... but, I got everything ready now.

<Deriaz> *Deriaz looked over at Liyra as she came up, keeping only the one eye lit.* Geez, what happened to you? You look like you just went toe to toe with a Minotaur.
<Jinna> *glances over at Liyra and calls out playfully.* Ooh, someone got you good! You didn't look that bad after taking on the orcs out in the Hills.
<Jaggie> *Waves a laxy hand in Liyra's general direction.* Hi Liyra.

<Jinna> *Turns back to Jaggie* Sorry, I really am listening. Your trip was just preparation for something else?
<Liyra> *Shrugs and dizzily staggers to the bar. Some people...
<Jaggie> Hei. *A barmaid came to the table with the oil for Jaggie and waited to see if Jinna wanted anything.*
<Jinna> *Nudges out a chair to try and intercept Liyra's path*
<Jinna> *Smiles at the barmaid* There was a white wine I had last time I was here, kind of sweet and light. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the vintage. Do you think you might be able to place it?
<Deriaz> *Deriaz slipped over silently, trying not to draw attention to himself. He leaned against the bar, not wanting to risk his weight on a chair.*
<Jaggie> *The maid simply nodded, though not a overly sure nod and scampers off to the bartender.*

<Liyra> *walks into the chair and falls over*
<Jaggie> Liyra....You ok?
<Liyra> *Doesnt make an attempt tp get up.* Yeah...I'm perfec'ly fine
<Jinna> *Turns to look at the halfling, somewhat concerned now that her attention's been drawn* Are you sure? I had meant for you to sit on the chair, not under it.
<Jaggie> *Laughs lightly*
<Deriaz> *He leaned over slightly, trying to get a better look at Liyra.* You look like you could use a drink. Or at least a little help getting up.

<Liyra> *sighs and tries to get up and sit in the chair*
<Jinna> *Smirks slightly* I've often found those to be a bit contradictory.
<Jaggie> Stay on the floor much longer, Lirya, and me and Deriaz may try to paint ya again.
<Deriaz> *He grinned behind his mask, but his eyes didn't give any hint of it.*
<Liyra> No paint please...
<Jaggie> No no. I don't have that gear on me today.

<Jinna> *blinks in confusion.* Is halfling painting another of this bar's activities? Like the kobold dancing? Is there a rota or something?
<Liyra> No Jinna.... its a rough prank to pull on someone whos had one to many.
<Jinna> Ah. That sort of bar activitiy I am quite familiar with.
<Jaggie> he...hai..
<Deriaz> *He chuckled to himself.* It was kind of enjoyable, though.

<Liyra> *stands next to the chair, holding her head in both hands.*
<Jinna> You sure you're all right?
<Jaggie> Liyra? Need a potion or something? I'd heal that eye of yours but I'm drained right now..
<Liyra> *Glances at Jinna.* Head hurts too much to be sure of anything... *climbs up onto the chair, nearly falling over.*
<Deriaz> *He shook his head.* You have a pretty good trophy on your face, alright. What did you do, try to shave a Dwarf's beard of something?
<Jinna> I may have a potion or two, as well. Unfortuanately I'm not the native healer you two seem to be.
<Liyra> There was this guy, human, an' he tried to take my lute and hit me over the head with it when I joked about him not being able to take on a kobold.

<Jaggie> *Jaggie poured her drink into her mouth and tried to set up more straight.*
<Jinna> *Frowns* He tried to take your instrument?
<Deriaz> *He smirked, and the mask bent slightly to show it.* Did you at least give him a trophy in return?
<Jaggie> Is your lute ok?

<Liyra> And hit me over the head with it, and I kicked him 'tween the legs. I caught the lute as he dropped it, but he had some friends by the bar.
<Jaggie> Are they stile down there?
<Liyra> Not sure... I just woke up. What time is it?
<Jinna> It sounds like they need a definite lesson in proper respect for a bard's instrument.
<Jaggie> And bards for that matter. *Doesn't know the time right now*
<Liyra> *Eyes widen* My lute... *stagger over to the pit*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz took a step forward.* You sure you're in the best condition to move around?
<Jinna> Time? Well, it certainly later than it was when I came in from the harbor trying to find this place. I probably couldn't say how much latter, really. *Gets up and goes with/ahead of Liyra to look for her lute.* You left it down there?
<Liyra> They threw it down there.

<Liyra> *Trips and falls over.*
<Jinna> *Frowns darkly* That's horrible! *glares down into the pit and turns back to late to tyr and catch Liyra's collapse*
<Deriaz> *He frowned again* Maybe you should let Jinna or one of us go get it for you. You look like you need a break.
<Jinna> Perhaps you'd better sit down and let one of us go look for it?
<Jaggie> Liy- *Pulls herself up from the chair and catches up to the others.*
<Jinna> *Nods and smirks agreement at Deriaz.*
<Liyra> Please don't say the word "break", Der, Jinna, do you see my lute down there?
<Deriaz> *He walked towards the group, rubbing the back of his head nervously.* Sorry, Didn't mean it. . .

<Jinna> *Peers back down over the edge.* I'm not sure from up here. The pit's not the best lit part of the bar.
<Jaggie> *Helps Liyra back onto her feet.*
<Liyra> Thanks Jaggie.
<Jinna> If you go have a seat, I can head down to look more closely for it.
<Liyra> O'kay Jinna. *Walks back to the bar and sits down on the floor, not bothering with the stupid chair.*

<Jinna> *Takes a deep breath, loosens her rapier in its sheath, and heads towards the ladder down.*
<Deriaz> *He smirked to himself, watching Jinna move, and turned back to the bar. He took his spot again, leaning against the bar.*
<Jinna> Not that I expect to find more than one lute sitting about down there, but does it have any distingusing marks? Inlay or such?
<Liyra> Along the back of the neck, should be some red runes there.
<Jaggie> *Kneels next to the ledge of the pit and looks down*
<Jinna> *Nod* I'll check for those lest I cause even more problems by trying to take someone else's instrument. *Goes down the ladder, blade sheathed, trying her best to look non-threatening and inconspicuous.*

<Jinna> *Makes it to the bottom of the ladder without drawing and obvious attention and starts edging along the walls, sticking to shadows and looking carefully around the whole pit area.*
<Jinna> *Focuses her attention on the table in the middle of the pit, specificly a shadow under it that might be hiding something.* *Glances about warily and begins edging her way towards the table, trying not to attract too much attention.*
<Jinna> *Dodges out of the was as a couple of brawlers tumble past her. Unfortunately, this causes the people watching them to notice her.*

<Jaggie> *Watches the young bard creep about the pit*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz begins walking over to the edge of the pit, saying as he walks:* What's taking her? Can't find it?
<Jinna> *Stops her approach to the table as she notices a rather heavily-built man eyeing her speculatively.*
<Jinna> *Raises her empty hands and takes a small step back* I'm not here looking for trouble. I'm just trying to help a friend.

<Jaggie> Think she's got some problems down there...
<Deriaz> *He stopped at the edge.* Problems? *He looked down.* . . . Should we let her handle it, or jump in?
<Liyra> I'm not letting her get hurt cause of me. *Unsteadily gets up and walks towards the ladder.*
<Jaggie> You wanna go in swingine or me sing'n?

<Jinna> *Darts the tip of her tongue out nervously as she realizes the man is still approaching.*
<Jaggie> oop- trouble. *Rolls off the edge*
<Liyra> *Half climbs, half slides down the ladder while trying to draw her longsword.*
<Jaggie> Hoie! You! Back away from the bard!
<Deriaz> *He unsheathes one of the swords on his back; the one most people see him with. He reached behind him again. but instead of grabbing his shield, he grabs a flaming sword, and leaps after jaggie. He hits the ground next to her.*
<Jaggie> *Crashes into a table and pulls herself up. Not so much as a scratch on her.*
<Jinna> *Glances up in surprise at the pair of loud thunks.*

<Liyra> *Whispers* Jaggie,Der, that's the guy...the one walking towards her is the one who tried to take my lute.
<Deriaz>*He nodded,  but kept quiet, waiting for someone to make the first move.*
<Jaggie> *Chirps a fascination melody towards the man*
<Jinna> *Seeing himself faced with two large forged instead of a young woman or halfling, the bully narrows his eyes, judging the odds.*
<Jinna> *Trusting the others to keep the man occupied, Jinna tumbles towards the table, hoping to find the lute she started all of this for.*
<Deriaz> *He rushed forward, holding the swords in front of him, trying to topple the man over while Jaggie stunned him.*
<Liyra> *Sneals over towards Jinna, trying not to be seen by the human.*
<Jinna> *Confused by Jaggie's enchantment, the man's glass-eyed gaze doesn't register Deriaz's apprach until too late to get out of his way.*
<Jaggie> *Skips heavily about the area chirping away. Fascinating other brawlers in the pit.*
<Jinna> *Crawls under the table, reaching the object she saw sitting under it.*
<Deriaz> *He kicked the man as he was down, seeming too enthralled in the surrounding combat to control himself. He sheathed the flaming sword quickly, easily wrenching the man up, and slaming him into the wall.*
<Jinna> *Closes her hand on a smooth wooden surface and pulls out a lute. Noticing Liyra heading in her direction, she passes it to the halfling without really studing it.* Look familiar?
<Jaggie> *Winces at the man being slammed into the wall, but continues her tune.*

<Jinna> *Doesn't even blink at Deriaz's method of breaking up a bar brawl.*
<Liyra> *Carefully inspects the lute for damage.* Yeah, this is it. Thank you, Jinna. Now let's help jaggie> *Turns towards the fight and falls on her knees again.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz grinned, sheathing the sword. He looked to be having too much fun. Quickly, he spun the man around to face him, and slammed his fist into the man's nose; not once, but multiple times.*

<Jaggie> *Looks at all the fascinated brawlers and points at the ladder indicating to Jinna and Liyra that they could all go up if they wished. She chirped some more.*
<Jinna> *Tries to gently herd Liyra towards the ladder.*
<Liyra> *Follows Jinna reluctently, while slightly limping.*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz stopped pounding the man's bloody face after a moment, instead opting to plant his knee swiftly in the man's stomach. He laughed at the response, and threw the man to the ground again, planting a foot on the man's chest.*
<Jinna> *Helps guide Liyra while keeping a wary eye out for anyone escaping Jaggie's enchantment.*
<Jaggie> *Skipped over to Deriaz and stopped chirping* Ouch. He an't looking to pretty now...
<Deriaz> *Deriaz seemed to nor hear Jaggie. He lifted his foot up again, bringing it down on the man's stomach. He wrenched up the man again, literaly hurling him into the wall.*
<Jaggie> Der. You're killing him.
<Liyra> *Looks back into the brawl after hearing a sickening crunch*
<Deriaz> *He grabbed the man, thrusting him into the wall again. he planted two more fists in his face, but the sound of Deriaz's own name seemed to stop him mid-swing. It looked as if he had frozen.*
<Jinna> Don't worry about it. Deriaz is taking care of him. *Continues trying to get Liyra back upstairs.*
<Liyra> But he's killing him Jinna...

<Jaggie> Let him live to regret, not kill him! *Jaggie reached for one of Deriaz's arms*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz remained frozen, but let the man drop to the ground. He continued to stare at the wall.*
<Liyra> Deriaz, please. Not far a lute, not for me. Please don't kill him.
<Jinna> Okay, Liyra, tell you waht... I'll help Jaggie calm him down. You get back upstairs and take it easy. You still look a little out of it.
<Deriaz> *He blinked once of twice.* I. . . *He didn't say anything else other than that. He just continued to stare.*
<Jaggie> *Her eye fell to the man but she remained by Deriaz.* Come on. Back up the ladder...

<Deriaz> *he moved as if he was built to take orders, and not react. His eyes were emotionless as he led himself to teh ladder, climbing back up it slowly.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie sat down next to the man and checked him for breath*
<Liyra> *Stands at the base of the ladder, debating whether to follow Deriaz or stay with Jaggie*
<Jinna> See, Liyra, all over now. Head up with him. I'll give Jaggie a hand if she needs it, okay? *Uses the sort of gentle voice appropriate for speaking to the confussed.*
<Deriaz> *He took a few steps away from the ladder as he reached the top, and looked at the blood on his hands.* I. . .
<Jinna>*Nudges Liyra towards the ladder and heads towards Jaggie*
<Liyra> *Climbs up the ladder, but stays a few feet away from Deriaz, looking almost scared of him now.*

<Jaggie> *She clicked her fingers, trying to get the magics to flow. Failed, and searched her backpack for potions. Trying to keep her eye out for brawlers that may have freed themselves.*
<Jaggie> Deriaz! Don't worry about it! *She poured a potion into the mans mouth*
<Jinna> *Noticing a few people starting to regain their senses now that Jaggie stopped chirping, Jinna focuses on one and sings a haunting tune at him. His eyes glaze and he takes a guard position over jaggie and her patient.*
<Jinna> *Kneels down by Jaggie* Need a hand?
<Jaggie> Hai. I think his lung is punctured. Need to get him up to that priest.
<Jinna> You can probably carry him better than I can, but I can make sure this guy keeps anyone else from giving you any trouble on the way. *Gestures dismissively at her charmed brawler*

<Liyra> Deriaz...*She breaks off, not knowing what to say*
<Deriaz> *He flexed his hand once, but couldn't pry his eyes away from the blood.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie poured another potion into the mans mouth then picked him up and made her way carefully back to the ladder.*
<Jinna> *Follows Jaggie back towards the ladder, giving her charmed brawler instructions to stay in the pit and not let anyone follow right away.*

<Jaggie> *She took the rails 2-3 at a time and clambered up to the top.* Flame priest! *she spat the words*
<Jinna> *Follows jaggie up more slowly and carefully, making sure her charm is holding*
<Deriaz> *Deriaz closed his eyes, and muttered something under her breath. It was muffled further by the mask.*
<Jaggie> *She layed the man down at the priests feet, she then got up and backed away from the priest. She'd not have anymore dealings with him.* *She turned back around and gazed up at Deriaz.*
<Liyra> *Looks around, then gets a damp washcloth from the bar and bring it back. Hesitantly, he walks towards Der and tries to wash the blood off his hands.*
<Deriaz> *He didn't try to move. He just stared at his hands as he let Liyra wipe the blood away.*
<Jinna> *Studies Deriaz, trying to gauge his mood from what little is visible of his face.*
<Jaggie> Der. Deriaz? Yo, snap out of it. It's ok. He'll be fine...

<Deriaz> *His eyes flicked over to Jaggie for a second before going back to his hand. His voice was barely more than a whisper.* Yeah. . . Sure. . . he'll be fine. . .
<Jinna> The lute's back, the guy's at the priest and is likely to think twice before bullying anyone smaller than him again. We're all fine. It's over now. It's okay.
<Jaggie> *She grabed him by the side of his head and wrenched his face towards her.* It's...ok...
<Liyra> *As the last bit of blood washes away, Liyra takes a step back, looking up at Der.*
<Deriaz> *He stared at Jaggie, before muttering something again. It was muffled, but if you got close enough, you could hear it.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie heard.* What? Who? Who's right?
<Liyra> *Ears perked up as she heard him speak.*

<Deriaz> *The bottom of the mask dropped down slightly, as if he had opened his mouth to talk, but no sound came out.*
<Jaggie> ...Come on...Were do you live? We'll take you home...
<Deriaz> *He shook his head slightly, seeming to become a little more responsive. By the length of his answers, thought, it didn't seem like he was completely sane again.* Nowhere. . . Streets, usually. . .
<Jinna> *Gently sets a hand on Deriaz's arm* You were dealing with someone who'd hurt your friend. You didn't do anything wrong. Don't punish yourself.

<Jaggie> Thought you had a place with the fellowship? Gezz...Here, you can stay at my place if you wish.
<Deriaz> *His eyes flicked to Jinna.* You don't. . .Nevermind. . . *His eyes returned to Jaggie.* It's a. . .A guess room. I don't. . . I don't really own it.
<Jinna> Still, you'll feel better for a rest and a chance to clear your mind. I'm sure Jaggie's right on that.
<Jaggie> Home is where your friends are Der. Be it guestroom or not..
<Liyra> *Takes Der's hand and guides him towards the door* C'mon Der... Here isn't the place to be.
<Deriaz> *He shook his head.* No, no. . . I'll. . . I'll be fine. Don't worry about me. .
<Jaggie> To late for that. *She gave a light, friendly grin.*
<Jinna> Friends are supposed to worry about you, silly.
<Deriaz> *He lightly tugged his hand away.* No, really. . . I'm fine. . . I just want a. . . A little nuts. . .
<Deriaz> *He shook his head again.* Really. I mean it. I'll be fine.

<Jaggie> Bull dung! And I an't talking about cleric components...
<Jinna> *Glances around and notices with relief that the rest of the bar's occupants seem to be giving them space.*
<Jaggie> Come on... I'll drag you if I have to.
<Deriaz> *He closed his eyes.* I don't need rest, really. I just. . . I just need time to get my head straight. . .
<Jinna> Still, wouldn't it be easier to do that somewhere more private?
<Jaggie> ...and you can do it where I don't have to worry about you buying another ticket..

<Deriaz> I like the atmosphere here. .  .*His head turned slightly, looking back towards the fighting pit. He turned back.* And don't worry about another ticket. I'm broke. no money to my name.
<Jinna> *Turns to Liyra quietly* Tickets?
<Jaggie> *Jaggie let him go and plopped herself untop of a table.*
<Liyra> *Shrugs to Jinna* C'mon Der, one night's rest wont hurt.
<Jaggie> *A half empty glass was on it and she drank it's contents not careingabout who owned it or what was in it.*

<Deriaz> *He turned back to the pit, and stared at it for a moment before speaking again.* No. I'll be alright. .  .I just. . . What happened down there anyway? I remember charging that man, trying just to knock him over. The next thing I know, my fist is halfway in his face, and he's a bloody mess.
<Jinna> *Shrugs casually* You knocked him over and then made sure he wasn't going to be getting back up.
<Jaggie> You blacked out. *The comment was a mixture of question and plain statement*
<Deriaz> So. . . *He glanced between the two.* I knocked him over? Or did I blackout? . . .Cause something tells me I couldn't have beaten a man like that while being knocked out.
<Liyra> It was you werent you.
<Jinna> I think Jaggie was trying to suggest that you weren't totally aware of what you were doing, not that you were unconsciour physically.
<Jaggie> Blacked out is just my way of memory loss.. I don't know... you actted a bit like a rageing barbarian for a moment.
<Jinna> *nod* That's a good way to put it, really.
<Deriaz> *His eyes narrowed slightly as they fell to the ground.* So. . . I went. . .Crazy?
<Jaggie> No...not crazy...just not you.
<Jinna> Just not completely aware.
<Jaggie> Kinda like some warforged I know...

<Deriaz> But. . . What I don't get is why that's never happened before-- *He stopped abruptly, as if remembering something. He shook it off though.*
<Liyra> *Stumbles into a chair near Deriaz, too tired to stand.*
<Jinna> *Shrugs* Maybe something was different about this, maybe it's just a one-time thing and it'll never happen again either.
<Jinna> It's done, everyone's okay. There's not much reason to worry about it.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie simply shruged and sighed.* What ever the case you snapped out of it. *She looked over at the priest. The man was stile unconsious but was breathing.*
<Deriaz> *He stared at Jinna for a few seconds. His mask moved up and down slightly, as if he mouthed something, but glanced over to Jaggie.* Yeah, that's a plus, I suppose. . .
<Jinna> *Notices Jaggie's attention shift but seems unfazed by it.*

<Deriaz> *He stared at the ground for a few seconds, then at his hands again. After a moment, he laughed.* Well, let me guess. . .
<Jaggie> *She sighed again then allowed herself to lie dlat on her back. Her feet hanging off the table* ...
<Jaggie> Hmm?
<Deriaz> *He glanced up.* The image you three had of me has shattered, hasn't it? *He gave a nervous laugh.*
<Jaggie> hmm.. *She proped her head up with an arm.* Nope. Just glad my face wasn't infront of that fist.
<Jinna> *Laughs in response, seeming almost unconcerned.* I barely knew you to have an image. All I think based on this is that I should make sure to never hurt someone you call a friend.
<Deriaz> *He grinned behind the mask.* Well, I guess I can't say I'm not happy to hear that.
<Jaggie> My only sugestion Take a break. You need it.

<Deriaz> I haven't taken a break in months. *He laughed. A genuine one, this time.* I think I've forgotten how.
<Jinna> *Nod* I don't know what your people operate on in place of adrenaline, but you've certainly used up a lot of whatever it is.
<Liyra> Jaggies right about taking a break. *With a grin* and to be honest, after the paint thing, you hadn't much of an image in the first place.
<Jinna> *Chuckles at Liyra* I imagine that painting someone wouldn't put you in their best graces, no.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie smirked at Liyra's comment.* Meh. It's not that bad Liyra. I get covered in the stuff with nearly every show...
<Deriaz> *He gave another low, growl-like laugh.* Well, I had a feeling I wasn't exactly in the best light with you.
<Liyra> Joking aside, if anything, your image is better. Going a little crazy or not, you helped me out, and might have easily saved Jinna's life.
<Jaggie> Agreed.
<Jinna> *Nod* I had some ideas for dealing with that guy, but I really have no way of knowing if they would have worked or if I'd have ended up as battered as Liyra or worse.

<Deriaz> *He rubbed the back of his head nervously.* Well, as long as I don't end up looking like a crazed murderer to you three, I guess that's good to hear.
<Jinna> Murderer? No one's dead, so of course not.
<Liyra> *Tenderly touches the blackened area around her eye and sighs.*
<Jaggie> *Jaggie shut her eye off and simulated a yawn.* Long day.
<Deriaz> Well, the guy did come kind of close. . . *He turned at Jaggie's comment.* You can say that again. . .
<Jinna> *Ruffles Liyra's hair slightly* The swelling will go down. At least we got your lute back.

<Jaggie> Oh no! *Jaggie bolted up and grabbed at her pack.* Crud...
<Jinna> What? Did you lose something down there?
<Liyra> Jaggie? What happened?
<Deriaz> *Deriaz blinked in confusion.*
<Jaggie> no.... *She pulled out a crushed lily* I forgot about these...

<Jinna> Hmm...they've probably lost some of their ornamental value being crammed in there.
<Jaggie> *She tossed the crushed thing to the ground.* Was hoping to try and replant some by my place...another long day tomorrow getting more...
<Liyra> I'll help you with that. *Takes a look at her lute and notices a few pegs broken and the strings in bad shape.* Besides, flower grow back, instruments can be repaired.
<Jaggie> Blackend eyes healed... *Jaggie pointed at Liyra's eye.* Need a potion?
<Liyra> Nah, same em for an emergency. Sides, I'd rather let it heal up on its own, teach me a lesson 'bout who I pick my fights with.

<Jaggie> Meh... *She slid her backpack onto the ground and looked at the 3 in turn.* Anyone hungry or just want something to eat?
<Jinna> *Raises her arms above her head and arches her back in a stretch.* A memorable evening with no lasting harm done. *Glances over at the bar.* I wonder if the poor girl ever did find the wine I was looking for? Probably just as well as I think I'll have enough trouble finding my way tonight without it.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz shook his head.* I'll pass. . .
<Jinna> Thank you, Jaggiem but no. I'll gladly keep you company for a bit if you're eating, but I should probably make my way back to my lodgings for the night relatively soon.

<Jaggie> Considering how lost you said you where when you fot here. Do you need help getting back?
<Deriaz> *He muttered to himself.* I should probably find a spot to spend the night as well. . .
<Liyra> There's your room at the guildhall.
<Jaggie> Yeah?
<Jinna> *Chuckle* If you can point me towards the harbor gate in a direction without too many warrens of buildings, I'll probably manage.
<Deriaz> *he glanced up, but shook his head.* No. . . I don't know if I'd feel right resting there. I've been considering returning the room to the guild. . . I'm just leeching, with how often I use it.
<Jinna> If the space was a concern, I'm sure someone would have mentioned it. Perhaps it's more important as a symbolic welcome, even if you don't use it often?

<Jaggie> Long as you don't mind the mess of pappers and the wall-o-instruments you can stay at my place ya know...It's small, but shouldn't be a problem.

 <Deriaz> *He shrugged.* I still don't feel right using it, though.
<Liyra> Your always welcome there, I'm sure of it. Either way, between the three of us, your getting a room somewhere.
<Jinna> *Nod* There's really no reason to sit about on the street after a stressful evening.
<Deriaz> *He looked between the three.* You know. . . You three aren't going to let me sleep on the street tonight, are you? . . . This scene seems so familiar. . .
<Jinna> *Smile* Well, if you're going to have such strong loyalty to your friends, you ought to get used to people feeling the same about you.
<Jaggie> *Jaggie smiled.*

<Deriaz> *Deriaz sighed.* Alright. . . Fine. Since it doesn't seem like I'm going to be getting out of this, I'll take you up on the offer, Jaggie. . . I still don't feel right leeching off the others, though.
<Jaggie> Alrighty then. *She hopped off the the table and grabed her backack.* Lets guide Jinna to her place then off we go. What about you Liyra?
<Jinna> I don't need too much guiding. Just get me near the harbor gate, and I'll slip out before the guards have to admit that I'm in here without authorization.
<Liyra> I guess I'll head off to the guild hall...don't feel like staying here or finding another tavern tonight.
<Jaggie> They still haveing troubles with people getting kiddnaped in those water works? I can't belive it became so common that they actually give passes to enter the marketplace just by saving them people.
<Jinna> I had thought it was just because I'm a foreigner, but if they're actually treating everyone this way... how interesting.

<Jinna> Well, then, as we all have our destinations, shall we? *Gestures sweepingly towards the door.*
<Liyra> Yep. Dunno if I've gotten my own room there yet, but I can always find a placeout of the way.
<Deriaz> *Deriaz nodded.* After you three.
<Jaggie> *skips*
<Jinna> *Walks out, keeping an eye on Liyra to see if she's still as unsteady as she was earlier.*
<Liyra> *Get up gingerly and slowly limps towards the door.*
<Deriaz> *He follows slowly after Liyra.*

((( OOC )))

<Jinna> ((We should be a band or something tonight... Deriaz and the Lady Bards or something.))
<Liyra> (If we formed a band we could problly dethrone Gabraizar..)
<Jinna> ((We may be on to something. Is Stormreach ready for girl groups?))

<Jinna> ((Ah, yes, you can see the bard's concerns... "oh, yes, awful black eye, but how's your lute?"))

<Jinna> ((*comes to her senses* I'm lvl 2. What am I doing in a pvp pit? Stupid loyalty to new friends...))
<Deriaz> ((Should have sent a robot. ))
<Liyra> ((Jaggie: *Kicks Der into the pit*))
<Deriaz> ((Sure, kick the non-Bard in. Classists. >< ))
<Jinna> ((Well, enough other people make fun of bards, we have to stick together.))
<Jaggie> (People make fun of us? I thought they just made fun of me 'cause I'm 'forged.)
<Jinna> ((Well, I dunno, don't people make fun of you for wandering into dangerous places and singing at things that want to kill you?))

<Jaggie> *A half empty glass was on it and she drank it's contents not careingabout who owned it or what was in it.*
<Liyra> ((* A wizard runs into the bar wondering where he left his liquid spell components.))
<Jaggie> ((Eep! *burps purple and blue bubbles*))

<Deriaz> ((Harbormaster: Damnit, Arlos! *ties Arlos to a tree.* Stay! Good boy!))

<Liyra> ((Liyra: *trips and falls on her face...again.*))
<Jinna> ((See, this is how your lute gets broken, you keep landing on it. You just picked someone to blame, didn't you? ))


 10 OOC points, from Jaggie, for starting ooc madness.
*Pages in a book*
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Aphreal42 (Member) 5/4/2007 3:18 AM EST : RE: (april 30th)Monday night chat

Jinna (Thelanis)

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((Well, now the whole guild gets to see Jinna being totally heartless and unconcerned about Deriaz trying to beat a guy to death. Guess I'll have to admit to her Neutral Selfish alignment now...))


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