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Lessah Ismora (Member) 12/5/2009 1:33 PM EST : The Life and Times, Chapter 6, Part2, The Fellowship ...



Lessah Ismora
Posts: 739



The Life and Times
Chapter 6,
Part 2 in the Fellowship Hall (Taken From Monday Chat)


((Later, in the Fellowship Hall, Drake was busy trying on new clothes and Lessah visited with Fellowship members. ))

<Jeatra> *Lounges on a chair, her cat lightly resting upon her lap. Jeatra seems mostly asleep except for her hand that's making pettings on his head.*

<zolt> *sits in the guildhall, grinning as he thinks of the dead mind flayer*

<Lessah> *walks in, knocking as she is not used to just coming in, she looks around*

<Jeatra> *Looks up for a second, and then opens her eyes wide.* Lessah! *She grins, giving a wave.*

<Lessah> *she waves a hand back* Je..atra right? I am not so good with names

<zolt> *waves to Lessah*

<Lessah> We met the other night. Hello Zoltando, why are you smiling... have you stabbed someone today?

<Jeatra> *Nods* Yep! Jeatra. And this is my kitty. *She nudges the bundle of fur in her lap that mews lightly to the room.* He says Hi too. *She grins, and motions to the other seats.* Go ahead and sit down!

<zolt> Nobody today, but yesterday was a great day for revenge.

<Lessah> Oh? *She says sitting down*

<zolt> A mind flayer.

<Lessah> Was it Fred?

<zolt> No, although I am considering him for his prices.


<Jeatra> *Lounges back into her chair.* is that bard going Lessah?

<Lessah> *she blushes profusely* What?

<Lessah> *she looks around for anything else to focus on* What’s the cat’s name?

<Jeatra> *Grins brighter, like a cat on the prowl as the cat mews.* He'll tell you sometime.'ve kissed him?

<Lessah> *she ignores the question* What do you mean he will tell me?

<zolt> Well, apparently a few people think the kitty is psionic.

<Lessah> Ps- what? What is psionic?

<Jeatra> *Jeatra shrugs, scratching the kittie's ears to it's gentle purring* People are also paranoid. Did you two sleep together yet Lessah?

<Lessah> *her ears turn red at the thought* I think I'll put the kettle on. *She runs into the kitchen whispering an oath to the flame*


<zolt> You could be a bit more subtle Jeatra.

<Lessah> *she can be heard dropping things in the kitchen*

<Jeatra> *Grins at Zolt* Why be subtle when she gives such wonderful answers?

<zolt> That is a good point.

<Lessah> *she comes back out with cup of greenish tea that smells minty*

<Lessah> So where is everyone?

<Jeatra> *Jeatra is still grinning brightly* I might ask the same about this bard.

<zolt> *shrugs* So Lessah, who is it that Jeatra is talking about?

<Lessah> *she blows on the top of the liquid and sips and then burns her mouth and spits half her drink down her shirt at Zolt’s question*

<zolt> *chuckles at Lessah*

<Jeatra> *Doubles over, trying to stifle her giggles*

<Lessah> *wipes the hot liquid from her shirt* Damn!

<Jeatra> *Is still fighting back giggles, and trying not to dislodge the cat from her lap.* I think he's more than just a bard now.

<Lessah> *She blushes again* well... can I get either of you a cup of tea... mine seems to have spilled.

<zolt> No tea here Lessah.

<Lessah> *she nods and does not wait for Jeatras answer as she turns toward the kitchen*

<Jeatra> *Jeatra grins, and steps up setting the kitty down.* I'll help you get a few cups going Lessah! And you can tell me about this bard! *She giggles, grabbing Lessah's hand, skipping to the kitchen. As he voice trails off..* You know...I have a bard too...



<Lessah> *she boiled a new pot of water*

<Jeatra> *Watches Lessah as she makes a new pot of tea.* So...I've never met him. What's his name?

<Lessah> Lynton *she says evenly* Lynton.

<Jeatra> *Jeatra grins, as she takes a few mugs down* My bard's name is Lyrica.

<Lessah> You mean Lyrica Songstep?

<Jeatra> *Nods, a slight blush on her cheeks* Yep!

<Lessah> You mean you are very good friends?

<Jeatra> *Jeatra blushes a bit harder, and shakes her head.* No..I suppose you could say we're a couple.

<Lessah> A… couple... of girls, *she offers helpfully not understanding*

<Jeatra> *Jeatra smiles a bit brighter, and hands the mugs over to Lessah.* in we're dating.

<Lessah> *a look of ‘OH MY’ crosses her face* Oh... Well... then… you are both… women. That is unusual. *she pours water into the mugs and adds the mints leaves*

<Jeatra> *Simply grins brighter.* She can play so beautifully...I imagine your Lynton is the same?

<Lessah> *she nearly spills the kettle of water* huh? um, yes.



((Common room))

<Voulge> *Carefully pushes open the door, trying not to make it creak or anything. He pokes his head inside, and peers around to see if the coast was relatively clear. Seeing no one -too- threatening, Voulge slipped inside and half-crept, half-crawled towards a table to hide under. He Grabs the edge or the table, and lifts himself up to peer over the edge. He hears voices coming from the kitchen, but can't pin who they belong to, seeing as they're so far away. He mumbles something quietly to himself, and retreats under the table again.*




<Jeatra> *Giggles, quickly reaching to help her steady the pot* Well…you obviously like him! Does he like you?

<Lessah> *she stirs far too much sugar into her tea* Oh.. he is a.. very good friend. *she picks up her mug* Lyrica is a very nice girl. *Lessah says reaching for a new topic*

<Jeatra> That she is! *Jeatra picks up her own mug.* She calls me sunshine...*She thinks for a few moments.* A good friend? But...haven't you two kissed?

<Lessah> *she spits yet another stream of mint tea on her white shirt* Flame sakes that is sweet!




((Common room))

<Voulge> *Voulge eyed the next table he could hide under, and then eyed the Drow sitting next to it. He glanced between the two, judging whether it was worth the chance. Deciding it was, Voulge tried to move as quickly and quietly as he could to get under that table without the Drow noticing.*

<zolt> *feels something at his feet* what the?

<Voulge> *Forgot about the whole "people had feet" thing, and freezes for a second. He turned around, trying to find a getaway. . . The previous table would have to do. Voulge darted away, almost knocking an empty chair over in the process in his getaway.*

<zolt> *wonders if Jeatra's cat suddenly grew*





<Jeatra> *She giggles.* At this rate you're going to need new clothes before you leave Lessah!

<Lessah> *she wipes the tea off and looks for a towel* Am I supposed to be this uncomfortable?

<Jeatra> *Jeatra shakes her head.* I get flustered too, but I've learned how to not spill me tea. *Jeatra giggles again, clearly blushing quite a great deal*

<Lessah> *she sighed and picked up her mug, sipping it* shall we? *she turned towards the kitchen door

<Jeatra> *Jeatra nods, following behind.* So..have you two had a date yet?



((Common room))

<Voulge> *Cursing his clumsiness, Voulge looked for other available courses of action. There was a couch. . . He pondered if he'd be able to fit under it.*. . . Is it worth it. *Voulge made a beeline for the couch, sliding up on the side of it. He leaned down, trying to see if he could maneuver under it. He found himself skinny enough to just barely scrape himself under. If it helped him avoid the Drow and get to the kitchen, it was worth it.*

<LillyPetal> *enters from the back door*

<Lessah>  We have, *she said stepping into the common room, hoping there would be no more uncomfortable questions* So... a mindflayer..

<zolt> What about a mindflayer?

<Jeatra> You killed one, remember Zolt?


<Voulge> *Begins creeping along the bottom of the couch, a bit uncomfortable, but closer to-- He heard the voices coming out of the kitchen. Voulge re-evaluated the situation: Wrong people. And he was under a couch. . . He felt a bit silly.*

<LillyPetal> *shakes water and other not so nice liquids from her dress*

<zolt> Of course I killed a mindflayer, it was a matter of revenge.

<Lessah> Did he eat your brain? You made him sick didn’t you?

<zolt> He tried to eat my brain, came close too.

<Jeatra> As I hear it...they got saved because Delrin showed up. *Jeatra smiles, and takes her seat with her kitty*

<zolt> Delrin helped, I appreciate his help.

<LillyPetal> *peeks into the room that the conversation is taking place in*

<Lessah> I like that Delrin. He’s a good man

<zolt> He can also shoot arrows quite fast.


<Voulge> *Deciding to make the best of the situation, Voulge maneuvered himself to at least peer out from under the couch to see what was going on. And to help figure out how to get to safety easiest to continue looking for the person he wanted to speak to. Not that he was afraid of them or anyth-- he was afraid of them a bit.*


<Jeatra> *Jeatra giggles, scratching her cats ears*

<LillyPetal> *whimpers then heads straight for the stairs*

<Jeatra> Lilly? *Jeatra looks over as the human runs by* Lilly??

<zolt> Lilly?

<Lessah> *watches* what’s going on with her



<Voulge> *Ah-ha! Hiding under the couch was a good thing; now he just needed to somehow talk to Lilly without them seeing him. . . He remembered he was stuck under a couch. . . He realized he didn't think this through enough, and began squirming to try to get out from under the couch, shaking the piece of furniture in the process.*

<Lessah> *blinks*

<zolt> *turns to the shaking furniture* What is that?

<LillyPetal> *halts midstep. Her hair is let down and goes about her face like a mane. The dress shimmers in shades of red that begin to match her blushing.*

<Lessah> I have no idea....a rat maybe

<Lessah> Stab it!

<Voulge> *He manages to get himself facing the right direction, and starts crawling towards the other side of the couch for his exit. Luckily, without shaking the furniture this time. Not that people would notice, he figured.*


<LillyPetal> What? *looks at Lessah, alarmed*

<zolt> *stabs through the furniture*

<Jeatra> *Jeatra blinks at Lilly, and then at Zolt suddenly stabbing the furniture.* What the??

<Voulge> *Halts mid-crawl at a sword that poked right in front of his face. . . One of two things was happening. Either there really was a rat, and it scurried under here with Voulge. . . Or they noticed. Voulge figured it was number 2, and stayed still.*

<LillyPetal> Five? Zoltando!

<zolt> Yes? I'm in the middle of stabbing Lilly.

<Voulge> *Stares at the sword. If you don't move, the sword can't see you. . . If you don't move, the sword. Can't. See. You. . .*

<Jeatra> *Jeatra looks wide at Zolt* Zolt! Stop stabbing things!!

<zolt> *stops stabbing* why should I stop?

<Jeatra> Because that's not a rat!

<Voulge> *Sees the sword go away, and begins crawling again. Except backwards this time. Towards the "entrance" of the couch. And the door.*

<zolt> And, how is it not being a rat a problem?

<Lessah> what is it then

<LillyPetal> *hurries back down the steps to try and stop Voulge*

<Jeatra> *Glares at Zolt* Damn Zolt. You just can't stab everything you want!

<zolt> I'm fairly certain I can Jeatra.



<Voulge> *Manages to get his feet out of the couch. Maybe if they keep fighting about stabbing, while very effective at times, they won't notice him slip off and away out the door when he's free.*

<LillyPetal> *slides in front of Voulge to halt his escape*

<Voulge> *Manages to free himself from the confines of the couch's underbelly. He turns to run, only to fumble backwards on his haunches at a very red dress in front of him. He looked around at the others, and then pointed at the couch.* I, uh. I couldn't find the, um, rat.

<Jeatra> *Grumbles, and huddles her cat against her, still glaring at Zoltando*

<zolt> Huh, Hello Voulge. I guess I should find the rat then *resumes stabbing*

<LillyPetal> *stares down at Voulge in confusion*

<Voulge> Yeah, it's. . . *Watches the sword go in and out of the couch.* It's definitely. . . Definitely down there. Um. . . *Glances towards the door out of the corner of his eye.*

<LillyPetal> *Yells at Zolt* Stop doing that!

<zolt> Why stop?

<Jeatra> There's nothing there to stab, and you're ruining the couch!

<zolt> *sighs and puts his rapier away* fine

<LillyPetal> *crosses her arms*

<Voulge> I, um. . . *Turns and stares up at Lilly.* . . . Hi! . . . Should I go? *Glances at the others, and then the couch.* If it's any consolation, I, um. . . I like it.

<Jeatra> *Jeatra looks back to Lilly* Lilly...*Finally noticing what's wearing rather than blur of red running past. Her eyes fall open with the wonderment*

<LillyPetal> You're fine Five... You just need to stop hiding in things when Zoltando is around.

<Jeatra> *Jeatra keeps staring at Lillypetal*

<zolt> *notices what lilly is wearing* Lilly you look...different.

<Voulge> *Nods, and stays sitting on the ground where he is, a bit shaken but okay.*

<Voulge> *Who's he kidding, he's always shaken. A bit more so right now, but still okay.*

<LillyPetal> ....*sulks and lets her arms hang*

<LillyPetal> (may has well give ya's other details of the red dress. it's got several blemishes on it. ale has been spelt on it's hem and it looks to have been cut near her hip. maybe by someone’s dagger or otherwise.)

<Jeatra> *Jeatra quickly jumps up from her chair again, and runs to Lilly giving her a hug*


<LillyPetal> *is hugged and doesn't stop it.* Hi... *With the panic to save Voulge from the stabbing Lilly's gone back to being her tired self*

<Jeatra> *In the hug, Jeatra looks up to Lilly's face* What's wrong Lilly?

<Lessah> *has been standing out of the way protecting her tea*

<zolt> You alright Lilly?

<LillyPetal> *She gives a slight smile* Just tired is all.

<Jeatra> *Jeatra blinks, and reaches for Lilly's hand* We should talk Lilly...

<Voulge> *Glances between the two, Jeatra and Lilly, and nods.* I agree.


<LillyPetal> Why? *lower voice* So you can try to kiss me again.. Sorry.. had enough drunks try that. I'm going to go and change. Pardon me.

<Voulge> Though, um, Eight. Do you, um. . . *He made a circle with his hands.* Can I? If you've got it?

<LillyPetal> Huh? oh.. Right Five.. I'll go get that.

<LillyPetal> *glances at Jeatra and nods* yeah.. I know..

<zolt> You alright Lilly? You look a bit off.

<Jeatra> *Jeatra looks back to the rest of the hall, and then drags Lilly up the stairs.* She just needs some girl talk! No worries!


<LillyPetal> only from the smell of ale coming off this thing. *shakes the hem of the dress*

<LillyPetal> *is dragged along by a halfling*

<zolt> Sure thing Lilly.

<zolt> *sits back down at his table*

<Voulge> *Looks at the couch, and back at the group. Cautiously, he crawls over the arm of the chair, taking a seat on the end of the couch.* It, uh. . . Still comfy. Eh-heh. . .

<zolt> It should be comfortable enough, I didn't set it on fire or anything.

<Voulge> *Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Voulge lifts his knees to his chest, and wraps his arms around his knees in an attempt to make himself a bit smaller. He twiddles his thumbs, waiting for Lilly to come back downstairs.*







Later on that evening… Lessah found herself reconsidering her decision. Drake wanted to spend time in the Phoenix, reacquainting herself with old friends. She smiled as she watched her daughter go.

Instead of going home, she veered North, towards House Phiarlin, and her cousin Morah’s. Her cousin was a bard, and a very talented one... and she also knew magic. More importantly… she had the ability to teleport herself or someone else from one side of Xendrick to the other….






Characters: Lessah Morah

Lessah Ismora (Member) 12/8/2009 3:23 PM EST : The Life and Times, Chapter 7, Part1, Meridia



Lessah Ismora
Posts: 739

Characters: Lessah Morah

Lessah Ismora (Member) 12/9/2009 11:10 AM EST : The Life and Times



Lessah Ismora
Posts: 739

Characters: Lessah Morah

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